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Between Dec 22nd and Jan 1st you can order a special reading called "The Birth of the New Sun Oracle".

Ask what you like and I will send a free Mayan New Year Sun ritual with your reading

AVAILABLE between DEC 22 to JAN 1




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We are so confident that the world will not end we will offer you 2 course modules for the price of one on December 22, one day only.

Simply buy one course module, and in the message box, say which other course module you want. Read about my courses here


Between Dec 22nd and Jan 1st you can order a special reading called "The Birth of the New Sun Oracle".

Ask what you like and I will send a free Mayan New Year Sun ritual with your reading


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What they are and how you can order one for yourself or as a unique gift for a loved one

What are Angel Blessings?

Over hundreds of years Archangels and Angels have become associated with the specific strengths each offers to humans who call on them. For example Anael the Archangel of love, the angel of fragrant roses and of Friday will bring love into your life or mend a quarrel with a partner, friend or family member.

Every Angel has particular crystals, colours and fragrances associated with them. I have collected this information and incorporated it into the blessings I have written.

By speaking the blessing on a particular day and time according to the individual angel and Archangel associations and if you wish by performing the simple ritual I suggest you can connect directly and immediately with the angel whose gifts you are seeking in your life.

How can Angel Blessings help you?

In the modern frantic world it can be hard to connect with angelic powers and wisdom yet angelic blessings are there when needed and offer a unique form of empowerment and protection against the hazards of life today.

The blessings on this site are unique in that each is shaped to link you with your special angel, using Cassandra’s thirty years of extensive research and channelling angel wisdom.

Detailed instructions with each blessing tell you precisely how and when you can carry out the blessings.

They include welcoming a new child into the world, blessing a wedding day, seeking healing for an illness, addiction or stress, having the strength to make a new beginning or resolving a long standing legal or neighbourhood dispute.

You only need simple household ingredients or candles obtainable from any supermarket to carry out your blessing

Can I buy Angel Blessings for other People?

You can buy blessings either for yourself or for friends, family members or and can print or copy the blessings to send on the appropriate day to the person for whom you are asking the blessing. There are also special zodiac angel birthday blessings with suggestions of small gifts or flowers linked with the Birthday angel that you can send or give on the special day.

Using the Blessings to obtain the best results

Sometimes a matter may be complicated or ongoing and your confidence may naturally have beer eroded by a series of setbacks. Blessings for specific purposes can be used a number of times at key points to build up the angelic energies and also your own confidence or that for the person for whom you have bought the blessing.

For example: Archangel Sachiel’s employment or promotion blessing, Hariel’s blessing to bring home safely a lost pet or mighty Metatron’s protection for a child who is being bullied or teased are ongoing and can be increased at time of crisis.

Choosing the right blessing

In the list below, you will see Cassandra's "standard" Angel Blessings which are only £8 per blessing. Alternatively, you can choose to have a "bespoke" Blessing and Ritual especially created for your purpose/needs; these are £15 each.

If you wish to have Cassandra perform any blessing for you as well as doing it yourself (or if you are unable to do it yourself), there is an additional charge of £15 which enables Cassandra to perform the blessing 3 times for you.

To Order a Bespoke Angel Blessing click here and remember to give your specific details.

To order a standard blessing, study the purposes listed below and choose one that addresses the purpose for which you seek the blessing. (Over the months ahead more blessings will be added regularly to the site as there are over 200 angel strengths that can assist in the modern world).


1 An Angel blessing for returning what is lost

2 An Angel Blessing to change misfortune into good luck, to reduce worries about money, and to bring luck in games of chance

3 An Angel Blessing to bring new love into your life and to increase fidelity and commitment in an existing relationship

4 – 15 Individual Angel Zodiac Blessings:

4. Aries, 5. Taurus, 6. Gemini, 7. Cancer, 8. Leo, 9. Virgo, 9. Libra, 10. Scorpio, 11. Sagittarius, 12. Capricorn, 13. Aquarius and 14. Pisces

16 Angel Blessings: Crescent Moon blessing for a new beginning in the way most needed

17 Angel Blessings: The Full Moon Angels for change and for success in any venture

18 Angel Blessings: The Angels of the Waning or Decreasing Moon to take away fears or what you no longer want or need in your life

19 Angel Blessings: An Angel blessing for returning lost pets home, stopping animals straying and for preventing others harming them

20 Angel Blessings: An Angel Blessing for Travel and for Commuting in potentially dangerous times

21 Angel Blessings: An Angel Blessing for protection, to guard the home, family and self against burglary, vandalism, natural disasters and accidents, physical, psychological and psychic attack

22 Angel Blessings: An Angel blessing for resolving court cases, legal proceedings and official proceedings such as tax problems in your favour and for fighting against any injustice

23 Angel Blessings: An Angel Blessing to bring Money and Abundance into your life

24 Angel Blessings: An Angel blessing for mending quarrels, bringing estranged people together, rekindling lost love and connecting with friends and family far away

25 Angel Blessings: Animal Healing

26 Angel Blessings: Birth of a Baby

27 Angel Blessing: for Employment, Promotion or a better job

28 Angel Blessings: for Graduation/examination success

29 Angel Blessings: Healing

30 Angel Blessings: Marriage

31 Angel Home Blessing

32 An Angel Blessing for children and young people who are being bullied or have educational, social or emotional problems for whatever reason

33 A Guardian Angel Blessing


  1. Select your Angle Blessing from the drop-down list (and if it's Standard one, remember its number from the list above) and click add to cart.

  2. Go to checkout (pay by card or with Paypal balance).

  3. In the "Add special instructions to the seller" box, please give name(s), date(s) of birth and any specific details. Alternatively, send an email after ordering to

  4. If you are buying as a gift, remember to give their name and DOB etc as well as the email address you'd like the blessing sent to.

You will receive your blessing usually within a few days, by email, as a PDF file that you can print if you wish.

Payment methods accepted: (you do not need a PayPal account to make an order)
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