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Preparation is perhaps the most important step in your psychic journey. When we begin to create a garden, build a piece of furniture, a sculpture, a painting or follow a complicated recipe, we gather in advance the components or ingredients, read any necessary instructions and make sure we have all the basic skills necessary to carry out the more complex aspects of the task. With psychic work, each step of preparation is in itself a way of marking out a special place and time apart form the world and learning or recalling from childhood, ways of accessing this hidden but vital part of your whole self. You should take your time and enjoy the process, for as you know with any creative work, it is the foundations that ultimately assure the success of the venture.

Here is a part of the first chapter of the book. 

Making an indoor altar or sanctuary

If you share your home, it can be quite difficult to create a place of your own, but this in itself is a first valuable step in reclaiming your psychic and well as your physical personal space, especially if you have children. You can dedicate your space to nature, to your personal god/goddess form or as a personal shrine where the positive energies of special treasures and your private rituals can accumulate, offering a sanctuary from the world and a repository of power and protection.

You can use an attic, a basement, a summer house or conservatory or even a garden shed, a curtained off an area of your bedroom or adapt part of a home such as an office or study. For the latter, turn off and cover all computers etc and temporarily disconnect phones and faxes, when you are working.

Making An outdoor sanctuary

You can set up a temporary altar in a grove of trees, create a circle of small stones on a beach or river bank or draw a sacred circle within which to work in sand or soil. However, even with a small garden patio or balcony you can set up a more permanent magical sanctuary that you can illuminate with garden torches, perhaps at the four main compass points. In even a small garden. you can create a circle of stones. I have adapted a filled-in pond as a Native American style medicine or power wheel with stones marking the circumference, paths at the four main directions to the centre where a big stone lion sits as the focus of power. I have flowers and crystals in the four quadrants and use it for meditation and ritual.

You can create your magical outdoor place with a circle of fragrant herbs and perhaps a water feature in the centre, my own favourite idea, for outdoor rituals.

You may wish to leave stone or treated wood statues there, perhaps a creature that suggests to you the power of each of the main four directions, for example an eagle in the east.

The ten in-depth chapters will take you on a journey of learning and guide you through many techniques and processes that will not only improve your psychic development but have many positive benefits for improving your way of life.

The book is available direct from the publishers, click on the picture above to go to their site.

ISBN: 0 7499 2293 1










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