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January 2017 Updates

Cassandra is coming back to Australia and looking forward to seeing friends old and new

I shall be in Toowoomba from Friday January 20 to Tuesday January 31. 9am-7pm (including Australia Day holiday Thursday Jan 26) at the Burke and Wills Hotel, 554 Ruthven Street.


Welcome to January 2017

January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings.


Full Moon in TCancer January 12 2017

Happy first Moon of the New Year

Happy first Moon of the New Year on January 12 in Cancer at 0.11.34 UCT, whose influence will be felt through from late on 11th to late on the 12th wherever you live. For Momma Moon has come home to her own sign of Cancer and is letting everyone know she’s back in town.

The Moon in Cancer is ruled by Muriel the silvery angel of dreams and wishes and Muriel is steering her magical carpet through the skies very successfully shredding the parking tickets issued by the somewhat stubborn astrological Cardinal Grand Cross players who seek to make Mother Moon play by its rules, with bossy Jupiter in Libra, Pluto throwing out the baby with the bath water and the Sun cautious and critical squabbling in Capricorn and Uranus rocking the boat for the sheer hell of it in Aries. For this is Mother Moon’s night of glory, her party.

An emotional moon, so expect tears and protestations of love and devotion, both genuine and crocodile tears that have a price and a sting in the tail. You will know whether love and loyalty are real if you trust your intuition, give common sense an airing-and do not fall maybe for the hundredth time for It will be different this time. Leopards can repaint their spots but generally the top layer is peeling off before the February full moon in Leo has roared into the skies.

Call on this protective Cancerian moon for happiness at home, for family, children and fidelity, for any imaginative projects, also for keeping necessary secrets, especially love that cannot be revealed because one or both partners are not free, for conceiving a baby, for overcoming a relationship problem or betrayal, for major home renovations or refurbishing, for protection of the home and family, particularly against accidents or hostile neighbours.

Some recall the Native North American name Full Wolf Moon, the wolves howling at Mother Moon at the hungriest time of the year, the time of the clan sharing what they have and also a moon to recall those who have not, not just materially but who are alone through bereavement or divorce, estranged or far from family and as the Yule decorations are pulled down, see only the bleakness ahead.

So, if you are safe within the shelter of close friends and family, spare a smile and maybe some practical gesture of help or the hand of friendship to those who have little or whose eyes reflect the sought or unsought solitude within.

What is more Mother Moon offers us all a free gift with every shimmering moonbeam, that bit of extra good luck to give you the opportunities in the months ahead to live your dreams, if necessary stepping beyond the security of the familiar and crossing oceans of uncertainty or moving to the next town or new career stage involving study to discover or recover those discarded or not fully developed talents, waiting in the wings to dance centre stage and receive long overdue accolades. Mother Moon soon will leave her Cancerian home but knows she will return in triumph year by year.

Dare to love and reach for new opportunity, to reach out risking hurt and rejection and if you are turned down then there is a whole world of new love and life and fulfilment and most of all the real you waiting, not seen for a long while maybe, saying, Oh there you are, now where were we going when life got in the way?

Hitch a ride with Muriel if the road ahead seems tough and under the full moon, turn round and round till you are dizzy and the moon rushes towards you and fills you with that recaptured curiosity for adventure and the sheer amazement of being alive.

Happy Moondays

New Tour Australia 2017

Cassandra is coming back to Australia and looking forward to seeing friends old and new

I shall be in Toowoomba from Friday January 20 to Tuesday January 31. 9am-7pm (including Australia Day holiday Thursday Jan 26) at the Burke and Wills Hotel, 554 Ruthven Street.

As always, I will be making my special charm bags as a gift for you when you come for a reading, whether for health, love, happiness, good luck, fertility or prosperity.

No problem is too small or too large for us to work on together, using my large and small crystal angels, numerology, Tarot, Runes, my crystal ball and looking if you wish at your past worlds.

Ask about love and relationships, family, psychic children, career, divorce, housing issues, travel, legal matters, business decisions or changing your life path. I can also offer help with psychic protection from bad neighbours, workplace bullying, nasty spirits and curses or ill-wishing and cast spells for you for any positive or protective purpose.

I tend to get busy, so if you want a particular day or time, I suggest you contact Konnie on 1300-76- 9990 which is a free call number.


Happy January 2017

 Welcome to January 2017

January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings. In January, we step through the door from the past, remembering we still carry aspects of the past within us, good and bad, good memories, experiences that have shaped us, all those plans started in 2016 we can bring to fruition this year.

The most important thing to leave behind as we step through the doorway are those burdensome redundant voices in our head, the garbage from years past or venom spit recently towards us that clutters up our thinking and fills us with doubts that we can succeed. You always fail, drone on even at 2am when we cannot sleep, the old put-downs of negative parenting, disparaging teachers, destructive exes, jealous colleagues rekindling dusty doubts in our minds. Why should this year be different -and the first slip in our fledgling resolutions brings a flood of Told you so from those cobwebby ghosts gloating on our shoulder.

Better, every time we doubt or slip back into an old habit, fear or situation we resolved to leave behind with the chiming midnight New Year bells, to tell the detractors and distractors, many long dead or gone from our lives, firmly and loudly to shut the door as they scuttle back to the shadow.

Let the temporary setback go, do something small to make yourself feel good again and start again from that point. New Year resolutions aren’t a once and for all, all or nothing, but a step by step. Make January the month of each day bringing a new chance to get it right, so by February you are striding ahead confidently towards your new goals.
If the New Year resolutions are already proving too hard, maybe you were asking the impossible of yourself, whether fitness, diet, quitting bad habits or fears or making major life changes before you are fully ready. Take it slower, reassess what is realistic and a sensible time scale given all the responsibilities and stresses you have already and above all focus on what you really want for the year ahead.

As January progresses we move into the sway of Cambiel, the Guardian angel of your personal identity and blueprint, who advises us to step back from unnecessary emotional pressures to be or do what others expect, not least those pressures we impose on ourselves through regurgitating messages cast up from our subconscious that should long since have been blown away by the passing of many New Years.

This is your January, your future, your life a garden to be planted with whatever to you is beautiful and of worth and the choking weeds that hold back the growth gently but firmly pruned, especially if those doubters live on in your lives and you have to see them regularly.

To grow your own lovely future slowly and in the way you choose take a tub of sunflower seeds or seeds from any golden flower, flowers of Michael, the Archangel of this first month of this glorious year of Michael still to come.

The colours of January are dark blue and purple and the gold of Michael.

The crystals are amethyst, blue lace agate, any zircon, yellow topaz and sunstone for the light flooding back into your life.

Its fragrances are benzoin, lemon and rosemary, carnations, early crocus, snowdrops, violets, sprouting flower bulbs or orchids in warmer climes.

May your January be filled with inner sunshine.

Happy New Year

Happy Approaching New Year from Cassandra and Debi, the year of Michael, Archangel of the Sun and new beginnings, success in independent ventures and a year to value express your unique qualities.

A First Footing ritual to bring good New Year luck, health and prosperity into your home.

You will need

A copper, silver and gold-coloured coin.

Wrapped sweets, dried fruits and nuts.

Dried basil, juniper berries, sage or thyme.

Coal or wood.

A large bowl of water.

A drawstring bag.

Small crystals or glass nuggets.


Before midnight.

The Spell

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice, Midsummer or Midwinter, from Debi and Cassandra, wherever you live in the world, the time of greatest light in the Southern hemisphere and the rebirth of the sun in the Northern climes, both two halves of the same brilliant Sun.

In the Northern world, in the folk customs of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, the Baltic solar Goddess, Saule, Queen of the Heavens and Earth, dressed and crowned with gold, drives her shining chariot across the skies. The Christian Advent at the beginning of December now marks the traditional time when Saule begins her long journey of return and on the feast of St Lucia who was once the Scandinavian and Northern European Goddess of Light, on December 13, Saule dances with her daughters, the planets. She returns in triumph on Kaledos, the Mid-Winter Solstice and her celebrations continued until January 6, the Christian Epiphany.

In the southern world, the Australian Aboriginal creator woman Warramurrungundjui who emerged from the sea and gave birth to the first people, carried her digging stick and a bag of food plants, medicinal plants and flowers. Having planted them, she went on to dig the water holes. Then leaving her children to enjoy the fruits of her work, she entered a sacred stone so remaining present in her creation and as the sun shines brightly at Midsummer we are reminded her creations are constantly renewed.

Reach out for your own power or maybe reclaim it after a long absence at this dual sunshine festival of Michael, Archangel of the Sun who blesses both Midwinter and Midsummer, his special festivals. And since 2017 is his special year, focus now on what you want more than anything and know that next year doors previously closed will open if you knock hard enough and opportunities denied are suddenly far more possible with inspiration and ingenuity backed up by hard work and persistence and a refusal to take no for an answer

Here are two rituals, the first for the rebirth of light, the second for the power of Midsummer. You can do your own ritual or if you prefer do your own hemisphere ritual on Day 1, the opposite hemisphere on Day 2 and either or both on Day 3.

In the Northern hemisphere, you will need

12 small white candles or tea lights in a circle.

A red candle in the centre.

Festive greenery, baubles etc. around the candles.


Between December 21 and 23 in the Northern Hemisphere, after dark or any of the days before when you need some light

For the Southern hemisphere ritual you will need;

Seven kinds of flowers (you can use Christmas flowers and greenery if you live in the Northern hemisphere)

A small circle of wire/one for each person present.

Red, yellow and green threads or silver and gold in the Northern Hemisphere.


From December 21-23 in the Southern hemisphere.

Happy, Happy Solstice.

Happy Gemini Full moon on December 14

Happy Gemini Full moon on December 14, 2016

Happy Gemini Full moon on December 14 at 00.06 UTC December, another Supermoon that moves close to the earth. It is called in the Native North American world, Full Cold Moon or Long Nights’ Moon and in the Southern hemisphere too protects against any emotional coldness or situations that seem without resolution.

For as the year downturns towards Christmas in the Northern spheres and the rebirth of light and spins upwards for the grand solar finale of Midsummer in the southern hemisphere, walk away just for a minute or maybe for a lifetime from the buy now or lose it forever frantic Yuletide unnecessities and ask, Who am I, who do I want to be, what risks am I prepared to take at this 11th hour to finish the year with a great glorious display of personal light rekindled, actions taken, decisions made, all ready to go galloping into 2017, the new beginning and achievement year of Michael, the Archangel of the Sun year.

