Discovering Past Lives Homestudy Course

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Reincarnation, the belief that our soul returns to a new body after death, is accepted by about two-thirds of the world’s population, mainly in the Far East and is thousands of years old. But in the westernised world too increasing numbers of people are convinced that we do return with the same group of souls through different lifetimes and that we all have a twin soul who may or may not bring us fulfillment, but who will always be significant.

This 6 part course (the first module is availlable, with more to come this year 2014) examines different theories of past lives and considers what evidence there is for them. But this is mainly a practical course, exploring different ways of discovering pathways to the past. You can take any of the parts separately, but you may find it helpful to study Part 1 first. Those marked with * can be followed most easily as self contained units.

PD-U5-M1: Unit 1 Discovering Past Worlds (Also part of the Psychic Development course)

Theories of and evidence for past lives. Working with ancient cultures, old places and artefacts to create pathways to the past.
Encountering the unchanging inner spiritual self that may be the part of us that moves through different incarnations.
Developing the necessary psychic skills for past life recall, psychokinesis, the ability to receive psychic impressions through the fingertips, clairvoyance, the ability to see into the past, clairaudience the ability to tune into the past through timeless sounds and clairsentience , using universal fragrances to create doorways  to personal past worlds



Coming later in 2015


Unit 2 Past lives and astral journeys

Working with dreams, with lucid dreaming(being aware of the dream state while you are experiencing it and so using the dream plane to travel to the past).Ways of inducing accurate past life dreams, discovering your past life guardian in dreams. Beginning waking astral travel to the past using meditation, visualisation and past life crystals such as smoky quartz and fossils .Encountering our ancestors and walking in their shoes

Unit 3 Twin souls, soul families, soul friends and soul adversaries

Why is it some people we meet for the first time we feel we have known forever? Why with others do we experience instant and often mutual dislike? What if we meet our twin soul only to discover that he or she is married or does not want to know us?
Ways of identifying people in your present world who have past connections as soul family or friends
Finding your twin soul and changing unhappy past endings on the astral plane to bring improvements in present day relationships.
Drawing strengths from past worlds for mending present day relationships; using candles, pendulums and automatic writing to trigger recall, the story technique.

Overcoming past world adversaries in a positive way this time around.
If a potential twin soul relationship cannot be fulfilled or mended in the present world, letting go with gentleness to leave the door open for reconciliation in this life and subsequent ones. Can we have more than one twin soul and true love in a lifetime?

Unit 4 Regression

Using guided journeys to travel back to the past and creating these journeys for others. The dark and light mirror techniques to create past life recall; stages in recording your own tapes or CDs.How to move via relaxation to light trance states that do not involve hypnosis. Joint past life experiences. When was it I last saw you? Shared past lives and resolving present day relationships problems through them.

*Unit 5 Past Lives and healing

Shamanism and past lives, collecting parts of the self lost in different past worlds. Healing physical and emotional problems by identifying possible causes for those problems or trauma in past worlds: healing them or resolving them in that past world to improve health and well being in this life. Working with drumming and chanting for past life healing.
Working with the collective unconscious, the shared past life wisdom passed to us from our ancestors. Creating from these 20 past life visualisations for curing present day problems including weight issues, smoking, claustrophobia and panic attacks.

Unit 6 Past Lives and other forms of divination

Using Tarot cards, a crystal sphere and crystal pyramids; scrying in water, with oils, fire and incense smoke to create doorways into past worlds. Pathworking and past lives; astrology and past lives.
PLEASE NOTE: THESE MODULES ARE/WILL BE IN THE PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT COURSE - be careful not to double order, if you are doing the Psychic development course.

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