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I shall be back in Australia with the Australian Psychic Expo in late September and staying until towards the end of November.

MACKAY Friday Sept 29 to Sunday Oct 8. South Leagues Club, 181 Milton St. 9am-7pm

CAIRNS Friday Oct 13 to Monday Oct 23. Brothers Leagues Club, 99-105 Anderson St Manunda. 9am-7pm

TOWNSVILLE Thursday Oct 26 to Monday Nov 6. Hotel Grand Chancellor (“Sugar Shaker”), 334 Flinders St Townsville. 9am-7pm.

DARWIN Wed Nov 15 to Mon Nov 27. Mirambeena Resort, 64 Cavenagh St. 9am-8pm

I look forward to welcoming old friends and new.

Contact 1300 76 9990.

Phone consultations with me are also available during Expo hours.

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September 2017 News and Updates

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I will be out of email contact between Thursday 14 September and Saturday 23 September as I shall be travelling through Vietnam. In addition while I am in Australia between September 23 and December 9, I will cast all spells and protection rituals as soon as they are received, but it will take up to three weeks for readings, past lives and copies of the spells I am doing to be returned as there will be times when I am travelling and as always I want to give each reading the time and care it deserves.

Happy Full Moon,
September 2017

Happy Full Moon in Pisces on September 6 at 07. 02 UTC,

(see your local time for the full moon wherever you live in the world).

This full moon is called in parts of North America, Full Corn Moon because it coincides with harvesting the corn, in others Barley Moon, as the time to harvest and threshing the barley or even more poetically, Moon when the plums are scarlet, among the Lakota Sioux nation.

Yet this lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon is not only the moon of ripened grain, but of cascading emotions. She laughs and cries at the same time, says good bye, this can never be and in an instant, is back laughing mischievously, dries the tears, promising forever and a day and dances for the sheer joy of being alive.

It is the helter- skelter moon, seemingly a nightmare of excess emotion for logical, buttoned up folk. But stay with her for the ride, for her message is an important one, whether heard with head, mind, soul or best of all, all three in unison. For she tells us where there is sorrow there will follow joy-and yes more tears, but then laughter again.

There are no guarantees of forever for the butterfly enjoying every moment of the remaining caressingly warm days in the Northern hemisphere or for our carefully accumulated Lego brick security, no surety the planted seeds will grow or the harvest be rich and ripe, no reassurances that fire, hurricane and flood will not rip through the land, as indeed has been happening in Texas and other parts of the world so tragically.

Yet we cannot hold back for fear of being hurt or of sickness, ageing and mortality. For silver shimmering moonbeams light the way to tentative, trembling regrowth of trust even if right now certainty lies shattered.

For on this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and if we are wounded pick ourselves up again and again and again until we are victorious.

The Pisces Full Moon is a moon for new love, for love after loss or calling back lost love, for music and the performing arts, for truth softened by kindness, for balancing two commitments or having two careers and loving both, for adaptability, merging two families and for using our hidden telepathic powers when our mobiles are out of range or everyday words fail.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome rivalries of people or demands pulling in different directions. She reminds us life is a rich stew and-the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned, with fighting over crumbs. This moon reconciles quarrels, assists the amicable resolution of custody or divorce disputes, blesses the homeless, the dispossessed and those who do not understand convention but live by the ethics of what feels honourable.

Above all this is the Moon when our psychic powers spontaneously open and we know things without understanding how or why and we can find those very special answers to what is hidden or not yet known.

Happy, happy moon. Be then joyful, wish and it shall be yours maybe not in the way or time anticipated, but marking a further step on that road to that almost happy ever after.


Happy September 2017

Happy September from Cassandra and Debi

September is named after Septem, the Latin word for seven because it was the seventh month after the New Year in March on the oldest known Roman calendar where there were originally ten months. It is a month associated with wisdom, knowledge, justice and truth and in Ancient Egypt with eternal life. It is the month of the Roman God Vulcan, deity of fire, ,Metalworkers and the forge and husband of Venus who according to myth fashioned a polished bronze mirror that showed past, present and future.

September is good for uncovering secrets, resolving injustices, for increased psychic powers, for all forms of training, retraining, and tests and for finding solutions for difficult questions, for holidays or relaxing weekends, resolving long standing relationship difficulties and reducing outside interference, for marriage or long- term commitments and success in love and romance.

In September, however, avoid taking sides or being railroaded into giving an opinion, flirting or falling for flattery and con-merchants, making major purchases if the finances are not in place and trying to live a double life especially in love. If, however, a matter of principle arises, avoid sitting on the fence or trying to please everyone.

The angel of September is Zuriel the Teacher who brings calm and reason to any situation and encourages idealism and balance and brings justice whether legal or personal, especially in resolving gender, ageist or sexist inequalities or unfair dismissal in the workplace He brings the ability to see both sides of a situation, diplomacy and peace-making skills. Above all Zuriel helps guard us against unwise and impulsive words or actions that may be regretted.

September’s flower is the Aster, known best as the purple, pink or white star like autumnal Michaelmas daisy, named after Michaelmas, the festival of St Michael, the Archangel of the Sun which was celebrated on September 29. Since St Michael was Patron Saint of high places and replaced the pre- Christian Sun deities, he is an apt symbol for the last days of the summer sun in the northern hemisphere.

There are many varieties of aster which means star in Latin. Considered sacred to Roman and Greek deities, asters originated as ancient wildflowers belonging to the daisy family. An old Classical myth told that asters first bloomed when Virgo, a Goddess linked with the harvest in different ancient cultures, scattered stardust on the earth. Another myth says that the Goddess Asterea, the Titan Goddess of the falling stars and of star lore, began to cry when she looked down upon the earth and saw no stars. Asters bloomed where her tears fell. Known as Eye of Christ in France and starwort in old England and Germany, asters were thought to contain magical powers.

The gem of September is the blue sapphire, stone of love, commitment and fidelity and still popular today in betrothal rings, promising lasting fidelity. Blue sapphire was traditionally worn when treaties were signed. Blue sapphire is considered effective for channelling healing powers from an angelic or higher source into the healer and is popular with Reiki healers and other energy transference therapists. Sapphire amplifies healing through the voice.

King Solomon’s fabulous magical ring was said to have been a blue sapphire and so a symbol of ancient wisdom. The Ancient Greeks called the sapphire the jewel of the Sun God Apollo. The blue stone was worn when consulting Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi in order that the questioner might have the wisdom to understand the answer given.

Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and are a good counterbalance to cynicism and less desirable aspects of modern culture; effective for the speedy and positive resolution of all legal matters and all issues concerning justice and officialdom. Rough tumble stone sapphires are far cheaper and just as effective as the fabulous gems

Lazuli, blue lace agate, the clear communication crystal enabling us to speak the truth with kindness, are other crystals of September.

September’s colour is light blue and its fragrances include, lemon verbena, peach and vanilla.

August 2017 News and Updates

20th August

August 21 is the day of a rare total Solar eclipse.

In mythology Solar eclipses have been described in China as a dragon eating the sun and arrows were fired against him. In Africa, a snake was blamed for eating the sun. In Tahiti, more benignly the sun and moon were seen as making love and unlike in many lands where it was feared, the eclipse here was a favourable sign. Those who could predict eclipses in earlier times wielded great power because they would promise to restore the sun in return for rich rewards.

The August 21 total eclipse of the Sun can be seen in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The eclipse will begin over the Pacific Ocean and will reach the coast of Oregon at Lincoln Beach just west of Salem, at 09:04 local time, reaching its height at 10.16 am local time. From here, the Moon's central shadow will move inland and from west to east ending near Columbia, South Carolina at 2.44pm EST.

A partial Solar Eclipse can be viewed in the rest of the US and Canada, the UK and Western Europe generally, North and East Asia, North and West Africa, most of South America, the Pacific, Atlantic and the Arctic Circle. But even if you cannot physically see the total Solar eclipse in your region at all, this powerful cosmic event that can be viewed on the Internet as it occurs, releases an energy throughout the world that is perfect to remove obstacles from your life and make a dream come true.

A Ritual for the Solar Eclipse on August 21 wherever you live in the world.

You will need:

A place where you can see the full or partial eclipse or watch it on You Tube or an online source.

A sparkling yellow crystal such as citrine or clear quartz.


Just before the eclipse right through till the sun reappears fully. You can synchronise your time frame to fit with one of the timings of the full or partial eclipse in any other region.

The Ritual:


18th August

Too many tragic attacks on innocents, now Barcelona suffers and our hearts and blessings go out to those in Barcelona, remembering also those in other cities who in the previous months and years have suffered loss or whose family have been injured needlessly by wanton evil. There are no excuses for such wickedness and it is understandable to despair and fear going to places such as theatres, restaurants, concerts or on holiday overseas.

Yet if we restrict our lives, terrorism has won and we have lost our freedom, so we have to go on, being vigilant but not constantly looking over our shoulders or staying indoors.

It may seem useless lighting candles and sending blessings. Yet every positive energy however small, added to the cosmos in the name of hope, is a statement in belief that we as individuals and families who are lucky enough to be together still, cannot and do not give up that flickering beacon of faith that the world must become a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Happy FullBlueberry Moon

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius from Cassandra and Debi on August 7 at 18.10 UTC.

It is called in the Native North American tradition, reflecting the changing land, growth and seasonal patterns, Blueberry Moon (my favourite) Sturgeon Moon, Moon when all things ripen, Full Green Corn Moon and Wheat Cut Moon and so it is a moon of ripeness, readiness and abundance, energies that ripple throughout the entire world.

