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In the modern world as in ancient times, our dreams hold keys to our inner world and can often guide us to the best course of action in everyday life.

We all dream, though we may not recall many of our night time visions. In our dreams we can travel to wonderful places, meet old friends, encounter new lovers and talk with our guardian angels. Our dreams show us new opportunities, solutions to problems that we worry round and round in our minds endlessly; sometimes too dreams can warn us about future hazards or people who are untrustworthy.

Even when we enact catastrophes in our dreams, our subconscious is not warning us of disaster but telling us we are in overload. Missing trains and planes, cars breaking down, losing keys and passports, leaving cases on trains are all symbols that our waking world is spinning out of control and we need to slow down and take stock.

Dreams can be like mirrors of what is happening in the daytime. Floods and drowning dreams occur when youíre worried about money or being overwhelmed by the demands of others. Phone calls in dreams where you are trying to leave an urgent message but canít be heard usually indicate something you are trying to communicate to someone close, who is not listening.

Like a dream detective it is possible to work out what a dream is telling you and take action.  I can teach you in future online courses how to analyse and work with your own dreams. However because I am an experienced dream analyst and have even analysed the dreams of Big Brother housemates, I can help you to understand your dreams and more importantly how to use those dreams to make everyday life easier and better. 

Recalling and re-entering your Dreams

To work with your dreams, it is first important to improve your dream recall, so that you can from the beginning interpret them as any other form of divination as counsel from the collective store of wisdom. For through your dreams, you will find as you work with them you can receive messages from higher beings, such as angels and access future as well as past knowledge.

  • Keep a notebook, pen and easily accessible light close to your bed. When you wake from a vivid dream, allow the dream to re-run as though you were watching a video screen. Write down absolutely every detail in any order or draw images.

  • When you have finished, close your eyes and reconnect with the last image before you woke.

  • If you want to re-enter a dream, one technique is, just as you are aware of waking, leave something in the dream, a piece of luggage, an earring, and you can, by looking for that, often retrace your path by visualising it when you wake.

  • Alternatively visualise something of yours on one of the dream paths and moving via the last image you recalled, draw yourself towards it by visualising your boundaries.

  • If you do not want to go back, push the image away gently on boat down a stream to return to the dream plane and float on pink fluffy clouds or in a warm blue ocean until you drift off again (or take advantage of the early morning for some Dawn magic or meditation and take a siesta later).

Dream interpretation choices by Cassandra

Traditional Dream Analysis:  Cost £15 (To Order:  see below)

Send me details of up to three dreams that seem significant or that recur. I will analyse them and use them as basis for crystal ball scrying work to advise you on the best course of action and suggest ways of using the dreams or nightmares to release power and confidence into your daily world.

In-depth Dream Analysis:  Cost £25 (To Order:  see below)

If you want more in-depth help and analysis send me up to five recurring or significant dreams and I will analyse the dreams using conventional analysis techniques and a crystal ball. In addition I will suggest spiritual activities and exercises to work with those particular dreams and to resolve the issues both on the dream plane and the everyday world.

Information required from you.....

Your name, date of birth, any significant people in your life or whom you would like in your life. Any current or ongoing issues, worries or questions you need answering that you think might be making you dream more vividly than usual.

What you should send me:

A detailed account of the dream(s), leaving gaps where you cannot remember details.  I am totally happy to interpret a dream with no extra information. However if you do want to use your dreams to answer current questions in your life, include any questions you have and any information of any significant events happening in your life prior to the dream. This extra in depth analysis is available at no extra cost.

What I will send

An analysis of your dream(s), the meanings of any significant or recurring symbols in the dream and what advice these could be giving in your life. I will also offer suggestions how you can use these dreams to bring power into your life and if you choose any past life or astral travel information.


After payment, Click here to send in your dreams for analysis


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Dream Interpretation

Have your dream(s) interpreted by Cassandra

Cassandra can interpret your dreams and offer detailed advice on how to use the information to improve your life. More details read here.






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