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This will be my last tour until September 2018 as we are expecting a new arrival in the family and so my only visit to Toowoomba in 2018.

If you want to book me in advance to obtain the date and time that suits you best, please contact Konnie on 0409 499782. I shall be delighted to meet old friends and new and as always offer clairvoyance using Tarot, crystal angels, runes, crystal ball and numerology as well as past lives. I will also identify your angels and spirit guides if you wish and advise you on psychic children, children with communication difficulties and how to develop your psychic powers. I can also cast spells for you for any positive purpose, help with psychic protection, remove ill-wishing and offer you a specially created charm bag as a gift for any purpose you choose, fertility, love, marriage, children, custody cases and divorce settlements, money, career, travel, a new home, justice and for protection.

I am visiting Townsville from Wednesday February 21 until Sunday 4 March at the Grand Chancellor Hotel(The Sugar Shaker), 334 Flinders Street from 9 am to 7pm.

I shall be in Emerald, at the Town Hall, Egerton Street from Thursday March 8 till Sunday 18 March, 9 am to 8pm. I have not been to Emerald for nearly three years and so am very excited.











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February 13th 2018

Pancake Day!

It's Pancake Day !!

Celebrated in Catholic Europe and the United States, Australia and many other lands where settlers from Europe and Scandinavia travelled, as the last day of feasting and merrymaking before Lent, Shrove Tuesday on February 13 in 2018, is known also as the Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday celebrations which culminate on Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day, began as the day on which good Christians would go to confess their sins and be forgiven or shriven before the 40 days of Lent. The pancakes were meant to stave the hunger of the faithful while they waited for the Shriving bell to call them to church.

In Britain, the day before Shrove Tuesday was called Collop Monday. Then the meat which was forbidden over Lent was used up in collops or patties made with eggs and bread. Tuesday’s pancakes, much richer and tastier than those of today, used up the rest of the honey, fat and other little luxuries not allowed during Lent.

In 1620, the English poet Taylor wrote in his Jacke-a-Lente a fierce criticism of the carnival which he notes began with the ringing of a bell called the Pancake-bell whose sound ‘makes thousands of people distracted and forgetful of either manners or humanitie’.

‘Then there is a thing called wheaten flour which the cooks do mingle with water, eggs, spice and other tragical, magical enchantments and then they put it by little and little into a frying pan of boiling suet where it makes a confused dismal hissing . . . until at last by the skill of the cook it is transformed into the form of a Flip-jack, called a pancake, which ominous incantation the people do devour very greedily.’

The pancake eating was followed by a festival described by Bishop Hall in his Triumphs of Rome: ‘Every man cries Sciolta, letting himself loose to the maddest of merriments, marching wildly up and down in all forms of disguises; each man striving to outdo each other in strange pranks of humorous debauchedness, in which even those of the holy order are wont to be allowed their share. For howsoever it was forbidden by some sullen authority to clerks and votaries of any kind to go masked and disguised in those seeming abusive festivities, yet more favourable construction hath offered to make the believe that it was chiefly for their sakes, for the refreshment of their sadder and more restrained spirits that this free and lawless festivity was taken up.’

In the evening children would go from door to door begging and singing verses such as:

Beef and bacon’s
Out of season
I want a pan to
Parch my peas on.

Then they would hurl sticks and stones at the doors which were shut against them. The worst offenders were the apprentices in London.

Tradition says that if you eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and grey peas on Ash Wednesday you will have money in your purse all the year.

February 14th 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

St Valentine was according to popular legend, a young priest who defied an edict of the Emperor Claudius II that soldiers should not be allowed to marry as it made them poor fighters. St Valentine it is told conducted the weddings of a number of young soldiers and was executed on February 14, ad269, thereafter becoming the Patron Saint of Lovers.

It is said that while Valentine was in prison, he restored the sight of the jailer’s blind daughter and that she fell in love with him. Even more romantic myth adds that as he was taken to be executed, he wrote on the wall a message for his love: ‘Always, your Valentine.’

