Protection rituals

Protection rituals by Cassandra Eason


Do you feel your life is going nowhere, are you in a bad relationship but fear being alone? Are you ready for a life or career change or want to launch an interest into a business? Do you suffer the effects of an abusive childhood years late, lack of confidence, an eating disorder, a bitter family estrangement or child gone off the rails?

Psychic Life coaching which can be a single or series of mentoring programmes will help to uncover the roots of a problem that may go much deeper that imagined and suggest ways forward to new opportunities and relationships or how to create a good life within necessary constraints . Methods will include past life exploration and a variety of psychic tools including crystals and Tarot but will be directed towards practical everyday solutions whether for personal or business dilemmas.

Solutions will include empowerments and confidence building exercises as well as changing old patterns for new creative ones.


NEW LIFE COACHING CLIENTS: Your initial consulation costs Fifty pounds.

EXISITING LIFE COACHING CLIENTS: Subsequent consultations may be booked as required and cost £25 per session or for longer term problems you can book five sessions booked in advance for £100, saving £25.

Cassandra Eason is qualified in teaching and psychology and author of a number of self-empowerment books and brings together psychic and psychological tools in a unique mix that will enable you to move forward positively and see light at the end of the tunnel.


Send full details of the issues you wish to address, any background information that would be shared in a face to face situation and the names and dates of birth of anyone related to the questions. You can ask on behalf of another person. Your details are always treated as confidential. Email Here