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Happy Full Hunter’s Moon

Happy Full Hunter’s Moon on 13 October at 21.08 UTC. Traditionally this was the moon time when hunters would use the early rising light of the moon to catch their prey when the fields had been reaped. It is also called Blood or Fire Moon as its early rising made it visible close to the horizon, so appearing red. Look at for the moon rise time in your own location.

This is the moon of the traveller and the warrior after justice and truth , reinforced by its sun partner Libra whom it strengthens into action not just vague words. Go forward confidently and boldly under the full moon in Aries. For it is a powerful moon offering courage, self-reliance, good for self-employment, independent ventures, recovering health, launching major life changes, energy and passion for life.

If you suffer from bullying, aggressiveness, rudeness, ingratitude or cynicism in others, this is the moon that says, Give me my due respect. Don’t take me for granted. Value me for who I am not just what I offer.
For many of us nice folk do allow others to walk over us to keep the peace, don’t rock the boat. But not on this Full Moon night and we might actually enjoy our new found assertiveness and voice and not creep back into our mouse holes.

The justice and fair play aspects of its solar partner Libra make this moon supportive of all those who live under harsh regimes, lack equality and human rights-and personally for anyone trapped in an abusive or destructive situation or fear. Good too for defeating fears, phobias and destructive addictions in self or loved ones.

Hit ultimatums and even threats head on, not letting the 2am spooks in your head hold you back from taking or perhaps reclaiming what is rightfully yours. There is only victory, there can be only victory so don’t wait, don’t hesitate and then when that Arian moon is spinning in the sky you will already be poised for the leap of a lifetime. Plan travel you have always wanted but never dared. Cut back on indulging the world and you’ll soon save the money for that grand adventure.

Happy Moonday.

Happy October 2019

Welcome to October

Named after Octo which was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar after New Year, October is associated with financial advantage through your own endeavours., ending relationships going nowhere fast, for peaceful legal separations, divorces and terminating contracts and for starting again in a new place or career.

Use the October energies too for developing clairvoyance, finding your soul mate or reviving an intense relationship that has cooled but is based in deep feelings and for getting what you really want through your own efforts.

Good also for success in competitions and games of chance, for reaping rewards of earlier efforts, for all money and property matters, speculation and learning new skills and technology.

In October, avoid repeating past mistakes, extreme exercise regimes or crash diets. A bad month for sulking instead of sharing your feelings with someone who cares.

The angel of October is Bariel or Baruel, the Wise One and angel of small miracles who wears the colours of sunset.
Bariel offers us the ability to transform self and situations, the power to start over again or revive a stagnant situation and he protects against spite, jealousy and gossip.

His candle colour is indigo or burgundy, which is also the colour of October.

Bariel’s crystals and the crystals of October are fiery obsidian, red coral, black pearl and blue aqua aura, the stone of transformation.

Bariel’s fragrances and the fragrances of October are mimosa, pine and mint.

The special flower of October is the marigold, the flower of abundance and protection, a flower traditionally associated with increasing love and commitment and the calling of new love.

Happy approaching Equinox wherever you live in the world.

Already the new energies are in the air and will remain so throughout September. The Equinox is a magical time. We know the four main Sun festivals of the year, the Equinoxes and Solstices, have long been celebrated, before magick even had a name. because builders of passages graves and stone circles from the 4th millennia BCE aligned entrances and marker stones with the rising and setting of the sun on these days. And of course the earliest magick probably going back to Palaeolithic times was the Midwinter when people feared the sun was dying and lit fires and torches to give strength to the sun.

The Autumn or Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere at this time has always been a magical celebration of plentiful offerings to the deities so that they would grant in return enough food for the people through the winter
But it is also the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere at precisely the same moment when Ostara, Norse Goddess of the spring, releases her magical hare as a reminder there are always new beginnings. For her hare was once a white dove she found frozen in the snow and she knew that even if she revived it that it might not long survive. So she transformed it into a hare as a reminder life and good times would return as she opened the Spring Equinox gates.

Every seasonal change point is a time when the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds are very thin and so we can become aware of those we have lost, perhaps a special dream, a sudden perfume or tobacco smoke when none is physically present, a light loving touch on the shoulder or through our hair or just a sense that wheat troubled us about a loved one’s parting is resolved as part of the Autumn shedding and the planting of the seeds of peace.

The Equinox is on Monday September 23 is 07.50 UTC , morning in London, later afternoon in Australia, dark still in New York. You can take from either Equinox what you most need in your life wherever you live.

If you are celebrating the Autumn Equinox, it’s the time for acceptance of what did not work while rejoicing in what has been achieved, persevering with what still may come to fruition and giving up on what you know in your heart will never happen as you hoped. A time for the completion of tasks, the achievement of long-term goals, for mending quarrels and forgiving yourself for past mistakes, for recovering money owed and overcoming debt problems, for family relationships and friendships, for material security for the months ahead,, for abundance in all aspects of your life, issues of job security or the need to consolidate finances; all matters concerning retirement, redundancy and older people and the resolution or management of chronic health problems.

Its candle colours are blue and green and its fragrances are apple, myrrh, pine and sandalwood.

If it’s your Spring Equinox, it’s time for fertility in every way, for positive life changes, new beginnings and opportunities, new flowering love, for initiating creative ventures, travel, house moves, clearing what is no longer needed in your life; anything to do with conception and pregnancy, children and young people, mothers and healing.

Time too for spring cleaning your life and, welcoming the winds of change, whether in career, turning an interest into a new life path or for major changes in attitude and approach in troublesome family issues.

Its candle colours are yellow and green and its fragrances honeysuckle, hyacinth, lemon, sage, thyme and violets.

Finally, a Rainbow Spell for happiness in the six months ahead until the next Equinox.

You will need:

Seven small candles, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.


Equinox Eve or the evening of the Equinox itself.

The Spell:

Happy Harvest Moon 2019

Happy approaching Full Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 14 at 04.33 UTC. ( see for the different time zones full moon).

The harvest moon is so called because it is the moon closest to the September Equinox, this year Monday 23 at 07.50 UTC. Sometimes the Harvest Moon is in October, In the Northern hemisphere being near to the Autumn or Fall Equinox, the Pisces full moon provides the light by which the crops can be gathered late into the night. In the Southern Hemisphere, it welcomes in the Spring Equinox.

We can happily revel in the lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon's cascading emotions, for the balance of the Equinox is more than a week away.

The Pisces Moon Mother, laughs and cries at the same time, says good bye, this can never be and in an instant is back smiling mischievously, dries the tears and dances for the sheer joy of being alive. She tells us where there is sorrow there will follow joy - and yes more tears, but then laughter again and trust will be restored if it now lies shattered.
There are no guarantees of forever, says this moon, not for the butterfly enjoying every last moment of the light or for our carefully accumulated Lego brick security we build again and again, no certainty that the planted seeds will grow or the harvest be rich and ripe.

Yet we cannot hold back for fear of being hurt or failing. On this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and if we are wounded pick ourselves up again and again and again.

