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It is quite possible to use the dream state to give answers or creative solutions to questions or dilemmas, by casting the topic into the dream sea and trusting cosmic wisdom to provide the solution. You can even gain either a healing remedy or actual healing in the dream state by focusing pre-sleep on the specific concern.  In Ancient Egypt, this was called dreaming true. The seeker went to a cave that faced south and sat in the darkness gazing at the candle flame until he or she saw in it a deity. He would then sleep and in his dreams it was said the god or goddess would come and provide the answer to the problem.

This method can easily be adapted to the modern world:

  • Light a deep blue candle for quiet meditation before sleep and recite the question as a silent mantra for two or three minutes only.

  • Write it then on paper and burn the paper in the flame, this time reciting the question or dilemma aloud. (Be careful doing this and practise sensible safety precautions!)

  • Set a metal tray under the candle to collect the ash and scoop some into a small purse to keep under the pillow with a few grains of lavender or rosemary for meaningful but gentle dreams.

  • Blow out the candle, saying;

‘Light of love, light of hopefulness, carry the answer on the sea of dreams.’

Dream healing was practised by the Ancient Greeks, through a process known as dream incubation, which resembled the Egyptian dreaming true. Most famous for dream incubation were the Aesculepian temples in the Classical world, which were sited at sacred wells and springs. You can adapt the above technique. In this case, it may be a healing angel or deity who enters your dreams or you may dream of particular plants or places where you fill find relief.

Inducing a significant dream

  • About ten minutes before bedtime, light frankincense or myrrh in the bedroom and a tiny nightlight to work by.

  • If possible avoid talking to anyone whether by phone, e-mail or in person as this will keep your mind in the conscious world.

Just before bedtime, on your left palm draw an outline of Bes with his crown of feathers in smudge proof dark lipstick or eyebrow pencil or use concentrated vegetable based paint and fine brush (test your skin for sensitivity)





  • Use conventional black ink to write on a slip of white paper the question or request that will form the source of the dream.

  • Take a long wide dark scarf or shawl;You can ask Bes, Mother Isis or any personal deity or angelic form to bless the garment and enfold you in protection during your sleep travels, saying:

‘May the seer of truth come from his/her sacred shrine this night and visit me with dreams of truth and gentleness. May I see only goodness as I work only with highest intent.’

  • Enfold yourself in the scarf and read aloud the question. Place it under your pillow folded.

  • Blow out the light and lie in the darkness tracing the outline of Bes through the scarf and repeat the question as you drift into sleep.

  • Keep a pen and paper by the bed so whenever you wake you can write the symbols of your dream before it fades. Draw an image of Bes at the four corners before you begin recording your dreams and say:

'Bes, aid and make true my memory of this dream.’

  • Before you get up, look at the uncovered Bes on your hand and repeat the question for the final time. If you remain still the answer will come into your mind and you will see how the dream expands on the words and suggests the direction in which you should proceed.

  • Wash your hand very carefully, thanking the deities for their wisdom

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