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HERB SCRYING: Whether for yourself or if you are reading for another person you can use herb scrying and a simple divination technique.  Use clear water and sprinkle dried herbs on the surface. This gives you tangible external focus from which you can derive images. It is also a good transitory stage if you find pure water scrying unproductive.

  • Fill a deep clear glass bowl slowly from a jug of water until it is just over half-full.

  • While the water is still moving, drop on to the surface a handful of dried culinary herbs, such herbes de Provence, rosemary, basil or parsley that have reasonably large separate leaves.

  • These will swirl round, giving an image or maybe several and if you add a few more herbs at a time you can keep the herbs swirling and new images forming.

  • Use a tape-recorder as you and/or the questioner will be calling out many changing forms.

  • The key is to keep swirling the water and making new images until you have seven or eight, or even more.

  • Some people read the herb pictures, others the spaces between the herbs.

  • Write down/say what each picture means to you (and the person you are working with) and then see how together the images add up to an answer to your question.

  • Tip the divination water away either into soil or running water (a tap and sink will do) so that the energies will continue to flow.

CLOUD SCRYING: How to scry with clouds

Cloud Scrying - cloud divinationCloud divination does take time, no bad thing to withdraw from external stimulation to clear the mind, though you can read the sky quickly for instant input.

Weather conditions need to be right so this can be quite an impromptu method. Sometimes you will be driving along and see the perfect cloud formation. If you have time, park the car and keep a blanket in the back of the car so you can sit on the grass and watch the clouds

Best for scrying are either the high thin wispy cirrus clouds that can appear in fabulous colours when the sun is low on the horizon or the lower cotton wool fluffy fair weather cumulus clouds seen against a blue sky.

There are many other cloud conditions that may only last a relatively short time that can also be used for sky scrying .

  • Before you begin asking questions, spend time cloud watching in different locations and at different times. Gaze at a dawn sky over the sea or a lake. Contemplate clouds on a still afternoon on a hilltop with fluffy clouds barely moving.

  • Scan the fast moving clouds over a plain before a storm or on a windy day; watch clouds heavy with snow, sudden small black clouds in an otherwise blue sky and those sunset, crimson and purple cloud pillows; you can also study white or grey clouds in the night  sky.

  • Another excellent source for modern scryers is cloud watching from the window of a plane

  • While you are tuning into clouds, do not force pictures to form, but note any that seem especially significant and the feelings they evoke and above all do not hurry the experience. The essence is a calm still frame of mind when you are not clock watching or fretting about unfinished tasks.

Asking Questions of the Skies

  • Find an open place, such as a hilltop or open field when the clouds overhead are separate enough to make images.

  • Begin by making connection with the Guardians or essences of the place and ask that they will protect and empower you.

  • Connect with the clouds for as long as you can spare, breathing gently and regularly and in your mind allow any free floating thoughts or anxieties to float away on the clouds. This interim period can be helpful if you lead a busy life or are naturally very logical.

  • Picture your energy field merging with the grass and the sky so that you breathe as one in time with the pulse of nature.

  • Allow a question or an area of your life you wish to consider to emerge quite naturally and softly say it aloud, blowing gently between each word.

  • Then sit or lie so you are totally comfortable, half close your eyes and let the images float above you. A single cloud may create a image or two or more clouds may seem closely connected as a single idea, for example a cat chasing a bird who is constantly hopping or flying just out of the pouncing catís claws as one cloud pursues the other across the sky

  • For each image or idea extract as much information as possible, for example if you see a cloud dragon. Is it fire breathing and fierce, an Air dragon scattering the seeds of new life or bringing rain, an Earth dragon guarding treasure? Is it a young dragon newly emerged from its egg or one of the great Japanese Emperor or King dragons or even a paper dragon at a carnival? Who does the dragon represent in your life, you, a relative, a partner, an employer, a difficult child?

  • What message does the dragon have for you?

  • Of course all this may if the clouds are moving fast, be quite instantaneous but that will prevent your logical mind from intruding. But other times when clouds are slow moving you can contemplate at leisure

  • After each image scribble a rough drawing and keywords in a notebook, that you can contemplate later when you have collected all your images. Do not analyze them at the time as this will block the intuitive flow

  • Wait while the clouds move on and re-form and continue until you have four or five images relating to the question.

  • If another question emerges spontaneously you can answer it in the same way, using a series of images. Otherwise thank the Guardians of the place, bury a small coin in the earth and sit quietly for a while watching the clouds, but without making any conscious images or connections. 

  • Walk home or back to your car slowly, by which time the conscious mind will have joined with the psyche to make spontaneous connections.



























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