The Pisces Full Moon will help us to balance two commitments or careers or merge two families. She gives the power to overcome or walk away from rivalries and people pulling you in different directions, to reconcile quarrels, make headway in custody or divorce disputes and overcome excesses or imbalances of any kind. A moon that opens our psychic powers, this is a time when you should trust your intuition and decide what you really feel about a person or situation, ignoring what you are being told or what convention says.

The Ruling Angel of the Piscean full moon is Barakiel or Barchiel, the blue and gold, archangel of lightning and good luck, who has lightning flashing from his halo. So take a chance and use that lightning flash to see clearly what has been hidden from you, especially if you have been hurt in love- and are not sure if you should go back in the hope the other person will change .

Beware of others trying to control you through sentimentality, being manipulated by their guilt-provoking excess emotions and those who change their persona according to who is present and what is advantageous to them at the time.

To bring good luck into your life on this moon, light a white or mauve candle, Barakiel’s colours saying Good luck, bright luck, come to me (name areas of life where you need good luck most) shine favourably in my life, Harvest Moon.

Add a pinch of salt to the white candle flame, saying, Burn bright and light the way to great good fortune (add how you most need luck).

Leave the white candle to burn a few minutes, then blow it out, saying, I am lucky and will even luckier be, Barakiel Moon bring good fortune soon to me.

Happy September 2019

Welcome to the month of September 2019

September is named after Septem, the Latin word for seven because it was the seventh month after the New Year in March on the oldest known Roman calendar where there were originally ten months. It is a month associated with wisdom, knowledge, justice and truth and in Ancient Egypt with eternal life.

September is also the month of the Roman God Vulcan, deity of fire, metalworkers and the forge and husband of Venus. According to myth he fashioned a polished bronze mirror that showed past, present and future. Therefore, it is month for making our own Destiny and in doing so attracting that bit of extra magick.

September is good for uncovering secrets, resolving injustices, for increased psychic powers, for all forms of training, retraining, and tests and for finding solutions for difficult questions. It also favours holidays or relaxing weekends, working to solve long standing relationship difficulties and reducing outside interference, for marriage or long- term commitments and success in love and romance.

In September, however, avoid taking sides or being railroaded into giving an opinion, flirting or falling for flattery and con-merchants, making major purchases if the finances are not in place and trying to live a double life especially in love. If, however, a matter of principle arises, do not sit on the fence or try to please everyone.

The angel of September is Zuriel the Teacher who brings calm and reason to any situation, encourages idealism and balance and brings justice whether legal or personal, especially in resolving gender, ageist or sexist inequalities or unfair dismissal in the workplace. He brings the ability to see both sides of a situation, diplomacy and peace-making skills. Above all Zuriel helps guard us against unwise and impulsive words or actions that may be regretted.

September’s flower is the Aster, known best as the purple, pink or white star- like autumnal Michaelmas daisy, named after Michaelmas, the festival of St Michael, the Archangel of the Sun which is celebrated on September 29. Since St Michael was Patron Saint of high places and replaced the pre- Christian Sun deities, he is an apt symbol for the last days of the summer sun in the Northern hemisphere.

There are many varieties of aster which means star in Latin. Considered sacred to Roman and Greek deities, asters originated as ancient wildflowers belonging to the daisy family. A Classical myth told that asters first bloomed when Virgo, a Goddess linked with the harvest in ancient Mediterranean cultures, scattered stardust on the earth.

Another myth says that the Roman Goddess Asterea, Titan Goddess of the falling stars and of star lore, began to cry when she looked down upon the earth and saw no stars. Asters bloomed where her tears fell, so there would always be stars on earth. Known as Eye of Christ in France and starwort in old England and Germany, asters were thought to contain magical powers.

The gem of September is the blue sapphire, stone of love, commitment and fidelity and still popular today in betrothal rings, promising lasting faithfulness.

King Solomon’s fabulous magical ring was according to myth a blue sapphire and the gem is regarded as a symbol of wisdom. The Ancient Greeks called the sapphire the jewel of the Sun God Apollo. The blue stone was worn when consulting Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi in order that the questioner might have the wisdom to understand the answer given.

In the mediaeval world blue sapphire was traditionally worn when treaties were signed. Sapphires represent integrity and are a good counterbalance to cynicism in the modern world; effective for the speedy and positive resolution of all legal matters and all issues concerning justice and officialdom.
Blue sapphire is considered effective for channelling healing powers from an angelic or higher source into the healer and is popular with Reiki healers and other energy transference therapists. Sapphire amplifies healing through the voice.

Tumble stone sapphires are far cheaper and just as effective magically as the fabulous gems. Lapis lazuli, the stone of wisdom and blue lace agate, the clear communication crystal enabling us to speak the truth with kindness, are other crystals of September.

September’s colour is light blue, and its fragrances include lemon verbena, peach and vanilla.

HAPPY LUGHNASSADH in the northern hemisphere 31 August to 2 September

Happy  Lughnassadh or Lammas, between July 31 and August 2, in the Northern hemisphere, the festival of the first grain harvest. This is a time for reaping the results of what you have worked so hard for during the year and discarding or leaving for a while longer what has not yet come to fruition.

From Celtic times, it is often believed, this was the time when the ageing Sun and Grain God sacrificed his life for the harvest as the last sheaf of grain to be cut down. He transferred his remaining powers to the Earth Mother and sometimes what we sacrifice in the short term to fulfil our dreams can bring us long-term gains beyond what we hoped for. This grain was made into the first harvest loaf to transfer the power and courage of the old sun into the lives of those who ate it.

This continued as the Christian tradition called Lammas or Loaf mass on August 1 when a loaf made from the harvest was offered on the altar.

The focus of this period is for obtaining justice and for natural justice or karma kicking in, for human and personal rights issues, freedom from abuse of any kind; for partnerships, both personal and legal or business, for signing contracts or concluding property matters(good for house sales and purchases); promotion and career advancement and the regularizing of personal finances; for holidays and journeys to see friends and family or on business and the renewal of promises, loyalty and fidelity; also willing sacrifice for a long term gain or one made in love, trusting the cosmos to provide by giving without seeking immediate return.

For ways to mark this festival read more here

And for those in the southern hemisphere HAPPY IMBOLC

For ways to mark this festival read more here

Welcome to the approaching Full Moon in Capricorn on July 16 at 21.38 UTC. will tell you the time of the full moon in your own date zone.

It is also a partial eclipse. This will be visible in most of Africa, in Australia, the Middle East, parts of India, much of Europe, the most southern and eastern parts of North America and most of South America. But you will feel its effects everywhere. A time for removing those aspects of your life you no longer want but preserving what is of worth and perhaps reshaping it into a new way.

Called Full Thunder Moon by the Algonquin people, because of the fierce electrical storms that occur around this time, in China this Moon is the festival of Hungry Ghosts when the ancestors are honoured with food and drink.