Hassle companies before their stupefying office party wind down for the job you really want, the rebate you are owed or the compensation you so rightly are due-and they may be glad to clear the decks before opening the wine.

Start new projects now, don’t delay till the New Year; sign up now for courses to start in January, as the Gemini quicksilver mind combines with the lunar full power of all or nothing.

Make plans and book a January vacation, even a weekend away, rather than wasting money on ungrateful Aunty Maud and the discordant symphony of what I really wanted for Christmas from Brat and Brattina. Give them a holey stocking with a lump of coal in it, wrapped in old newspaper of course and watch their faces wreath with festive good will.

Not too late either to have the Christmas you want, whether far away in the desert where the Yule trees do not sprout flashing fairy lights or with a gathering of people or just one person you really want to be with-or maybe shut your door with a couple of bottles of something good, cheese, fresh bread and watch the old movies with no one to channel flick or complain.

As for lovers uncommitted as to whose fireside they will hang their Yuletide stockings, don’t be Suzy or Sammy on the shelf , content with a whispered phone call after the turkey bones are picked clean, communicate your love now on this moon and say this mistletoe or never and if no thanks, get on that dating site or invite the guy or gal who always asks you out but you have refused, waiting for the phone that hardly ever rang with the latest excuse.

Life is about now, says the Gemini full moon so do something on each of the three days leading up to the moon and moon night and the three after to make yourself joyous. Alternatively take a step towards the grand Master plan to make 2017 the best year ever.

Happy, happy Gemini moon and think lucky and then go out and make your own luck.

We wish you a very happy December

A rose in December, to signify love and family harmony around the world.

Happy December, from Cassandra and Debi, a very special month of the year for it heralds in the Northern hemisphere the rebirth of the light at Midwinter and in the Southern World Midsummer, both Michael Archangel of the Sun times, so promising new beginnings, renewed hope and light even in the darkest hours, actual or emotional.

December is named after Decem the tenth month after New Year in the old Roman calendar and ten is traditionally the number of unity, first given significance by the Ancient Egyptian wife and husband pairing, Isis and Osiris, deities who promised to ordinary people love that could never be lost.

It is still as the month leading to Christmas the time for reconnecting especially with family members who are estranged or simply don’t get in touch very often. For it is not a lot to ask of ourselves or others however difficult that at Christmas we can all be round the same table, putting aside differences, remembering those no longer present, giving thanks for blessings received and welcoming new or returning family members.

If you can’t make a family Christmas on the day, you have the whole month of December to come together either actually or in cyber space. My son Jack and his partner Tara and I managed an early Christmas lunch in blazing heat on the boardwalk at Manly Island near Sydney and with Skype and Messenger on computers and phones family members can share a few festive moments around this period, rather than sending impersonal E-cards.

Divorce and remarriage can cause huge rifts at this time of the year but especially for the sake of children gestures of friendship even if undeserved with an ex-partner, help the child not to feel torn loyalties in this month of anticipation. We can have second and third Christmases if children have to be with the other parent and each occasion can be as joyous.

Even if the light of family unity is brief it is a reminder that our greatest treasure is our loved ones and it is not about buying the most expensive present or producing a groaning table after hours in a kitchen hotter than Hell’s Mouth, rather getting in touch this month and saying , though we have different life views you are still my family or Let be past be laid to rest; if we have no family, friends who have become dear to us can become our focus of December unity. If there is someone at work you know will be alone extend an invitation for a pre-Christmas celebration and offer a small gift to be opened on Christmas Day-or better still set an extra place at the table.

Symbols of December include evergreen boughs especially pine or fir, small logs of wood especially oak, pine and ash, holly and ivy, gold coins and jewellery, silver and gold ribbons and baubles, tiny wrapped presents or messages offered spontaneously to say I appreciate you when people are getting fraught over the ever-burgeoning and unattainable media images of perfection.

December’s incenses, trees, flowers and herbs include bay, cedar, feverfew, frankincense and myrrh mixed, mistletoe, juniper, pine, rosemary, sage and all spices, poinsettias, scarlet and white flowers and rosemary.

Light candles in the evenings in white, scarlet, gold and purple and sit quietly in the candlelight with mobile phones on silent and electronic devices temporarily banished and tell children the old stories of Christmases from family legend.

If you do feel like the outcast of the family and dread Christmas try this. You can also do this spell on behalf of someone you fear will disrupt the family Christmas.

You will need

Children’s play clay in any bright colour.

A tea light for each member of the family, in a circle.

A large green candle outside the circle for yourself (or the difficult person).


Any time in December.

The Spell

Happy, Happy December from Cassandra and Debi xx

November 2016  Updates

Full Moon in Taurus November 14

Happy Approaching Full Moon in Taurus

Happy Approaching Full Moon in Taurus at 13.52 UTC on November 14. It is a Super Moon and comes closer to earth than any moon since January 26, 1948 and will not be this close again till November 25, 2034.

It is often called Beaver Moon or Full Frost Moon in the Native North American tradition. But wherever you live in the world, surrounded by frost or shimmering sun, this moon is the time for bringing harmony into your life and for valuing what is of worth and beauty, not just material possessions that can fade, break or be superseded by tomorrow’s latest wonder device even before we have unwrapped it,

This moon speaks of love, loyalty, the blessings or fervent prayers for health, our greatest possession, time spent either enjoying your own company or with loved ones in pleasure that cannot be measured in dollars or pounds, but in storing up precious memories and magical moments.

Her angel is Asmodel, angel of beauty and harmony within the self as well as bringing harmony to others, and Asmodel is surrounded by pink rays, always creating and recreating what is of worth. The strengths she brings on this moon are persistence, patience, reliability, loyalty and stability. But avoid as the moon turns, full stubbornness or a sudden flash of temper or irritability.

A time to pause the 24/7 trolley dash of life to buy our children and grandchildren the latest gadgets that we feel demonstrate to us even more than them we are giving them a better life than we had and instead, listening, talking, appreciating who we and those we care for are and not what we possess, do or can acquire.

The Taurean Full Moon promises peace and happiness if we believe in ourselves and love who and what we are as we are. Of course, fitness matters, but not the airbrushed images the media projects about youth, beauty and lasting happiness if you buy ultra- expensive products that guarantee you will shed twenty years overnight, find instant love and make a fortune.

Ignore too, at this time, those who make you feel bad, guilty or over- responsible for their well-being. This moon offers the power to say I am what I am and I like what I am but I have boundaries, limitations on my good nature and expect respect and consideration from those to whom I offer my love and care.

Yet, the Taurus Full Moon is not a boring moon, rather one that in an unstable world where Soap Opera dramas are too often seen as normality, reminds us that the majority of people are kind and do their best. For doing our best however elevated or mundane our job or life, is the ultimate prize of satisfaction of a good day done.

May your days and nights be filled with beauty and whatever brings you happiness as this moon rises.

Sage - a November fragrance

Happy November from Cassandra and Debi

Named after Novem, the ninth month in the old Roman calendar, November still represents striving for perfection and replacing the old and redundant with the new and potentially promising, often as an act of faith..

November is good for making dreams come true, for completion and launching creative efforts that have taken time to perfect, for aiming high, for overcoming with courage the harm and malice of others and banishing fear of failure, for success in official matters and for relocation or a second career.

Of course, since the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marks the end of World War 1 and has been adapted as a day of respect for all in any conflict who gave their lives for others’ freedom and the suffering caused by war, as the year draws to a lose so we also recall all we tried and which did not work out yet which we can attempt again as the New Year beckons after recalling our strength and purpose.

The angel of November is Adnachiel the Voyager, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes, who in the Northern hemisphere, promises brighter days ahead if we reach out in our minds and in everyday life (also heralding happy winter sun holidays) and in the southern hemisphere calls in the brighter lighter days. Wherever we live Adnachiel encourages clear vision, the uncovering of truth, wide perspectives and possibilities through brainstorming, flexibility, open-mindedness, optimism, enthusiasm and creativity especially in writing. He says there is always something new to learn, some new vista to explore even as we abandon with blessing what did not work out including relationships of which we feel we cannot yet must let go.

The crystals that are lucky and powerful in November are yellow topaz, ruby and turquoise.

The November fragrances are sage and sandalwood.

Its colour is bright yellow or blue.

November flowers are the chrysanthemum, red to honour the living and especially our mothers and white for the deceased and of course the poppy of remembrance.

During November, avoid giving unasked for opinions, impulsive words or actions, being tempted by too good to be true offers, gambling and unwise speculation or assuming the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Finally, here is a November ritual to overcome unwelcome events and changes in your life and turn them to your advantage.

You will need

A bright yellow candle for Adnachiel

A blue pen and white paper on which you have written your unwelcome change and your desired outcome

A magnet and box of pins


Any time in November

The Spell

October 2016 Updates        Other OCTOBER articles

Happy Samhain

Happy Samhain (in the northern hemisphere) and Happy Beltane (in the southern hemisphere)

The time rapidly approaches for Samhain in the Northern hemisphere and Beltane in the Southern world, mirror images and two halves of the same whole.

At Samhain in the north, the beginning of the old winter, by soft candlelight into which we drop grains of sage, we break with echoes from the past that hold us back. Those in the south are at the same moment drawing from Beltane, the start of the ancient summer, creative impetus, germinating stars of our future growth and dreams.

With Beltane pulsating beneath our feet, we risk all for happiness and fulfillment, leap over twin fires or light two red candles and make them sparkle with salt to welcome future generations; we can at the same time draw on the visions of the Samhain fireside of the ancestors who assure us we carry within us their hopes and their wisdom to our children’s, children’s, children, whether our own or those we influence. Our faults and failings are buried with the dying year and we dance through the blossoming year within our hearts and souls.

We create from what has been lost and let go what stands in the way of claiming or reclaiming our power. As we look up at the fires of the ancestors in the stars we know that those hundreds of years hence will still wish upon the stars and rejoice at the seasons turning.

Samhain’s Jack o’lantern whom the loveliest of the Celtic Morrigu Fate sisters three times in his life asked him to go with her across the river of death to immortality, was too afraid; so he walks between worlds with his small light, recalled as the Samhain pumpkin. But instantaneously on the other side of the world he is reborn as the wild Beltane Jack ‘o’ Green, who seizes life, free as the burgeoning woodland greenery and crowns the maiden goddess with wildflowers. Both Jacks are one, both are within us and the choice is not always easy. But we make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have at the time and so we should never regret the past but use it to weave the glorious garland of the future.

