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Automatic writing is one way that spirit guides and angels communicate with humans and it is a very effective method of receiving messages or wisdom from other dimensions.

In a more practical way however, by allowing our hand to use a pen without consciously formulating the words, automatic writing is an excellent method for brainstorming both ideas and finding solutions and for inspiring creativity.

Purely psychologically people block ideas by trying too hard especially if faced with a blank piece of paper or computer screen.

The technique is similar whether you work alone or with others and operates better with old-fashioned pen and paper than a computer keyboard. The pen seems to make a circuit between the psychic energy points in the hand, the unconscious mind and the paper.

  • Take a sheet of white or cream paper (with spare sheets) and a pen you keep just for brainstorming, with traditionally green ink.

  • Before you begin ask the protection of your guardian angel and picture yourself enclosed in a circle of light
    Pick up the pen. Consider carefully before you begin what you want to know, write the question at the head of the sheet and then switch to automatic pilot.

  • Let your mind go blank, using one of the techniques for stilling the mind, for example, visualizing a sky full of stars and each setting slowly one by one leaving velvety darkness

  • When you are relaxed, start writing. Some experience a slight tingling in the fingers as the wise unconscious mind moves into the driving seat. You may produce a few lines or draw symbols or dash off two or three pages. You may also become aware that your spirit guardian or guardian angel are providing the missing information.

  • Usually only one question, the consciously formulated one, will be answered, but sometimes the unconscious will cast up another related issue.

  • When the pen stops, wait a minute or two and see if another question or area comes spontaneously into your mind.

  • Write your second question and when your unconscious is ready the pen will begin writing again.

  • There may even be a third question and answer.
    Only when you have finished should you read what you have written.

  • Thank the guardian angel for his or her protection and splash the centre of your forehead, your brow and throat with water to cleanse the higher chakras or energy points before you go back to daily life

The answer may be straightforward or it may be in story form. However the information may be more cryptic, some words of verse recalled from schooldays, a Biblical quotation or symbols.

  • If the answer does not make immediate sense, take five or ten minutes to go for a walk or carry out a routine task. Then read the words again.

If the matter is of long term significance, the ideas may be expanded in your dreams.

You may enjoy my Alchemy at Work (Ten Speed/Crossing Press US), my Ten Steps to Psychic Power (Piatkus), my Complete Guide to Psychic Development or my Contact your Spirit Guides (Quantum/Foulsham). All of these have sections on automatic writing.

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