Unusually for a full moon this Moon generally is a wait until you are sure. Then act decisively and don’t waver. Conserve your resources instead of splurging, unless you are making what you know is a sound investment. The partial eclipse will help to remove debt issues and overspending.

The angel who rules this moon is Anael or Hanael, guardian of the West Wind and of love and fidelity. She says value existing love and friends rather than seeking new exciting ones, for sometimes familiar can be best in the long term when instant passion or gratification has faded.

Anael’s colours are indigo, brown and rich green, her crystals garnet, ruby and titanium aura and her fragrances, cypress, magnolia, myrrh and hyacinth.

This moon gives a boost to whatever is solid, especially business ventures and slow growing investments, advising perseverance to overcome obstacles..

Though it is a moon of wise caution regarding people and situations, it favours devising plans and detailed preparations, exploring your family tree and maybe finding that diligent detective work pays off quite spectacularly in discovering your roots. A time for taking financial advice, reviving old friendships, spending time with older relatives and for also for any slow moving official matters.

Avoid mean people, socialising for the sake of it, getting bogged down in routine and taking on responsibilities that are not yours or that you will later resent.

An excellent moon for the release of money that has been tied up or disputed being released in the coming weeks.
If you need stability or the regrowth of resources, love or trust, try this ritual on any of the days around the Capricorn full moon.

You will need:

A small round black stone and a similar white one; a small drawstring bag.

Happy Moon Days.


Happy July 2019

Happy July 2019

The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar named July after himself, as the seventh month, in his new Julian calendar created in 46BC. He was the first to make July’s association with power and high ambitions when he linked the Emperors with the Father God Jupiter.

July has continued this association with acquiring power, achieving ambitions of any kind, leadership, maintaining high principles that are worth fighting and for gaining traditional knowledge. It is the month for seeking justice, especially where the odds are stacked against you, aiming for fame by entering talent shows, reality television series or joining a drama group, orchestra group or choir just for pleasure,. Its energies encourage the success of all creative ventures, applying for promotion or a pay rise, marriage proposals and exotic or long distance holidays and adventures, for increasing prosperity through developing talents and for seeking treatment where there are fertility issues.

The July flower is the Larkspur. Larkspur, a form of delphinium, was said to have had protective energies and as well as being used to heal wounds, traditionally kept away ghosts and venomous creatures, reptilian, insect and human. Bunches of larkspur were also hung in stables to prevent animals being stolen or injured by predators. However, larkspur is poisonous if absorbed.

As well as larkspur, other plants of the month are asters, dahlias, marigolds, passion flowers, potted palms, sunflowers and all golden-leafed or very tall trees.

The colour of the month is gold, its crystals, orange carnelian, clear crystal quartz and golden topaz. Its incenses are frankincense, copal and orange.

The angel of July is the golden Verchiel, the Joy Bringer and a Wish angel, who tells us July is the best month for overcoming financial losses or setbacks. Verchiel assists in winning against negative people and bullies through personal effort and determination while maintaining your own high ethics. However this month, avoid being tempted to overspend or over- emphasize your qualifications and expertise, over indulging in food or alcohol or starting an affair you may regret by next month.

Here is a special ritual to begin in July to wish for what you most want, whether that ambition is for fame and fortune, to find the right love, have a babe, get enough money to be free from worry, to travel or just to enjoy quiet times of harmony. You can use your wish box for wishes great and small, as long as you only ask once a week on a Sunday and you can repeat an ongoing wish every week.

You will need

A wooden or metal box with a lid and key

A red candle

Paper and a red pen

A ball of red thread


Sunday evenings weekly

The Spell

Happy Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) or Winter Solstice (Southern)

Whenever you celebrate your Solstice, light two candles, one purple, one white for the sun at her height and the sun reborn. Sprinkle salt into the flame of the purple candle and say, May love and laughter last so long as the sun shines. Make a water drop circle around the white candle and say, May life and loveliness endure as long as the waters flow. Leave the two candles to burn through

The Summer Solstice

Alban Heruin, Litha, Midsummer or Summer Solstice around June 20-22 each year

Focus: Power, joy and courage, male potency, success, marriage, fertility of all kinds, especially for older women and for anyone approaching middle age; for happiness, strength, energy, self-confidence, identity, health, wealth and career; also for maximising opportunities, seizing chances and enjoying the present.

This power can be harnessed for tackling seemingly insoluble problems, bringing light and life and hope; also for tackling major global problems such as global warming, famine, disease and preventing cruelty to people under oppressive regimes and intensive farming methods where livestock suffer.

Keywords: Power, leadership, authority

Element: Fire

Direction: South

Cycle of the Wheel The Goddess gives birth to the Dark Twin and so becomes the Mother Goddess. In turn the God is now the God King and they enter into a formal sacred marriage in which he promises to lay down his life for the Goddess, the land and her people. The God reaches his height of power and God and Goddess are equal at their coronation.

But by the end of the day the God knows that henceforward he will grow weaker.

Energies: The high turning point as full power begins to wane from this day

Symbols: Brightly-coloured flowers, oak boughs or tall broad indigenous trees, golden fern pollen that is said to reveal buried treasure wherever it falls, scarlet, orange and yellow ribbons, gold coloured coins and any gold jewellery that can be empowered at the festival, any golden fruit or vegetables.

Animal: Bear

Tree: Oak

Incenses, flower and herbs: Chamomile, dill, elder, fennel, lavender, frankincense, orange, marigolds, rosemary, sage and sagebrush, St. John’s Wort, lemon verbena and vervain, any golden, red or orange flowers

Candle colours: Red, orange, gold

Crystals: Amber, carnelian or red jasper, sun stone; also sparkling crystal quartz spheres

Celtic Tradition:

Litha means light and Alban Heruin the light of the shore as the sun floods over the land ripening the crops. But it is bittersweet for the Sun God and Goddess who want the day to last forever. Because she loved him, bonfires were lit and sun wheels made of flaming cart wheels were rolled down the hillsides to prolong the light on this longest of days.

The Goddess, or her representative, cast her bouquet of summer flowers on a hilltop fire to add her power to the sun.

The cauldron was the symbol of the goddess giving forth her bounty on the Solstice and may be filled with small golden coloured fruits and crystals as coven gifts.

The height of the festival has always been first light falling on Solstice morn, like a shaft of gold across standing stones and stone circles, linking the dimensions.

Stonehenge is oriented to mark the sunrise and moonrise at the Summer and Winter solstices, built long before the time of the Celts.

Druidic ceremonies based, it is believed on Celtic ones, are held at Dawn and Noon on the Summer Solstice at sacred circles such as Stonehenge and some groups and individuals still keep vigil from sunset on the previous evening.

At sunset of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, another significant ritual point the Heel (Sun) Stone outside the circles casts a shadow on the Altar Stone, thus marking the beginning of the dying of the year.

Norse and Anglo Saxon Associations:

Overseas trading, raiding and fishing reached its height at this time.

As the longest day of the year, transferred to the Midsummer celebrations of modern Scandinavia, the ancient Midsummer tree, linked to the Green man, formed the centre of dancing and music.