To integrate Beltane and Samhain, wherever you live:


Happy October

Welcome to October from Cassandra and Debi

Named after Octo which was the eighth month in the old Roman calendar after New Year, October is associated with financial advantage, called the Way of the Serpent in ancient Law.

It is a month that is associated with discovering the truth, especially about old secrets, visiting places you feel spiritually drawn to, ending relationships going nowhere fast, for peaceful legal separations, divorces and terminating contracts, for starting again in a new place or career, developing clairvoyance, finding your soul mate or reviving an intense relationship that has cooled but is based in deep feelings and for getting what you really want through your own efforts.

Good also for success in competitions and games of chance, for reaping rewards of earlier efforts, for all money and property matters, speculation and learning new skills and technology.

In October, avoid repeating past mistakes, extreme exercise regimes or crash diets, joining any organisation or religion that may be obsessive or manipulative, sulking instead of sharing your feelings with someone who cares.

The angel of October is Bariel or Baruel, the Wise One and angel of small miracles who wears the colours of sunset.

Bariel offers us the ability to transform self and situations, the power to start over again or revive a stagnant situation and protects against spite for spite’s sake, jealousy and gossip.

His candle colour is indigo or burgundy, which is also the colour of October.

Bariel’s crystals and the crystals of October are fiery obsidian, red coral, black pearl and blue aqua aura, quartz bonded with gold.

Bariel’s fragrances and the fragrances of October are mimosa, pine and mint.

If you need urgent help and there seems no way through, light a pure white candle and say, eight times Bariel, angel of small miracles, bring the small miracle I do desire (name what you need and for whom) and I will do good in the world. Leave the candle to burn through.

The special flower of October is the marigold, the flower of abundance and protection, a flower traditionally associated with increasing love and commitment and the calling of new love. Collect the soil over which you and a lover/ would be lover have walked and plant marigolds in it saying May love daily grow in sweetness and mingle as togetherness as these marigolds grow.

If you can’t get soil over which a lover or your would- be lover has walked bury his or her name beneath the marigolds. You can also use this to attract a yet as unknown lover by writing whoever will make me lastingly and faithfully happy, on a slip of paper.

September Updates 2016

Important news: READINGS

Currently while Cassandra is travelling through Australia, sometimes with uncertain Internet connections, readings will take three weeks from receiving to complete. This is in order to allow them to be carried out with the normal care and detail since Cassandra does all the readings herself. Spells will be done at once but details of the spells again sent in three weeks. If there is a really urgent need, let us know and Cassandra will try to help.



Happy Approaching Alban Eiler, Ostara or the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere

The Spring Equinox is Thursday 22 September 14.21 UCT.

Alban Eiler means in Gaelic the Light of the Earth that returns after the winter and the time of sowing, actual and spiritual begins in earnest. This is the time for fertility and positive life changes, new beginnings and opportunities, new flowering love, for initiating creative ventures, travel, house moves, clearing what is no longer needed in your life; anything to do with conception and pregnancy, children and young people, mothers and healing. Time too for spring cleaning your life, welcoming the winds of change, for rituals and empowerments to cleanse the seas and air of pollution, for new peace-making initiatives of all kinds, also to encourage major changes in attitude towards international, national, local and family issues.

Candle colours: Yellow and green

Crystals: Sparkling yellow crystals, such as citrine, golden beryl and rutilated quartz, also lemon and apple green chrysoprase and green aventurine for good luck.

Angel of the festival: Raphael, Archangel of the Dawn, the East, the spring and of healing. He carries a golden vial of medicine, with a traveller’s staff, food to nourish travellers and is dressed in the colours of early morning sunlight, with a beautiful green healing ray emanating from his halo.

A Spring Equinox ritual for bringing new positive energies into your life and home

You will need

A bowl of lavender, lilac or rose water or a floral fragrance diluted in a little water.


Any morning before or on the Spring Equinox.

The Ritual

click here for more ways of marking the spring equinox

Happy approaching Alban Elued or Mabon, Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere.

The Autumn Equinox is Thursday 22 September 14.21 UCT.

Alban Elued means in Gaelic, light on the Water and so the sun is moving away over the water to shine on the Isles of the Blest, leaving the world with peace and acceptance of what did not work while rejoicing in what has been achieved and persevering with what still may come to fruition.

A time for the completion of tasks, the achievement of long-term goals, for mending quarrels and forgiving yourself for past mistakes, for recovering money owed and overcoming debt problems, for assessing gain and loss, for family relationships and friendships, for material security for the months ahead,, for abundance in all aspects of your life,, for issues of job security or the need to consolidate finances; all matters concerning the retirement and older people; the resolution or management of chronic health problems.

Candle Colours: Blue and green

Crystals: Blue lace agate, chalcedony, Aqua aura, also rose quartz and all calcites

The Angel of the Autumn Equinox is Rismuch, angel of agriculture and cultivated land, wearing every imaginable shade of brown, carrying a scythe and a hoe as symbol that he is conserver of the land and the crops. His symbols are sheaves of wheat and ears of corn, also dishes of seeds and nuts.

An Autumn Equinox ritual to let go of what did not work and embrace what you worked so hard for.

You will need

A deep dish filled with fallen leaves
A small bowl of berries/nuts.
A deep empty bowl.


Any evening before or on the Autumn Equinox.

The Spell

click here for more ways to mark the autumn equinox

Happy Approaching Harvest Moon in Pisces

Happy Harvest Moon

Happy Approaching Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 16 at 7.05 pm UTC, that is also called the Corn Moon.

It provides more light for harvest than other full moons do and is also a lunar eclipse and so a time for cascading emotions, riding through the doubts and darkness to rebirth and new insights and opportunities. She tells us where there was sorrow will follow joy-and yes more tears maybe further along the road, but then laughter again. For silver moonbeams promise we can and should trust life even if right now certainty lies shattered. Though there are no guarantees of forever, yet we cannot hold back from love or reaching out to others for fear of being hurt.

If on this moon we can walk into the darkness holding the hand of Mother Moon and then reach forward into the welcoming arms of the Grandmother waiting patiently with candies and comfort so we can find those new hopes and new beginnings and treasure every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments- and if we are wounded pick ourselves up again and again and again, knowing better times will come if we persevere.

For the Pisces Full Moon is a moon for new love or love after loss or calling back lost love, for music and the performing arts for the sheer joy as well as for profit, for truth softened by kindness, for balancing two commitments or having two careers and loving both, for adaptability, merging two families and for using our hidden telepathic powers when our mobiles are out of range or everyday words fail.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome rivalries of people or demands pulling you in different directions. There is enough love for all, for life is a rich stew and -the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned and fighting over crumbs. This moon reconciles quarrels, assists the amicable resolution of custody or divorce disputes, blesses the homeless, the dispossessed and those who do not understand convention but live by the ethics of what feels honourable.

Be then joyful and seize the simplicity of the moment that is everything and makes sense of the striving.

Above all this is the Moon when our psychic powers spontaneously open and we know things without understanding how or why and we can find those very special answers to what is hidden or not yet known.

Happy, happy moon. Wish and it shall be yours maybe not in the way or time anticipated but will be a further step on that road to that happy ever after.

Welcome to the month of September

Happy Harvest Moon

Named after Septem, the Latin word for seven, September was originally the seventh month after the New Year in March and traditionally associated with wisdom, knowledge and truth. It was not until Julius Caesar changed the calendar in 45BC that September became the ninth month, so combining the stable seven with the thrust of nine.

September is therefore a good month for uncovering secrets, resolving injustices, for increasing psychic powers, for all forms of training, retraining and study, for success in examinations and tests and for finding solutions to difficult questions and situations.

The special angel for September is Zuriel the Teacher and angel of balance, who brings calm and reason to any situation.

He offers justice whether legal or personal, resolving gender, ageist or sexist inequalities in the workplace, quiet holidays and relaxing weekends, harmonious marriage and long term love commitments, especially after a turbulent period. He guards against unwise and impulsive words or actions that may be regretted, but also warns against sitting on the fence, taking sides where neither cause seems just or being railroaded into giving an opinion in a dispute not of your making, flirting or falling for flattery and con-merchants and trying to live a double life especially in love. His special colour is light blue.

The flower of September is the Aster named after Astraea, the Ancient Greek Goddess of innocence. A flood caused by the Father God Zeus wiped clean the corruption of the earth and only two humans survived clinging to the heights of Mount Parnassus where the flood did not reach. Astraea created starlight to guide the weary pair and her tears at their plight fell on the earth and became beautiful asters.

The purple form of the Aster is called the Michaelmas daisy, dedicated to the festival of Michael Archangel of the Sun and often in cooler parts of the Northern hemisphere the Michael flower blooms at this time.

Other flowers of September include hydrangeas, lupins, ferns, pot roses and rhododendrons.
Aster is the Ancient Greek word for star because of its shape and has the yellow centre as a reminder of the sun, The Aster is used as a love charm and represents love, faith and wisdom and can be pink, red, white, lilac or mauve.

The crystals of September are lapis lazuli, blue sapphire and blue topaz and its fragrances lemon verbena, peach and vanilla.


August 2016 Update

Special flower of August
-  Gladiolus

Welcome to August, known as the lucky month

Named after Augustus Caesar, the first of the Roman Emperors, because a number of lucky events in his life happened in August. Augustus was Julius Caesar’s grand-nephew. The month Sextilius (originally the sixth month before Julius Caesar changed the calendar ) was chosen by the Roman Senate as Augustus' month. It became regarded as a fortunate month also for Rome, because during that month, Augustus Caesar three times entered Rome in triumph and in the same month, Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people after Augustus Caesar defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

The popular boys’ name Augustus comes from the Latin word Augustus which means great and worthy of respect.

August in the modern world is regarded as a good month for reversing bad luck or loss, for opportunities previously denied and the opening of doors that have been previously closed, for learning healing techniques and starting fitness regimes, for the fulfilment of earlier plans and projects that were delayed, for getting what is owed and finding or recovering what is lost.

Flowers of August

Its special flowers are the Gladiolus and the Poppy.

The gladiolus, or ‘sword lily,’ represents loving remembrance of people who have passed away as well as recalling kind deeds done to us by the living as well as beloved ancestors and signifies also calm and integrity.

