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Cassandra will be in TOOWOOMBA Wed Jan 22 to Mon Feb 3 at the City Golf Club, 254 South St. 9am-7pm. See below for the rest of the tour dates

Phone Konnie on 0409 499782 for a half hour or hour long session with me at any of the venues.

I have my new large crystal Archangels and angels to share with you as well as Tarot cards, runes, Egyptian and Goddess cards, my crystals and crystal ball to help answer any questions, make your life path changes or reach decisions about love, happiness, career, travel, money or family, Discover your Guardian Angels, Spirit guides and past worlds and communicate with loved ones on the Other Side. I will also make you a free charm bag for any purpose, including fertility, good luck, money and love,, remove any ill wishing, hexes, curses or bad luck around you, show you how to protect yourself psychically and suggest ways to develop your psychic abilities.

I welcome my old friends and new and I will also be running free workshops.

I will also be in:

MACKAY Thur Feb 6 to Tue Feb 18. Magpies Sporting Club, Glenella Rd Glenella. 9am-7pm



TWO NEW READINGS will be available very soon - check back here for full details in a day or two:

The Spirit of Health and Healing,  personally created rituals and reading


Nature Oracale reading


My Angel Blessings link you with your special angel. You can buy blessings for yourself, for friends or family... more details


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SITE UPDATES: 11/01/2014


Happy full moon week ahead.

A special full moon is coming, Mother Moon in her own sign of Cancer, ruled by Muriel the silvery Angel of dreams, the home and family who rides her magical carpet through the skies. An emotional moon so expect tears and protestations of love and devotion, both genuine and crocodile tears that have a price and a sting in the tail. You will know whether love and loyalty are real if you trust your intuition and give common sense an airing. read more


Do you feel spooked or constantly afraid or jinxed? Do you have vicious neighbours, an ex or someone you know who hates you or is bullying your children?.

This may not be a direct curse but the eye of envy and resentment that can affect your well being and even your sleep and good fortune.

Cassandra is an experienced Druidess and white witch and will not only do rituals on your behalf but send you simple but effective instructions how to change your luck and to protect yourself from past, present and future attack.

Costs (3 options):

Option One: £35 for a set of precautions you can take yourself, plus a copy of the main ritual Cassandra will do for you as well as ongoing protection.

Option Two: £25 for a copy of the main ritual plus ongoing protection.

Option Three: £15 for a copy of a ritual you can carry out plus a protective ritual cast three times.

Order your ritual here:


LATEST BOOK available in paperback and on Kindle


The Magick of Faeries: Working with the Spirits of Nature

LISTEN to the superb interview about this book with Paul and Ben Eno here from "Behind the Paranormal Radio show (free downloadable MP3 podcast)


Crystals and Healing

Introduction to using Crystals in the home and everyday life: includes the use of basic crystals to bring health, prosperity, harmony, happiness, good luck and love to your home...


Crysal healing part 1 teaches everything you need to get started on crystal healing ....


Part one of Fortune Telling teaches a variety of basic methods including tea leaf reading, Tarot, numerology and crystals...


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In Spirit: If you feel there is so much more to you that is not right no manifest in your life, discover the angels , spirit...more details

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You can safely book your 2013 holiday because the end of the world is not coming on December 21, 2012. There is a legend that in ancient Mayan culture there were thirteen sacred crystal skulls, hidden in different places that must be found before December 21, 2012, the end of the current Mayan calendar cycle, which has lasted 5,126 years. On that date, the myth says the earth will be knocked off its axis, unless the thirteen skulls are brought together and aligned to save the planet.

2011 was the year of natural worldwide disasters, cyclones, tsunamis, forest fires, volcanic explosions, earthquakes and floods. In contrast for many people on a personal level 2012 has been the year of obstacles, setbacks, stagnation, job losses, unanticipated company closures, break ups and illness when stagnation and frustration has been the name of the game. Sensitive spiritual people seem to have been especially adversely affected by the 2012-start/stop energies. On December 21, which is also the Summer Solstice, Midsummer in the southern hemisphere and the Midwinter Solstice, the rebirth of light in the northern world, there will be an enormous shift of energy, like a clogged up drain suddenly being cleared and water surging freely once more, clearing the debris of the past and with it old prohibitions and regrets, In fact what the Mayans seem to be saying is that on this date there will be a huge positive energy shift, the birth of a new sun that will give us power, energy, new perspectives, courage and opportunities that will flow towards us and which we must seize before they flow away A time of risk but great potential gain for those who dare.

To tune into the Mayan energies:

make a circle of thirteen stones or crystals and surround them by thirteen tea lights or small candles. In the centre put a taller white candle. Of course if you have thirteen tiny crystal skulls you can substitute them for the stone

Light the central candle and say, I call the new sun to shine glorious and inspire me to (name your most significant need or dream).

Light each of the thirteen candles and say for each, Burn bright and light the way to the new era of joy, success, happiness and abundance

Name for each tea light as you blow softly into it a step, a goal or a freeing and allow these to come spontaneously

Blow out twelve of the outer candles and leave one and the central candle to burn through saying; I welcome the new era and the birth of the new sun with hope and certainty that all shall be well.

Next time you do the spell, replace the central candle but not the small tea light and continue the spell whenever feels right, each time reducing the tea light number and replacing the central candle till all the outer tea lights are burned through.

We are so confident that the world will not end we will offer you 2 course modules for the price of one on December 22, for one day only.

Simply buy one course module, and in the message box, say which other course module you want. Read about my courses here