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Pendulum Power

A pendulum is good not only for decision making but for locating mislaid objects or to identify problems in a confined space, such as your car engine if you are trying to locate the source of an oil leak or lack of power.

By a process called remote dowsing you can also scribble a diagram of an area or use a map and hold the pendulum over the map to find where it vibrates to locate water, pipes or even a lost cat that may be hiding in the place identified on the map. Finding the target in actuality is then relatively easy, using your dowsing rods as you walk round the identified area.

Choosing and using a pendulum

The most popular form of pendulum is cylindrical clear crystal quartz rounded or pointed at one end. Amethyst is good for earth energies work and rose quartz for health related questions or for protection when following ghost paths.

Smaller crystals or wooden weights of a diamond shape attached to a chain or cylindrical metal pendulums can be used for physical dowsing to discover lost items or underground water or archaeological treasures.

You can equally buy a plumb bob from a DIY store or use a key on a string or a favourite pendant with the chain twisted.

How should you hold a pendulum?

The chain should be held between the thumb and forefinger, using the hand you write with, though some practitioners believe the other hand is better. Try and see. There are no definitive rights or wrongs.

Wind any extra chain round the index finger of the same hand.

Recommended chain lengths vary from about nine inches (23cm) to as long as feels comfortable so the pendulum becomes an extension of your arm. Some people prefer an even shorter pendulum chain. Experiment till it feels right.

For outdoor dowsing, earth energy or ghost work indoors around fifteen inches (38 cm) is ideal.

Making decisions using a pendulum

Establishing the pendulum’s responses

The yes/no response is good for deciding between two options or answering a question.

If you are new to pendulum work, you need to establish your pendulum’s yes/no response.

An easy way is to deliberately move the pendulum clockwise in circles and ask the pendulum to always indicate a yes or a positive response with that movement. You can then select an appropriate negative or no response, for example an anti clockwise movement and ask the pendulum to use that.

However if you prefer you can discover the pendulum’s own natural movements:

  • Gently set your pendulum in motion.

  • To find your personal ‘Yes’ response visualise a very happy or successful moment in your life.

  • The pendulum will respond to the recalled positive emotion with its ‘Yes’ response, usually a clockwise circle or ellipse

  • A ‘No’ pendulum movement is generally the mirror image of the ‘Yes’ response; for example, an anti-clockwise circle or ellipse.

  • To discover your personal pendulum’s ‘No’ response concentrate on a time when you felt disappointed

Decision –making with pendulums

Asking the right questions

  • Write down your initial question or say it out loud.

  • Ask the question and then let your mind go blank by visualising a night sky with the stars going out one by one leaving inky blackness.

  • If you hold the pendulum in a static position it will begin to move after a pause. The stronger the circling or speed of response the more definite the yes or no

  • For more information after the yes or no, transfer the pendulum to your other hand and using a pen and pad of paper write down anything that comes in your mind, a technique called automatic writing.

  • Ask another question if you wish and write afterwards, continuing till you have no more questions

  • Read what your unconscious mind or maybe your Guardian angel dictated and you will understand the answer quite clearly.

Dowsing for options

A second method of pendulum dowsing to decide between a numbers of options, works on the gravitational pull of the pendulum downwards over the correct choice. 

  • Choose an issue in which you have several choices or possible outcomes.

  • Divide a piece of A4 paper into squares and write as many options as you have in different squares. It does not matter if some are blank.

  • You can also draw a chart of numbers to dowse for your lucky lottery numbers.

  • If moving home, use pictures of houses for sale you have viewed to decide which would be best for you.

  • Alternatively set small pots of herbs, essential oils or different remedies from your medicine chest in a circle to dowse for the best to ease a particular condition.

  • You can do the same with small healing crystals.

  • Test different foods and drinks to discover which your body needs right now or alternatively which cause allergies. If you cannot dowse over the actual objects substitute written names

  • Hold your pendulum in turn over each of the marked options or items, moving very slowly.

  • The sensation you are seeking is a strong pull of the pendulum downwards over one of the named options The pendulum may become very heavy prior to pulling down

  • Unless you feel an instant pull over one square or object pass the pendulum over the whole grid or items.

  • Continue even if you have made a choice. You may notice a less intense tugging over one or even two other squares. These can indicate additional useful factors.


You may enjoy reading my

Pendulum Dowsing published by Piatkus books or the American version The Art of the Pendulum published by Red Wheel/Weiser



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