In the Language of Flowers, the Gladiolus indicates that the heart is being pierced with love and therefore the flower suggests that lovers should be careful to avoid infatuation, unwise temptations, obsessive love and of holding on to love that is destructive or over with no chance of revival.

The other flower of August is the poppy. The red poppy is mainly associated with Remembrance Day on November 11, but in August it means pleasure, the white poppy with lasting peace and consolation after loss while the yellow poppy brings the fulfilment of wishes for wealth and success.

Crystals for bringing good luck in August

Jade, peridot, moss agate and opal.

The August Angel is Hamaliel, the Perfectionist, surrounded by misty forest green.

Qualities Hamaliel encourages are going the extra mile for perfection, attention to detail, persevering with routine but necessary tasks through to the end, reliability. He also advocates reorganizing the home or workplace to make it more efficient, trying new health supplements and alternative treatments especially where conventional medicine is not working, starting a new budget and dealing with crises old and ongoing logically and without panicking rather than burying our heads in the sand or running around like a headless chicken.

His challenges are avoiding fussing over nothing, hypochondria, becoming over obsessed by details and missing the bigger picture, setting yourself impossible targets and refusing to accept anything or anyone less than perfect, or trying to force children or partners along a road which may not be right for them.

An August Spell to turn bad luck into good

You will need

A purple or brown strong thread long enough for nine knots.

A longer piece of white thread.

A pair of scissors.


Any Sunday during August around sunrise or when you wake.

The Spell:

July 31st Update

Happy Lughnassadh to all my northern hemisphere friends, and Happy Imbolc to all those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lughnassadh is traditionally the festival of the first grain harvest but can be used for any harvest of any produce and a personal harvest. 

In the northern hemisphere it is July 31 to August 2 and in the southern hemisphere it is Jan 31 to Febrary 2.

Imbolc means ‘In the belly of the Mother ‘and refers to the potential for growth in whatever way is most relevant in your life.

In the northern hemisphere Imbolc is January 31 to February 2; in the southern hemisphere it is July 31 to August 2.

For details of these two festivals and ways to celebrate them please visit my LUGHNASSADH and IMBOLC pages

22nd July 2016 Update

Face to face readings at Charlies Rockshop, London
August 24 to 26

Cassandra’s Whistle Stop Tour for readings in London on my way to Australia.

Wednesday August 24, Thursday August 25 and the morning of Friday August 26 and then I won’t be back till early next year.

I will be offering one to one, couples’ or joint family member readings at my only UK venue, Charlies Rock Shop, 18 Watermill Way, Abbey Mills, London SW19 2RD Tel: 0208 544 1207 for bookings. The shop is 5 minutes’ walk from Colliers Wood Underground station and is in a delightful out of the way historic setting by the river.

Clairvoyant readings, life path reviews, past lives, business or relationship decisions, mentoring, psychic children, spells for any positive purpose including fertility, prosperity, career, travel, creative ventures, love and psychic protection, escaping from destructive relationships, fears and phobias, removing curses and ill-wishing and discovering who are your special angels and guides.

I will use Tarot, runes, Goddess cards, Egyptian Oracle cards, Numerology, Animal cards, Crystal angels and crystal spheres to answer your questions and offer guidance on any matter than concerns you or your loved ones.

Sessions last either for half an hour or more usually on request an hour if there are a lot of questions or matters are complex. I welcome clients who have become old friends and visited me for ten years and new faces and assure you of a warm welcome both from Charlie’s staff and myself, as well as what is probably the best and most reasonably priced crystal store I have encountered anywhere.

Or Contact Charlie’s Rock Shop on Facebook  or via thier Website

18th July 2016 update

Happy Buck Moon

Happy approaching Buck Moon

Happy approaching Buck Moon on July 19, at 22.57 UTC, the time of the year in the northern hemisphere when traditionally bucks grow antlers. It is known also as Thunder Moon, because of the frequency of thunderstorms at this time.

This is a hard working moon and not one for leisure or pleasure, on one hand a very stable full moon falling in Capricorn, ideal for making very real step by step progress in present ventures and unfulfilled ambitions and dreams. But in the background are those rumbles of thunder and stamping hooves of the deer as they feel their surging power, so those dreams and projects get an extra boost of strength and determination to open doors previously closed or undiscovered.

So persist whether in career, in finding or rebuilding love or growing finances, especially after setbacks or losses.

Combine the dual energies of this moon and by being sure of your facts and figures and not being deterred by obstacles or negative people, by intimidation or bullying, you can go forward and not take no or maybe or I’m too busy to deal with that right now for an answer. Push for progress on this most perfect of moons and don’t be deterred if the way ahead is hard or uncertain for you will get a sudden sign or boost all will work out before the moon has left the sky at the end of the moon month

This moon gives a sudden boost to whatever is realistic and for which you are prepared to work extra hard (no silver spoons on this moon and few tea breaks). Whether in business ventures or slow growing or static property ventures, try one more time at what did not work out. Being courteous, but while politely and firmly digging your heels in if you know you are right, is not weakness, for pure bluster often achieves little and careful measured words can and will win the day.

On this moon you will find an inner strength to ask for the respect and recognition you deserve at work or home. If you are starting over again, this moon will enable you to make the first steps and to know that slow and steady is the way forward rather than a sudden leap.

Hold on if you doubt or despair for you can step by step rebuild whether finances, relationships or career. An excellent moon for the release of money that has been tied up or disputed being released in the coming weeks and for defeating those who use money as a weapon.

A Capricorn full moon spell to strengthen determination whether at work or life for a particular need or desire that is not moving along fast enough or where people are obstructing you.

15th July 2016 Update

Facing Tragedy together

Blessings to those families and friends who have lost loved ones in the Nice tragedy.

We cannot give up believing in the ultimate goodness of humanity and in love and peace, hard though it seems. For once we do terrorism has won. It may seem useless lighting candles and sending blessings, but every positive energy however small, added to the cosmos in the name of hope is a statement in belief that the world can become a better place. Senseless killing is as old as humanity, but so is the kindness of strangers and those who daily work to make their tiny patch of the world a better place.

No God or Goddess would demand the destruction of innocent lives of men, women and little children in their name and so we must look into the hearts of those who plan and perpetrate such acts and pray that they will turn from anger and hatred to tolerance. We must believe and every time we do, we assert the power of humanity to find an earthly salvation.

8th July 2016 Update

Happy July

Welcome to July from Cassandra and Debi

Formerly called Quintilus, the fifth month in the early Roman calendar, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar named July after himself. It became the seventh month in the new Julian calendar Caesar created in 46BC, helped by Sosignes, the Alexandrian astronomer and philosopher. Julius Caesar claimed this month as his own and so first made its association with power and high ambitions when he linked the Emperors with the Father God Jupiter.

July has continued this association with acquiring power, achieving ambitions of any kind, leadership, maintaining high principles that are worth fighting for, acquiring traditional knowledge, seeking justice, especially where the odds are stacked against you, aiming for fame by entering talent shows, reality television series, or joining a drama group, orchestra , group or choir just for pleasure, for the success of all creative ventures, applying for promotion or a pay rise, marriage proposals and exotic or long distance holidays and adventures, for increasing prosperity through developing talents and for increased potency especially where there are fertility issues.

The July flower is the Larkspur. Larkspur, a form of delphinium, was said to have had protective energies and as well as being used to heal wounds, traditionally kept away ghosts and venomous creatures, reptilian, insect and human. Bunches of larkspur were also hung in stables to prevent animals being stolen or injured by predators. However, larkspur is poisonous if absorbed.

As well as larkspur, other plants of the month are asters, dahlias, marigolds, passion flowers, potted palms, sunflowers and all golden-leafed or very tall trees.

The colour of the month is gold, its crystals, orange carnelian, clear crystal quartz and golden topaz. Its incenses are frankincense, copal and orange.

The angel of July is the golden Verchiel, the Joy Bringer, who also rules Leo and tells us July is the best month for overcoming financial losses or setbacks and winning against negative people and bullies through personal effort and determination while maintaining your own high ethics. However, avoid being tempted to overspend or over- emphasize your qualifications and expertise, over indulging in food or alcohol or starting an affair you may regret by next month.

The power creatures of the month are the lion and lioness.

Lions were in Ancient Egypt, like bulls, symbols of kingship and the sun. Egyptians decorated their doors with gaping lions’ mouths because the Nile, source of water and prosperity, began to rise when the sun was in Leo. A lion guarded the tunnel through which Ra the Sun God passed at night.

Pairs of lions represented and guarded the eastern and western horizon, a tradition sometimes continued in the positioning of pairs or rows of sphinxes.

In Western mythology, the lion is the King of the Beasts. He signifies the power of the sun and was associated with the sun gods and later with Kings.

In China, stone lions protected the courts of justice and were believed to come to life at night.

The lion was symbol of the Persian Sun God Mithras whose worship spread throughout the Roman Empire

The lioness is both a solar and lunar symbol and often pulled the chariots of the goddesses. For example, Juno, wife of the Roman Father God Jupiter, had a chariot drawn by lionesses.

Lion goddesses were important in Ancient Egypt and the Middle East. Ashtoreth or Astarte the Phoenician Moon goddess and goddess of War, is depicted with a lioness’ head, as is the fierce leonine warrior Sun Goddess Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt.

Sekhmet was a powerful magician and healer associated with fire and the hot desert wind and much loved by those whom she protected. She was destroyer of evil and evil doers, representing the full heat of the sun and she brought healing in seemingly impossible cases and protected the vulnerable.

So go forth this month with the courage and fierce determination to make life as you want it and to overcome all setbacks and people who bully, intimidate you or make you feel guilty. With supreme effort and belief you can and will fulfil your dreams.

20th June Update

Happy approaching Solstice, Midsummer or Midwinter, wherever you live in the world, at this time of greatest light in the Northern hemisphere and the rebirth of the sun in the Southern climes.

Both festivals are the two halves of the same brilliant light, two sides of the ever-turning Wheel of the World. For the Wheel of the Year turns as the world turns. Moons grow full, wane and are reborn; tides ebb, flow and pause at tide turn. We too pass through many cycles of growth, small deaths and rebirths. We carry within us the tides and the moons and the seasons, we are part of them. If we can flow with the ebbs and wanes and surge forward on the high points, then our inner spirit can dance with the years, Midsummer and Midwinter and embrace what is unchanging and eternal.

