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Coffee ground readings are another easy way of accessing future information.

If matters are not adding up after logical assessment, a coffee ground reading may just help your unconscious mind to integrate the necessary information and come up with an inspired or at least the most sensible solution .

The advantage of coffee reading is that by the time you have made and drunk the coffee, your own intuition has done an awful lot of background research and your conscious mind has slipped out of over overload to a more psychically receptive mode.

Of course this unconscious wisdom has to be interpreted, for the unconscious does not just hand over secrets in chart form and certainly not business jargon. It speaks mainly in symbols.

Visual symbols have a whole lot of attached meanings built up from personal experience, what we have read from fairy stories or mythology, from history and our particular culture; both our immediate culture and our root ancestry. Our dreams use precisely the same symbols that we discover in such divinatory forms as coffee ground reading.

Without realizing it you may already be a coffee reader. If you are a regular cappuccino drinker you may occasionally sit staring into the residue, maybe thinking you’d like another coffee before getting back to work but haven’t got time/should have a water or juice instead.

As you gaze into the almost empty cup, you may half consciously have noticed pictures. These interpreted intuitively will open your mind to a wider range of possibilities and information that is not accessible through more conventional means.

You really need no more than your cappuccino machine or plastic cup from your local takeaway bar or try reading coffee grounds.

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