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SITE UPDATES: 14/12/2012


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Introduction to using Crystals in the home and everyday life: includes the use of basic crystals to bring health, prosperity, harmony, happiness, good luck and love to your home...


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Between Dec 22nd and Jan 1st you can order a special reading called "The Birth of the New Sun Oracle".

Ask what you like and I will send a free Mayan New Year Sun ritual with your reading


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All about Angels - Introduction

Angels have been around, it is said, since the beginning of time and assisted with Creation. One ancient Hebrew text says that angels were made on the second day of Creation. After God had made animals and birds, he formed humans so that they might be a bridge between the angels and animals with the potential to strive towards either state.

Angels appear to humans in the form to which the individual most easily relates. To some this may be as a full blown Archangel with golden wings or for others a kindly stranger who helps us when we are lost or afraid and then disappears. Because when you are dealing with a non physical energy being, you will interpret that being within your own perceptual system and your own cultural and personal understanding of angels. 

We all have guardian angels. If you haven’t met yours yet or if you stopped believing in and talking to angels when childhood ended and people convinced you they weren’t true, There are ways of opening or reopening pre-existing channels to angelic connection.

For those of you who already know and love angels, you can expand your personal angel explorations.

So, who are these angels?

Because angels are made of pure energy that vibrates at a level we possess only in the outer or more spiritual layers of our aura or personal energy field, we see them mainly at times of prayer or meditation or when the material world suddenly fails us and we are thrown back on to our inner spiritual nature.

Children regularly see angels as they do other spirit beings such as fairies, because the very young operate quite naturally on those more spiritual levels before their personal energy fields get weighed down with formal knowledge and material concerns.

What is not in doubt is that encounters with angelic energy forms are always transforming and positive. For angels are intermediaries between humanity and Divinity. When they suddenly enter our lives, whether in dreams, visions or waking encounters, life is not the same any more, but is so much better. It is like someone pulling back the curtain of your bedroom windows to reveal a bright sunny morning when you were still hiding under the bedclothes.

After you have been touched by that light, the radiance may reveal how dusty some of the corners of our lives and minds are and opens horizons so high and wide you would need many lifetimes even to start exploring.

This angelic awakening may not always be comfortable any more than someone opening those curtains on a bright morning when you were sound asleep and telling you to leave the warmth of your bed because it is a lovely day outside. But we are always glad we did go into the sunshine and it is like that with angel contact.

Understanding Angels

Angelology, the study of angels, is a very complex, sometimes confusing and contradictory area of knowledge spanning thousands of years and many cultures. Angels are traditionally found in the Judaic, Christian, Islamic and Zoroastrian religions, though other faiths such as Buddhism have their evolved sky beings. Angels are in formal religion regarded as intermediaries between God or the gods and humankind.

Angels are beings of light or spiritual energy who are part of the formal religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Angels are sent as guides to humanity and to protect the planet. Though sometimes regarded in hierarchies, the guardian angel is closest to individuals and so has become the most significant. Though Archangels rank above angels and therefore have less personalised relationships with people, in magic Archangels usually form the main focus. This is because they represent archetypal or idealised qualities and have the power and authority to offer protection.

Our concept of angels is affected by the society in which we live. However, because angels have been recognised in so many cultures over the ages our view is influenced by the literature, religious philosophy and art of earlier times. For example; the militaristic qualities of the bands of angels in biblical writings as well as those of Islam or the Jewish esoteric wisdom, the Kabbalah, may stem from the need to defend those faiths against unbelievers and those who still followed earlier Mother Goddess religions or those with many deity forms. The angels of the Kabbalah and ceremonial magic in both mediaeval and early twentieth century occultism, come from the Jewish tradition, dating from times when ancient Israel incorporated earlier pagan gods as angels serving the One True God.

My own favourite artistic depiction of an Angel is the Angel of Death portrayed by Carlos Schwabe, a painter in late Victorian and early Edwardian times who showed the Death angel as a green–winged beautiful woman dressed in jade, surrounded in green light, set against the white snow of a winter cemetery. She is encouraging a frightened man to leave his grave so she may take him to heaven. She has been identified as Azrael, the once fiery Archangel of Death.

The real significance of such paintings is that people have expressed angelic energies in many different ways. Though Archangels with the exception of Gabriel are generally viewed as very masculine, they are androgynous and we may perceive them in a compassionate female light in some rituals. It can be helpful to download images of Angels from the Internet or study them in books. However, it is our own conceptualisation of the energies of specific Angels and the relationship we develop with them through ritual and meditation with which we can most fruitfully work.

Below are the links to the pages in my Angel Section of the site.

Angel readings - Angelic Year Ahead and Moon Angel Oracle readings

Both angels and Archangels have traditionally been used in rituals to bring good luck, love, fertility, healing, prosperity, success and protection. Each career, the home and the workplace and every kind of illness or distress or need are ruled by different angels. In addition each personal need or wish has a powerful ruling Archangel who brings extra strength and protection to the ritual.  Order an Angel Blessing & Ritual from

Angel Books - page coming soon this page.

Angel spells - page coming soon



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