In the ancient Germanic tradition mountain and cliff top fires were lit on the Eve before the Solstice and later on St John’s Eve 23 June to give power to the sun

The Norse god of light Baldur was slain by his blind brother Hodur.

In the traditional version of the legend, the young sun god was doomed to remain in the Underworld until the last battle, Ragnarok. But ore positive version tells that Hel, the guardian of the underworld, so moved by the tears of his mother that she allowed the Goddess of Spring, Ostara, to restore him each year to the world at Yule for half of the year.


The Christian festival of Midsummer is very close to St John’s Day on June 24th. John’s own mother was long beyond childbearing years and thus regarded as a virgin birth. In the early Christian Celtic tradition, John was linked with the dark brother of the Solar deity who would in a variation of the Celtic myth cycle after the Longest Day rule the waning year.

The ancient maybe pre Celtic myth of the Oak King who ruled form Midwinter to Midsummer and the Holly King who ruled form Midsummer to Midwinter became linked to the Christian tradition and oak fires were burned at Midsummer right until Victorian times

Married women who wanted to get pregnant would walk naked in a garden at midnight and pick the golden herb of midsummer, St John’s Wort, on the Eve of St John. Young girls would not eat anything all day and they would pick the same herb to put under their pillow to dream of their true love.


In the Basque region of Northern Spain, the Sun is still revered in folk custom as Grandmother Sun. Her worship has been transferred to the Virgin Mary who is associated with mother Mari, the Storm Goddess in whose wise bosom Grandmother Sun sleeps at night.

On Midsummer Eve sun vigils were held until recently to see the Sun Goddess touch the mountain tops and dance at Dawn. The watchers would then bathe in streams in the magical Midsummer waters that are still believed to have healing and empowering properties.

Juno the Roman Mother Goddess was patron of marriage and of childbirth and she protected women from birth to the grave. June, her month, is considered to be the most fortunate for marriages

Ritual activity:

This works as well whether you are celebrating the festival alone or with others and is based on an old Scandinavian folk custom.

Other activities

Southern hemisphere activities

If you live in the Southern hemisphere you may like to incorporate some of the above into your Midwinter celebrations especially as in some areas the weather will be warm and sunny and flowers still blooming.

But you might also like to try:

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius

Happy approaching full moon in Sagittarius on 17 June at 0.8.31 UTC

She is called the Full Strawberry Moon among the Alonquin and other Native North American nations and the Rose Moon in parts of Europe. Wherever you live in the world, you will already feel her rising energies. For she is a moon impatient to be riding across the skies in her silver chariot. By the time she is full she will be shooting her silver arrows of love and life and action. Sagittarius Moon will give us the burst of enthusiasm we may need to get out there and explore what is over the next horizon-and the one after that.

She is a travellers’ moon, especially over the seas or vast land masses, stirring up the desire for adventures, house moves, and creative ventures. especially writing that book we all have within us.

Reach out for happiness, enthusiasm and optimism, to bring good ideas into practice to solve old dilemmas or obstacles and to call lost pets home. She will offer protection on any journeys and commuting and will start the process of slowing and eventually reversing financial losses.

Suddenly anything is possible, as the box or the prison of the world’s prohibitions and restrictions and self-imposed limitations open wide. Now is the time to initiate learning new things and visiting new places, trying different languages and venturesome activities.

Just be careful you don’t speak your mind a little too frankly and think afterwards as she is not a moon that encourages tact. Above all, beware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If in doubt wait a day or two and see if you feel the same or if you realize the grand I’m out of here get lost speech full of razor sharp witticisms and Oscar winning repartees will not pay the rent.

Her special angel is Adnachiel or Advachiel, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes who dispenses gloom and doom and reminds us the dress rehearsal is over. For this full moon marks the grand opening of the rest of your life.

Candle Colour: Orange or bright yellow

Incense: Hibiscus, sandalwood or sage

Crystal: Turquoise or ruby.

Happy June

Happy month of June

Happy month of June and we are half way through the year, so let’s make it a wonderfully memorable month.
June is named after Juno, Roman Goddess of marriage, protectress of women and Goddess of the fruitful harvest to come.

Juno’s month is considered most fortunate for marriage and like Hera, her Ancient Greek equivalent, Juno’s sacred creature is the peacock, whose tail feathers are said to protect all against the Evil Eye.
Juno’s symbols are the lily and the fig tree.

The month of June is good for all matters concerning marriage and love commitment, fidelity, partnerships of all kinds, fertility, for peace and prosperity for men as well as women and the building up finances.

Juno’s candle colour is green, her crystal emerald or jade and her fragrance lily.

Muriel the Healer is the Angel of June, the silvery and pearl robed angel with her magic carpet of dreams. She is a granter of all wishes and realistic dreams, the fairy godmother of the angelic world. So dare to wish and then make it come true. In June, Muriel guides on sensitive family issues, helping contact with an estranged friend or relative, assists imaginative projects, home making or DIY ventures, beautiful gardens, starting a counselling or spiritual career, welcoming new family members, conceiving a baby, fertility tests or treatment if there are difficulties and for keeping secrets.

Make a wish on June1 and cast a pearl into flowing water.

Don’t worry unnecessarily about home and loved ones, but be careful with whom you share secrets.

Red Roses are a June flower, symbol of love in almost every age and culture. The red rose says `I love you and I will love you forever.’

Rosebuds were symbols of first or new love, the blossoming rose of passion and commitment while the full blown rose is a token of love in maturity. Buy June roses for someone you love as a reminder of the appreciation that can get buried under the daily demands of living and may not often enough be expressed.

If you are alone whether by choice or circumstance, buy yourself red roses as a reminder you are whole, complete and of immense worth as you are now and that anything is possible as you reach out in June for your heart's desire. .

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio

Happy approaching Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18

Happy approaching Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18, 21. 11 UTC in Scorpio. It is called among some Native North American nations Full Flower Moon, Big Leaf Moon or Planting Moon and so is eagerly awaited in colder climates as the moon of blossoming life and growth.

Combined with the intense energies of Scorpio, this Full Moon promises transformation inside and out, the fulfilment of any urgent wish or desire, regeneration, rebirth, renewal and growth - and as Scorpio reminds us the time to clear the way for those new energies by weeding out what or who is stifling your freedom and enthusiasm.

Anything is possible, for this is the Moon of Bariel, the Angel of small miracles to whom you can light a circle of seven burgundy or indigo candles any night over the next few days and say for each candle, Bariel, angel of small miracles, give me the power to move forward and the initiative to make my own small miracles happen every day.
Leave your candles to burn through.

Most importantly Full Moon in Scorpio offers protection against physical, emotional or psychic attack and jealousy and from anyone seeking revenge, so you can be free to be who and what you truly are without fear, disapproval or criticism.