Aquarius may seem a strange bedfellow for a rich passionate full moon but the full moon energies bring power and most importantly impetus to focus on some of those brilliant Aquarian schemes waiting in the Out tray for expression. So as Aquarian ingenuity and inventiveness is propelled from drawing board to dynamic action by the burst of Moon power, Aquarian energies ensure the powerful lunar energies are directed wisely, where and how they are most needed. A partial eclipse too for clearing the emotional clutter we trip over on our way to putting that new approach to stagnant problems into practice.

For the full moon in Aquarius is one that moves life forward in unique ways, furthering original ventures and bringing the success of cherished inventions and money-spinning schemes. It is good for developing or rekindling friendships pushed into the background by time or circumstances, for developing your special gifts and talents in your own way, not by emulating others however seemingly successful and for exploring or learning alternative medicine. A time for independent thought and action no matter how much you love and are loved, in those areas where you need to make your mark and perhaps explore new options.

Beware of trying to balance or over-compensate for the mood swings, emotional pressures or prejudices others throw at you. Avoid getting impatient or cranky however understandable with the drama kings and queens, just state your own opinion quietly but firmly and leave them to finish Act 3 without you as the unwilling audience.

Cambiel, the tall shadowy Guardian Archangel of Aquarius, protects us by day and night from our own mistakes as well as external dangers. Appeal to him around this full moon to give you the wisdom and detachment to step back from pressures to make immediate decisions if you are not ready. Once you do know what you want, using head as well as heart to show the right way forward, progress calmly and without doubt steadily and unhesitatingly to implement your decision even if the path ahead seems lonely or you have to step away from the approval of others.

His candle colour is dark blue or purple, his crystals amethyst, blue lace agate and any zircon and his fragrances benzoin, lemon, rosemary and violet.

May this Aquarian full moon illuminate your life and give you the assurance you are on the right track and can trust your own wisdom.


Happy August

Welcome to August, known as the lucky month, from Cassandra and Debi.

Named after Augustus Caesar, the first of the Roman emperors, because a number of lucky events in his life happened in August. It became regarded as a fortunate month for Rome, because during that month, Augustus Caesar three times entered Rome in triumph and Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people after Augustus Caesar defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

The popular boys’ name Augustus comes from the Latin word Augustus which means great and worthy of respect.

August in the modern world is regarded as a good month for reversing bad luck or loss, for gaining opportunities previously denied and the opening of doors that have been closed, for learning healing techniques and starting fitness regimes, for the fulfillment of earlier plans and projects that were delayed, for getting what is owed and finding or recovering what is lost.

Flowers of August.

Its special flowers are the Gladiolus and the Poppy.

The gladiolus, or ‘sword lily,’ represents loving remembrance of people who have passed away as well as recalling kind deeds done to us by the living as well as our beloved ancestors and signifies also calm and integrity.

In the Language of Flowers, the Gladiolus indicates that the heart is being pierced with love and therefore the flower suggests that lovers should be careful to avoid infatuation, unwise temptations, obsessive love and of holding on to love that is destructive or is over with no chance of revival.

The other flower of August is the poppy. The red poppy is mainly associated with Remembrance Day on November 11, but in August signifies pleasure, the white poppy lasting peace and consolation after loss while the yellow poppy brings the fulfilment of wishes for wealth and success.

Crystals for bringing good luck in August

Jade, peridot, moss agate and opal.

The August Angel is Hamaliel, the Perfectionist, surrounded by misty forest green.

Qualities Hamaliel encourages are: going the extra mile for perfection, attention to detail, persevering with routine but necessary tasks through to the end, reliability. She also advocates reorganizing the home or workplace to make it more efficient, trying new health supplements and alternative treatments especially where conventional medicine is not working, starting a new budget and dealing with crises old and ongoing logically and without panicking rather than burying our heads in the sand or running around like a headless chicken.

Her challenges are avoiding fussing over nothing, hypochondria, becoming over obsessed by details and missing the bigger picture, setting yourself impossible targets and refusing to accept anything or anyone less than perfect, or trying to force children or partners along a road which may not be right for them.

An August Spell for amazing good luck

You will need:

A lucky charm, medallion or favorite jewellery or crystal. Green aventurine is especially lucky.

An incense stick in a holder, preferably in a flower fragrance.

A small dish of salt

A green candle

A dish of soil.


Saturdays, the day of Cassiel the Archangel who brings good fortune

The Spell:


Happy Lughnassadh (or Imbolc in the southern hemisphere)

Welcome from Cassandra and Debi to the Festival of Lughnassadh in the Northern hemisphere

In the old traditions the willing offering by the Grain god of his life to be made into the first loaf of the first harvest, Christianised as the Lammas loaf.

Welcome also to the mirror festival, Imbolc in the Southern hemisphere, the first stirring of life after winter, the fire in the belly of the maiden goddess to awaken passion for life and love and health and joy returning, the first growth of new life psychologically and emotionally, that became Candlemas, the festival of the returning of the lighter days in later traditions.

As harvest approaches wherever you live in the world, think what you really want and the sacrifices you need to make to allow your dreams to bear fruit. If life is unfair or seems dark and hopeless, reach across the world to where the maiden goddess Brigit in the old myths imprinted deep within us, is already melting sorrows with her willow wand, letting fears, obstacles and doubts likewise melt away.

The twin themes of harvest sacrifice and the revival of the land after winter, are part of the ever- turning cycle of the year, both focused on sometimes seemingly impossible desire all shall have enough for their needs and a little more and that the wellspring of inspiration within us may sing anew.

We need not sacrifice our dreams with the cutting down of the grain, though all did not grow, rather give up what is not good for us or worrying over what never can be or can be no more. In their place, we must plant the seeds of new plans we can nurture in the months ahead. We hope that that with diligence and sheer hard work not miracles, we can as Lughnassadh replaces Imbolc in the Southern hemisphere in six months’ time and Imbolc heralds the future Lughnassadh in the Northern world, we reap the rewards not of bounty falling from the heavens as we sit in our deck chairs and pray, but the fruits of our own well-earned endeavours.

Eating your wishes traditionally gives you the power to make them come true.

July 2017 News and Updates

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Click Here for The Winter Solstice Southern Hemisphere

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn from Cassandra and Debion July 9 at 04.07 UTC which means that in some areas of the world you will see it on 8th.

It is called the Full Buck Moon in a number of Native North American traditions, as the time when antlers on stags were full grown or Thunder Moon because of the prevalence of sudden storms. Therefore, though it is a stable full moon, its power should not be underestimated, for with goats and stags alike you can’t take undue liberties and you too may need to set your boundaries and say enough is enough. Back off.

However unusually for a full moon this is a time to proceed slowly, to wait until you are sure and only then act decisively and don’t waver, remain silent until you have checked your facts rather than speaking impulsively and regret it afterwards and conserve your resources instead of splurging, unless you are making what you know is a sound investment.

The angel who rules this moon is Anael or Hanael, guardian of the West Wind and of love and fidelity who says value existing love and friends rather than seeking new exciting ones, for sometimes familiar can be best in the long term when instant passion or gratification has faded.

This moon gives a boost to whatever is solid, business ventures and slow growing investments, advising perseverance to overcome obstacles. It is a good moon too for laying down burdens, not expecting instant resolution but accepting that there are people or situations where you must very gently let go. This work will continue spontaneously on the waning moon.

It is moon of wise caution regarding people and situations, for all plans and detailed preparations, exploring your family tree and maybe finding that diligent detective work pays off quite spectacularly, taking financial advice, reviving old friendships, spending time with older relatives and for also for any slow moving official matters.

Avoid mean people, socialising for the sake of it, getting bogged down in routine and taking on responsibilities that are not yours or that you will later resent.

Anael’s colours are indigo, brown and rich green, her crystals garnet, ruby and titanium aura and her fragrances, cypress, magnolia, myrrh and hyacinths.

If you are starting over again, this moon will enable you to make the first tentative steps and to know that long-term is the way forward. Hold on if you doubt or despair for as this moon wanes so you can step by step rebuild. An excellent moon for the release of money that has been tied up or disputed being released in the coming weeks.

If you need stability or the regrowth of resources, love or trust, try this ritual.

You will need:

A small round black stone and a similar white one; a small drawstring bag or purse.


After dark on full moon night or a night or two after when the moon energies and light are still bright, close your hands around the dark stone and say, Wise Mother Moon, as you reach your height I give to you this burden I no longer wish to carry with blessings, asking you to transform it in your own time and way.

Happy Moon Days.

Happy July 2017

Welcome to July from Cassandra and Debi

Formerly called Quintilus, the fifth month in the early Roman calendar, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar named July after himself. It became the seventh month in the new Julian calendar Caesar created in 46BC, helped by Sosignes, the Alexandrian astronomer and philosopher. Julius Caesar claimed this month as his own and so first made its association with power and high ambitions when he linked the Emperors with the Father God Jupiter.

July has continued this association with acquiring power, achieving ambitions of any kind, leadership, maintaining high principles that are worth fighting for, acquiring traditional knowledge, seeking justice, especially where the odds are stacked against you, aiming for fame by entering talent shows, reality television series, or joining a drama group, orchestra , group or choir just for pleasure, for the success of all creative ventures, applying for promotion or a pay rise, marriage proposals and exotic or long distance holidays and adventures, for increasing prosperity through developing talents and for increased potency especially where there are fertility issues.

