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Crystals are a concentrated form of healing power from the earth. They amplify the innate healing abilities we all possess, whether we are healing ourselves or someone we love.

What is more this energy is experienced as warmth as what has been described as liquid light flowing through the whole body, not only the part being healed. A similar sensation as well as tingling may be experienced while holding crystals for healing as your own energy system makes connected with that of the crystal Some people like to add a third power into the equation , angelic or higher healing guide help.

Certainly whether you are healing yourself a loved one or someone else, you may feel that you are being gently guided as to the best place and way to move the crystals you are using.

It makes no difference whether the patient is present or absent and whether healing power is directed through the crystal via a healerís hands, the voice or as visualised light in the healerís mind-or all of these simultaneously.

What is more though crystals do seem to have beneficial physical as well as emotional and spiritual effects, there are none of the dangers of taking pills or surgical intervention as the healing takes place on some intangible level.

The Origins of Crystal healing

Crystal healing is recorded among the earliest civilisations, the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and China. For more than five thousand years gems and crystals were either crushed into powders or used as ointments, soaked in water which was then used as a restorative drink, placed on painful areas of the body or carried and worn as amulets. The energies of crystals offer a natural source of healing, direct from the earth in which they were formed.

In Ancient Egypt precious and semi precious gems were used by the wealthy for healing, for example golden topaz to symbolise the sun and to bring energy and fertility and banish fears. However, what we would call ordinary crystals were equally prized

What was important in many parts of the ancient world was the colour of a gem. In Ancient Egypt, for example, a red jasper crystal heart was symbol of the spirit and was worn as a protective amulet that, it was believed ensured the health of the all-important heart Red jasper is still used that way five thousand years later Red crystals also symbolised the fertilising and life-giving blood of the Mother Goddess Isis and were shaped into the image of her girdle and worn by women to ease their menstrual problems and bring a child.

Contact healing

Contact healing is the most common form of modern day crystal work. The patient is present at the healing session. Some healers and patients only make skin contact when healing themselves, close relatives or friends and work with the crystal two or three centimetres above the body of someone they know less well. The patient remains fully clothed except for shoes and can sit or lie as preferred.

You will need three crystals for different purposes for contact healing. I have suggested the ones that seem to work well for a number of healers but you can substitute others of similar colour or ones that work well for you. Some healers use the same stone for all their healing work, with one gifted healer quite a dull brown agate that seems to gather rainbows as she works.

For healing choose smooth polished stones about the size of a large coin.

Crystal quartz:

Clear crystal quartz will unblock stagnant energies; infuse the body with energy and positive feelings into a person who is ill or sad. Clear quartz will also trigger the bodyís immune system and innate regenerative powers. This crystal is for fast results and can substitute for any other crystal


This is a sparking yellow sun crystal that is naturally warming and energising, but is gentler than clear quartz. Melting pain and tension, citrine fills you or the patient with a slow even flow of warming energies that will create a sense of well being and re balance the body. It is ideal for chronic conditions or where a patient is weakened or distressed

Rose quartz or amethyst

These pink or purple transparent crystals have similar properties and are both excellent for use with children, older people and animals.

They are also helpful where calm, quiet,-acting energies are necessary to soothe and harmonise a body that is overĖstressed and a mind that is over-active. They will remove pain and problems caused by tension, hormonal swings or emotional crises that give rise to physical symptoms.

Use an anti -clockwise movement to remove pain and clockwise to infuse the body with healing energies,

How do you heal?

Though if you wish to heal strangers or acquaintances you should train with a healing organisation, we can all intuitively use crystals for healing.

As with many of these innate spiritual gifts, the key is to relax and allow the crystal to find its own movements and pathways, two or three centimetres away from the patientís body. You can heal yourself using the method below though I have described it as if you were healing someone else

  • Experiment to determine the hand in which it feels most natural. Quartz or citrine may seem more powerful in your power hand, the one you write with and rose quartz or amethyst in your receptive hand, but the relationship is between you and the crystal.

  • Hold the crystal a few centimetres away from the body as you work. The patient can either sit or lie whichever is more comfortable.

  • Pass your crystal over the body of the patient in spiralling lines, letting the crystal guide your hand and not the other way round.

  • The key to movement is anticlockwise to remove pain, tension and unhappiness and .clockwise to add light, warmth, energy and hope. This holds true whether the problems is physical, emotional, spiritual or as most usually a mixture of all three.

  • Sometimes you may instinctively want to hold the crystal over a seemingly unrelated part of the body from that suggested by the described or perceive symptoms. You may be surprised to find your migraine is rooted in your stomach, but afterwards the result will prove your instinctive movement right.

  • Listen to the crystal and it will take your hand to the source of the trouble. You may want to move the crystal constantly or feel it suddenly pull down t over a particular spot.

  • This may be because the crystal has detected an energy knot that will feel as though it has actually become tangled in an invisible knot or cord.

  •  Unblock this knot of trapped energy with the crystal as you would a physical tangle of thread.

  • You crystal may also pause over a place on the body and you will feel in your fingers as if it has momentarily run out of energy.

  • This indicates a lifeless area where the energy has drained away or maybe not reached because of the knot that it is usually near.

  • Infuse lifeless areas with energy with smooth clockwise circular movements until you can feel the energy buzzing harmoniously again.

  • You may use one or all three of your crystals turn, perhaps beginning with the rose quartz or amethyst and moving through to the warming citrine to the energising clear quartz.

  • Remember not to hurry healing and if it seems natural talk to the patient as you work, describing images in your mind, waterfalls of light, cool mountain streams and you may find the patient joins in with his or her own images.

  • Wash the crystals you used under running water and leave them to dry.

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