Pass a Bariel Full moon crystal, obsidian, onyx, rhodonite, brown zircon, Desert Rose, black pearl or aqua aura seven times through an incense stick smoke in mimosa, pine or mint, Bariel’s fragrances and ask for the strength and focus to make that supreme effort, to get out of the rut, the doldrums, inertia and routine, to leap out of the stagnant pool into the fast- moving river where you can go with the flow to the open waters of endless possibility.
Maybe you will at last find your home or realise that home is wherever you are and turn with pleasure and not a little courage your face to the intensity of the rain, the sun, the winds and greet and meet life head on, maybe for the first time in ages and know freedom.

HAPPY BELTANE from Sunset on April 30 to sunset on May 2

This is the second major festival or Sabbat of the Year. Beltane or Beltain is named after the Irish Bealtaine meaning ‘Bel-fire’, the fire of the Celtic god of light, known as Bel, Beli or Belinus. Also known as May Eve, May Day, and Walpurgis Night, Beltane occurs at the beginning of May. It celebrates coming of the old summer and the flowering of life. The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora, Goddess of Flowers whose festival was celebrated in Ancient Rome in early May.

Animal: cow

Tree: hawthorn

Incense and herbs: almond, angelica, ash, cowslip, frankincense, hawthorn, lilac, marigold and roses for love.

Candle Colours: dark green, scarlet and silver candles

Crystals: Sparkling citrines, clear crystal quartz, golden tiger’s eyes, amber and topaz.

Symbols: As a focus, gather fresh greenery, especially hawthorn (indoors only on May 1), any flowers that are native to your region. Dew is especially potent when gathered on May 1 morning – traditionally girls would bathe their faces in it, You can substitute pure spring water left for a moon and sun cycle in a crystal or glass container, beginning at sunset on April 30.

Deities: Sulis (Minerva). At the sacred Celtic hot springs at Baths, the Romans built their own magnificent healing edifices, combining the indigenous Sulis, the Celtic Sun Goddess and resident patroness of the sacred waters at Bath, with their own Minerva Goddess of Wisdom.

Beltane rituals

These are for maximising the fertility energies first experienced at the Equinox, whether for conceiving a child or bringing a business matter to fruition. They can improve health and increase in energy, optimism and self-confidence as the light and warmth move into summer.

Sundown on May Eve heralded the signal for Druids to kindle the great Bel-fires from nine different kinds of wood by turning an oaken spindle in an oaken sockets, on top of the nearest beacon hill, for example on Tara Hill, Co. Meath, in Ireland, former home of the Dagda the hero gods of old Ireland. As time went on every village would have its Beltane fires which were attributed with both fertility and healing powers.

Young couples leapt over the twin Beltane Fires, ran between them or danced clockwise. Cattle released from the barns after the long winter, were driven between two fires to cleanse them of disease and ensure their continuing fertility and rich milk yield for the coming months.

But the chief feature of the festival was the custom that dates back to the first farming communities and finds echoes worldwide of young couples going into the woods and fields to make love and bring back the first May or hawthorn blossoms to decorate homes and barns. May Day is the only time of year, according to tradition, that hawthorn may be brought indoors.

May Baskets filled with the first flowers of summer were left on doorsteps of friends, family, lovers and the elderly and infirm, a custom that is worthy of revival in every community and home.
Beltane is therefore a festival potent for fertility magic of all kinds, whether conceiving a child or financial or business ventures bearing fruit, for an improvement in health and an increase in energy as the light and warmth move into summer.

As a focus gather fresh greenery, especially hawthorn (indoors only on May 1), any flowers that are native to your region, placed in baskets; gather dew potent especially on May 1 morn when girls would bathe their faces in it, or pure spring water left for a full sun and moon cycle in a crystal or glass container.

Personal Activities

A Beltane fertility ritual

This can be carried at any time when you need fertility on any New moon or on Beltane Eve.

  • Secure each ribbon underneath in a loose knot to another so they form threes; saying:

  • As one becomes two, becomes three,
    So three to six to nine,
    Winding, binding,
    Babe of mine (or wish if it is another fertility matter).

    I have a knitted cradle that folds like a bag over the baby within, or you can buy large pottery or wooden hens used for holding eggs. But any lid will do - even the lid of a silver-coloured wok. Magic is all about adapting the available tools, rather than modifying or not carrying out a ritual. Our ancestors managed remarkably well with the hedgerows and fields as source material and much of today’s most potent magic has a simple countryside origin.

    Throw the pieces on to a bonfire or fire in a domestic hearth and look into the embers to see pictures of a brighter tomorrow.

    A joint Beltane and Samhain twin apple ritual

    Apples represent life and health and fertility/creativity.


    The Place on the Wheel

    Beltaine or Beltane is named after the Irish god of light, in whose honour fires were kindled at this time by rubbing wood together.

    Sundown on May Eve heralded the signal for the Celtic Druids to kindle the great Bel-fires from nine different kinds of wood.  At this time cattle were released from the winter barns and driven between twin fires to cleanse them and to invoke fertility as they were released into the fields.

    Winter was finally dead as at midnight on May Eve Caillieach Bhuer, the old hag of winter, cast her staff under a holly bush and turned to stone until six months later on Halloween.

    A time of great fairy activity, especially around standing stones and stone circles.

    Sacred wells are very potent on May 1 both for healing and fertility.


    Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern World

    As we hear of yet another tragic attack on innocents in Sri Lanka, our heart and blessings go out to those who have suffered loss or whose family have been injured needlessly by wanton destructiveness. There are no excuses for such evil, no true religion could ever condone such slaughter. It is understandable to despair and avoid going on holiday overseas or indeed to theatres and concerts at home for nowhere seems immune from danger.

    Yet if we restrict our lives, terrorism has won and we have lost our freedom, so we have to go on, being vigilant but not constantly looking over our shoulders or staying indoors.

    Hard though it is, we cannot, must not stop believing in the innate goodness of the majority of humanity of all races and creeds.

    Nothing diminishes the evil done to innocents and we must all, of every race and creed, speak out and unite against those who are prepared to kill whoever is in their path of destruction. Yet we must hope and will not give up.

    But those of us who have our families safe today, we should speak words of love and gratitude and forgiveness for old hurts and guilt imposed unfairly and be glad we have them and our friends still in our lives, uninjured and able to build new moments of joy and reconciliation. Now is the moment to appreciate and to reach out across superficial divisions and petty differences to build a shared tomorrow that maybe can endure in our homes and with loved ones and spread outwards like a ripple in a pool, in our community, our land and one day, impossible though it may seem, perhaps through the whole world. Each one of us is a light that together can shine in the darkness.

    Happy Full Moon in Libra

    Happy approaching Second Full Moon in Libra

    What could be luckier or happier than two full Moons in Libra in the same year, one in March and the second following in April, the first heralding in the Aries Sun sign, the second bidding it till we meet again. Venus ruling Libra and Mars Aries, so a match made in heaven, though it doesn’t always work out that way on earth.

