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Scrying or seeking images in water is the oldest form of divination, practised in dark pools by moonlight or in brilliant sunlight.

Traditionally water for scrying is darkened with mugwort and practised in the hour before sunset so that the natural light on the water becomes increasingly scarlet. You can surround your bowl with pink and purples candles to emulate the effect.

Whether you use a natural pool with shadows cast by trees, passing clouds and natural sources of light or trees or an indoor water source, illuminated by candles, sun or moonlight, scrying involves merging with the reflective substance, ie the water, so that the images from the deep unconscious parts of your psyche can as it were slide onto the surface of the water.

  • Burn lavender or rose incense to break down the conscious barriers that keep telling you there is nothing in the water,

  • Indoors, arrange candles and sit near a slightly open window so that the surface ripples.

  • Floating candles with glass nuggets or small crystals on the bottom of the bowl are very effective if you are new to water scrying.

  • In daylight dispense with the candle and allow sunlight to fall on the water, placing crystals and small mirrors around the bowl so they amplify spots of radiance on the water.

  • Ask your question, stir the water nine times with a twig, close your eyes monetarily, open them, blink and as you stare at the surface, name what comes into your mind whether it appears externally on the surface of the water or in your mindís eye.

  • Stir again nine times and repeat for a second and third image.

  • Whether alone, or if reading for someone else, speak aloud quite spontaneously about each image (record what you say as it is easy to forget details) and continue to speak, unless the person for whom you are ready wishes to add their interpretation based on any personal significance the images have in their lives. Then put together the whole picture and relate it to the question.

  • Where possible try outdoor scrying in sun or moonlight or illuminate a garden pond with torches. Use a long branch to ripple the water.




















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