This Solstice try this unifying Wheel of the World ritual to bring our celebrations of Midwinter and Midsummer together.

A Wheel of the World ritual.

You will need

A small circle made from flower petals, some faded, some fresh, mixed together or a mix of dried and fresh chopped herbs.

Three white candles, the outer ones small and the middle one larger, all within the circle of flowers.


The Midwinter/Midsummer Solstice.

The Spell:






Happy Strawberry Moon

Happy approaching Strawberry or Full Rose Moon on June 20 at 11.02 a.m. UTC and a rare occurrence being the second consecutive full moon in Sagittarius this year. The previous one was on May 21, 2016. And so a double impetus and power to aim for whatever you most want or need.

This full moon is also remarkably close to the Solstice, in the Southern hemisphere heralding the rebirth of the sun and in the Northern celebrating the glorious sun king at full height.

Remember strawberries are sweetest when ripe and do not retain that sweetness long so bite deep into life now, forgetting fears, prohibitions; ask the person you like for a date, take the first steps to a new creative business or venture, start the personal or home makeover, dance with the grouchy folk in your life, smile, tell jokes. By the time the moon has faded and the strawberries past their sweetest you are under your own steam, striding along the path to fulfilment and before the moon shines full in more cautious Capricorn in July, the world will be opening and the possibilities leaping and gambolling towards fruition.

Roses too though fleeting, promise lasting happiness if we enjoy their beauty and fragrance and do not worry about their fading.


17th June Update

Debi and I send our heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Jo Cox, the UK MP who was murdered while carrying out her work for her constituents and did so much for trying to help with world peace and unity and those who were made homeless overseas by war.

Here is a simple ritual for all who like Jo have suffered as they strive to do good. May their light always shine as an example of the power of goodness and encourage others to spread love in the face of hatred. This is an adaptation of the St Francis of Assisi peace prayer that links us all in hope even in the darkest times. Perhaps if each of us sends out love, we can turn the tide in a world increasingly darkened by anger and division. Maybe we have to try.

You will need

A pink candle


At twilight

The Ritual

Lord, make me a channel of thy peace,
... that where there is hatred, I may bring love;
That where there is discord, I may bring harmony;
That where there is error, I may bring truth;
... that where there are shadows, I may bring light;
That where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

 Even if it sometimes seems hopeless, press on, saying the St Francis prayer weekly.

 13th June Update

Blessings to all in Orlando from Cassandra and Debi


8th June 2016 Update

Happy June to everyone

Happy June from Debi and Cassandra.

Origin of Name

Named after Juno Roman Goddess of marriage, women, pregnancy and childbirth and mothers. Juno is the Roman Queen of the gods, the wife/ of Jupiter.

Protectress of all women, her month June is most fortunate for marriage and like Hera, her Ancient Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock., whose tail feathers are said to protect against the Evil Eye.

Juno’s symbols are the lily said to be formed from her maternal milk and the fig, a natural aphrodisiac. Figs from her temple trees were specially prized by women who wished to conceive.

June is good for all matters of marriage and love commitment, fidelity, partnerships of all kinds, fertility, peace and prosperity and all women’s concerns.

Her candle colour is green, her crystal emerald or jade and her fragrance lily.

June Angel Lore

Muriel the Healer is the Angel of June the silvery and pearl robed healer angel with her magic carpet of dreams. She is a granter of all wishes and realistic dreams, the fairy godmother of the angelic world. Her colour is silver, her crystals moonstone or pearl and her incense and oils, lemon balm,(Melissa Officinalis), jasmine and lotus.

In June Muriel will guide us on sensitive family issues, contacting an estranged friend or relative, imaginative projects, for home making or DIY projects, starting a counselling or spiritual career, welcoming new family members, conceiving a baby, fertility tests or treatment and for keeping secrets Make a wish on June1 and cast a pearl into flowing water.

Don’t worry unnecessarily about home and loved ones and be careful with whom you share secrets.

The Tree of June is the Elder Tree

So it was the legend of the Rollright Stones, ancient standing stones in Oxfordshire, was originally told about a hag goddess/fairy who guarded the countryside The stones were an invading King and his army who were turned to stone by the Hag of Rollright. She then transformed herself into her sacred elder tree close to the stones to stand sentinel throughout the centuries in case the enchantment was broken. On Midsummer Eve, locals would go to the King-stone and after a feast would ceremonially cut the elder tree which then bled to bring fertility to the land. The tree has been cut down, but there are signs of regrowth.

The Elder is also a Celtic Oracular Tree stave. It is the ultimate fairy tree.

The Elder has white flowers that bloom to their peak in midsummer.

In divination, where logic and even intuition have failed, the Elder offers a magical solution that may come suddenly in a dream or waking moment of insight. It presages an unexpected upturn of fortune whose form you can gather in divination. If you doubt or fear, let life come to you for once, carry on with your everyday world and believe. Almost all parts of the elder tree are used in healing. . Elder leaves can be used externally as an antiseptic poultice or ointment on bruises, sprains, wounds and if warmed to ease chilblains. Elder leaves are also a good insect repellent if placed in a vase around the home or rubbed over the skin as an ointment. Elder flowers mixed with mint and yarrow blossoms are excellent taken as tea or tincture against flu, colds, respiratory complaints, hay fever and sinusitis. A tea of the elder flowers and sassafras also relieves acne. Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not take elder remedies internally

Leaves of elder scattered in the direction of the four winds offer protection from hostility to the person and protection from storm damage and other extremes of weather to the home. Elder brings health, wealth and happiness and elder blossoms are considered lucky at weddings. Flutes made from the wood are believed to summon fairies and other benign nature spirits. Berries beneath a pillow will banish insomnia and bring good dreams to the sleeper. Knots of elder would are believed to give protection against rheumatism.

As a characteristic, the elder is the stave of the natural psychic, the dreamer and visionary who is as at home in other dimensions as in the material world.

The flowers of June

St John’s Wort

Yellow flowering St John’s Wort was traditionally picked on the evening of Midsummer or the eve of the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere by young girls in order to attract a husband,

Women who wanted a baby would traditionally pick it at midnight on Midsummer Eve (June 23) .Another yellow flowering herb such as yellow chamomile can be substituted.

Roses are a symbol of love in almost every culture and each colour has its meaning.

The red rose says `I love you. And will love you forever’ The fragrant wild rose represents more uncertain affection: ‘I love you from afar,’ while the yellow rose indicates: I am jealous. Rosebuds were symbols of first or new love, the blossoming rose of passion and commitment while the full blown rose was a token of love in maturity.

A June Red Rose love-calling spell

You will need:

1 red candle.

1 rose incense stick in a holder.

Your favourite piece of jewellery.


Any Thursday in June. Thursday is Juno’s day.

The Spell:

20th May 2016

Happy Full Flower Moon on May 21 at 9.16 pm UT though depending on where you live you may see it earlier or on 22 May.

It is also called the Mothers’ Moon, Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon because of its association in many places with increasing warmth and fertility. But wherever you live in the world this is the moon to stir your heart and get your feet dancing

Adnachiel, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes is the angel of this full moon. He brings the desire and possibility of travel and exploration, clear vision, wide perspectives, flexibility, open-mindedness, optimism, enthusiasm and creativity especially in writing.

A time to visit those places, maybe even off the main highway you regularly travel about which you have always wondered (even mini- adventures can be exciting), house moves, trying new sports and leisure activities and for finding lost pets or if your pet has passed over, visiting the rescue centre to see who needs a place in your heart.

Plan that major trip of a lifetime, you may feel the stirring of excitement as your mind starts walking towards adventure.

Seize the moment, believe even if things are bad they will get better if you reach out and make that one brave move. Anything is possible and if you can’t travel far right now then make a day of fun and laughter in the full moon period, vowing each day of the coming month to make yourself happy in a small way. That happiness will spread.

But watch what you say and how you say it, for tact goes out of the window with this moon and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater-wait till the moon wanes and see if you feel the same.

If you have got into a rut and don’t go places enough or have a stick-in-the mud partner, try this ritual on full moon night.

You will need

Pictures of activities from the internet, of places you would like to go attached to a piece of card or pin board.

A picture of yourself (if you are hesitant to go places) and/ or your partner (if s/he is a stick in the mud) loosely attached with adhesive tape in the center of a piece of white paper.

A brown crayon or marker pen.

12th May 2016 update

Happy May


May is named after Maia, Roman maiden goddess of flowers, whose festival was in early May.

Wherever you live in the world use the growth energies of May for increasing health, joy, love, abundance, travel, family happiness, making new friends, new plans and ventures, innovations, inventions, doing things you always thought you would never dare, communication of any kind including the creative arts, good investments and home improvements.

In the northern hemisphere, hold rose quartz or jade and make your wishes, carrying your crystal with you as a reminder of those stirring energies and in the southern world use sparkling citrine or golden calcite to call back the new energies of the soon to be rising year.

The angel of May is Ambriel, Angel of dawn, wearing the colours of sunrise, who brings versatility and enthusiasm for life and for learning new things and exploring new places.

An Ambriel Angel of May ritual for successfully launching your new ventures.

You will need

Two or more jars of your favorite culinary dried herbs, one for each major area where you seek fresh energies, such as career, family, friendship, health, travel, money-spinning or new leisure activities.

A large sealable container.


Any time in May

The Spell:

Take the first jar, naming one new venture and shaking the jar five times saying Ambriel, Angel of Versatility, lend dexterity to me, That I can experience life and laughter and embrace all I see.

Do the same for each jar.

Then, opening the first, add its contents to the container, swirling the container five times clockwise and saying Ambriel Angel of Versatility, blend all for me in harmony, versatility, adaptability, let my new ideas fly free.

Do this until you have used, all the jars.

Swirl the container five more times counter-clockwise saying Mix, combine, Ambriel make versatility mine.

Seal the container and use the herbs in cooking.

If you have not used the contents of the container by the end of May, take the container outdoors and scatter some of the herbs repeating the second and third set of spell words.

29th April Update

Happy Beltain and Samhain

Happy Beltane and Samhain.

The time rapidly approaches for Beltane in the Northern hemisphere and Samhain in the Southern hemisphere, mirror images and two halves of the same whole.

