Protection Rituals by Cassandra Eason

Protection Rituals

Do you feel spooked or constantly afraid or jinxed?

Do you have vicious neighbours, an ex or someone you know who hates you or is bullying your children?

The world is full of negative energies and often we allow, without realising it, those energies to infiltrate our everyday lives to a point where things become unbearable.

This may not be a direct curse but the eye of envy and resentment that can affect your well being and even your sleep and good fortune.

Cassandra is an experienced Druidess and white witch and will not only do rituals on your behalf but send you simple but effective instructions how to change your luck and to protect yourself from past, present and future attack.

Costs (3 options)

Option One: £35Option One: £35 for a set of precautions you can take yourself, plus a copy of the main ritual Cassandra will do for you as well as ongoing protection.

Option Two: £25 for a copy of the main ritual plus ongoing protection.

 Option Three: £15 for a copy of a ritual you can carry out plus a protective ritual cast three times.

If you would like to order "the Protection Ritual", click the Buy Now button. You can pay with most cards (debit or credit) as well as a paypal balance. You do not need a paypal, account to use this payment system, instead simply click the checkout button during the payment.

Once you have made payment, please email me with your details - as a minimum I need details of your worries plus your name, date of birth and those of anyone else concerned. I will thensend you your ritual by email within 4 weeks and if you have opted for me to do the ritual on your behalf, rest assured I will do this at the earliest time possible. I will still send you written details of the ritual, so you can do it yourself at any time in the future, should you wish to do so.