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A popular traditional method of discovering future options and opportunities as well as seeing obstacles so you can avoid them, involves using twelve small round crystals. These you keep in a drawstring bag.

  • Each crystal has a specific meaning. Pick one each morning from the bag, feeling all the stones in turn and picking the one that feels right. That way you know what lies ahead in the day and how best to respond.

  • Each crystal also has protective and luck bringing qualities and you may like to wear your favourite fortune telling stones as jewellery as a necklace or bracelet or carry the crystal in a tiny purse on a day you pick that crystal.

  • If you have a question about the future or about what choice you should make, pick three crystals, one after the other from the bag without looking as you ask your question.

  • Hold the three crystals in your cupped hands, close your eyes and you will see pictures, hear words in your mind and gain impressions that will give you the information you need from your guardian angel, spirit guide or your wise inner self that can see ahead.

Study the meanings of the crystals as that will help you to understand more what the crystals are saying. The full meaning for each stone is given in the book Crystal Power

1 Clear crystal quartz, the stone of the life force

The stone of the sun, the pure life force, good health, wealth, happiness, energy, new beginnings, transforms negativity into positive light energies, clears stagnation and brings the fulfilment of dreams and wishes. When clear crystal quartz appears in your reading, you can be optimistic especially about a planned new beginning, about the success of any venture and the restoration of health. This is most exciting crystal of all to choose as it says anything is possible.

2 Amethyst, the stone of healing

An anti stress stone, amethyst brings healing and freedom from addictions, fears and phobias and destructive love. Amethyst calms excess emotions, nightmares and mood swings and is good for the development of all spiritual and psychic powers.

If you pick this crystal, trust your intuition and listen to your dreams. If you feel stressed or exhausted or have experienced a difficult period, give yourself more private time, say no to others if demands are unreasonable and give gentle love to yourself until energy flows again.

3 Aventurine, the stone of good luck

The ultimate good luck charm, it is protective against accidents of all kinds, good if you are always rushing round or if you have accident prone kids; helpful at work for solving problems and for original ideas and unusual but promising approaches.
If picked in a reading, it indicates an excellent time to take a chance and to go for what you want even if it seems a risk. Try a new money spinning idea, buy a lottery ticket or follow an on the spur of the moment or desired travel plan.

4 Carnelian, the stone of courage

The stone of courage and also of independent action, self confidence and creativity. It is good for the self employed or anyone seeking freedom from a restrictive situation or relationship. Good for selling property and for finding the right home; also protection from accidents. Carnelian is a fertility stone.

If you pick carnelian, decide what would make you happy and how this can be achieved. Do not accept second best, believe in yourself and develop your creative talents. You may be able to turn an interest into a viable venture.

5 Citrine , the stone of happiness

Sparkling yellow citrine is called the happiness stone and brings joy to family gatherings and ensures you will have a good time at parties or on dates. Good for communication whether with a lover, friends, colleagues or those who are absent. Called the merchant's stone it increases all financial matters and ensures money flows into your home; a charm for good results in conventional medial treatment.

When picked in a reading citrine says that it is a time to say what you feel and communicate your ideas and needs clearly to others, especially at work and with people who are slow to commit themselves in any way. A good time for socializing, emailing, texting and telephoning especially people far away or with whom you have lost touch. Beware however those who would deceive,

6 Hematite, the stone of hidden fire

This metallic shining stone reveals your hidden potential and talents and ways of moving forward. Called the lawyer's stone, hematite is a lucky stone for legal problems and for the successful outcome of court cases; it also protects homes from thieves , fire, floods, high winds and storm; it is a stone of passion and whatever and whoever stirs your heart. Hematite returns ill wishes to the sender. Hematite rings on the heart finger will give you both protection and power.

In a reading hematite says follow your desires and passions, but avoid making past mistakes or returning to old situations because of lethargy or fear.

7 Red Jasper, the stone of fertility

Red jasper is a stone of strength, will power, persistence, stamina and female as well male power and sexuality. It will bring fertility into your life in the way you most desire, helping you to overcome career problems or lack of employment and to get the rewards for hard work you deserve.

When you pick a red jasper it says persevere in what you want not matter how hard to seems and do not take no for an answer. Tackle problems head on without being aggressive and confront bullies or prejudice and opposition will melt away.

8 Rose quartz, the stone of gentle love

Rose quartz is the good fairy in your crystals. It is the crystal that teaches self love and gentleness and is good for women especially mothers, babies and children, animals and teenage girls. It will attract love you can trust into your life, whether a new friendship, relationship or increasing the love you have within your family or with someone special. Rose quartz is good for mending quarrels, for relieving any fears or hurts from past unkindness or betrayal and for all kinds of healing. Put it beneath your pillow at night to bring peaceful and beautiful dreams.

In a reading it reminds you that unless you love and care for yourself others will undervalue you. It is a good time for reconciliation and the melting of coldness though you may have to act as peacemaker.

9 Smoke quartz, the stone of hope

If you have experienced more than your share of problems recently or you are feeling dispirited, hold your smoky quartz up to sun, moon or candle light. As light shines through it you will see that there is hope ahead. It will ease tiredness and help you to gradually overcome long term problems whether ill-health, family or career worries or debt. The crystal is very protective especially when you are travelling. Keep one in your car or when you are on a journey alone especially at night in cities, to keep you safe. Good also if you are feeling lonely to remind you that you will love and be loved again.

In reading smoke quartz promises a new day and a slow step by step improvement in the way of life you most need it. Your luck will grow good in the days and weeks ahead and someone you have given up on may prove worth caring about after all.

10 Sodalite, the stone of the wise teacher

Sodalite is very calming. It helps you to speak wisely after considering your words carefully. It stops you worrying too much about the problems of others. Place sodalite on any legal, business or official papers before sending them back to get a favourable response. Sodalite protects women especially older ones, guards against fears of flying, against debt and loses of all kinds and protects family members against bad influences.

In a reading, sodalite advises you to check the facts and to consider both sides of the argument and if necessary to compromise. Justice will be done. Do not worry about older people or your own long tern health

11 Tigers eye, the stone of prosperity

This beautiful gleaming crystal is a powerful good luck charm that will bring money into the home and stop it flowing out too quickly. On your desk at work tiger's eye will bring you success whether you work alone or in a big company. Put it with your credit cards, your bank cheque book, old lottery tickets and your money overnight once a week to attract longer lasting prosperity and also for good luck financially, such as small lottery wins.

It is also a good way of connecting to your intuition so you know by whether your stone is dull or bright if a situation or person is right for you.

In a reading, Lady luck is smiling on you and you may soon experience sudden improvement financially and in terms of increased happiness, health and fulfilment. An excellent crystal to choose if you are involved in moneymaking ventures or planning a new project if you keep your nerve.

12 Tourmaline, black or schorl

A deeply protective and grounding earth crystal that stops you feel spooked or spaced out and also guards against negative attitudes or emotional vampires who burden you with their problems and against bad or noisy neighbours. Schorl is protective against the pollutants and excess jangling of mobiles, phones and faxes and so is a good stone in a modern office or home. It also insulates you against over stimulation, crowds and prevents you panicking in confined spaces or when you are working against the clock.
When you pick tourmaline in a reading it is a reminder that your fears are only fears and that what you fear most will not happen. Unexpected support will come your way, but avoid people who overload you with their sorrows.

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You can obtain these crystals easily or write to admin@charliesrockshop.com or www.charliesrockshop.com and ask them to supply either individual crystals or a set of twelve in a bag.


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