At Beltane and whether the blossoming earth is pulsating all round us and the flowers dancing beneath our feet or it is a twenty four hour plane ride or eye blink away in cyber space, we gladly risk all for happiness and fulfilment, leap over twin fires or light our two red candles and make them sparkle with salt to welcome future generations; drawing the same time on the visions of the Samhain fireside of the ancestors on the other side of the world, we are assured we carry within us their hopes and their wisdom to our children’s, children’s children, whether our own or those we influence.

At Samhain, on the other side of the world co-existing is the beginning of the old winter, where we sit by single soft amethyst candlelight into which we drop grains of sage. We break with echoes from the past that hold us back, drawing across the globe from Beltane, the start of the ancient summer, creative impetus, germinating stars of our future growth and dreams. We create from what has been lost and let go what stands in the way of claiming or reclaiming our power. Though death is ever-present in the world we need not cower in the shadows but rejoice in every day we are granted, a blessing and a bonus; as we look up at the fires of the ancestors in the stars we know that those hundreds of years hence will still wish upon the stars and rejoice at the seasons turning.

Samhain’s Jack o’ lantern whom the loveliest of Irish Morrigu Fate sisters three times in his life asked to go with her across the river of death to immortality, was too afraid; so he walks between worlds with his small light, recalled as the Samhain pumpkin. But six months later he is reborn as the wild Beltane Jack ‘o’ Green, who seizes life, free as the burgeoning woodland greenery and crowns the maiden goddess with wildflowers.

Both Jacks are one, twins separated only by a world turn, are both equally within us and the choice who to follow is not always easy. For we make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have at the time and so we should never regret the past but use it to weave the glorious garland of the future. If we plant and reap in their own seasons and do not seek to change what is inevitability, then we will live authentically, beautifully and eternally in the winds, the waters, in our words, our kindnesses, in those we try to influence for the better, in our recalled idiosyncrasies and unique foot and blueprint and the newly blossoming flowers of summer and the falling leaves of the coming winter days.

To integrate Beltane and Samhain, wherever you live in the world, take two apples, eat one and say, I absorb Beltane fertility into my life to achieve what I most desire. Scatter pips and shred the core on soil to be absorbed in their own way.

Take the second apple and bury it, saying: I bury unfulfilled Samhain efforts to decay and transform in time to new growth. Even if your seeds do not take root, you have symbolically set in motion long term rebirth in your life.

We create from what is destroyed and rejoice in the promises of the ever-turning circle of life as the Wheel of the World turns joyously and eternally.

For more on Beltane (with rituals) Click here

For more on Samhain (with rituals) Click here

21st April 2016 update:

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22 at 5.25am UCT

(check in your own time zones especially of you are ahead of Universal Time). It is also called among the Native North Americans, Pink Moon. Full Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and among Coastal peoples, Fish Moon when the Shad fish swim upstream to spawn.

And if you feel you are constantly swimming upstream in your life, the Scorpio full moon offers regeneration, rebirth, renewal and the impetus to shed all that is holding you back.

For this is the Moon of Bariel, the Angel of small miracles to whom you can light a circle of seven burgundy or indigo candles any night over the next few days and say for each candle, Bariel, angel of small miracles, give me the impetus to move forward and the initiative to make my own small miracles happen every day. Leave your candles to burn through safely.

This moon brings transformation and the fulfilment of any urgent wish or desire. Most importantly it offers protection against physical, emotional or psychic attack and against anyone seeking revenge and jealousy, so you can be free to be who and what you truly are without fear, disapproval or criticism.

Pass your Scorpio Full moon crystal, obsidian, onyx, rhodonite, brown zircon, Desert Rose, black pearl or aqua aura seven times through an incense stick smoke in mimosa, pine or mint and ask for the strength and focus to make that supreme effort, sustained by this smallest but most powerful full moon of the year, to get out of the rut, the doldrums, the inertia and routine, to leap out of the stagnant pool into the fast- moving river where you can go with the flow to the open waters. Maybe you will at last find your home or realise that home is wherever you are and turn with pleasure and not a little courage your face to the intensity of the rain, the sun, the winds and greet and meet life head on, maybe for the first time in ages.

This is a very special moon for me, for twelve months to the day I underwent the operation which it was not certain I would survive. Twelve months on, outwardly I am almost well again and am travelling the world, but inwardly I have lost much of my confidence, my certainty and no longer see my life path clearly. So I will wash my hands and face in water bathed in full moonlight and ask Mother Moon to help me leap up the waterfall and find myself again.

Happy April

18th April 2016 update

Happy April to all our readers from Cassandra and Debi

April springs fresh, scattering the first blossoms, a stir- crazy month of shimmering sunbeams, sudden frost and the showers that tease the moment we take off our coats and reach out to the warmth. Birds are bustling with straws and grasses and pieces of rush mat stolen from suburban patios to make their nests and already the first lambs are tottering across the meadows.

Once close to the beginning of the new year April scatters emotions and shatters illusions, in the words of the poet T.S Eliot mixing memory and desire.

The month is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy.

Magically April is good for love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for beauty, healing and happiness.

Asmodel, angel of harmony whose special colour is pink or green, whose fragrance rose and whose crystal rose quartz, is the Angel of April.

Wherever you live in the world, if you lack confidence to reach out for love, friendship, success or to follow your dreams or others seem smarter, more charismatic and confident, use April to increase your self-esteem and belief you can achieve anything. Some older folk like myself especially if they are alone, can feel that the world is for the young and we hold back, concentrating on being useful to others as we doubt anyone would want us for ourselves. But people of any age can feel left out, second best and hold back from asking for the best in life.

The April showers and sunshine energies will radiate across the world if you try this ritual.

You will need

A mirror you can see your head and shoulders in.

Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror


Any time in April, for five days after dark.

The Spell:

27th MArch 2016 update

HAPPY EASTER or if you prefer Ostara

Happy Easter or if you prefer Happy Ostara

Whatever faith we follow or wherever we live in the world, the spirit of Easter, named after the pre Christian Norse Goddess Ostara and the Anglo Saxon Oestre, offers fertility and new beginnings. So even if in your part of the world you are preparing for winter or your own religion does not recognise Easter you can still take energies from the festival for your particular rebirth. You can use the rebirth to make even small lifestyle changes such as a new diet or quitting smoking.

Answer any correspondence that is piling up. Deal with unavoidable issues. Change your routine so that you rise half an hour earlier, even if it is approaching winter where you live (you can always breakfast by candlelight). In the northern hemisphere enjoy the growing light, perhaps walking to work or sitting on your balcony or in your garden.

Initiate those projects you always meant to by first clearing out the clutter of old commitments or activities that you no longer enjoy.

Happy Easter

On Easter Sunday which is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, the only surviving Christian lunar related festival ,whatever your faith try these mini rituals that are drawn from many rebirth traditions.

Cleaning negativity out of your home

With increasingly busy lives and modern household appliances, we do not spend the hours our great-grandmothers and even older grandmothers did, working lavender polish into furniture, making soap or scrubbing floors with an herbal infusion. I can remember as a child in Birmingham, pounding the washing and rubbing polish in increasing circles into tables, chairs and dresser, worn smooth with age, until I really could see my face in them.

I have no illusions about the hardships of earlier times. But in using the old ways along with our very necessary vacuum cleaners and shampooers and where possible buying more natural herbal products rather than chemically packed ones we can tune into the physical connection of purifying the home in a deep instinctive way.

Psychic Vacuuming

The modern equivalent of the broom of our ancestors is the vacuum cleaner.

Washing away negativity

In spite of the amazing promises made by modern cleaning products, some herbs such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon and pine do have equally antiseptic and cleansing properties and smell beautiful. You do not need to make herb infusions or mixes to wash your floors unless you wish but can take advantage of the fragrances of essential oils added to hot water. Alternatively buy natural cleaning products that are increasingly available as people worry about the environmental effects of the over use of chemicals.


22nd March Update


Happy full moon in Libra, a lunar eclipse on Wednesday March 23 at 12.02 UTC. The March Full Moon is sometimes called by Northern Native American nations, Crow Moon because the cawing of the crows heralds the end of winter or Sap Moon when the maple sap begins to flow.

This Moon in Libra is the moon of peace and peacemaking and the flow of new hopes, new promises, mutual respect and tolerance as well as appreciation for all who have tried to bring peace and harmony to the world. It begins with harmony within ourselves and then when we feel at peace and balanced, as the lunar eclipse passes so we can try to lift the shadows of intolerance, anger and bitterness and to respect the beliefs of others or try to persuade them with words not weapons that there is a better way.

At the Crow Moon we recall the story of the crow who once was a beautiful white creature with a melodious singing voice. But the world was cold and the world was dark for the sun was high above. So Crow said I will fetch down the sun and she pulled it down on its fire chain and the world was warm and light and every creature rejoiced. Crow’s beautiful white feathers were burned black and her wondrous singing voice was harsh, darkened by the intense smoke as she struggled to bring down the burning sun.

In time the people and animals forgot her sacrifice. Some mocked and said how ugly you are and how harsh your voice. Crow said, Better to suffer a little than to live your life in darkness. And so as this moon shines bright in Libra we recall Crow who brought light to the world and hope that the light may grow.

18th March 2016 update:

HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX in the northern hemisphere

Happy Alban Eiler, Ostara or the Spring Equinox, the festival of creativity, fertility and new beginnings.

Spring Equinox falls around the 20th March each year, in the Northern hemisphere, or around 22nd September in the Southern hemisphere.

Focus: Fertility and positive life changes, new beginnings and opportunities , for new flowering love, for initiating creative ventures, travel, house moves, clearing what is no longer needed in your life; anything to do with conception and pregnancy, children and young people, mothers, for healing, Spring cleaning and casting out what is no longer of worth, welcoming the winds of change; rituals to cleanse the seas and air of pollution, for new peace-making initiatives of all kinds , also to encourage major attitude changes towards international, national and local issues.

read the full article here with special rituals


Happy Alban Elued, Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, a festival of abundance and of balancing gain and loss.

AUTUMN EQUINIOX in the southern hemisphere

Happy Alban Elued, Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, a festival of abundance and of balancing gain and loss.

Autumn Equinox falls around the 22nd September each year, in the Northern hemisphere, or around 20th March in the Southern hemisphere.

Focus of the period: The completion of tasks, the fruition of long-term goals, for mending quarrels and forgiving yourself for past mistakes, for recovering money owed and tackling and overcoming debt problems, for assessing gain and loss, for family relationships adult children, brothers and sisters and friendships; for material security for the months ahead, for abundance in all aspects of your life, for issues of job security or the need to consolidate finances; all matters concerning the retirement and older people; the resolution or management of chronic heath problems.

