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NATURE SPIRITS: Nature Spirits of the Water

Water spirits of both fresh and salt waters are described in the mythology of every land. Because fresh water is necessary for life, fresh water springs, wells, rivers and streams have been greatly revered throughout history and their spirit guardians given regular offerings. Many a Thor or Thurs well in Scandinavia and lands where the Vikings conquered like North East England are a reminder that the deities themselves and later the saints were considered protectors of the all vital drinking water.

Lake and river spirits were always important for releasing fish to the fishermen. Large lakes or the sea could be dangerous for sailors and fisher folk alike and so the Water guardian spirits would be asked for safety as well as a good catch. Even today, on Halloween Eve, the beginning of the ancient Celtic New Year, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, tributes of ale are offered to the sea spirit Shony. A fisherman wades out into the waves to pour the ale on the water and asks for a fine catch for the coming year on behalf of the community.

In Scandinavia in folk custom some people cast a small gold earring or golden coin or crystal in to the waves to ask the blessings and the granting of wishes of Ran, in Viking lore the mighty sea goddess who loved gold above all else.

Many of the pre Christian sea deities have, like Laga and Ran, become the sea spirits of modern folk lore and are still entreated for the granting of wishes.

The Celtic fairy Queen Cliodna of the Golden hair, a daughter of the Sea God Manannan, rules over the sea in Ireland and those lands where people of Celtic descent have settled. Every ninth wave is sacred to her and if a wish spoken as a small pearl, is placed in a double shell, tied with seaweed and cast on the ninth wave to reach the shore, it is promised she will grant it.

Cliodna took mortal lovers to fairyland, none of whom returned, except for Ciabhan. Cliodna loved him so much she returned to the world live with him. However, while he was hunting, her father Manannan sent a fairy minstrel to enchant her as she slept on the shore and carried her back to fairyland in a magical sleep. She is still seen on seashores of Ireland, on misty mornings, either as a huge wave or a seabird, calling for her lost love.

The Water Sprites of the fresh waters

The term sprite is applied to smaller, sometimes shape shifting water spirit, but is interchangeable with water spirit.

The spirits of waterfalls, rivers, and lakes are numerous throughout the world and especially in Scandinavia because there are so many unspoiled sources of flowing as well as still expanses of water. Some of these nature essences are welcoming to humans, but others can be unpredictable or dangerous, reflecting the hazards of the actual deep or fast flowing waters that they rule.

Friendly Water Sprites

These are often seen within the water as ripples or rising from it as foam, especially at dusk and dawn, in spring and autumn.

If you splash the sparkling water on you or where possible and safe paddle, swim or sail, you will discover that before long everything in your life begins to flow quite naturally. What you need flows in and what you no longer want flows away. Children who play supervised in or near natural bodies of fresh water as opposed to chlorinated swimming pools become joyful and far less hyperactive and irritable.

  • Get yourself into rhythm with water, very different from the solidity and the regular beat of the Earth beings, the rising shimmering Air spirit energies or the darting flickering Fire spirits.

  • Focus on a waterfall or flowing water source or look deep into a lake or pool when light rippling on them and just your personal boundaries relax, like taking off a tight work suit and shoes that pinch.

  • Touch the water and then slowly with draw your hand away so the water droplets shimmer off your skin.

  • Do this several times slowly and rhythmically so that you feel the water and with it the nature of the spirit, sparkling and bubbly, slow and warm or ice cold even in summer.

  • Listen to the sound of the water or follow the patterns of light and before long you will sense that the water is alive and that its energy vibrations and yours are quite spontaneously moving in tune.

  • Let a water sprite image form in your mind and then visualise it as part of the water. Don’t force the connection, but let the connection and image come as you splash around with your hand and you will before long link with the moods and feelings.

  • Try different kinds of fresh water, dive or wade in and swim or take a small kayak or canoe so you are close to the physical water.

  • Row, paddle or swim rhythmically to pick up the sprite movement. If you dive down and splash up, you may momentarily as you brush water drops from your eyes see your sprite in front of you. Otherwise splash your face with water and blink

  • Experience an accessible water place in rain so water cascades form above and below

  • Visit your favourite water places n different weathers and seasons and get in tune with the changing moods of the water sprite-and their excitement before a rain storm

  • Go in snow and break the ice on a pool or lake and see the sprites sparkle. In time one or two sprites may become favourites and you can visit their water to carry out simple rituals or just get yourself back in harmony with the world.

  • Places with wildlife or water fowl will always be especially vibrant

  • When abroad visit any sacred springs or special lakes or rivers and learn of their spirits and their history.

  • Record Delete in your Nature Spirit journal or continue any place you collect nature experiences the different moods of still and flowing water, of a gentle stream, a small still pool and a cascading waterfall, seen in misty sunlight, in moonlight or in wind

  • Afterwards find out if there are any local water sprite legends. You may discover that your own impressions were remarkably similar to those of the legends. .

  • If the water you visit often is dedicated to a saint; delve into the pre Christian history so you can see how the same water was once under the guardianship of a water nymph or minor water deity.

  • If it is a sacred spring or well or water source that is pure take a little home with you after asking the water guardian. You can use this for rubbing on your brow if you have a headache or feel stressed or for sprinkling round your home as a blessing.

  • Make a small donation to any box for the upkeep of the water or church/abbey it is close to one or cast a small crystal into the water as thanks as exchange for the water you take.