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In absent healing, you can concentrate on a sick or unhappy person, animal, polluted place or land where there is war and famine. You can send healing relief through the focus of a crystal. Absent healing is best just after dusk.

For absent healing use a small clear crystal sphere or any crystal pyramid or crystal egg, especially in blue, pink, purple or green. The sphere can have marks or inclusions inside that will sparkle in sun, moon or candlelight.

Pyramids are naturally healing especially those that are the squat kind.

The sphere or oval shape signifies completion and restoration to health and wholeness, automatically restoring harmony to the system whether a person, animal or ecosystem even if you are not certain of the dynamics of the illness or problem.
If you cannot get either of these use any calcite or fluorite crystal as a focus.

  • Light a pink or lilac candle, scented with rose or lavender if possible so the light shines into the crystal. You can also work in sun or moonlight but should still light a candle.

  • Face the direction in which the person lives or will be at the time of healing, visualising him or her in a particular place in a room or garden. Alternatively visualise the animal or place. Recently I have discovered that the method works better without the distraction of a photograph or image.

  • In your mind picture the person, animal or place if you are sending light to a person or animal you have not met, picture an outline surrounded by the crystalline colour or white light of the focal crystal.

  • Holding the crystal in both hands visualise dark rays coming from the patient entering the crystal, being transformed into circles of crystalline light and floating like bubbles into the candle where they are taken back as light.

  •  Now place the crystal on the table and hold your hands over it, not quite touching unto you can feel them tingling.

  • Picture streams of the coloured crystalline light entering your finger, flowing up though your heart, circulating.

  • When the power is buzzing in your fingers, with palms vertical, gently push the visualised light towards the target until your arms are full outstretched with your palms still vertical.

  • Continue to return to the crystal absorb more light and gently push it into the cosmos, until you feel the power of the crystal slowing down and your own energies ebbing. Healing is now complete.

  • Smudge over your crystal with either a lighted smudge stick or a pine, lavender, sandalwood or rose incense stick (see chapter on Smudging and Earth incenses) to cleanse it.

Healing Crystals in your everyday world

  • You can soak crystals in pure spring water for eight hours and then drink the liquid or add it to a bath.

  • Alternatively, keep small clear quartz or citrine crystals in a dish of water on your desk at work and splash the water on your wrists and temples to counter tension and exhaustion.

  • Hold a rose quarts or amethyst and breathe in the healing light very slowly through your nose.

  • Then gently and equally slowly exhale, pain stress or fear as darkness. This is excellent for workaholics, insomniacs or children who are hyperactive to try themselves.



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