    The April Full Moon is on April 19 at 11.12 am UTC and is called among various Native North American nations the Flower Moon or Pink Flower Moon, Spring Moon or Sugar Maker Moon, as the maple sap is flowing. She is also the Pascal or Easter Moon for Easter Sunday falls on the Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox and some say the tradition of Easter eggs comes from the first egg laying around the Equinox that were offered in thanks.

    Originally myths tell us, eggs were painted in honour of Ostara, the Norse Goddess of Spring and new life called Oestre in the Anglo Saxon tradition who gives us the name of Easter and oestrogen. Some Eastern European traditions tell how the Virgin Mary decorated eggs to delight her young son.

    The double Libra is the happiness moon through balance within yourself and not only through others; another try for strengthening or mending commitment, marriage, family, friendship and work relationships based on mutual respect, but offering freedom within caring, willing love, not tied up in the guilt and obligation web, independence based on support not sacrificing your principles for a peace at any price compromise.

    There may be relationships and situations not working out, that are hard work or where we have made mistakes or been less than loving and we may not know how to put things right or we feel betrayed where others have let us down. Decide what did not flourish but which is still worth pursuing, a relationship too precious to abandon without another last ditch all- out effort.

    Do not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love or where we discovered what we thought was perfect was human and so flawed and that we ourselves are also mortal, not angels or demons. But if you are being pulled in two ways and your loyalties being tested or you are constantly acting as peacemaker and referee keeping the balance between people or factions who thrive on having you as the audience-and sometimes getting blamed by both- try this ritual as the Libran Moon shines down.

    An anti-guilt trip ritual for restoring balance when two or more friends, family members or work colleagues are pulling you in opposite directions.

    You will need

    A blue cord long enough to tightly hold between your hands.

    A dish of salt.


    Around the Libran Full Moon.

    The Spell

    Happy April 2019

    Happy April from Cassandra and Debi

    April is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy.

    A good month for love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for enhancing inner radiance, healing and happiness; also for makeovers and healthy eating regimes, gentle exercise and energy work, creative arts, visiting beautiful places and spending time in nature, making your workspace harmonious and prioritising what makes you happy.

    This month avoid noisy, soulless environments, trying to fit in with people who rub you up the wrong way, arguing on matters of principle with stubborn people and trying to economise unless absolutely necessary.

    The angel of April is Asmodel, the Creator of what is of worth, surrounded by pink rays.

    Asmodel or Ashmodel is the angel of beauty, inner as well as outer and especially finding beauty in nature, even in the centre of a town. She offers us persistence, patience, reliability, loyalty, the expression of practical abilities and stability and tells us to value our own beauty and worth ignore anyone who makes us feel bad.

    Her challenges are stubbornness, occasional flashes of temper and over concern with material things.

    The April Birth flower is the daisy/ Marguerite

    The daisy was said to spring from the tears of Mary Magdalene at the crucifixion and was traditionally known as ‘the day’s eye’ or ‘God’s smile’. This was because the flower opened with the sun in the morning and closed at night.

    Mediaeval knights wore daisies when they went into battle as a sign that they rode in the name of a lady whom they loved. A knight wearing a double-headed daisy affirmed that the love was reciprocated. The daisy, a flower of Venus, is the most commonly used for love divination, as lovers pluck the petals chanting, ‘He/she loves me, he/she loves me not’. It is said to be a talisman for all who are pure of heart and loyal in love. A daisy root can bring back an absent lover if placed under a pillow at night.

    The Colour of April is Pink.

    The Crystals of April are rose quartz, jade and emerald.

    April’s Incenses and oils include rose, apple blossom and violets.

    An Asmodel Angel of April ritual for increasing your charisma and radiance if you are feeling overlooked, unloved or unlovable.

    You will need

    A mirror you can see your head and shoulders in.

    Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror


    Any time in April, for five days after dark.

    The Spell:

    Happy Full Moon in Libra

    Happy Full Moon in Libra and Equinox

    Happy Full Moon on March 21 at 01.42 UTC in Libra and another Supermoon, which appears larger than usual because it is closer to the earth than usual. A special Moon for it coincides with the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, so a double dose of new beginnings and energies backed up by the oomph of the full moon.

    Balanced Libra ruled by wise angel Zuriel who cautions reason and restraint, has his work cut out keeping his excitedly anticipating flock from throwing their knickers in the air, But the Equinox energies give Libra a helping hand , for it is the time of balance, albeit briefly, equal day and night. So not a time for flirting or giving way to temptation unless you have thought out the consequences all the way to the alimony and who keeps the dog.

    Nevertheless the surging full moon gives birth a new and maybe different but well thought out future and that future will be about choice and not what was all that was on offer when you first signed on the dotted line after a glass or three of wine.

    This is the happiness moon through balance within yourself and not only through others; remember when New Age met the Bible? Loving yourself as much as you do others or maybe a smidgeon more; yes, another try for strengthening or mending commitment, marriage and work partnerships, based on mutual respect and offering freedom within caring, willing love, not tied up in the guilt and obligation web, independence based on support not sacrificing your principles for a peace at any price compromise.

    So this Moon assists us in getting the balance right in love and family relationships, friendships and work partnerships, a wonderful moon for togetherness or realising that you have everything you need within yourself, that you do rather like yourself as you are and for whom you are and that the future is yours to fine tune or change as the moon is rides high.

    Happy Equinox wherever you live in the world.

    Even if the dawn of the Equinox may not be as promising as we hoped, let's seize every moment and make it glorious and let not the sun go down on anger or regrets. Too late are the saddest of words and there is still time as the balance of the year brings all into equilibrium and harmony as Autumn and Spring join forces, to give thanks for the many blessings we have and can share; a special Equinox as we remember all who sorrow because of the tragic losses in New Zealand and ask that balance be restored to the world so all may live without fear or intimidation.

    In both hemispheres, we can recall the story of Ostara the Norse goddess who opened the gates of Spring. She found a small dove frozen in the snow and great goddess that she was, she knew that even if she revived it, the dove would not live. So she transformed the dove into a snow hare and said, Run and whenever people see you running they will remember my promise that new beginnings and better times are present even in the darkest moments and new life will return from that darkness.

    There may be relationships and situations not working out, that are hard work or where we have made mistakes or been less than loving and do not know how to put things right or where others have let us down. Decide what did not flourish but which is still worth pursuing, a relationship you do not want to give up on, a dream or project that seems slow in fruit, but which is the light within you , your reason for going on and so too precious to abandon.

    Go with all your heart for change at this moment when all is possible, but do not give up on people or situations where there is still hope and love or where we discovered what we thought was perfect was human and so flawed and that we ourselves are mortal not angels or demons. Reach to the future but take the best of the past with you.

    As I prepare to move from the southern to the northern hemisphere via Vietnam on Equinox day to see my son Jack and his wonderful partner Tara, to be with my beloved family again, my heart is in both hemispheres .I carry the fruits of kindness and laughter of my time in Australia and the sun of the seeds of new dreams I will plant back home that may blossom by the time I come back again in September, just after the next Equinox, to the land of the red earth and endless shimmering horizons of promise.

