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Cassandra will be in TOOWOOMBA Wed Jan 22 to Mon Feb 3 at the City Golf Club, 254 South St. 9am-7pm. See below for the rest of the tour dates

Phone Konnie on 0409 499782 for a half hour or hour long session with me at any of the venues.

I have my new large crystal Archangels and angels to share with you as well as Tarot cards, runes, Egyptian and Goddess cards, my crystals and crystal ball to help answer any questions, make your life path changes or reach decisions about love, happiness, career, travel, money or family, Discover your Guardian Angels, Spirit guides and past worlds and communicate with loved ones on the Other Side. I will also make you a free charm bag for any purpose, including fertility, good luck, money and love,, remove any ill wishing, hexes, curses or bad luck around you, show you how to protect yourself psychically and suggest ways to develop your psychic abilities.

I welcome my old friends and new and I will also be running free workshops.

I will also be in:

MACKAY Thur Feb 6 to Tue Feb 18. Magpies Sporting Club, Glenella Rd Glenella. 9am-7pm



TWO NEW READINGS will be available very soon - check back here for full details in a day or two:

The Spirit of Health and Healing,  personally created rituals and reading


Nature Oracale reading


My Angel Blessings link you with your special angel. You can buy blessings for yourself, for friends or family... more details


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Beltane Fertility Ritual

SITE UPDATES: 11/01/2014


Happy full moon week ahead.

A special full moon is coming, Mother Moon in her own sign of Cancer, ruled by Muriel the silvery Angel of dreams, the home and family who rides her magical carpet through the skies. An emotional moon so expect tears and protestations of love and devotion, both genuine and crocodile tears that have a price and a sting in the tail. You will know whether love and loyalty are real if you trust your intuition and give common sense an airing. read more


Do you feel spooked or constantly afraid or jinxed? Do you have vicious neighbours, an ex or someone you know who hates you or is bullying your children?.

This may not be a direct curse but the eye of envy and resentment that can affect your well being and even your sleep and good fortune.

Cassandra is an experienced Druidess and white witch and will not only do rituals on your behalf but send you simple but effective instructions how to change your luck and to protect yourself from past, present and future attack.

Costs (3 options):

Option One: £35 for a set of precautions you can take yourself, plus a copy of the main ritual Cassandra will do for you as well as ongoing protection.

Option Two: £25 for a copy of the main ritual plus ongoing protection.

Option Three: £15 for a copy of a ritual you can carry out plus a protective ritual cast three times.

Order your ritual here:


LATEST BOOK available in paperback and on Kindle


The Magick of Faeries: Working with the Spirits of Nature

LISTEN to the superb interview about this book with Paul and Ben Eno here from "Behind the Paranormal Radio show (free downloadable MP3 podcast)


Crystals and Healing

Introduction to using Crystals in the home and everyday life: includes the use of basic crystals to bring health, prosperity, harmony, happiness, good luck and love to your home...


Crysal healing part 1 teaches everything you need to get started on crystal healing ....


Part one of Fortune Telling teaches a variety of basic methods including tea leaf reading, Tarot, numerology and crystals...


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hand made apple wood wand

All the wands available on my site are made by Debi, over in France. Debi is a pagan gardener and all the the wood she uses comes from her orchard or from her garden and local hedgerows, usually from either fallen branches or from prunnings.

WANDS AVAILABLE: The first of these wands is now available (with more available in the new year 2013). See here for more details.


Wands in Witchcraft and Druidry

Element: Fire

Direction: South

Energies: God

Qualities: Inspiration, intuition, passion (in every way)

Magical wood for wands

Wands can be made of almost any wood (not elder unless you find it on the ground as that is a magical tree you should not cut or burn). The following meanings also hold true for staffs or staves (the correct plural I believe).

You can create or buy wands in different woods and, if you wish, choose one for healing and one for special ceremonies.

Alder is the wood of stability and so brings magical desires and energies into the here and now.

Apple wood is very fertile and will help to spread abundance and creativity; also used traditionally for casting circles and in love magick.

Ash is the World tree that formed the axis between earth and heaven. It is also a healing tree and the tree of travel and travellers and so is good for portable altars; good for your special wand and for healing magick; also for drawing down the Sun and God rituals.

Cedar is the wand of truth, integrity and purity and so demands high standards of the user. It is also very good for cleansing other artefacts and tools; good for binding and banishing magick.

Elder but only if you find a fallen branch, is associated with fairy and nature spirit magick and is good for any visualisation work and also for work with fairies and nature essences.

Hazel is the traditional tree of wisdom, knowledge and justice and so grounds magic in a secure foundation. It is linked with the magic of the Sun, like the ash. The wand should be cut from a tree that has not yet borne fruit; another choice for a ceremonial wand and also for balancing magick.

Oak is a tree of great strength and wisdom and will help you to develop your inner understanding of the deeper significance behind even simple rituals; also for those who wish to progress further in magick and are prepared to accept the extra responsibilities; another really special wood but some will only work with fallen branches. Popular with Druids and Druidesses.

Pine brings courage and inspiration to your work; a good wand for mothers and wise women and in divinatory work.

Rowan is both magical and protective if you work mainly in an area where there are security problems or extremes of weather or you are new to magick.

Willow, the Moon tree is wonderful for moon magic, drawing down the Moon, for Goddess work, for women and younger witches and will develop your divinatory/prophetic powers; for the magick of the mysteries and mysticism.

