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Chinese New Year 2013 falls on Sunday February 10th

For more information about Chinese Astrology, Click Here


Happy year of the Snake.

The year of the black Water Snake begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius who ensures a smooth calm transition of the new energies. Lucky numbers for people born in the Year of the Snake are 2, 4, 7, and 9 and their lucky day is Monday. The numbers and day are auspicious for anyone to a lesser extent during the Snake year.


chinese year dates

Secondary Animal Characteristics

We all have another side to our nature. This may be especially strong if you were born close to the Chinese New Year transition. The secondary animal can explain your conflicting feelings and alert you to hidden strengths. According to the time of the day or night you were born, your secondary animal can be found. You may actually have the same sign twice in which case the characteristics are doubled in strength.

 chinese times of day

Snake years are good for secret negotiations and undercover investigations but beware of double-dealing and old scandals emerging as a result that may not be helpful if revealed. Excellent also for resolving complicated situations through low profile meetings at every level from family conferences and small business staff/employer ironing out difficulties and brainstorming to global conventions and conferences and in fixing major deals overseas behind the scenes. However documents and treaties do need careful attention to avoid missing binding clauses advantageous in the short term but with potential stumbling blocks further on. A year when money may change hands fast and so needs to be managed cautiously with great attention to the very small print and longer term implications. Though excellent for steady progress in business, beware family quarrels over money and someone who professes loyalty and devotion stabbing you in the back(use your head and instincts in deciding whom you can trust).

Snake people are complex, investigative, persuasive and good at keeping secrets, brilliant at details and finding ways round difficulties. Though logical and rational, Water snakes have flashes of intuition and even sixth sense and these are invariably accurate. Snakes can intervene in the lives of others effectively but rarely trust other people to advise or guide them. Their words never wasted or spoken except for a purpose,  tend to be of great worth and reveal their intelligence too often kept hidden in public until the moment to push forward their master plan or state of the art contract. This year, Water snakes should avoid money flowing out faster than it comes in, though in fact snakes have a good grasp of money matters. They should guard also against the too good to be true sneaky short cut and resentment over imagined slights or justifiable but pointless jealousy others who claim attention and are given credit due to the snake. Snake people include Pablo Picasso, Abraham Lincoln and John F.Kennedy.

Snake in the office

If you work with a snake person, he or she will listen intently and  then persuade  you quite the opposite of what you intended and silence complaints  with seemingly indisputable facts, for snakes do their research beforehand-and that includes of your weak spots. For Water snakes are particularly good at changing seemingly intractable opinions. The snake will never be spiteful or petty for the sake of it, but if angered by betrayal or disloyalty real or imagined, will not hold venom back. No snakes accept failure graciously, but plan their comeback twice as powerfully. Do not underestimate any snake.
A good year for fertility, safe pregnancy and birth, overcoming post natal depression, menstrual and menopausal difficulties, toxicity, allergies, food intolerances, skin problems and for new breakthrough research in conditions not fully understood.

Shedding the Old

The  power of the snake to shed its skin led to the belief that snakes did not die but were reborn each time their old skin fell off. This became a magical symbol for renewal. If there is something you wish to shed from your life, an old sorrow, a bad habit, a destructive relationship, the Chinese New Year of the snake can form a good focus for your intentions.

Go to a park or forest or even in the garden and find a stick or twig shaped like a snake.

Hold your wooden snake and as you touch the bark, name whatever it is you wish to shed, a run of bad luck, anxiety, family problems, loneliness, ill health; then with a small chisel, knife or another stick, scrape the stick until all the loose bark is gone and only smooth wood remains.

Endow the smoothed snake with all the positive people and attributes you decide to carry forward, into  the next stage of your life, good friends, an animal of whom you are very fond, an interest or career move that is proving fruitful and also those strengths that will be helpful to you in the weeks ahead.

If you wish when you get home, polish, varnish or paint your snake in bright colours and decorate it with spirals, red for courage, green for love, yellow for happiness and clear communication, blue for wisdom and power, purple for psychic abilities and spirituality, brown for firm foundations and security, pink for peace and friendship, orange for fertility and self-esteem.. As you work fill the snake with your positive intentions, again naming each as you work.

Finally place your snake where you can see her., perhaps in a special corner or on a table where you keep your treasures.