    Click here for spells and rituals for Spring and Autumn Equinox

    Blessings to all affected in New Zealand by this dreadful tragedy and to all who risked their lives to rescue those in danger and who are caring tirelessly for survivors and the bereaved. We cannot, must not give up believing in the ultimate goodness of humanity and in love and peace, hard though it is. For once we do, terrorism whether perpetrated by a lone being set on destroying the innocent, a hatred fuelled group or cynical evil organization, has won. It may seem useless lighting candles and sending blessings, but every positive energy however small, in the name of hope, is a statement in belief that the world can and must one day become a better place. Senseless killing is as old as humanity, but so is the kindness of strangers and those who daily work to make life better for others in need.

    This tragedy does put into perspective for those of us unscathed what are sometimes relatively insignificant worries, petty grievances and vague dissatisfactions that cloud our minds and toxify our thoughts. For we who are alive and well and fretting over trivialities, as I was when I heard the news of the New Zealand massacres, we are reminded of what really matters, the gift of life. A time then to give thanks for those we love who may sometimes drive us crazy but are going to walk through the door tonight or text or mail us, time to forget old quarrels, coldness and divisions with family and friends. A day to rejoice in being alive and remember we are the lucky ones.

    Happy March 2019

    Happy March 2019

    Named after Mars the Roman God of War, this was the month war and conquest resumed after winter and was the start of the Roman year as late as 153 BCE. Mars was also the Guardian of agriculture and the ancestor of the Roman people through his sons Romulus and Remus who founded Rome and so March also marked the start of the farming year.

    The month is good for courage, action, passion, overcoming obstacles, for physical strength and independence, self-confidence, strong identity, innovation, assertiveness and the power to move life forward, for action packed holidays and getting fit, tackling bullies or inequality, passionate love, initiating or launching new projects of all kinds especially business or an innovative scheme and getting rid of what holds you back.

    Avoid negotiations with people who are intolerant or prejudiced, activities involving detail rather than the big picture, working as a lesser team member where you have knowledge and expertise and will get irritated, being restricted physically or following a set programme where there is no room for your own spin on it.

    Since this was the first month in the old calendar and the third month in the modern calendar, it is under the guardianship both of Michael the Archangel of the Sun whose year it is and so an excellent year for positive new beginnings and of Sachiel the Archangel of expansion, promotion and leadership and success by reaching out for what you most want and need.

    The angel of March is Machidiel (or Malahidael), the innovator and warrior angel with sparkling golden-red halo and wings.

    The colour of March is red, its gems and crystals, orange carnelian, diamond, Herkimer diamond and the courageous undefeatable red and green bloodstone. The March flowers are daffodils, geraniums, hibiscus, hollyhocks, honeysuckle and tiger lilies and the incenses and oils most potent in this month are cedar, cinnamon and Dragon’s Blood.

    A Machidiel Angel of March ritual for getting what is right when you know you are being misrepresented, bullied or cheated

    You will need

    An email printout, official document or judgement you know is wrong. If verbal abuse, spite or misinformation write in black on white paper what is inaccurate or unfair and who says so.

    A red pen, Machidiel’s colour.

    A pair of scissors.


    Any time in March, but close to the beginning is especially potent.

    The Spell:

    Happy, happy March.

    Happy Full Moon in Virgo

    Happy Full Moon

    Happy Full Moon in Virgo on February 19 at 15. 53 UTC. Called the Full Snow Moon in parts of Native North America this is also a Super Moon, the largest and brightest moon and closest to the earth moon this year.

    The Virgoan full moon is the moon of health and healing, of striving for perfection, for completing any detailed matters and checking small print, for finding new employment especially if you have been jobless for a while or hate what you are doing, for developing skill with crafts, for gardening, protecting the environment and for keeping to diets and sensible exercise regimes, not extreme but gentle actions such as walking, swimming or cycling so you feel fit, harmonious and balanced.

    Lady Moon in Virgo will also assist in reducing the effects of chronic illness or pain and any form of addiction, phobias or compulsion, for helping children and adults to become more coordinated and feel less self-conscious and a moon for triggering an interest in learning about natural remedies. Above all she protects against those who would scam, con or deceive the vulnerable.

    The full moon in Virgo is ruled by Hamaliel the angel of perfection who tells you not to judge yourself too harshly or always try to put in 300% of the input at work and home especially if others are not grateful or take advantage of your high ethics and conscientiousness. Make this the moon when you start to refuse to accept second best in any part of your life, but strive for the best and in return ask for the best from others.

    Her colour is green, her incense is fennel or patchouli and her crystals jade or aventurine
    Light a green candle, sprinkle a little salt into the flame and ask Hamaliel to help you complete a difficult task where success will open new horizons for you. If you are in a difficult situation when you are doing your best against seemingly impossible odds blow softly three times into the flame and ask for her assistance and relief. Blow out the candle and know as the full moons shines so all shall be well.

    Finally if you or a loved one is ill, try this ritual as the Virgoan moon wheels through the skies or the day or two after when the energies are still powerful.

    You will need:

    Three green candles of ascending sizes set in a row, smallest to the left.

    You can carry out this ritual for someone else, naming them at the beginning of the ritual and throughout it and then speaking on their behalf.

    Happy Moondays ahead.

    Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Pig

    Happy Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Pig

    Starting on February 5 and ending on January 25 2020 the Year of the Pig is beneficial for all 12 Chinese zodiac signs as well as those born in the Years of the Pig 1923, 1935 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 and between the hours of 9pm and 11pm, considered as the hours governed by the Pig.

    Those born in 1959 (February 08, 1959 - January 27, 1960) and 2019 (February 05, 2019 - January 24, 2020) are Earth Pigs. While Pig characteristics are shared by all Pigs, the year energies will be affected by the Earth aspect, in itself very positive and steadying.

    The Pig is friendly, likes comforts and luxury, is the eternal optimist, loves freedom and beauty and naturally attracts good luck. Pig people are generous, altruistic, home-loving, diligent and chivalrous but can be extravagant and over-indulgent. They can also be suspicious of new people and situations and may not see over the horizon, can be over- reliant on the familiar, stubborn and materialistic. They are nevertheless smart in getting out of trouble and persevere to the end and will have money opportunities. In 2019 there may be small setbacks in career, but these will turn out well if they don’t give up.

    It is important for Pig people to balance work and rest for maintaining health. They are lucky in relationships but female Pigs need to persevere if they haven’t yet met the right person. They include Humphrey Bogart. Al Capone, Hilary Clinton, Henry Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Ronald Regan and Arnold Swarzeneggar,

    Pig Years are ideal for entrepreneurs and a good time to develop business. The later months of 2019 are best. They are also good for bringing long-term projects to a successful conclusion and for the welfare of those less fortunate. Beware, however, of giving more than you can afford and falling prey to cheats, especially in money.

    Special flowers include the hydrangea and marguerite, lucky colours are yellow, grey, brown and golden and lucky numbers 2, 5 and 8 , also combination numbers containing them. Lucky directions are southeast and northeast.
    The Best love matches are the Goat, Rabbit and Tiger.