The Spear/Lance/Wand

Element: Fire

Direction: South

Energies: God

Tarot symbol: Wands, Staves or Rods

Qualities: Inspiration, intuition, passion (in every way)

Wands symbolise the sacred lance of Longinus that pierced Jesus’ side. In Celtic tradition it is the spear of Lugh, who slew his grandfather the old solar God Balor with it and so brought about the new order.

The bleeding lance is a common motif of the Grail legends. In one of the many versions of the Grail, Bron the Fisher King who was Guardian of the Grail was wounded in the side by a spear, but could not die or his barren land be restored to life except by one who could ask the correct questions about the Grail.

There are many versions of the legend that has fascinated countless generations, in which the correct but secret question the woman must ask is:

Whom does the lance serve?

The answer here should be: You my lady, for evermore, its power and its protection.

The question concerning the chalice or Grail Cup is: Whom does the Grail heal?

The answer is: You my wounded Lord in joy and in fertility.

This underpins much of the ceremony of the wand (the blade/Athame) and the chalice in ceremonial magick.

I think the Wand is the better correspondence because it is the tool of Fire mingling with Water, God with Goddess in total unity.

The bleeding lance has magical connotations and in a number of myths the lance continued to bleed until the true heir of the old King, who was pure in heart, came to the Grail castle. In Norse mythology, the Father God Odin hung nine days and nine nights on the World Tree as a form of initiation/ritual death and rebirth pierced by his own spear.

Some people have different wands for different needs and a special one for major outdoor ceremonies or for a boost of power. You can also find or buy a small twig wand for travel. My miniature one is less than 12 inches long.

You can use any small smooth branch as a temporary wand by asking the blessings of the forest where you find it. Hazel is the most usual wand wood, a symbol of wise authority, justice and fertility. These meanings are also useful when buying or making a staff or staves.

Wands can be used for:

* Making ever increasing clockwise circles to attract whatever or whoever is needed, in your life anti-clockwise in decreasing circles to banish sorrow, illness, ad luck and anything negative.

* Circling your wand continuously clockwise in small regular circles (using the power hand, the one you write with as is customary for wand use) will enchant any symbol that represents a need. Chant as you work and move your other hand in similar sized circles, at the same time anti-clockwise; all the while softly chanting the purpose of the spell. By association you are sending power to whomever or whatever is represented by the symbol. You cans empower herbs or crystals by the same method.

* Writing in the air with your wand your magical intentions or any secret magical names you use faster and faster; when you reach a peak of power raise you wand to the air vertically and the then bring it down behind you and back up again waist high to release the power.

* Casting a small circle of protection about an arm span all around yourself in the morning before work or in the evening when you get home if you feel afraid, unwell or under attack.

* Alternatively hold the wand in front of your face while speaking banishing word. You can hold your other hand upright palm outwards. This is a good way of banishing albeit temporarily anxiety, pain or physical weakness.

* Directing power generated through magical words towards a place or person, holding the wand horizontally in the right direction whether a mile or a thousand and reciting the place name nine times saying; ‘May it be healed/restored/ saved.’

* Drawing circle of power and light before a spell within which to carry out magic by walking round the visualised circle, Point your wand diagonally downwards from waist height in front of you , seeing light coming from it to protect above and below in the circle

* You can close a circle in the same way.

You can use the wand to open the four directions of your circle by drawing elemental pentagrams in the air in the four directions in the air face high as you welcome the four guardians. You can likewise in reverse order of opening close the circle with banishing pentagrams drawn in the air in the four directions.

* Drawing down the moon or sun by holding the wand in a sharp angle to the sky and turning in rapid clockwise circles for the sun and the reverse for the moon to physically create the psychic sensation of the heavenly body rushing towards you.

*As a personal power channeller, amplifying your own power to give you daily strength as you hold it at a 45 degree angle facing the morning sky, noon, dusk and midnight, filling you with cosmic and earth power.


Filling the wand with power by leaving it on the outdoor altar for brief periods during storms for courage, rain for healing or banishing, under a rainbow for granting wishes and in winds for change. Hold it soon afterwards and feel the energies passing through it you can you can top up your own energies and determination.

When your wand becomes weathered you can keep it in near the altar till it shatters; empower a new one meanwhile as the old one’s work is done.



Fire and smoke (incense) are the most effective ways of purification of a new wand or when it feels as if it is losing energy.

* Light a candle and incense or smudge stick and also the altar candles if you are working indoors. Work after dark when the moon is visible in the sky.

* Outdoors work by moon light if possible. The full moon is excellent or any of the days leading up to it or the two days afterwards when the moon is still bright. You can supplement the moonlight if cloudy with a circle of small candles or tea lights in jars.

* Cleanse your wand by circling it anti-clockwise with the smoke of a lighted smudge, an incense stick.

Alternatively you can pass it above a flame nine times anti clockwise.

* Whichever method you choose move with the candle or smudge rhythmically. Use a broad based heat resistant candle holder and a heat proof incense container so as not to burn yourself. Say, nine times slowly as you equally slowly pass smoke or candle flame nine times anticlockwise over or round the artefact

’Three by three, three by three, Mother Earth I call on thee.May this (name tool) --- be purified by Mother Earth, she by whom all is given birth. Be cleansed likewise by Mother Moon, who takes all back into her starry womb. Three by three, cleansed and blessed be.’

* Now empower it by circling the wand nine times round the candle clockwise.

* Say nine times

‘So shall it be three by three,, empowered by creative light of the Father, Lord of the Animals, Lord of the Skies, three by three, empowered be, by fire, your Power rise to star filled skies, so shall it be!"

You can re-dedicate it in the same way whenever you sense the power waning or on any of the special festivals.

APPLE WOOD WAND available now, see here for details