But the actual origins are more earthy. In pre-Christian tradition February 15 was the time of lovers at the ancient Roman festival, Lupercalia, which was held on the spot where Romulus and Remus were said to have been suckled by the wolf. The Horned Fertility God, in the form of the Lycean Pan or Lupercus as he was called in Rome, was central to the festival as he offered protection to the flocks from wolves. On this day, unmarried girls and young men performed love and sex rites in the Grotto of the She-Wolf in order to bring fertility to animals, land and people.

With the advent of Christianity, Christian festivals were grafted on to the old pagan rituals and gradually the celebrations on February 14 became dedicated solely to St Valentine and not his pagan forebears. There was a mediaeval custom on Valentine’s Eve of casting lots to choose a Valentine.

Young men or women would put into a container an equal number of names of the opposite sex and the chosen name picked out by a young man would determine his partner for the Valentine celebrations and hopefully eternal bliss. Young men would wear the slip of paper with the girl’s name on their sleeves (one explanation for the old saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’).

February 14 has yet another love connection. It is the day on which birds are said to choose their mates, according to Chaucer’s Parliament of The Fowles:
‘For this was on St Valentine’s Day
When every Fowl cometh to choose her mate’.

If an unmarried girl saw a bird during the morning of February 14, it was believed that she would divine her future love. Most Valentine rituals were devised in less liberated days when the ambition of every maid was to find a husband. Nowadays many a young man is seen with his packet of bird seed on Valentine’s Morn.

If you see a hen and cockerel together early on St Valentine’s Day, it is a sign you will be married before the next February 14. The number of animals you see as you leave home will tell you how many months will elapse before the nuptials take place.

The old myths promise that if a girl sees a crow, she will marry a clergyman; a robin a sailor; a goldfinch, a millionaire; any yellow bird, someone who is well off; a sparrow, find love in a cottage, a blue bird, poverty and a woodpecker, quarrels. A wren portends the girl will remain an old maid and a flock of doves promises happiness in every way. In hotter climes, a parrot depicts a partner who will never stop talking and rainbow lorikeets a high maintenance love.

Valentine cards have flourished on both sides of the Atlantic as well as many other parts of the world. Love notes, often illustrated, began early in the Middle Ages and hand-cut illustrated Valentine messages have been found from as early as the 1500s. The first Valentine card was printed in 1761. The beginning of the penny postal service in Britain in 1840 caused the real expansion of the Valentine card industry.

Printed cards of the Victorian era were assembled by hand and very delicately created from lace, woven silk panels, feathers, pearls and multi-layers, often delicately cut and woven like cobwebs. You opened them out by lifting a central thread.

They tended to be very sentimental. For example, a John Windsor card in the possession of the British auctioneers Phillip’s bears the hand-written message:
‘If while my passions I impart
You deem my words untrue,
O place your hand upon my heart,
Feel how it beats for you.’

After about 1900, postcard Valentines, as opposed to the frothier confections, came into vogue. These were slightly more jovial though by no means risqué. One with a picture of Cupid declared:
‘Alas my Cupid looks so shy,
He is not really, nor am I.’

Another depicting a telegram said simply:

‘Wise date,
Can’t wait,
Be quick,
Love sick,
No joke,
Heart broke.’

A Traditional Valentine’s morning flower love charm

You will need

A yellow crocus or any small yellow flower


The morning of February 14

The Spell

Before you go outdoors on St Valentine’s morning, fasten the yellow flower in your buttonhole or in your hair, as you do so saying three times St Valentine, the lover’s friend, I ask this flower true love to send.

If you are already in love change the second line to I ask that my love will never end and if you have broken up with a partner, say as the second line, I ask that my lost love you send.

Greet the first three people you meet to stir up the happiness energies.

At the end of the day, scatter the petals to the winds.

A St Valentine’s seed ritual to make a slow-burning love grow

You will need

A container of seeds


Early evening on February 14

The Spell

A Traditional way of discovering who sent you an anonymous Valentine’s card.

You will need

A quill pen or any nibbed pen

Red ink

The anonymous Valentine’s card


Just before midnight on the first Friday after you receive the card.

The Spell

During the following week you will discover the identity of your secret Valentine-sender, either in a dream or in everyday life.