    On his last New Year on earth, Buddha called all the animals to his side. Only twelve came and as a reward Buddha is said to have given each one a year that would reflect its personality.

    Each person is born under one of the twelve years and the year itself bears the characteristics of the animal. Because the date of the Chinese New Year can vary from late January to mid-February, people born around this period can find that they may belong to the year before.


    The Years run in twelve year cycles, so if your birth year is not listed below, add 12 or subtract multiples of 12 to bring you to the nearest birth year listed. For example if you were born in 1912, add twelve and that brings you to 1924, the Year of the Rat. So you too are a Rat. The order of the animals never varies.


    We all have another side to our nature. This may be especially strong if you were born close to the Chinese New Year. The secondary animal can explain your conflicting feelings and alert you to hidden strengths. According to the time of the day or night you were born, your secondary animal can be found.

    The animals of the birth times are very stable since they are not affected by the date of the Chinese New Year. However, if you are born at a cusp time, you may find that you share characteristics of the adjoining animal. If your birth year and birth time animals are the same you may have a very strong personality, but should beware inflexible attitudes.





    We Wish You A Very Happy February.....and IMBOLC or OIMELC The first festival of spring (or in the southern hemisphere, Lughnassadh)

    Imbolc January 31 to February 2

    Imbolc means ‘In the belly of the Mother ‘and refers to the potential for growth in whatever way is most relevant in your life.

    In the northern hemisphere Imbolc is January 31 to February 2; in the southern hemisphere it is July 31 to August 2.

    The first festival of spring often when the land is still frozen is a reminder that new life stirs within the Earth and within people long before the effects are seen or felt externally. 

    This was the all important time when sheep and cattle give birth to their young and so fresh milk and dairy products were first available to the community after the long winter in early agricultural societies.

    This was in a number of pre Christian traditions the festival of the young maiden goddess. But it is also linked with the story of the newly delivered mother of the sun king whose milk is mirrored by the milk of the ewes who gave this festival its name of Oimelc or Ewe’s milk. 

    The Dark twin is still powerful as reflected in the cold weather and dark days but the young God of light is growing in power as he is nursed by the Goddess.

    The Christian Candlemas, the festival of candles, took place on February 2, the day of the Purification of the Virgin Mary on which she took baby Jesus to the temple for the first time.

    Ways of marking the festival in the modern world

    Happy Lughnassadh to my Southern hemisphere friends

    This is traditionally the festival of the first grain harvest but can be used for any harvest of any produce and a personal harvest. 

    The God promises to defend and die for the land. The Sun/Grain god is willingly cut down in the form of the last sheaf of grain to be harvested and his spirit descends into the earth, back into the mother’s womb, to be reborn on the Midwinter celebration as the infant Sun King. The decisive battle of the Light and Dark twin cannot take place till the Autumn Equinox six weeks later and so the myths divide again. 

    Some versions say the fatal blow to the Light twin is delivered at Lughnassadh but the Light twin lingers wounded for another six weeks until the Autumn Equinox

    In both the pre Christian and Christian tradition called Lammas or Loaf mass a loaf baked from the first harvested sheaf was offered on the altar. 

    Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern world 


    FULL SUPER BLOOD MOON in LEO with a total eclipse! January 21st

    January brings us a very exciting full moon. This is a rare lunar event combining a Super Blood Wolf Moon with a total lunar eclipse (the only one this year). The eclipse will be visible from western parts of Europe and Africa as well as the USA and South America. The eclipse begins 21st January 02:36am (UT) in the UK and lasts 5 hours 12 minutes from start to finish, with total coverage time of 62 minutes from 4:41am (UT).

    It is called a super moon because it appears larger than normal, as it is closer to the earth than usual. The moon appears redder due to the eclipse when the sunlight passes through the atmosphere, the shorter blue wavelengths are spread outside the Earth's shadow and the longer red wavelengths are refracted towards the Moon. Dust and clouds in the atmosphere can affect the brightness of the colour.

    This first full moon in January is known among the Native North Americans as Wolf Moon because the wolves could be heard howling at Mother Moon at the hungriest time of the year, the time of the clan sharing whatever they had left.

    This full moon in Leo, because of the eclipse, intensifies your awareness of your relationships, emotions, family life and especially private life. It is the perfect time to take an impartial and open-minded look at your relationships to identify any problems. It is a good time to resolve any issues and start again with a clean slate. A powerful moon for reaching out dynamically and without doubt or fear of failing or falling.


    We wish you all a very happy January 2019

    January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings. In January, we step through the door from the past, remembering we still carry aspects of the past within us, good and bad, good memories, experiences that have shaped us, all those plans started in 2017 we can bring to fruition this coming year.

    The most important thing to leave behind as we step through the doorway are those burdensome redundant voices in our head, the garbage from years past or venom spit recently towards us that clutters up our thinking and fills us with doubts that we can succeed. You always fail, the words drone on even at 2am when we cannot sleep, the old put -downs of negative parenting, disparaging teachers, destructive exes, jealous colleagues rekindling dusty doubts in our minds. Why should this year be different -and the first slip in our fledgling resolutions brings a flood of Told you so from those cobwebby ghosts gloating on our shoulder.

    Better, every time we doubt or slip back into an old habit, fear or situation we resolved to leave behind with the chiming midnight New Year bells, to tell the detractors and distractors, many long dead or gone from our lives, firmly and loudly to shut the door as they scuttle back to the shadows. And consider, if those people are still dragging you down, whether you actually need them around.

    This month, let the temporary setbacks go, do something small to make yourself feel good again and start again from that point. New Year resolutions aren’t a once and for all, all or nothing, but a step by step. Make January the month of each day bringing a new chance to get it right, so by February you are striding ahead confidently towards your new goals.

    If the New Year resolutions are already proving too hard, maybe you were asking the impossible of yourself, whether fitness, diet, quitting bad habits or fears or making major life changes before you are fully ready. Take it slower, reassess what is realistic and a sensible time scale given all the responsibilities and stresses you have already and above all focus on what you really want for the year ahead.

    As January progresses we move into the sway of Cambiel, the Guardian angel of your personal identity and blueprint, who advises us to step back from unnecessary emotional pressures to be or do what others expect, not least those pressures we impose on ourselves through regurgitating messages cast up from our subconscious that should long since have been blown away by the passing of many New Years.

    This is your January, your future, your life a garden to be planted with whatever to you is beautiful and of worth and the choking weeds that hold back the growth can be gently but firmly pruned, especially if those doubters live on in your lives and you have to see them regularly.

    To grow your own lovely future slowly and in the way you choose take a tub of sunflower seeds or seeds from any golden flower, flowers of Michael, the Archangel of this first month of the year.

    May your January be filled with inner if not outer sunshine.



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    TWO NEW BOOKS released 2015 with Sterling Ethos in America on January 20 and March 7 in Australia and England

    Barnes and Noble

    Barnes and Noble

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