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Herbal baths for protective and restorative energies

Combine two or three of each of the following in your herbal bag. You can also experiment with mixes of your own, although you may wish to begin by using commercially prepared products and seeing which herbs suit you. Use only pure herbs. If you are using fresh herbs, gather only from unpolluted sources (not easy in the modern world), grow them in your garden or buy them from a reputable garden shop or herbalist and rinse before using.

Experiment with small quantities. If you do have sensitive skin, make weaker infusions and experiment with small quantities of individual herbs. For babies, and children use only delicate herbs such as chamomile, rose and lavender and probably with babies and very young children, I would begin with a commercial, chemical-free ready made mixture that is tested as safe for little ones.

The following herbs are especially fragrant and you may wish to include one to make your bath aromatic. Our ancestors burned and use less fragrant herbs to drive away what they believed were evil spirits, but friends and work colleagues may be less tolerant.

Angelica, apple blossom, bay, chamomile flowers, cloves, geranium, jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender, lemon, lime blossoms, lovage, mint, myrtle, orange, patchouli, pennyroyal, rose petals, rosemary, sandalwood.

  • Before a herbal bath, burn protective purple, pink or deep blue candles in the evening and either white or pink in the early morning or bathe in the natural morning light or the rays of the setting sun.







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