The July flower is the Larkspur. Larkspur, a form of delphinium, was said to have had protective energies and as well as being used to heal wounds, traditionally kept away ghosts and venomous creatures, reptilian, insect and human. Bunches of larkspur were also hung in stables to prevent animals being stolen or injured by predators. However, larkspur is poisonous if absorbed.

As well as larkspur, other plants of the month are asters, dahlias, marigolds, passion flowers, potted palms, sunflowers and all golden-leafed or very tall trees.

The colour of the month is gold, its crystals, orange carnelian, clear crystal quartz and golden topaz. Its incenses are frankincense, copal and orange.

The angel of July is the golden Verchiel, the Joy Bringer and a Wish angel, who tells us July is the best month for overcoming financial losses or setbacks and winning against negative people and bullies through personal effort and determination while maintaining your own high ethics. However, avoid being tempted to overspend or over- emphasize your qualifications and expertise, over indulging in food or alcohol or starting an affair you may regret by next month.

Here is a special ritual to begin in July to wish for what you most want, whether that ambition is for fame and fortune, to find the right love, have a babe, get enough money to be free from worry, to travel or just to enjoy quiet times of harmony. You can use your wish box for wishes great and small, as long as you only ask once a week on a Sunday and you can repeat an ongoing wish every week.

You will need

A wooden or metal box with a lid and key

A red candle

Paper and a red pen

A ball of red thread


Sunday evenings weekly

The Spell

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, Alban Heruin or Litha, Wednesday 21st June 2017, from Debi and I to our friends in the Northern hemisphere.

A time to reach out for your own power or maybe reclaim it at this sunshine festival of Michael, Archangel of the Sun, splendid in red and gold with a golden sword and the scales of justice. Make that leap of faith. You cannot fall or fail with Michael with you.

Be not sad, says the I Ching, be as the sun at midday and look forward in anticipation of good times and do not waste precious moments worrying that happiness or love may not last. For there is still plenty of sunshine ahead and if a day is grey we can make our own sun by spreading kindness, humour and optimism to all we meet. Make each day meaningful no matter how hard by one small act to make yourself happy and use the Midsummer impetus to forge the changes you desire so by Midwinter you are more secure and fulfilled.

Focus: Power, joy and courage, male potency, success, marriage, fertility of all kinds, especially for older women, for people approaching middle age; for happiness, strength, energy, self-confidence, identity, health, generating your own wealth and career progress; also for maximising opportunities, seizing chances and enjoying the present without fretting over the past or worrying about the future we have power to change.

Midsummer power can be harnessed for tackling seemingly insoluble problems, for bringing light, life and hope, also for major global problems such as global warming, famine, disease and preventing cruelty.

Symbols: Brightly-coloured flowers, oak or redwood boughs, golden fern pollen that is said to reveal buried treasure wherever it falls, scarlet, orange and yellow ribbons, gold coloured coins and any gold jewellery that can be empowered at the festival, golden fruit or vegetables.

Incenses, flower and herbs: Chamomile, dill, elder, fennel, lavender, frankincense, orange, marigolds, rosemary, sage and sagebrush, St. John’s Wort, lemon verbena and vervain, any golden, red or orange flowers

Candle colours: Red, orange, gold

Crystals: Amber, carnelian or red jasper, sun stone; also sparkling crystal quartz spheres.

Festival Foods: Red and yellow fruits and vegetables, spices, honey, ham, butter and cheese, mead and red wine

The Summer Solstice in the modern world

Happy Summer Solstice.

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Midwinter Solstice or Alban Arthuran, to my friends in the Southern hemisphere from Cassandra and Debi

In the Southern world, the Australian Aboriginal creator woman Warramurrungundjui who emerged from the sea and gave birth to the first people, carried her digging stick and a bag of food plants, medicinal plants and flowers. Having planted them, she went on to dig the water holes. Then leaving her children to enjoy the fruits of her work, she entered a sacred stone so remaining present in her creation.

As the sun is reborn in at Midwinter we are reminded her creations are constantly renewed. And we too can renew our hopes and dreams for the future and with courage, patience and determination can make our world grow fruitful and of beauty and worth.

Focus: For the rebirth of light and hope, for domestic happiness and security, family togetherness, anything to do with the home, property and financial security; for long term money plans, for patience and for accepting what cannot be changed; for very old people, for carers, for welcoming home travellers or estranged people and for restoring enthusiasm and health in those who are worn down by illness. poverty or lack of hope.

Globally this is a time for rituals of renewed faith in the face of despair and cynicism. for work to provide homes and shelter for people, birds and animals, more efficient and humane welfare services; the regeneration of famine or war torn lands.; improving conditions in all institutions.

Symbols: Evergreen boughs from trees or bushes, gold coins and jewellery, silver and gold ribbons, anything glittery, tiny wrapped presents to be opened on the Solstice night (a second excuse for Christmas fun).

Incenses, flowers and herbs: Bay, cedar, feverfew, frankincense and myrrh, juniper,, pine , rosemary, sage and all spices, poinsettias , scarlet and white flowers.

Festival Foods: Roast pork (more recently turkey), thick meat and vegetable stews, mulled wine, cakes with marzipan and icing, rich fruit cake and puddings to represent the fruits, grains and riches of the Earth Mother, traditionally with silver and gold charms or coins hidden within, dates, small oranges and figs.

Candle colours: White, scarlet, gold, purple for what is being left behind

Crystals: Amazonite, malachite, garnet, snow quartz, snowflake obsidian, opal aura

Rituals: In many different lands on Midwinter night, all lights are extinguished at dusk and the Crone Goddess (sometimes the Three Sisters or Mothers of Fate) in the form of the person representing her, invites those present to walk into the darkness with her, an act of pure surrender and faith that light will return.

Ways of Marking the Festival in the Modern world

Happy Midwinter and a glorious rebirth

Blessings to all affected by the West London tower block infernoand on all their brave rescuers, those who have lost their lives, been injured or have seen all they possess go up in flames. Mercifully few of us can imagine the fear and suffering of those trapped in a high building, not least those seeking desperately to save their children or elderly people with limited mobility trying to escape. All we can do is to send money to relieve some of the worries of those who are unhurt but whose homes have been destroyed, campaign for better conditions for the rescue services, doctors and nurses who deal with the aftermath of tragedies all too often and to insist on safe homes for all.

This tragedy does put into perspective for those of us unscathed by this and other recent awful events, what are sometimes relatively insignificant worries, petty grievances and vague dissatisfactions that cloud our minds and toxify our thoughts. For we who are alive and well and fretting over trivialities, as I was when I heard the news of the fire, as I am trying to complete to me the most important project in the entire known cosmos and beyond, we are reminded of what really matters, the gift of life. A day then to give thanks, even if times are not easy, for those we love who may sometimes drive us crazy but are going to walk through the door tonight or text or mail us, time to forget old quarrels, coldness and divisions with family and friends. A day to rejoice in being alive and to take a break from the 24/7 rat run to pay the bills and give the family what they want but maybe not urgently need and to be glad we can hear the birds or the symphony of roaring traffic. We are the lucky ones. The world will still turn if I switch off my computer for an hour. I will walk in the little country lane behind the houses and welcome the beauteous afternoon.

Happy Full Strawberry Moon

Happy Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

Happy Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 at 13.10 UTC. It is so called because the Algonquin people marked its appearance as the time to gather ripening fruit. In Europe, it is also linked with seasonal growth as the Rose or Honey Moon and so is a moon of reaching out for whatever life offers wherever you live in the world and adapting to maximize advantages and overcome setbacks. This is the moon of optimism even in the face of recent tragedies and divisions that reminds us we all see the same moon and are warmed by the same sun.

The Archangel of the Full Strawberry Moon is Adnachiel, the angel of learning and exploration with bright yellow robes. He stirs in us the desire for travel and exploration, both physical and in terms of expanding our horizons to reach out for what given effort and faith can still be possible, He offers clear vision, wide perspectives, flexibility, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and creativity especially in writing.

A time to visit those places, maybe even off the main highway you regularly travel, about which you have always wondered (even mini- adventures can be exciting), house moves, trying new sports and leisure activities, learning new things just for the pleasure of it or to change a career that no longer inspires you. Traditionally, this moon is a time for finding lost pets or if your pet has passed over, visiting a rescue centre to see who needs a place in your heart.

Plan that major trip of a lifetime or an impromptu weekend away from it all, no mobile phones, tablets or computers. The world will still be there when you return but you will maybe have rediscovered the real priorities of fulfilment and those we hold dear rather than the 24/7 treadmill of achievement that can blinker our joy. What we regret most is what we never tried and now the energies offer that impetus to say Why not and to explore those uncharted waters and mystical places even budget style.

You will feel the stirring of excitement as your mind starts walking towards adventures great and small and after every small foray into pleasure and leisure, exploration can become a delightful habit.

Seize the moment, believe even if things are bad they will get better if you reach out and make that one brave move. Almost anything is possible given ingenuity and realism and if you can’t travel far right now, make a day of fun and laughter in the full moon period, vowing each day of the coming month to make yourself happy in a small way. That happiness will spread like ripples in a pool and will reawaken and dust off our inner infant ready to create joy in the simplest yet most profound ways.

But watch what you say and how you say it, for tact goes out of the window with this moon and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater-wait till the moon wanes and see if you feel the same. Beware also being tempted by too good to be true offers or assuming the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

It may be when you restore the fun in your life you find you are with the right people in the right place and can explore the amazing, quirky world together and reawaken the half-buried yet infinite possibility that once seemed so clear-and can still be attained as the Strawberry moon reopens the gateway to adventure.

