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Removing pain an intolerable burden, pain, fear, resentment, guilt, illness or bad habit.

This method turns up everywhere from old Celtic magick where an actual stone was used to the more modern self empowerment techniques. I encountered the Celtic method while I was training as a Druidess, a Celtic nature priestess. A version of the second technique was taught to me by a wise Swedish woman and natural healer Kajsa when I had a bad gall bladder attack and it was almost instantly successful. Both methods use the self healing power of the mind. I was surprised to find a method similar to Kajsa’s recently in a book on shamanic magick.

Try both methods and see which you prefer or adapt them so they fit more with your own ideas and lifestyle.

The traditional Celtic healing method

 Find a perfectly round black stone (you can use one of the stones you collected to absorb negativity during healing). Hold the stone in your open cupped hands and name the stone as representing whatever it is you want to get rid of such as pain or fear.

  • As you hold the stone, imagine the stone getting heavier as it is filled with your pain fear, or anger. You may physically feel the stone getting heavier and your negative feelings or pain slowly ebbing away.

  • When the stone feels too heavy to hold or you sense it is full, cast it into water or bury it in earth where nothing grows.

The visualisation method

This is the version I now use that was originally inspired by Kajsa

  • Decide what you wish to remove from your life as a solid object or blockage and picture it but do not name it yet.

  • Picture the blockage as solid and three dimensional within your body (even if it is a fear or phobia).

  • Where in your body would it be? This may be a different location from the present cause of pain, but may in fact be its source.

  • What size is the blockage or object within you?

  •  If it had a colour what colour and shade would it be, harsh or almost non existent, clear or misty?

  • If it was a shape, what shape would it be?

  • Would it be heavy or light, sharp or smooth?

  • What would its texture be?

  • What smell would it have?

  • What temperature is it, boiling or freezing?

  • If it had a taste, what taste would it have, acidic, bitter, salty, sickly?

  • Finally what name will you give to the blockage or object? Let this name come spontaneously. You might be surprised as it might be the name of a sharp tongued relative, a bullying boss. The name could be that of someone way back in your past, who made you feel bad about yourself and who started you on a cycle of bingeing followed by crash dieting. Maybe their anger made you swallow your own negative feelings, leading to your persistent ongoing digestive disorders, ulcers or gallstones and the habit of never saying what you really think.

  • Now how can you get rid of this blockage in your body or life?

  • Can you put it beneath a waterfall or washed over by waves in your mind, so the blockage gets smaller and smaller and either dissolves or crumbles into earth?

  • Can healing waters flow through your body so the pain gradually diminishes?

  • If the inner object is sharp and barbed can you throw it high into the air like a spear or arrow where it is transformed into a shimmering sunbeam? Can it be reduced into a heap of fragrant rose petals that blow away in the wind?

  • Can it be split apart by a shaft of light entering the crown of your head, that makes the blockage disappear instantly and painlessly without trace?

  • Take your time holding the pain for a few moments longer until the solution comes to you or more usually the blockage begins to spontaneously dissolve.

  • Live through the dissolving or breaking up of the pain or sorrow for as long as it takes,

  • Feel the blockage suddenly or slowly clearing and light and warmth flowing back within you, like curtains being opened in a dark room

You may need to repeat either scenario several times, each time with the object or blockage visualised as being smaller and smaller or by choosing a smaller actual black stone each time you carry out the ritual.

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