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Hathor mirror magic

Hathor was the Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess of joy, love, music and dance and protector of women. In the ancient world she promised good husbands and wives to all who asked her. She appears in statues and on tombs, wearing a sun disk held between the horns of a cow as a crown. Hathor was allowed to see through the sacred eye of her father/consort Ra. In this way, she had knowledge of everything on the earth, in the sea and in the heavens and the thoughts as well as the deeds of humankind. Hathor also carried a shield that could reflect back all things in their true light.

From this shield she fashioned the first magic mirror. One side was endowed with the power of Ra’s eye so that the seeker could see everything, no matter how distant in miles or how far into the future. The other side showed the gazer in his or her true light and only a brave or pure person could look without flinching.

Hathor mirrors were originally made of polished silver or bronze with an image of Hathor on the handle, but you can work with a single–sided conventional mirror with a handle. Years ago dressing table sets with embossed handled mirrors were very common and these can still be picked up cheaply from garage sales and are absolutely perfect. You may also find a Hathor metal mirror in a museum shop. There are a number of on-line museum shops and it is well worth seeking one out for pride of place in your temple.

But of course you can use any round mirror and some practitioners of Hathor magic prefer to use a swivel mirror on a stand. You can also adapt a highly polished plain silver or pewter tray.

Beginning Mirror Divination

As well as being potent for bringing to the surface issues concerning personal identity and potential areas of development, mirror divination is, as it was in Ancient Egypt, effective for discovering the identity of a future partner, and for answering questions about love, fidelity, marriage and permanent love relationships, fertility, family concerns and for discovering the location of an item or animal that is lost or the truth about a matter that is hidden from you.

  • Work during the hour before sunset

  • To distance yourself from the everyday world for this special form of scrying, have a bath beforehand in water containing rose petals, rose essential oil or bath essence. Roses are sacred to Hathor.

  • When dressed, you can if you wish circle round your eyes with turquoise eye shadow, believed in Ancient Egypt to increase the power of the inner clairvoyant eye and ward off all harm. Men as well as women used this method.

  • Circle the mirror with tiny turquoise crystals, Hathor’s own stone of power or with golden jewellery, the sacred metal of Hathor, for example small gold earrings. You can also use imitation gold or golden coins in the circle, but try to have one piece of genuine gold, however small, in the circle.

  • Hold the mirror or swivel a table mirror so that if possible the last light is reflected in it.

  • You can also light red candles, Hathor’s colour so this light also catches the mirror reflections. In more modern magic, orange and pink have also become her colours.

  • Light rose incense on either side of the mirror.

  • Tilt the mirror angle so that you do not see your own face reflected, unless you are seeking to discover yourself in your true light.

  • Ask a question of Hathor and wait for the images to form either within the mirror or in your mind's eye. Both are equally valid and with practice you can cast the images from your psyche into the mirror.

  • To do this, visualise the image in a tunnel of light passing from the centre of your brow, the location of the psychic Third Eye, so that the pictures re form within the glass

  • Alternatively begin by visualising the image you saw in your mind on the surface of your magic mirror, then gradually see it receding deeper within the mirror and becoming three-dimensional.

  • Either way you may see single images or whole scenes.

  • As before if you experience difficulty, close your eyes, open them, blink and look at the mirror, naming whatever image you perceive in your mind.

  • Once you have an image either look away or close your eyes again, open and blink.

  • Continue until you have evoked five or six consecutive images.

Interpreting the mirror images

I find drawing the images and then sitting quietly gazing at them in candlelight, will allow the unconscious mind to make sense of them.

It may also be that sounds, impressions or fragrances formed part of the mirror scrying experience. All the psychic senses are linked and the more you work on the spiritual plane, the more readily your other psychic sense become part of what will eventually be a multi-sensory psychic experience. Whenever you come across a new symbol, add it to the Book of Egypt. You will also the more you work, add new meanings to existing symbols and in time a major image may fill a whole page.

More formal mirror scrying

From this early mirror work evolved a series of rules for mirror scrying that have survived into modern magic. However, you may prefer not to use them if they conflict with your more spontaneous interpretations.

  • An image moving away says that an event or person is either moving away from the scryer’s world or that a past issue or relationship may still be exerting undue influence on the scryer.

  • Images appearing on the left of the mirror suggest actual physical occurrences that have or may influence the everyday world in the near future.

  • Images appearing in the centre or to the right tend to be symbolic.

  • Pictures near the top of the mirror are important and need prompt attention.

  • Those in the corners or at the bottom are less prominent or urgent

  • The relative size of the images can indicate their importance.

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