The colours of the Sagittarian moon are bright yellow, the crystals turquoise, ruby (relatively cheap if you buy the beautiful unpolished form) and lapis lazuli and the fragrances sage and sandalwood.

Happy, happy Moon from Cassandra and Debi

On this sad day as another senseless act of terrorism has befallen London and in recent days in Manchester and Kabul, I send my blessings and prayers to those whose loved ones lost their lives and to all who were injured in the attacks.

Happy June 2017

Happy June from Cassandra and Debi

June is named after Juno Roman Goddess of marriage, women, pregnancy and childbirth and of mothers. She was Queen of the deities and married to Jupiter, of whom it was said she was the wiser.

Her month is therefore traditionally considered most fortunate for marriage, no coincidence that the month number 6 is that of Anael, Archangel of lasting love. Like Hera, her Ancient Greek equivalent, Juno’s sacred creature is the peacock., whose tail feathers are said to protect against the Evil Eye.

Juno’s symbols are the lily, formed in myth from her maternal milk and the fig, a natural aphrodisiac. Figs from her temple trees were specially prized by women who wished to conceive.

June is good for all matters of marriage and love commitment, fidelity, partnerships of all kinds, fertility, peace and prosperity. Above all if you are not in a love relationship it is a month for realizing you are complete within yourself and of great worth, for deciding what would make you happy-and going for it alone, rather than waiting for the right person to complete the equation. Often they then turn up when least expected.

The special colour of June is green and crystals emerald, jade, mother of Pearl and all pearls.

June Angel Lore

Muriel the Healer and Moon angel is the Angel of June, the silvery and pearl robed angel with her magic carpet of dreams. She is a granter of all wishes and realistic dreams, the fairy godmother of the angelic world.

In June Muriel will guide us on sensitive family issues, on contacting an estranged friend or relative, imaginative projects, for home making or DIY, starting a counselling or spiritual career, welcoming new family members whether by birth, marriage, fostering or adoption, for conceiving a baby, for fertility tests or treatment and for keeping secrets. Make a wish in June and cast a pearl into flowing water.

Don’t worry unnecessarily about home and loved ones, Muriel says, but be careful with whom you share confidential matters and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or manipulate you emotionally.

The Tree of June is the Elder Tree

The most famous elder tree, associated with healing and the ultimate fairy tree, was linked with the legend of the Rollright Stones, ancient standing stones in Oxfordshire. It was told that a Hag Goddess/fairy who guarded the local countryside, turned an invading King and his army into stone. She then transformed herself into a sacred elder tree close to the stones to stand sentinel throughout the centuries in case the enchantment was broken.

On Midsummer Eve, locals would go to the King-stone and after a feast would ceremonially cut the elder tree which then bled to bring fertility to the land, animals and people.

The Flowers of June

St John’s Wort: The yellow flowering St John’s Wort was traditionally picked on the evening of Midsummer or the eve of the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere by young girls in order to attract a husband, Women who wanted a baby would walk among the golden flowers at midnight on Midsummer Eve (June 23).

Another yellow flowering herb such as yellow chamomile can be substituted.

Roses, another flower of June, are a symbol of love in almost every culture and each colour has its unique meaning. The red rose says I love you and will love you forever. The fragrant wild rose represents more uncertain affection, I love you from afar, while the yellow rose indicates I am jealous. Prove you love me. Rosebuds were symbols of first or new love, the blossoming rose of passion and commitment while the full- blown rose was a token of love in maturity.

May your June be filled with love and joy and remember only by loving ourselves and valuing ourselves as we are now and not trying to be what others expect us to be or fitting into some media ideal of perfection, can we know and be open to joy.

May 2017 News and Updates

Our hearts and blessings go out to those who have suffered loss or whose family have been injured needlessly

As we hear of yet another tragic attack on innocents in Manchester, our heart and blessings go out to those who have suffered loss or whose family have been injured needlessly by wanton destructiveness. There are no excuses for such evil, no true religion could ever condone such slaughter.

It is understandable to despair and avoid going to places such as theatres, restaurants, concerts or on holiday overseas. Yet if we restrict our lives, terrorism has won and we have lost our freedom, so we have to go on, being vigilant but not constantly looking over our shoulders or staying indoors.

Hard though it is, we cannot, must not stop believing in the innate goodness of the majority of humanity of all races and creeds.

Nothing diminishes the evil done to innocents and we must all, of every race and creed, speak out and unite against those who are prepared to kill even children. Yet we must hope and will not give up.

But those of us who have our families safe today, we should speak words of love and gratitude and forgiveness for old hurts and guilt imposed unfairly and be glad we have them and our friends still in our lives, uninjured and able to build new moments of joy and reconciliation. Now is the moment to appreciate and to reach out across superficial divisions and petty differences to build a shared tomorrow that maybe can endure in our homes and with loved ones and spread outwards like a ripple in a pool, in our community, our land and one day, impossible though it may seem, perhaps peace through the whole world. Each one of us is a light that together can shine in the darkness.

With much love to you all, Cassandra and Debi xx

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 10, 2017

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10 at 21.42 UTC, from Cassandra and Debi

This is called Full Flower Moon, Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon in the Native North American tradition, reflecting the rising fertility of the earth, the birth of young animals in the warmer parts of the Northern hemisphere and the ending of the frosts, so life can flow and grow anew.

A challenging moon that offers regeneration if you are hesitating or doubting the path to the future. If you feel you are constantly swimming upstream in your life, the Scorpio full moon offers rebirth, renewal and the impetus to shed all that is holding you back and to leap up that waterfall to the open flowing river and the sea.

This moon brings transformation and the fulfilment of any urgent wish or desire. For this is the Full Moon of Bariel, the Angel of small miracles to whom you can light a circle of seven burgundy or indigo candles any night over the next few days and say for each candle, Bariel, angel of small miracles, give me the impetus to move forward and the initiative to make my own small miracles happen every day. Ask for what you most need and desire. Leave your candles to burn through.

Most importantly this moon offers protection against physical, emotional or psychic attack and against anyone seeking revenge and jealousy, so you can be free to be who and what you truly are without fear, disapproval or criticism.

Pass a Scorpio crystal, obsidian, coral, black pearl or aqua aura seven times through incense stick smoke in mimosa, pine, mint, Scorpio’s fragrances and ask that the eye of malice may be turned from you. Draw an eye in incense stick smoke in the air over the crystal, extinguish the incense in a pot of sand or soil and carry the crystal in a small bag with you.

Over the next few days, you may feel things very intensely but the key is not to lapse into irritability, navel staring or sulking about your favourite toy unfairly snatched and given to someone who does not really want it and certainly won’t care for it as you did. Now is the time to use those burning desires and feelings of unfairness to reach out for what you can still have or maybe start a whole new ball game. Yes, this moon says you can get back what was taken but you may decide you do not need it anymore and it was holding you back.

Happy intense Scorpio moon and may you feel the intensity of joy and the small miracles you most need and desire be granted.


Happy May 2017

Happy May time.

Happy May time. May is named after Maia, Roman maiden goddess of flowers, whose festival was held at the beginning of May. Wherever you live in the world use the growth potential of the month of May for new activities and a lifestyle change to improve your health. It is a month for increasing joy, love, abundance, travel, family happiness, multi-tasking, making new friends, good investments and home improvements.

The flowers of May are traditionally azaleas, chrysanthemums, lilac, lily-of-the-valley, orchids and the Mayflower, floral emblem of Nova Scotia and Massachusetts.

Its oils, herbs and incenses are dill, fennel, lavender, lemongrass (also protective against any human snakes in your life) and Melissa (lemon balm).

Its gems are emeralds and white sapphires and its crystals sparkling yellow citrine, green and lemon chrysoprase and falcon’s eye.

The angel of May is Ambriel or Ambiel, the messenger and travel angel of versatility, wearing colours of early morning sunlight.

Ambriel will help you in changing jobs to a new area of expertise, learning new skills, successfully balancing work and study or following two different careers at the same time, learning technology, short term/distance travel and house moves within the same area, public speaking, interviews, tests, media work and speculation.

Ambriel however warns you to avoid this month organising a get together with relatives where you know there are major conflicts of interests or differing world views, committing yourself to please others, to activities or projects or making long-term arrangements you will soon regret and being too liberal with the truth as you will be found out.

In the both northern and southern hemispheres, to tap into the Maytime energies, when you wake light, May time incenses or oils such as lily of the valley and lemongrass and a yellow or green Maytime candle. Surround them with any white or yellow flowers growing in your area and burn a petal from each flower in the candle, making a Maytime wish for each.

Catch the burning petals in a pot of soil. Leave the candles and incense to burn and then bury the petals outdoors. Keep the flowers in a vase of water and when the flowers fade scatter the petals to the winds repeating your wishes.

Happy Beltane and Samhain 2017

Happy Samhain and Beltane from Cassandra and Debi

The time rapidly approaches for Samhain in the Southern hemisphere and Beltane or Beltaine in the Northern world, mirror images and two halves of the same whole.

At Samhain, the beginning of the old winter, by single soft amethyst candlelight into which we drop grains of sage, we break with echoes from the past that hold us back, drawing from Beltaine, the start of the ancient summer, whether our own or across the world, creative impetus, germinating stars of our future growth and dreams.

At Beltaine likewise whether the rising energies are physically pulsating beneath our feet, are a twenty-four hour plane ride or eye blink away in cyber space, we reach out for happiness and fulfilment, leap over twin fires or light our two red candles and make them sparkle with salt to welcome future generations.