February 16th 2018

Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Dog

Happy Chinese New Year 2018
Year of the Dog

Beginning on the Eve of February 16

It is especially auspicious for people born in 1958, also a Brown Earth dog year and of course for any babes this year and its energies last until February 4th 2019. Other Dog Birth years are 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018, but everyone will welcome the stabilising influence of the Year of the Dog. In addition, those born between 7 pm and 9pm any day of the year in any year have the Dog as their secondary Chinese Animal, so bringing stability to your other Chinese Animal sign and protection into your life.

Dog years are good for standing firm without aggression rather than confrontation, whether at home, work or in international affairs and for integrity in all dealings, personal and professional, loyalty and the building or restoration of trust. Beware however of rigid attitudes in others and those who easily take offence or who are spoiling for a fight and then blame you.

2018 is a year of focus, action and winning through high ethics rather than short cuts to success, responsibility to others and meeting or valuing someone who loves forever. However, betray the trust of a Dog and they will become suspicious of the world and it takes much to restore their faith in humanity and life and love.

Dog people are protective, loyal and honest and good friends in times of trouble, happy and popular because they are always willing to please. They may not seek leadership but are excellent at carrying projects and tasks through to the end and keeping to the agenda. Dog people include Voltaire, Sir Winston Churchill and Elvis Presley.

Happy February from Cassandra and Debi

Named after the Roman festival of fertility and purification held on February 15th, the festival of Februa became combined with the love and fertility festival Lupercalia held on the same day, from which we get St Valentine’s Day.
Februum means purification and so the festival of Februa involved cleansing and washing with water to bring the new Springtime energies into being and wash away stagnation and what needed to be left behind. This can be as relevant in the Southern hemisphere for a new start before the winter or when life seems to have hit a brick wall.

The Goddess Februa was mother of Mars, and Goddess of passion.

Indeed, many modern Valentine’s day customs derive from Lupercalia, that was dedicated to the goddess she-wolf Lupa, who suckled the twins Romulus and Remus, later the founders of Rome. On this day, unmarried girls and young men performed love and sex rites in the Grotto of the She-Wolf, in order to bring fertility to animals, land and people.

February is good for awakening new love and trust, for increasing good luck, melting coldness or indifference and planting the seeds of future success; also for any cleansing/purification of the home and your life especially after sickness or misfortune and also for driving away what is destructive or redundant

Barakiel (or Barchiel), the bringer of good luck, is the Angel of February and helps with reconciling differences, trusting intuition. combining two careers or interests, psychic development, changing bad luck, for dealing with any emotional matters and for overseas travel. Barakiel or Barchiel wears robes of blue and gold and has lightning flashing from his halo.

Avoid in February if possible, encounters with officialdom, committing yourself to binding contracts if you have doubts, matters involving logic or attention to detail, people who are manipulative or dishonest and those who show excessive emotions, sentimentality or changeability according to who is present.

The colours of February are white and mauve.

The crystals are amethyst, coral, bloodstone and all fluorites.

Incenses and oils include honeysuckle, sweet grass and lotus.

Its flowers are daffodils, early spring flowers, water lilies and wisteria.

2018 is not a Leap Year and so this February has only 28 days. Leap Year did not really come into being until the advent of the Gregorian calendar in England in 1752 and almost two hundred years earlier in Europe. It occurs on February 29 when the calendar contains an extra day every four years (when the last two numbers in the year date can be divided by four). This is to put the astronomical calendar back into synchronicity.

There is no full moon in February as January had two full moons and the next one is at the beginning of March, so as the second month of the year, the number of balance, February 2018 should be a very harmonious month.

A Barakiel Angel of February ritual for bringing the good fortune you most need.

You will need:

Five white candles as a pathway on a table, with a mirror propped on the table, so the reflected candle pathway continues in the mirror as well in actuality on the table.


Any time in February after dark, with no other light in the room.

The Ritual:

Happy, Happy February.


IMBOLC & LUGHNASSADH 2018, beginning on the eve of January 31 in the Northern hemisphere.... Read here


Happy Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Moon in Leo from Cassandra and Debi.

The full Moon in Leo on January 31 at 13.26 UTC is not only a rare Blue Moon, the second full moon in January and so especially magical, but a total lunar eclipse/ On the eclipse what we no longer want is carried away in the darkness and new beginnings return as the light grows once more. It is said in myth that on a blue moon, blue moonstones are washed up by the incoming tide and so contain the power to grant wishes.