Globally rituals concentrate on positive steps to ensure enough food, shelter and resources for vulnerable communities and individuals, relief of flood and famine, protection of endangered water creatures, dolphin, whales and fish whose death involves great suffering; also for peace especially where initiatives are already in motion.

read full article here with special rituals



7th March 2016 Update:


Solar Eclipse magick

Happy Eclipse on March 8/9 depending on where you live. Even if you cannot see the full eclipse or a partial one, the eclipse energies fill the world and so by looking up the time the eclipse would be occurring in your region you can use its energies to cast off the old and bring new beginnings.

Mythologically eclipses have been described in China as a dragon eating the sun and arrows were fired against him. In Africa a snake was blamed for eating the sun. In Tahiti more benignly the sun and moon were seen as making love and unlike in many lands where it was feared, the eclipse here was a favourable sign. Those who could predict eclipses in earlier times wielded great power because they would promise to restore the sun in return for rich rewards.
The Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omigami was the chief deity or kami. She is compassionate and wise. However because Amaterasu is all-seeing and all-knowing, occasionally the behaviour of humanity makes her temporarily despair and return to her sun cave, causing an eclipse. Uzume goddess of laughter brings her back and shows Amaterasu her image in a pool reminding the goddess of her own beauty and worth.

According to myth, sunstone once formed part of the sun, which falls to the earth during a full solar eclipse. For this reason it was highly prized by magicians who used sunstone to attract wealth, Carry a sunstone if you can obtain one to make wishes in the week after the eclipse and thereafter leave it outdoors where light will shine on it.

A solar eclipse spell to move to a new life phase or focus

You will need:

A gold candle
Nine thin pieces of black thread and nine white thicker pieces.
A deep heat proof bowl half filled with soil.
Timing: Just before a solar eclipse, full or partial even if you cannot see it in your part of the world.

The spell:


28th February 2016 update:

Happy Approaching Leap Year, 2016, Ladies, when you can propose to your inert or unenthusiastic partner. It occurs on February 29 when the calendar contains an extra day every four years (when the last two numbers in the year date can be divided by four). This is to put the astronomical calendar back into synchronicity.

The Irish St Bride or Brigit is implicated in legends of Leap Year, the day when where a woman may on February 29 propose to the man of her choice, traditionally if she is wearing red petticoats. A man who refuses the proposal must give a woman a green silk gown.

St Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, it is told, almost succumbed to he charms of St. Brigit of Kildare on Leap Year in the late Sixth Century when she demanded a kiss and suggested they tied the knot - he came to his saintly senses in time and paid her off with a frock or new wimple.

Another tradition says that on this day in 1228, the Scottish parliament passed an Act to say that their fair Queen Margaret might propose to any men she wished and unless they were betrothed would have to forfeit a hundred pounds if they declined. It is reputed she only proposed to married men and made a fair profit.

Leap Year did not really come into being until the advent of the Gregorian calendar in England in 1752 and almost two hundred years earlier in Europe. But nevertheless the legends take precedence over mere fact and the custom persists all over the westernised world.

In parts of Europe women whose proposal was declined by her chosen beau were entitled to twelve pairs of gloves to hide the fact she was not wearing an engagement ring.

If your beloved of either sex is being slow on the uptake try either or both of these on February 29

A cheeky enchantment spell to increase the love vibes with someone who is not getting the message.

You will need:

A mug for your would-be beloved. You can do this in the workplace, at home or even adapt it for a coffee shop.

Tea bag, herbal tea or coffee.

A spoon.

The Spell:

A Spell to increase the devotion of a workaholic partner, or one who is frequently absent or over-involved with friends, with hobbies or other commitments.

You will need

A box with a lid

Some earth on which you have trodden

A spoonful of sugar.

Marigolds or fast growing yellow or orange flowers

The spell

22nd February 2016 Update

Happy Full Moon in Virgo

Happy approaching Full Moon in Virgo on February 22 at 18.20 UTC.

This is the Full moon of Hamaliel, angel of perfection, high standards, ethics, honesty, hard work, perseverance and patience when the road is hard. In the modern world too often the step by step careful approach, checking details and using the correct spellings, adding up without a calculator and writing grammatically instead of text speak are disregarded as uncool or taking far too much time; when your phone can deliver a Luv U in predicted text why trudge through the rain with a bunch of roses for your beloved or pour out your soul in a poem that took a week to compose and then didn’t quite rhyme? Keeping promises, turning up when you say you will even if something more lucrative or exciting is on offer, if the weather is too hot or cold or there is an R in the month are old-fashioned virtues, but loyalty and reliability are the finest of Virgoan qualities.

In Ancient Egypt Nefertum, young god of perfection emerged from the first lotus on the first morning and thereafter recreated each morning the joy as well as effort of that first dawning as he returned in the early sunlight.

Pausing to chat to a lonely neighbour even if it will put us four minutes behind in our frantic schedule or stopping to admire the silvery moon wheeling through the sky without programming the remote control so as not to miss a minute of the silver screen canned laughter; showing a child a butterfly poised exquisitely on the flower, telling a bedtime story we first heard from our grandparents complete with growly voices instead of putting on the latest remastered Disney DVD, checking what is happening outside the I Pad, Smart phone cosmos, talking at dinner to those round the table instead of texting strangers about trivialities, Virgo reminds us not to seize but cherish each moment.

Finally this is the moon for bringing order out of chaos. If your life is a frantic muddle, cluttered with unfinished tasks and seemingly impossible deadlines, on the night of the Virgo full moon stop panicking and try this.

You will need

A jar of rice grains.

An empty bowl.


On or near the full moon night.

The Spell

18th February 2016 Update

 Happy approaching Full Moon in Virgo on February 22nd at 18.20 UTC.

This is the Full moon of Hamaliel, angel of perfection, high standards, ethics, honesty, hard work, perseverance and patience when the road is hard. In the modern world too often the step by step careful approach, checking details and using the correct spellings, adding up without a calculator and writing grammatically instead of text speak are disregarded as uncool or taking far too much time; when your phone can deliver a Luv U in predicted text why trudge through the rain with a bunch of roses for your beloved or pour out your soul in a poem that took a week to compose and then didn’t quite rhyme? Keeping promises, turning up when you say you will even if something more lucrative or exciting is on offer, if the weather is too hot or cold or there is an R in the month are old-fashioned virtues, but loyalty and reliability are the finest of Virgoan qualities.

In Ancient Egypt Nefertum, young god of perfection emerged from the first lotus on the first morning and thereafter recreated each morning the joy as well as effort of that first dawning as he returned in the early sunlight.

Pausing to chat to a lonely neighbour even if it will put us four minutes behind in our frantic schedule or stopping to admire the silvery moon wheeling through the sky without programming the remote control so as not to miss a minute of the silver screen canned laughter; showing a child a butterfly poised exquisitely on the flower, telling a bedtime story we first heard from our grandparents complete with growly voices instead of putting on the latest remastered Disney DVD, checking what is happening outside the I Pad, Smart phone cosmos, talking at dinner to those round the table instead of texting strangers about trivialities, Virgo reminds us not to seize but cherish each moment.

Finally this is the moon for bringing order out of chaos. If your life is a frantic muddle, cluttered with unfinished tasks and seemingly impossible deadlines, on the night of the Virgo full moon stop panicking and try this.

You will need

A jar of rice grains.

An empty bowl.


On or near the full moon night.

The Spell:

16th February 2016: A useful spell against negativity

Erasing the words and effects of a negative person from your life

When people hurt or betray us it is too easy to carry their barbs within our heart for months or even years and so not move on.

The Ancient Egyptians would erase the names of their enemies from statues or more viciously write the name on a pot and smash it. While their methods were harsh, based in hard times where survival was all, the principles of physically removing the names and images of those who still cause us pain in memory is sound.

Erase a nasty e mail or text using backspace so that the words are returned to sender. Take their picture off your social media pages and in removing all the pictures or comments, a tedious business you clear your energies, no viciousness, just taking away the hooks of days that can and should no more trouble you.

This is a modern version of erasing the words and effects of a negative person from your life.

You will need

Four candles in a row, the left one orange, then pink, purple and finally yellow or gold, the colours of sunset.
White paper and a pencil.

An eraser.

The Spell


A Traditional Valentine’s morning flower love charm.

You will need

A yellow crocus or any small yellow flower.


The morning of February 14.

The Spell:

A St Valentine’s seed ritual to make a slow-burning love grow.

You will need

A container of seeds.


Early evening on February 14.

The Spell:

If you are partnerless on Valentine’s Day....A Spell all about ME!!!!!!!!

You will need:

A large mirror.

A picture board, lots of magazines/journals and pins or adhesive tape.


Valentine’s Day

The Spell:

Happy Valentine’s Day

St Valentine was according to popular legend, a young priest who defied an edict of the Emperor Claudius II that soldiers should not be allowed to marry as it made them poor fighters. St Valentine it is told conducted the weddings of a number of young soldiers and was executed on February 14, ad269, thereafter becoming the Patron Saint of Lovers.

It is said that while Valentine was in prison, he restored the sight of the jailer’s blind daughter and that she fell in love with him. Even more romantic myth adds that as he was taken to be executed, he wrote on the wall a message for his love: ‘Always, your Valentine.’

But the actual origins are more earthy. In pre-Christian tradition February 15 was the time of lovers at the ancient Roman festival, Lupercalia, which was held on the spot where Romulus and Remus were said to have been suckled by the wolf. The Horned Fertility God, in the form of the Lycean Pan or Lupercus as he was called in Rome, was central to the festival as he offered protection to the flocks from wolves. On this day, unmarried girls and young men performed love and sex rites in the Grotto of the She-Wolf in order to bring fertility to animals, land and people.

With the advent of Christianity, Christian festivals were grafted on to the old pagan rituals and gradually the celebrations on February 14 became dedicated solely to St Valentine and not his pagan forebear. There was a mediaeval custom on Valentine’s Eve of casting lots to choose a Valentine.

Young men or women would put into a container an equal number of names of the opposite sex and the chosen name picked out by a young man would determine his partner for the Valentine celebrations and hopefully eternal bliss. Young men would wear the slip of paper with the girl’s name on their sleeves (one explanation for the old saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’).