At the same time wherever we live we can draw on the visions of the Samhain fireside of the ancestors who assure us we carry within us their hopes and their wisdom to our children’s children’s children, whether our own or those we influence. Those children will one day dance for joy on May morning at Beltaine. The regrets and failings can be buried with the dying year at Samhain to bloom half a world away as lambs frolic in the field amidst showers of snowy blossoms.

At this point of time as April flows into May, let us then create from what has been lost and let go what stands in the way of claiming or reclaiming our power. Though death is ever-present in the world we need not cower in the shadows but rejoice in every day we are granted, a blessing and a bonus; as we look up at the fires of the ancestors in the stars we know that those hundreds of years hence will still wish upon the stars and rejoice at the seasons turning.

Samhain’s Jack o’ lantern whom the loveliest of Morrigu Fate sisters three times in his life asked to go with her across the river of death to immortality, was too afraid; so he walks between worlds with his small light, recalled as the Samhain pumpkin. But six months later he is reborn as the wild Beltane Jack ‘o’ Green, who seizes life, free as the burgeoning woodland greenery and crowns the maiden goddess with wildflowers. Both Jacks are one, are within us and the choice is not always easy. We can only make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have at the time and so we should never regret the past but use it to weave the glorious garland of the future.

If we plant and reap in their own seasons and do not seek to change what is inevitability, then we will live authentically, beautifully and eternally in the winds, the waters, in our words, our kindnesses, in those we try to influence for the better, in our recalled idiosyncrasies and unique foot and blueprints and the newly blossoming flowers of summer and the falling leaves of the winter days.

To integrate Beltaine and Samhain, take two apples, eat one and say, I absorb Beltaine fertility into my life to achieve what I most desire. Scatter pips and shred the core on soil to be absorbed in their own way. Take the second apple and bury it, saying: I bury unfulfilled Samhain efforts to decay and transform in time to new growth. Even if your seeds do not take root, you have symbolically set in motion the lovely rebirth in your life here and now.


April Updates 2017

Happy Samhain and Beltane CLICK HERE


Happy Full Moon April 11th CLICK HERE



Cassandra‘s back in London for Readings and Workshops from Friday April 27 to Monday May 1.

I will be offering one to one, couples’ or joint family member readings at my only UK venue, Charlie's Rock Shop, 18 Watermill Way, Abbey Mills, London SW19 2RD Tel: 0208 544 1207 for bookings. Or Contact Charlie’s Rock Shop on Facebook.

We tend to book weeks ahead as there are limited spaces for readings and the workshops so contact Charlie, Teresa or Sacha to reserve the time you want.

The shop is 5 minutes’ walk from Colliers Wood Underground station and is in a delightful out of the way historic setting by the river.

Clairvoyant readings, life path reviews, past lives, business or relationship decisions, mentoring, psychic children, spells for any positive purpose including fertility, prosperity, career, travel, creative ventures, love and psychic protection, escaping from destructive relationships, fears and phobias, removing curses and ill-wishing and discovering who are your special angels and guides.

I will use Tarot, runes, Goddess cards, Egyptian Oracle cards, Numerology, Animal cards, Crystal angels and crystal spheres to answer your questions and offer guidance on any matter than concerns you or your loved ones.

I will also be holding two workshops.

Friday April 29 on Everyday Magick, 6.30-8pm, how to cast your own spells anytime anywhere to attract what you want, remove what you don’t and create magical protective amulets and lucky talismans using crystals.

Just bring yourself and a notebook and pen for a fun and informative evening suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Saturday April 30 on Instant Tarot Reading, how to read the cards and do simple spreads, suitable for experts and beginners alike. Bring your own cards or borrow ours.


Happy Full Moon in Libra on
April 11 2017

Happy Full Moon in Libra on April 11

Happy Full Moon in Libra on April 11 at 06.08 UTC which means in some time zones you will see it on 10th. This moon is called by Native North American people the Pink Moon, heralding the growth of pink moss after the winter, Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon, all acknowledging in the Northern hemisphere the growing Springtime energies and in the Southern hemisphere the sudden rise of hope and inner growth even as the seasonal year declines.

Balanced Libra ruled by wise angel Zuriel, makes this a moon of striving for quiet power and inner confidence, for this is the personal happiness moon through balance within yourself and not through others; yes, another try if appropriate for strengthening or mending a commitment, marriage and improving difficult work partnerships or getting justice in a matter that is blatantly unfair, of interactions and actions based on mutual respect and not sacrificing your principles for a peace at any price compromise.

Know as this full moon fills you with the certainty that you are on the right track and on the right page even if life needs a little fine tuning. Approve of yourself as you are, the way you look now, and know that any changes won’t make you better or lovelier than you already are, though maybe fitter and living a more rewarding balanced lifestyle.

Once we find the harmony within ourselves, we will know relationships of all kinds are no longer about dependency or need, but choosing to be together or to stay in a situation, without guilt and with any chains of obligation replaced by spring flower fronds of willing growing connections that do not bind or choke, but support and uplift, accepting one another and not trying to impose changes, criticise, diminish or twist ourselves out of shape trying to fulfil someone else’s expectations or frustrated dreams .

So a wonderful moon for togetherness and finding new love if that is what you want or maybe if you are alone deciding that is a good state to be right now and you don’t need to have a better half or other half to be happy and complete and that loneliness and being alone are entirely different. Nothing is lonelier than a double bed where one or both parties have lost or maybe never had that loving feeling.

This Moon in Libra is the wise moon of peace and peacemaking and the flow of new hopes, new promises, mutual respect and tolerance as well as appreciation for all who have tried to bring peace and harmony to the world. It begins with harmony within ourselves and then when we feel at peace and balanced, we can even in this troubled world try to attain justice by example of fair-mindedness in our own small patch of the universe, step by step lifting the shadows of intolerance, anger and bitterness in our own lives and community, respecting the beliefs of others even if we struggle to understand and trying to persuade them with words not weapons or violence that there is a better way. A moon of the springtime of hope and as we look up at this moon we can only believe and pray that good can prevail over evil and that equality for all is not just moonbeams that fade in the morning light.

Aphrodite's Rock

Happy April 2017

Happy April from Cassandra and Debi

April is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy.

A good month for love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for enhancing inner radiance, healing and happiness; also for makeovers and healthy eating regimes, gentle exercise and energy work, creative arts, visiting beautiful places and spending time in nature, making your workspace harmonious and prioritising what makes you happy.

This month avoid noisy, soulless environments, trying to fit in with people who rub you up the wrong way, arguing on matters of principle with stubborn people and trying to economise unless absolutely necessary.

The angel of April is Asmodel, the Creator of what is of worth, surrounded by pink rays.

Asmodel or Ashmodel is the angel of beauty, inner as well as outer and especially finding beauty in nature, even in the centre of a town. She offers us persistence, patience, reliability, loyalty, the expression of practical abilities and stability and tells us to value our own beauty and worth ignore anyone who makes us feel bad.

Her challenges are stubbornness, occasional flashes of temper and over concern with material things.

The April Birth flower is the daisy/ Marguerite

The daisy was said to spring from the tears of Mary Magdalene at the crucifixion and was traditionally known as ‘the day’s eye’ or ‘God’s smile’. This was because the flower opened with the sun in the morning and closed at night.

Mediaeval knights wore daisies when they went into battle as a sign that they rode in the name of a lady whom they loved. A knight wearing a double-headed daisy affirmed that the love was reciprocated. The daisy, a flower of Venus, is the most commonly used for love divination, as lovers pluck the petals chanting, ‘He/she loves me, he/she loves me not’. It is said to be a talisman for all who are pure of heart and loyal in love. A daisy root can bring back an absent lover if placed under a pillow at night.

The Colour of April is Pink.

The Crystals of April are rose quartz, jade and emerald.

April’s Incenses and oils include rose, apple blossom and violets.

An Asmodel Angel of April ritual for increasing your charisma and radiance if you are feeling overlooked, unloved or unlovable.

You will need

A mirror you can see your head and shoulders in.

Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror


Any time in April, for five days after dark.

The Spell:


March Updates 2017

Happy Full Moon in Virgo March 12 CLICK HERE

Happy March CLICK HERE for a March spell


Cassandra and Debi send you Equinox blessings wherever you live in the world.

Alban Eiler, Ostara or the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Alban Elued or Mabon, Autumn Equinox in the Southern hemisphere both fall on March 20 at 10.29 Universal Coordinated Time.

Alban Eiler

Alban Eiler means in Gaelic the Light of the Earth that returns after the winter and the time of sowing, actual and spiritual begins in earnest. This is the time for fertility and positive life changes, new beginnings and opportunities, new flowering love, for initiating creative ventures, travel, house moves, clearing what is no longer needed in your life; anything to do with conception and pregnancy, children and young people, mothers and healing. Time too for spring cleaning your life, welcoming the winds of change, for rituals and empowerments to cleanse the seas and air of pollution, for new peace-making initiatives of all kinds, also to encourage major changes in attitude towards international, national, local and family issues.

Candle colours: Yellow and green

Crystals: Sparkling yellow crystals, such as citrine, golden beryl and rutilated quartz, also lemon and apple green chrysoprase and green aventurine for good luck.

Angel of the festival: Raphael, Archangel of the Dawn, the East, the spring and of healing. He carries a golden vial of medicine, with a traveller’s staff, food to nourish travellers and is dressed in the colours of early morning sunlight, with a beautiful green healing ray emanating from his halo.

Alban Elued

Alban Elued means in Gaelic, light on the Water and so the sun is moving away over the water to shine on the Isles of the Blest, leaving the world with peace and acceptance of what did not work while rejoicing in what has been achieved and persevering with what still may come to fruition.

