Study Auras and how to work with them in this 7 part homestudy course by Cassandra Eason


A Seven Part Online Course on Understanding and working with Auras.

Individual modules £10 each or all 7 modules for £60 (to order, see left)

Module 1: Understanding auras

The aura is a rainbow coloured energy field that surrounds people, animals, plants, crystals and even places.

There are two aura fields; the personal aura made up of seven bands of coloured light that encloses the individual, the other is the universal energy field perceived as pure white light, the colours of the rainbow synchronised together.

This is the pure life force, called Qi in the Japanese tradition chi by the Chinese, prana in Hindu spirituality, mana in Hawaii and in the Hebrew world Rauch.

Module 2: More advanced colour meanings and their antidotes

Using aura interpretation to resolve problems and give strength. The colours within the aura, their intensity and clarity, reveal a great deal about the essential personality, the changing moods, the health and the well being of an individual. Whether you are working primarily with your own aura or that of others, even subtle variations in shade can reveal hidden feelings, hopes, fears and stresses that explain seemingly illogical behaviour or extreme reactions.

Module 3: Cleansing, empowering, sealing and protecting the aura

For everyday aura reading the Mood and Personality aura are the predominant colours to study and provide the information you need for accurate readings about people’s feelings and preferences.

In this module you will learn how to: Identify the different aura bands, Assess the wellbeing of the seven rainbow aura layers using the power of touch and learn how to Cleanse, Energize and Seal the Aura.

Module 4: Auras and personal relationships, both in love and the family

How to live in harmony with difficult relatives, in laws or step relations and the build up the confidence of children as well as yourself. Understanding what is going on under the surface at a family party and the changing dynamics of power at social gatherings.

Module 5: Auras and the workplace

How to read the underlying power structure of a workplace through identifying the aura connections, to succeed at interviews, create a favourable impression, avoid being the target of workplace spite, discover hidden enemies and unexpected support and  to defuse confrontations or personal attacks.

Module 6: The Aura of Pets

Understand the hidden needs, abilities and anxieties of your pet, modify their fears, overcome difficult behaviour and anticipate their moods. With simple aura modifications your pet will become happier and healthier.

Module 7: Healing the aura

Returning to the seven aura layers. Using the aura and chakras to trigger the self healing system in yourself and others, identify potential health problems before they affect your physical health and bring the aura back into balance to restore the harmony of body, mind and soul.