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Counselling and Psychic Life Coaching with Cassandra

Do you need some sensible compassionate advice about your family, your love life, your career or your spiritual path? Do you feel afraid or under threat? Are you planning a major life change or need some help on how to develop your creative or spiritual gifts? Would you like a caring encouraging mentor to talk over by e mail your ongoing dreams and wishes and see how they can be fulfilled?

Cassandra has an Honours degree in psychology, specialising in social, family and child psychology. She is a qualified teacher, mother of five children and was for a time an Honorary Research Fellow at the Alister Hardy Research Centre in Oxford  counselling people in religious and psychic experiences. Cassandra worked as Psychic Agony Aunt on Best magazine for more than two years and on various television shows such as Granada Breeze offering not only clairvoyance but down to earth practical advice and support.

Cassandra has been getting numerous requests for counselling on problems and for life coaching as well as for her popular and inspiring clairvoyant readings, past lives, spells, healings and blessings She is an expert on love, family relationships and traumas, children with learning difficulties, healing using crystals, auras, chakras and universal energy, bullying, eating disorders, controlling or unfaithful partners, indigo children and adults  and crystal children, on making life changes, turning interests into a second career and developing psychic or magical gifts.

Though mainly using her  psychological and practical background of life’s traumas, Cassandra will offer information if relevant about past worlds, dream analysis and even pull the odd card or two to clarify an issue. In addition she can draw up detailed ongoing programmes using crystals to help children with communication difficulties or behaviour problems and empowerments and protective rituals for anyone who is in a vulnerable position. In addition she can guide your psychic and spiritual development suggesting activities and giving feedback on your work.

Cassandra is totally non judgmental, totally confidential and will help you to build or rebuild your own confidence and self belief and to take back your own power in situations where you may have given too much through kindness

What you need to do for a reading?

Send as much detail as you wish about your current problems or choices, about anyone involved in the situation, any related dreams and any obstacles you are facing. Alternatively you can ask for guidance about psychic development, witchcraft , Druidry or healing and where relevant ask for a detailed programme to be drawn up for you to follow .

Each booking will include one free of charge follow up e mail to answer any questions you may have. After that you can book a one off mentoring session


£20 for a detailed email answer to a single question or issue you would like to discuss.

£25 as above with analysis of a relevant dream and where necessary some psychic input including past life references if relevant.

£50 for an individual programme: This will give you a specific plan to follow, such as for helping challenging children with crystals, or for planning a major life change. This is a one off detailed plan for one area of your life. It may be backed up with the additional mentoring sessions (see below) if required.

£75 for a full life review: This is a detailed plan (as above) that covers more than one aspect of your life. This is not the same as a clairvoyant reading because it is based on what is known though it may include using some psychic methods if helpful, plus suggestions on future steps to be taken.

Additional Mentoring "pay as you go":

£15 per session (approx half an hour) for ongoing mentoring after one of the above services has been used. For instance, you can write and describe your month’s progress (or lack of it) after working with any of the above, plus any relevant dreams, experiences and signs. Some people going through a difficult period use this service regularly to get feedback on what has happened and seek advice on overcoming specific problems as they arise.


If you are new to this site (and me) you may find reading the Testimonials page helpful.

"Cassandra has been a source of a great deal of comfort to me, I turn to her in my moments of greatest indecision. My world is a better place for her being in it, without a doubt.

Very best regards,


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