A time for the completion of tasks, the achievement of long-term goals, for mending quarrels and forgiving yourself for past mistakes, for recovering money owed and overcoming debt problems, for assessing gain and loss, for family relationships and friendships, for material security for the months ahead,, for abundance in all aspects of your life,, for issues of job security or the need to consolidate finances; all matters concerning the retirement and older people; the resolution or management of chronic health problems

Candle Colours: Blue and green

Crystals: Blue lace agate, chalcedony, Aqua aura, also rose quartz and all calcites

The Angel of the Autumn Equinox is Rismuch, angel of agriculture and cultivated land, wearing every imaginable shade of brown, carrying a scythe and a hoe as symbol that he is conserver of the land and the crops. His symbols are sheaves of wheat and ears of corn, also dishes of seeds and nuts.


February Updates 2017

Happy St Valentine's Day CLICK HERE; 2017 Australia Dates CLICK HERE; 2017 Charlie's Rock Shop Dates CLICK HERE; Welcome to February CLICK HERE: Happy Full Moon, with a ritual CLICK HERE


Happy Full Moon in Virgo

Happy Full Moon in Virgo on March 12

Happy Full Moon in Virgo on March 12 at 14.54 UTC, called the Full Worm Moon because at this time of the year in some parts of Native North America from which we receive with thanks the traditional moon names, the earth was soft enough so returning migratory birds could feed again. It is also called Sap Moon as the maple tree sap begins to flow and abundance returns.

But wherever in the world you see this moon and at whatever time in your own zone(in some places on 13 March), this is the Full moon of Hamaliel, angel of perfection, high standards, ethics, honesty, hard work, perseverance and patience when the road is hard.

In the modern world, too often the step by step careful approach, checking details and using the correct spellings, adding up without a calculator and writing grammatically instead of text speak are disregarded as uncool or taking far too much time; when your phone can deliver a Luv U message in predicted text why trudge through the rain with a bunch of roses for your beloved or pour out your soul in a poem that took a week to compose and then didn’t quite rhyme?

In Ancient Egypt Nefertum, young god of perfection emerged from the first lotus on the first morning and thereafter recreated each morning the joy as well as effort of that first dawning as he returned in the early sunlight. And so perfect moments when we stop time are of infinite value and should be cherished as we step off the 24/7 road race for a few minutes in response to the Virgoan full moon call.

Pausing to chat to a lonely neighbour, stopping to admire the silvery moon wheeling through the sky without programming the remote control so as not to miss a minute of the silver screen canned laughter or worse still losing the actual connection with the moon emerging momentarily from behind clouds because we are so desperate to capture the moment on the I Phone.

This is the moon of taking time, telling a bedtime story we first heard from our grandparents complete with growly voices instead of putting on the latest remastered Disney DVD, checking what is happening outside the I Pad, Smart phone half-hourly world news bubble, with the flowers the trees, the flowing waters and with the people we should care for most, talking at dinner to those round the table instead of texting semi-strangers about trivialities. Virgo reminds us not to seize, but cherish each moment and hold every unrepeatable pearl of time.

Finally, this is the moon for bringing order out of chaos. If your life is a frantic muddle, cluttered with unfinished tasks and seemingly impossible deadlines, on the night of the Virgo full moon stop panicking, make a list in order of priority, put it away and enjoy the moon. Next morning complete just one task, make one awkward phone call or mail you have been putting off and tick it off on the diminishing list. By the time the next full moon rises glorious your life and your mind will be ready for the harmony of Full Moon Libra on April 11.

Happy, happy Moon.

Happy March 2017

Happy March from Cassandra and Debi

Named after Mars the Roman God of War, this was the month war and conquest resumed after winter and was the start of the Roman year as late as 153 BCE. Mars was also the Guardian of agriculture and the ancestor of the Roman people through his sons Romulus and Remus who founded Rome and so March also marked the start of the farming year.

The month is good for courage, action, passion, overcoming obstacles, for physical strength and independence, self-confidence, strong identity, innovation, assertiveness and the power to move life forward, for action packed holidays and getting fit, tackling bullies or inequality, passionate love, initiating or launching new projects of all kinds especially business or an innovative scheme and getting rid of what holds you back.

Avoid negotiations with people who are intolerant or prejudiced, activities involving detail rather than the big picture, working as a lesser team member where you have knowledge and expertise and will get irritated, being restricted physically or following a set programme where there is no room for your own spin on it.

Since this was the first month in the old calendar and the third month in the modern calendar, it is under the guardianship both of Michael the Archangel of the Sun whose year it is and so an excellent year for positive new beginnings and of Sachiel the Archangel of expansion, promotion and leadership and success by reaching out for what you most want and need.

The angel of March is Machidiel (or Malahidael), the innovator and warrior angel with sparkling golden-red halo and wings.

The colour of March is red.

 Gems and crystals, orange carnelian, diamond, Herkimer diamond and the courageous undefeatable red and green bloodstone.

The March flowers are daffodils, geraniums, hibiscus, hollyhocks, honeysuckle and tiger lilies.

 March incenses and oils most potent in this month are cedar, cinnamon and Dragon’s Blood.

A Machidiel Angel of March ritual for getting what is right when you know you are being misrepresented, bullied or cheated.

You will need

An email printout, official document or judgement you know is wrong. If verbal abuse, spite or misinformation write in black on white paper what is inaccurate or unfair and who says so.

A red pen, Machidiel’s colour.

A pair of scissors.


Any time in March, but close to the beginning is especially potent.

The Spell

Have a happy, happy March.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Cassandra and Debi

Valentine's Day

St Valentine was according to popular legend, a young priest who defied an edict of the Emperor Claudius II that soldiers should not be allowed to marry as it made them poor fighters. St Valentine it is told conducted the weddings of a number of young soldiers and was executed on February 14, ad269, thereafter becoming the Patron Saint of Lovers.

It is said that while Valentine was in prison, he restored the sight of the jailer’s blind daughter and that she fell in love with him. Even more romantic myth adds that as he was taken to be executed, he wrote on the wall a message for his love: ‘Always, your Valentine.’

But the actual origins are more earthy. In pre-Christian tradition February 15 was the time of lovers at the ancient Roman festival, Lupercalia, which was held on the spot where Romulus and Remus were said to have been suckled by the wolf. The Horned Fertility God, in the form of the Lycean Pan or Lupercus as he was called in Rome, was central to the festival as he offered protection to the flocks from wolves. On this day, unmarried girls and young men performed love and sex rites in the Grotto of the She-Wolf in order to bring fertility to animals, land and people.

With the advent of Christianity, Christian festivals were grafted on to the old pagan rituals and gradually the celebrations on February 14 became dedicated solely to St Valentine and not his pagan forebears. There was a mediaeval custom on Valentine’s Eve of casting lots to choose a Valentine.

Young men or women would put into a container an equal number of names of the opposite sex and the chosen name picked out by a young man would determine his partner for the Valentine celebrations and hopefully eternal bliss. Young men would wear the slip of paper with the girl’s name on their sleeves (one explanation for the old saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’).

February 14 has yet another love connection. It is the day on which birds are said to choose their mates, according to Chaucer’s Parliament of The Fowles: ‘For this was on St Valentine’s Day, When every Fowl cometh to choose her mate’.

If an unmarried girl saw a bird during the morning of February 14, it was believed that she would divine her future love. Most Valentine rituals were devised in less liberated days when the ambition of every maid was to find a husband. Nowadays many a young man is seen with his packet of bird seed on Valentine’s Morn.

If you see a hen and cockerel together early on St Valentine’s Day, it is a sign you will be married before the next February 14. The number of animals you see as you leave home will tell you how many months will elapse before the nuptials take place.

The old myths promise that if a girl sees a crow, she will marry a clergyman; a robin a sailor; a goldfinch, a millionaire; any yellow bird, someone who is well off; a sparrow, find love in a cottage, a blue bird, poverty and a woodpecker, quarrels. A wren portends the girl will remain an old maid and a flock of doves promises happiness in every way. In hotter climes, a parrot depicts a partner who will never stop talking and rainbow lorikeets a high maintenance love.

Valentine cards have flourished on both sides of the Atlantic as well as many other parts of the world. Love notes, often illustrated, began early in the Middle Ages and hand-cut illustrated Valentine messages have been found from as early as the 1500s. The first Valentine card was printed in 1761. The beginning of the penny postal service in Britain in 1840 caused the real expansion of the Valentine card industry.

Printed cards of the Victorian era were assembled by hand and very delicately created from lace, woven silk panels, feathers, pearls and multi-layers, often delicately cut and woven like cobwebs. You opened them out by lifting a central thread.

They tended to be very sentimental. For example, a John Windsor card in the possession of the British auctioneers Phillip’s bears the hand-written message:

‘If while my passions I impart
You deem my words untrue,
O place your hand upon my heart,

Feel how it beats for you.’

After about 1900, postcard Valentines, as opposed to the frothier confections, came into vogue. These were slightly more jovial though by no means risqué. One with a picture of Cupid declared:

Alas my Cupid looks so shy, He is not really, nor am I.’

Another depicting a telegram said simply:

‘Wise date,
Can’t wait,
Be quick,
Love sick,
No joke,
Heart broke.’

A Traditional Valentine’s morning flower love charm.

You will need

A yellow crocus or any small yellow flower.


The morning of February 14.

The Spell:

A St Valentine’s seed ritual to make a slow-burning love grow.

You will need

A container of seeds.


Early evening on February 14.