January 31 is also the beginning of the early Celtic Spring Imbolc when in the Northern hemisphere the Maiden Goddess Brighid melted the winter snows with her willow wand. In the Southern hemisphere it is Lughnassadh the first harvest when the Grain and Solar God Llew transferred the remaining warmth of the sun to the Earth Goddess Eriu and willingly offered his life for the harvest.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in large parts of the US, Australia, North Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean and Pacific, but even if you cannot see it you will feel its energies. So, check the eclipse time in your region and in the darkness bury a symbol or faded petals to represent the endings and then empower white or clear crystals by leaving them under the full moon after the eclipse, one for each new wish or beginning. Carry the crystals through the month ahead as a talisman.

The next Blue Moon is visible on March 31 2018, but then there is not another until October 31 2020 and again on August 31 2023, so being a rare occurrence, hence the saying once in a blue moon. It is also a super moon, passing close to the earth and so especially powerful. With all these converging cosmic and earth energies, the Leo full moon is welcome indeed for a surge of energy and determination.

Often called Snow Moon or Hunger Moon in Native North America, names normally applied to the February full moon, though this year there is not one, the Leo full moon says hold in there, better times are coming.

Verchiel, the golden joy bringer who is surrounded by sunbeams is the angel of this full moon and he offers us the power and courage to move things forward in a dramatic and joyous way, so we can strive for what constitutes for us happiness, success and most importantly fulfilment.

A powerful moon for reaching out dynamically and without doubt or fear of failing or falling. Try this ritual for whatever you most want to attain and let none cast doubt or scorn on your dreams. All things are possible if we dare to dream and then strive without ceasing or doubt to make that dream reality in our life.

Happy Moonday.

 IMBOLC (Northern Hemishere) and LUGHNASSADH  (Southern) 2018

Welcome from Cassandra and Debi to the approaching festival of Imbolc beginning on the eve of January 31 in the Northern hemisphere, the first stirring of life after winter, the fire in the belly of the maiden goddess Brigit as she melts the winter snows with her willow wand, marking the return of lighter and warmer days. These will hopefully come to fruition at Lughnassadh the first grain harvest six months later.

Imbolc is the time to awaken passion for life, love, health and joy, the tentative growth of new beginnings psychologically and emotionally, light in the darkness that became Candlemas, the Christian festival celebrated on February 2, the final day of Imbolc.

If you doubt or the days of your life seem dark, reach across the world to absorb the warmth of the mirror festival. For in the Southern hemisphere we celebrate the Festival of Lughnassadh, in the old traditions the willing offering by the Grain god of his life cut down as the last sheaf, to be made into the first bread of the first harvest, Christianised as the Lammas loaf on August 1. This willing sacrifice symbolically ensured the continuing growth of the land in the year ahead and that the people and animals would have sufficient to survive the winter until Imbolc.

Wherever you live in the world, the Lammas energies warn there may be necessary sacrifices and endeavour to make your dreams to bear fruit. If life is unfair, dark and hopeless, reach across the world and let the maiden goddess Brigit according to the old myths imprinted deep within us, melt your sorrows , letting fears, obstacles and doubts likewise flow away.

Though all may not have flourished in our personal harvest, in their place, we can plant the seeds of new plans we can nurture in the months ahead. Then with diligence and sheer hard work not miracles, we can reap the rewards not of bounty falling from the heavens as we sit in our deck chairs and pray for a divine next day delivery of riches, but savour the fruits of our own well-earned endeavours.

Happy Full Moon in Cancer

Happy New Year Full Moon in Cancer from Cassandra and Debi on January 2, at 02.24 UTC which means in some parts of the world it will be visible on the night of January 1 and so a true New Year Moon. It is also a Supermoon when the Moon passes especially close to the earth. There is a second full moon, also a Supermoon on January 31 at 13,26 UTC known as a Blue Moon because it is the second full moon in the month and so January is a month of power.