February 14 has yet another love connection. It is the day on which birds are said to choose their mates, according to Chaucer’s Parliament of The Fowles:

‘For this was on St Valentine’s Day

When every Fowl cometh to choose her mate’.

If an unmarried girl saw a bird during the morning of February 14, it was believed that she would divine her future love. Most Valentine rituals were devised in less liberated days when the ambition of every maid was to find a husband. Nowadays many a young man is seen with his packet of bird seed on Valentine’s Morn.

If you see a hen and cockerel together early on St Valentine’s Day, it is a sign you will be married. The number of animals you see as you leave home will tell you how many months will elapse before the nuptials take place.

The old myths promise that if a girl sees a crow, she will marry a clergyman; a robin a sailor; a goldfinch, a millionaire; any yellow bird, someone who is well off; a sparrow, find love in a cottage, a blue bird, poverty and a woodpecker, quarrels. A wren portends the girl will remain an old maid and a flock of doves promises happiness in every way. In hotter climes a parrot depicts a partner who will never stop talking and rainbow lorikeets a high maintenance love;

Valentine cards have flourished on both sides of the Atlantic as well as many other parts of the world, although in the United States the scope of Valentine cards has been widened to include family members and good friends as well as lovers.

Love notes, often illustrated, began early in the Middle Ages and hand-cut illustrated Valentine messages have been found from as early as the 1500s. The first Valentine card was printed in 1761. The beginning of the penny postal service in Britain in 1840 caused the real expansion of the Valentine card industry.

Printed cards of the Victorian era were assembled by hand and very delicately created from lace, woven silk panels, feathers, pearls and multi-layers, often delicately cut and woven like cobwebs. You opened them out by lifting a central thread.

They tended to be very sentimental. For example, a John Windsor card in the possession of the British auctioneers Phillip’s bears the hand-written message:

‘If while my passions I impart,
You deem my words untrue,
O place your hand upon my heart,
Feel how it beats for you.’

After about 1900, postcard Valentines, as opposed to the frothier confections, came into vogue. These were slightly more jovial though by no means risqué. One with a picture of Cupid declared:

‘Alas my Cupid looks so shy,
He is not really, nor am I.’

Another depicting a telegram said simply:

‘Wise date,
Can’t wait,
Be quick,
Love sick,
No joke,
Heart broke.’


Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey

Welcome to the approaching year of the Fire Monkey that begins on 8 February 2016 and continues till 27 January 2017. Monkey years are good for enterprise, speculation, finding ways round obstacles and achieving the impossible, though they can reflect unstable business energies. Beware of instability also in personal matters and the breaking of promises.

Monkey people are quick-witted, inventive, versatile, humorous and with an excellent memory but can be unscrupulous and fickle with friends and colleagues alike. They include: Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens and Nelson Rockefeller.

The Monkey leaping around the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac shakes up inertia with his curiosity, mischievousness, versatility and cleverness to turn any situation to his advantage, so a good year for speculation and taking a chance. But sometimes monkey energies can be too smart for their own good and so we have to beware not to allow the incredibly witty teasing and challenging everyone and everything often for the sheer fun of stirring the pot to tip over into unkindness and laughter at the expense of others. The Fire monkey redoubles the monkey magic and mayhem and means that those leaps of faith can lead to great advantage.

The Fire Monkey is the most proactive of monkeys, natural leaders if others can keep up and always competitive and one leap ahead. So excellent if you have been stuck or stagnant or others are holding you back. But beware of not becoming jealous of the success of others and so slow yourself down enviously watching them collect the accolades when you could be building up your own unique successes Sociability is the key of the Fire monkey and when focused the ability to turn disasters into triumphs and produce the odd small miracle. But be careful of having fingers in too many pies and leaving promising projects unfinished when they become more routine. The Fire Monkey has a huge potential for success but also for self-destruction.

All about Monkeys

Strengths: Curiosity about life and people, ingenuity in problem solving, dexterity of thought, being aware of place in family/social/work networks.

Challenges: Inability to concentrate, over curiosity in the affairs of others, trouble making.

Myths: The Aztec Spider monkey is linked to Xochipilli, God of flowers, dance and poetry. Those born on the day of the monkey in the Aztec calendar were considered to have a natural aptitude for the arts.

The agility and constant movement of the Spider monkey are equated with the wind through the trees. The monkey was also associated with Quetzalcoatl- Ehecaztal, Aztec God of wind. Dancing monkey statues wearing the mask of the god represented the whirlwinds that heralded the rainy season.

Monkey years are 1932, 1944, 1956(another Fire monkey year), 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 and 2028.

Secondary Animal Characteristics

We all have another side to our nature. This may be especially strong if you were born close to the Chinese New Year. The secondary animal can explain your conflicting feelings and alert you to hidden strengths. According to the time of the day or night you were born, your secondary animal can be found. The Monkey’s birth time frame is 3pm to 5pm.

31st January 2016:

Happy Imbolc 2016 (click here for Lughnassadh or Lammas in the Southern hemisphere)

Happy approaching Imbolc or Oimelc, the festival of early Spring in the Celtic calendar in the Northern hemisphere. Imbolc, the first stirring of life after the winter brings the promise of Spring returning in the Northern hemisphere from the end of January and early February.

If life seems unfair, dark and hopeless, know that already the maiden goddess Brigit is melting sorrows with her willow wand, letting fears, obstacles and doubts melt away. So it is a time for those new beginnings and to see as the nights get shorter the light at the end of the tunnel.

Try this ritual whenever you need light or hope, but especially at this time of year.

You will need

Sufficient white candles for one in every window.

A cup of milk.

A cup of ice.

Two small spoons.


Between January 31 and February 2 in the Northern hemisphere All dates go from early evening on the first day to early evening on the last.

The Spell

More about Imbolc here


Happy approaching Lughnassadh or Lammas in the Southern hemisphere

Happy approaching Lughnassadh or Lammas in the Southern hemisphere, the first grain harvest in the old Celtic world as January turns into February. Traditionally at this time the Grain God offered his life in the last sheaf of grain cut that there would be sufficient food for the people through the winter.

As harvest approaches in the Southern world, decide what you really want and the sacrifices you need to make to allow your dreams to bear fruit. For we need not sacrifice those dreams, rather give up what is not good for us and cease worrying over what never can be or can be no more, so we can take whatever we most need from the fruits of our past endeavours and make the future we want.

Try this ritual to focus on developing your personal harvest for the months ahead.

You will need

Long dried grasses or straw.

Red ribbon.

A round loaf decorated with the symbol of an ear of corn (draw this with a knife).

Red wine or dark fruit juice in a goblet.

A bonfire or hearth fire or a lighted orange candle and bucket of soil.


Between January 31 and February 2 in the Southern hemisphere.

The Spell

More about Lughnassadh here

Happy Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Moon in Leo

Happy Full Moon in Leo, January 24 at UT, called the Wolf Moon or Lady Snow Moon.

Verchiel, the golden joy bringer who is surrounded by sunbeams, the angel of this full moon, offers us the power and courage, to move things forward in a dramatic and joyous way so we can strive for what constitutes for us happiness, success and most importantly fulfilment. Lady Snow Moon welcomes her alter ego, the Leonine sun power, sunlight shimmering on ice as opposites fuse together, Fire and Ice, in shimmering hissing triumphant ice sparks.

A powerful moon for reaching out dynamically and without doubt or fear of failing or falling as the wolves call to their Moon Mother, knowing she hears. Try this ritual for whatever you most want to attain and let none cast doubt or scorn on your dreams. All things are possible if we dare to dream and then dare to bring that dream down into our life like a shimmering moonbeam.

Give the coins to charity.

HAPPY JANUARY To all my friends

Happy January 2016

This month is named after by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways who has two faces looking in opposite directions and gradually as the month progresses we are able to leave last year behind and move confidently in 2016. 2016 is ruled by Camael, Archangel of Mars, courage, strength and victory who rides on his leopard and this creates the energies for a more dynamic January than usual which if used for creating a new future rather than indulging in excesses is excellent. The rituals I have suggested below reflect these different energies and you can choose what feels right.

Wherever you live in the world January is good for leaving not only last year behind, but people and situations from the past that hold us back, excesses and bad habits , to reconcile two different people or areas of life pulling different ways, and for finding love after difficulty or when you had given up hope. If your New Year resolutions fizzled out then January is a new chance for you to get on track.

It is naturally especially with Camael galloping into the year, a time for caution in the face of temptation, but also by 20th he will be fueling those new energies for an invention, business, long-held dream or brilliant idea you know will be a money spinner once it is accepted by the world. Finally the month of January is ruled by the protective Archnagel Cambiel who guards over us and keep us from harm, not least our own mistakes.

These are my favourite January rituals so choose the one(maybe more than One) that is right for you whether your January is cold, dark or wet in the temperate Northern hemisphere or ,moving gently to autumn in the Southern.

Ritual 1

A January ritual for caution in the face of temptation, if your New Year resolutions came to nothing.

You will need

A fast burning bright yellow wax candle on a broad flat holder or tray.

A thin-bladed small screwdriver or paperknife.

A small paper or biodegradable bag.


Strongest before January 21 but can be used any time you feel tempted to excesses or unwise behaviour, a good rite for starting a diet or giving up cigarettes or any other excess.

Ritual 2

To begin or launch an invention, business or brilliant idea you know will be a money spinner once it is accepted by the world.

You will need

Five small electric flame candles if possible ones that change color.

Your idea or the name of your invention written on white paper in bright purple pen set in the centre of the lights.


21 January onwards is strongest but you can start it before if you want.

The Spell

Ritual 3

Cambiel Angel of January ritual to protect yourself and loved ones against all harm, whether theft, mugging, accidents, breakages or fraud.

You will need

An old bead or pearl necklace you do not mind breaking, on a tray.

A necklace length string

A box, an old padlock and key


Any time in January.

The Spell:

Finally a January 20 special ritual for lasting love.

Ritual 4

A St Agnes love ritual for a lasting love if you despair of finding the right person or if you have been married/in a permanent relationship before and have lost faith in love.

You will need

A pincushion or a square of folded cloth.

12 long pins in the pincushion.

Pyjamas or a nightdress (not worn for the spell).


St Agnes Eve, January 20, at 10 pm.

The Spell:

ARTICLE in SPIRIT & DESTINY on Dragons  HERE and for further reading on dragons visit this page here

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Need money? Want more amour? Whatever your heart's desire, Cassandra Eason has a spell for it....more details