The Spell:

A Traditional way of discovering who sent you an anonymous Valentine’s card.

You will need

A quill pen or any nibbed pen;

Red ink

The anonymous Valentine’s card.


Just before midnight on the first Friday after you receive the card

The Spell:

During the following week you will discover the identity of your secret Valentine-sender, either in a dream or in everyday life.

And a little something for single people on Valentines

With shops already overflowing with love hearts and red satin boxes of chocolates or crimson squashy silk roses, Valentine’s Day can if you are alone seem a reminder of loneliness.

I did once get a reduced red devil supermarket Valentine bear on February 15 from an ex, who left the price tag on along with our cut price passion. And Terry the milkman the first man ever to propose to me and in hindsight my best offer in almost seventy years, composed me a poem with the immortal lines, And if you die and go to hell, I will follow you as well, for I love you and you love me, And I will bring you morning coffee(or was it tea?).

But remember on the day of love, if solo or separate you are of immense value, a person worthy of love who may have for now lost faith in love or someone you loved or have been betrayed or ben left alone through loss

Buy yourself something small you really want to say I love myself, I can give to myself and if and when it is right I will choose to love someone who loves me as I am , as I look now and for what I believe and say.

If your present love is destructive or indifferent, consider-and it is hard-if half a loaf is better than none if it is mouldy round the edges. After all lots of people don’t want a partner but rejoice in independence and freedom. So use the day to book a trip or make a plan for the future you can fulfil without walking two by two.

We Billy and Betty no Valentines can celebrate our uniqueness on February 14 and the love of friends, family and even our beloved pets-and most of all ourselves complete and not the missing half of a better half. Happy Valentine’s Day as you walk in the light of your own love and the love you generate to all and from who meet you.

With shops already overflowing with love hearts and red satin boxes of chocolates or crimson squashy silk roses, Valentine’s Day can if you are alone seem a reminder of loneliness.

I did once get a reduced red devil supermarket Valentine bear on February 15 from an ex, who left the price tag on along with our cut price passion. And Terry the milkman the first man ever to propose to me and in hindsight my best offer in almost seventy years, composed me a poem with the immortal lines, And if you die and go to hell, I will follow you as well, for I love you and you love me, And I will bring you morning coffee(or was it tea?).

But remember on the day of love, if solo or separate you are of immense value, a person worthy of love who may have for now lost faith in love or someone you loved or have been betrayed or ben left alone through loss.

Buy yourself something small you really want to say I love myself, I can give to myself and if and when it is right I will choose to love someone who loves me as I am , as I look now and for what I believe and say.

If your present love is destructive or indifferent, consider-and it is hard-if half a loaf is better than none if it is mouldy round the edges. After all lots of people don’t want a partner but rejoice in independence and freedom. So use the day to book a trip or make a plan for the future you can fulfil without walking two by two.

We Billy and Betty no Valentines can celebrate our uniqueness on February 14 and the love of friends, family and even our beloved pets-and most of all ourselves complete and not the missing half of a better half. Happy Valentine’s Day as you walk in the light of your own love and the love you generate to all and from who meet you.


Cassandra‘s back in London for Readings and Workshops from Friday April 27 to Monday May 1.

I will be offering one to one, couples’ or joint family member readings at my only UK venue, Charlies Rock Shop, 18 Watermill Way, Abbey Mills, London SW19 2RD Tel: 0208 544 1207 for bookings. Or Contact Charlie’s Rock Shop on Facebook.

We tend to book weeks ahead as there are limited spaces for readings and the workshops so contact Charlie, Teresa or Sacha to reserve the time you want.

The shop is 5 minutes’ walk from Colliers Wood Underground station and is in a delightful out of the way historic setting by the river.

Clairvoyant readings, life path reviews, past lives, business or relationship decisions, mentoring, psychic children, spells for any positive purpose including fertility, prosperity, career, travel, creative ventures, love and psychic protection, escaping from destructive relationships, fears and phobias, removing curses and ill-wishing and discovering who are your special angels and guides.

I will use Tarot, runes, Goddess cards, Egyptian Oracle cards, Numerology, Animal cards, Crystal angels and crystal spheres to answer your questions and offer guidance on any matter than concerns you or your loved ones.

I will also be holding two workshops.

Friday April 29 on Everyday Magick, 6.30-8pm, how to cast your own spells anytime anywhere to attract what you want, remove what you don’t and create magical protective amulets and lucky talismans using crystals.

Just bring yourself and a notebook and pen for a fun and informative evening suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Saturday April 30 on Instant Tarot Reading, how to read the cards and do simple spreads, suitable for experts and beginners alike. Bring your own cards or borrow ours.


Full Moon in Leo February 11, 2017

Happy Full moon in Leo

Happy Full moon in Leo on February 11. 0033. UTC from Debi and Cassandra. This may be manifest according to where you live on February 10. This moon is called in the Native North American world Full snow moon, Hunger Moon or Bone Moon and because it is an eclipse brings powerful regeneration and the shedding of the old wherever you live in the world.

Verchiel, the golden joy bringer who is surrounded by sunbeams, the angel of this full moon, offers us the power and courage, to move things forward in a dramatic and joyous way so we can strive for what constitutes for us happiness, success and most importantly fulfilment. Lady Snow Moon welcomes her alter ego, the Leonine sun power, sunlight shimmering on ice as opposites fuse together, Fire and Ice, in shimmering hissing triumphant ice sparks.

A powerful moon for reaching out dynamically and without doubt or fear of failing or falling as wolves and humans alike, call to their Moon Mother, for actual and spiritual sustenance knowing she hears. Try this ritual for whatever you most want to attain and let none cast doubt or scorn on your dreams. All things are possible if we dare to dream and then dare to bring that dream down into our life like a shimmering moonbeam to be transformed in daylight into a sudden flare of sunlight.

Happy, happy moon.


Happy February 2017

Happy February from Cassandra and Debi

Named after the Roman festival of fertility and purification held on February 15th , the festival of Februa became combined with the love and fertility festival Lupercalia held on the same day, from which we get St Valentine’s Day.

Februum means purification and so the festival of Februa involved cleansing and washing with water to bring the new Springtime energies into being and wash away stagnation and what needed to be left behind. This can be as relevant in the Sothern hemisphere for a new start before the winter.

Februa herself was mother of Mars, and Goddess of passion.

Indeed many modern Valentine’s day customs derive from Lupercalia, that was dedicated to the goddess she-wolf Lupa, who suckled the twins Romulus and Remus, later the founders of Rome. On this day, unmarried girls and young men performed love and sex rites in the Grotto of the She-Wolf, in order to bring fertility to animals, land and people.

February is good for awakening new love and trust, for increasing good luck, melting coldness or indifference and planting the seeds of future success; also for any cleansing/purification of the home and your life especially after sickness or misfortune and also for driving away what is destructive or redundant

Barakiel (or Barchiel), the bringer of good luck, is the Angel of February and helps with reconciling differences, trusting intuition. combining two careers or interests, psychic development, changing bad luck, for dealing with any emotional matters and for overseas travel. Barakiel or Barchiel wears robes of blue and gold and has lightning flashing from his halo.

Avoid in February if possible, encounters with officialdom, committing yourself to binding contracts if you have doubts, matters involving logic or attention to detail, people who are manipulative or dishonest and those who show excessive emotions, sentimentality or changeability according to who is present.

The colours of February are white and mauve.

The crystals are amethyst, coral, bloodstone and all fluorites.

Incenses and oils include honeysuckle, sweet grass and lotus.

Its flowers are daffodils, early spring flowers, water lilies, wisteria.

2017 is not a Leap Year and so this February has only 28 days. Leap Year did not really come into being until the advent of the Gregorian calendar in England in 1752 and almost two hundred years earlier in Europe. It occurs on February 29 when the calendar contains an extra day every four years (when the last two numbers in the year date can be divided by four). This is to put the astronomical calendar back into synchronicity.

A Barakiel Angel of February ritual for bringing the good fortune you most need.

You will need:

Five white candles as a pathway on a table, leading to the mirror propped on the table, so the reflected candle pathway continues in the mirror as well in actuality on the table.


Any time in February after dark, with no other light in the room.

The Ritual:

Happy, Happy February.

January 2017 Updates

28th January 2017

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster.

The Rooster is tenth in the Chinese zodiac in the 12 year cycle Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029.

The Chinese New Year begins on January 28, 2017, the first new moon day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. The exact new moon time is at 08:07 a.m. on January 28, 2017 in China’s standard time.

Rooster people are honest, efficient, good organizers, especially of money and like being high profile, being particularly successful in either the media or the Law, but can be abrasive and dogmatic. Prince Philip is not surprisingly a Rooster. Roosters are naturally observant, hardworking, resourceful and confident, talkative and like being the centre of attention, sometimes too much so. Roosters are invariably healthy and fit.

2017 is a Fire Rooster year so is especially dynamic. Some call this year the year of the Red Chicken.

Rooster years are good for politics and money, for overcoming inertia and injustice and for self-sufficiency, especially in smaller money matters. Beware of extremism and perfectionism and pushing yourself forwards if you don’t know what you are talking about.

If you were born between 5 and 7 pm any day the Rooster forms your secondary characteristic and so you may share some of his characteristics regardless of your main animal.

If you are a Rooster (and check your animal if you were born around the Chinese New Year) your lucky colours are gold, brown, and yellow and your lucky numbers are 5, 7 and 8 or any combination of them.

Happy Imbolc and Happy Lughnassadh

Happy Imbolc or Oimelc, in the northern hemisphere and Happy Lughnassadh or Lammas also in the southern hemisphere .... February 1.....