This first full moon in January is known among the Native North Americans as Wolf Moon because the wolves could be heard howling at Mother Moon at the hungriest time of the year, the time of the clan sharing whatever they had left. Wherever you live in the world the Full Moon in Cancer is a moon to recall those who have not, not just materially but who are alone, estranged or far from family and who as the Yule decorations are pulled down, see only the bleakness ahead. So, if you are safe within the shelter of close friends and family, spare a smile and maybe some practical gesture of help or the hand of friendship to those who have little or whose eyes reflect the sought or unsought solitude within.

The Cancerian Full Moon is ruled by Muriel the silvery Angel of dreams and realistic wishes you can make come true through your own efforts. Muriel rides her magical carpet through the skies and on this moon, anything seems possible-and indeed it can be if you come out of the shell of self-doubt and ignore the discouragement of those who gain security from you staying just the same, ready and waiting to fulfil their needs.

Call on this moon for happiness at home, for family, children and fidelity, for bringing imaginative projects into the public arena, also for keeping necessary secrets, especially love that cannot be revealed because one or both partners are not free, for conceiving a baby, for overcoming a relationship problem or betrayal, for major home renovations or refurbishing, for protection of the home and family, particularly against accidents or hostile neighbours.

Dare to dream and to do, knowing those dreams are attainable through hard work and perseverance to open new doors, even as old ones slam shut. Your discarded or not fully developed talents are waiting in the wings to dance centre stage and receive the long overdue accolades of your worth.

Dare to love, to reach out risking hurt and rejection and if you are turned down then there is a whole world of love and life and fulfilment and an ocean of adventure beyond the rock pools of limitation.

Finally reach out to make your own good fortune, remembering you have the total lunar eclipse and full moon in the achiever Leo on January 31-and another Supermoon to bring those dreams into reality, a powerful month indeed to start the new Year with a flying start.

You will need:

A smooth round white shell or white stone.

A permanent marker pen in green.
Timing: Any night leading up to the Cancerian full moon and/or full moon night or the day or two after.

The Spell:

Welcome to January 2018

January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings. In January, we step through the door from the past, remembering we still carry aspects of the past within us, good and bad, good memories, experiences that have shaped us, all those plans started in 2017 we can bring to fruition this coming year.

The most important thing to leave behind as we step through the doorway are those burdensome redundant voices in our head, the garbage from years past or venom spit recently towards us that clutters up our thinking and fills us with doubts that we can succeed. You always fail, the words drone on even at 2am when we cannot sleep, the old put -downs of negative parenting, disparaging teachers, destructive exes, jealous colleagues rekindling dusty doubts in our minds. Why should this year be different -and the first slip in our fledgling resolutions brings a flood of Told you so from those cobwebby ghosts gloating on our shoulder.

Better, every time we doubt or slip back into an old habit, fear or situation we resolved to leave behind with the chiming midnight New Year bells, to tell the detractors and distractors, many long dead or gone from our lives, firmly and loudly to shut the door as they scuttle back to the shadows.
And consider, if those people are still dragging you down, whether you actually need them around.
This month, let the temporary setbacks go, do something small to make yourself feel good again and start again from that point. New Year resolutions aren’t a once and for all, all or nothing, but a step by step. Make January the month of each day bringing a new chance to get it right, so by February you are striding ahead confidently towards your new goals.

If the New Year resolutions are already proving too hard, maybe you were asking the impossible of yourself, whether fitness, diet, quitting bad habits or fears or making major life changes before you are fully ready. Take it slower, reassess what is realistic and a sensible time scale given all the responsibilities and stresses you have already and above all focus on what you really want for the year ahead.

As January progresses we move into the sway of Cambiel, the Guardian angel of your personal identity and blueprint, who advises us to step back from unnecessary emotional pressures to be or do what others expect, not least those pressures we impose on ourselves through regurgitating messages cast up from our subconscious that should long since have been blown away by the passing of many New Years.

This is your January, your future, your life a garden to be planted with whatever to you is beautiful and of worth and the choking weeds that hold back the growth can be gently but firmly pruned, especially if those doubters live on in your lives and you have to see them regularly.

To grow your own lovely future slowly and in the way you choose take a tub of sunflower seeds or seeds from any golden flower, flowers of Michael, the Archangel of this first month of the year.

May your January be filled with inner if not outer sunshine.

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