Welcome to January 2017

January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings.



Happy first Moon of the New Year

Happy first Moon of the New Year on January 12 in Cancer at 0.11.34 UCT, whose influence will be felt through from late on 11th to late on the 12th wherever you live. For Momma Moon has come home to her own sign of Cancer and is letting everyone know she’s back in town.



Happy Imbolc or Oimelc, in the northern hemisphere and Happy Lughnassadh or Lammas also in the southern hemisphere .... February 1

Happy Imbolc or Oimelc, in the Northern hemisphere representing in the old Celtic world the first stirrings of new life, the fire in the belly of the maiden goddess as she melts the winter snows with her willow wand , awakening the land to growth and our hearts to new hopes.

Happy Lughnassadh or Lammas also in the south, celebration of the first harvest home and again in the Celtic traditions the willing sacrifice of the Grain God symbolised as the last sheaf to be cut to give life to the land for the next year’s harvest yet to be planted, a sacrifice not in vain but transformed into the first harvest loaf bringing abundance and nourishment of our future dreams.

Twelve months have passed since last I wrote similar words. What do these old festivals mean in our modern world.?

That wherever we live on this dual festival we should rejoice in endeavours at last bearing results and enjoy and acknowledge our success without worrying about what next or supposing it does not last, using what we have worked so hard for as our own harvest loaf, to sustain us when we do doubt what we have and can achieve.

Equally what did not work we can try again, allow our frozen hearts to believe and trust, not throwing away what seemed and still seems so important, but being patient, allowing those relationships or opportunities we so dearly want to germinate a little longer, till the time is right, letting the first warmth show us that tomorrow really is another day.

For in six months time Imbolc and Lughnassadh swap places, when in the Northern hemisphere it will be the reaping of the grain and in the South re-awakening the slumbering promises of success and happiness to grow as reality, just six months even further round the Wheel.

Above all even as we draw strength from the changing seasonal energies beneath our feet, the birds in the sky, the real Wheel of the Year is within and we can turn it at will, drawing on the power we need, whether rejoicing and reaching out confidently or being patient until we know growth can return. And the sacrifices we make in time, effort and maybe letting go of certainty, will ultimately be worthwhile because in doing so we can not only make but change what in darker moments seems like inevitable Destiny.

Full Moon in Cancer January 12 2017

Happy first Moon of the New Year

Happy first Moon of the New Year on January 12 in Cancer at 0.11.34 UCT, whose influence will be felt through from late on 11th to late on the 12th wherever you live. For Momma Moon has come home to her own sign of Cancer and is letting everyone know she’s back in town.

The Moon in Cancer is ruled by Muriel the silvery angel of dreams and wishes and Muriel is steering her magical carpet through the skies very successfully shredding the parking tickets issued by the somewhat stubborn astrological Cardinal Grand Cross players who seek to make Mother Moon play by its rules, with bossy Jupiter in Libra, Pluto throwing out the baby with the bath water and the Sun cautious and critical squabbling in Capricorn and Uranus rocking the boat for the sheer hell of it in Aries. For this is Mother Moon’s night of glory, her party.

An emotional moon, so expect tears and protestations of love and devotion, both genuine and crocodile tears that have a price and a sting in the tail. You will know whether love and loyalty are real if you trust your intuition, give common sense an airing-and do not fall maybe for the hundredth time for It will be different this time. Leopards can repaint their spots but generally the top layer is peeling off before the February full moon in Leo has roared into the skies.

Call on this protective Cancerian moon for happiness at home, for family, children and fidelity, for any imaginative projects, also for keeping necessary secrets, especially love that cannot be revealed because one or both partners are not free, for conceiving a baby, for overcoming a relationship problem or betrayal, for major home renovations or refurbishing, for protection of the home and family, particularly against accidents or hostile neighbours.

Some recall the Native North American name Full Wolf Moon, the wolves howling at Mother Moon at the hungriest time of the year, the time of the clan sharing what they have and also a moon to recall those who have not, not just materially but who are alone through bereavement or divorce, estranged or far from family and as the Yule decorations are pulled down, see only the bleakness ahead.

So, if you are safe within the shelter of close friends and family, spare a smile and maybe some practical gesture of help or the hand of friendship to those who have little or whose eyes reflect the sought or unsought solitude within.

What is more Mother Moon offers us all a free gift with every shimmering moonbeam, that bit of extra good luck to give you the opportunities in the months ahead to live your dreams, if necessary stepping beyond the security of the familiar and crossing oceans of uncertainty or moving to the next town or new career stage involving study to discover or recover those discarded or not fully developed talents, waiting in the wings to dance centre stage and receive long overdue accolades. Mother Moon soon will leave her Cancerian home but knows she will return in triumph year by year.

Dare to love and reach for new opportunity, to reach out risking hurt and rejection and if you are turned down then there is a whole world of new love and life and fulfilment and most of all the real you waiting, not seen for a long while maybe, saying, Oh there you are, now where were we going when life got in the way?

Hitch a ride with Muriel if the road ahead seems tough and under the full moon, turn round and round till you are dizzy and the moon rushes towards you and fills you with that recaptured curiosity for adventure and the sheer amazement of being alive.

Happy Moondays

New Tour Australia 2017

Cassandra is coming back to Australia and looking forward to seeing friends old and new

I shall be in Toowoomba from Friday January 20 to Tuesday January 31. 9am-7pm (including Australia Day holiday Thursday Jan 26) at the Burke and Wills Hotel, 554 Ruthven Street.

And at Mackay, South Leagues Club, 181 Milton Street - Friday 3 February-Sunday 12 February 9am-7pm

And at Cairns, Brothers League Club, 105 Anderson Street, Manunda from Friday February 17-Monday February 27, 9am-7pm

Townsville Hotel Grand Chancellor (the Sugar Shaker) 334 Flinders Street, Thursday 2 March till Sunday 12 March, 9am-7pm, my last venue in Australia for six months.

As always, I will be making my special charm bags as a gift for you when you come for a reading, whether for health, love, happiness, good luck, fertility or prosperity.

No problem is too small or too large for us to work on together, using my large and small crystal angels, numerology, Tarot, Runes, my crystal ball and looking if you wish at your past worlds.

Ask about love and relationships, family, psychic children, career, divorce, housing issues, travel, legal matters, business decisions or changing your life path. I can also offer help with psychic protection from bad neighbours, workplace bullying, nasty spirits and curses or ill-wishing and cast spells for you for any positive or protective purpose.

I tend to get busy, so if you want a particular day or time, I suggest you contact Konnie on 1300-76- 9990 which is a free call number.

Happy January 2017

 Welcome to January 2017

January is ruled by Janus, the Roman god of gates and doorways, who has two faces looking in opposite directions, sunrise and sunset, endings and beginnings. In January, we step through the door from the past, remembering we still carry aspects of the past within us, good and bad, good memories, experiences that have shaped us, all those plans started in 2016 we can bring to fruition this year.

The most important thing to leave behind as we step through the doorway are those burdensome redundant voices in our head, the garbage from years past or venom spit recently towards us that clutters up our thinking and fills us with doubts that we can succeed. You always fail, drone on even at 2am when we cannot sleep, the old put-downs of negative parenting, disparaging teachers, destructive exes, jealous colleagues rekindling dusty doubts in our minds. Why should this year be different -and the first slip in our fledgling resolutions brings a flood of Told you so from those cobwebby ghosts gloating on our shoulder.

Better, every time we doubt or slip back into an old habit, fear or situation we resolved to leave behind with the chiming midnight New Year bells, to tell the detractors and distractors, many long dead or gone from our lives, firmly and loudly to shut the door as they scuttle back to the shadow.

Let the temporary setback go, do something small to make yourself feel good again and start again from that point. New Year resolutions aren’t a once and for all, all or nothing, but a step by step. Make January the month of each day bringing a new chance to get it right, so by February you are striding ahead confidently towards your new goals.
If the New Year resolutions are already proving too hard, maybe you were asking the impossible of yourself, whether fitness, diet, quitting bad habits or fears or making major life changes before you are fully ready. Take it slower, reassess what is realistic and a sensible time scale given all the responsibilities and stresses you have already and above all focus on what you really want for the year ahead.

As January progresses we move into the sway of Cambiel, the Guardian angel of your personal identity and blueprint, who advises us to step back from unnecessary emotional pressures to be or do what others expect, not least those pressures we impose on ourselves through regurgitating messages cast up from our subconscious that should long since have been blown away by the passing of many New Years.

This is your January, your future, your life a garden to be planted with whatever to you is beautiful and of worth and the choking weeds that hold back the growth gently but firmly pruned, especially if those doubters live on in your lives and you have to see them regularly.

To grow your own lovely future slowly and in the way you choose take a tub of sunflower seeds or seeds from any golden flower, flowers of Michael, the Archangel of this first month of this glorious year of Michael still to come.

The colours of January are dark blue and purple and the gold of Michael.

The crystals are amethyst, blue lace agate, any zircon, yellow topaz and sunstone for the light flooding back into your life.

Its fragrances are benzoin, lemon and rosemary, carnations, early crocus, snowdrops, violets, sprouting flower bulbs or orchids in warmer climes.

May your January be filled with inner sunshine.

ARTICLE in SPIRIT & DESTINY on Dragons  HERE and for further reading on dragons visit this page here

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Welcome to my website. For the last 30 years I have been writing books on the paranormal, folklore, crystals and the magickal realms, with over 100 books published worldwide.   continue reading...

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