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How does clairvoyance work?

A number of ancient cultures believed in both an individual and interconnected universal web of fate that was constantly being woven and rewoven according to the choices and actions of individuals and nations. The three sisters of Fate were the spinners or weavers of the web of human destiny and even that of the deities. In Christian times the Fate goddesses were downgraded to fairy godmothers in folk lore, who would be present to assign a newborn his or her destiny as the earlier deities had done.

It is told in Norse myth that Yggdrasil the World Tree was fed by the Well of Urd, Wyrd or Fate, in whose waters each morning the three Norns, the sisters of Fate, gazed to give guidance to the deities. This well contained the cosmic knowledge from when the world began and the potential for the future. The three Sisters wove a web both of the fate of the world and the fate of individual beings.

The first Norn, Urdhr, the oldest of the sisters, looked always backwards and talked of the past which in Viking tradition influenced, not only a personís own present and future but that of his or her descendants both genetically and in the values and property/lifestyle transmitted from the ancestors.

The second Norn, Verdhandi, a young vibrant woman, looked straight ahead and talked of present deeds which strongly influenced the future.

Skuld, the third Norn, who tore up the web as the other two created it, was closely veiled and her head was turned in the opposite direction from Urdhr. She held a scroll which had not been unrolled, of what would pass, given the intricate connection with past and present interactions.

How to step beyond measured clock time to the world of possibilities

By looking at the web of fate of the individual by using different clairvoyant tools like Tarot, runes and the crystal ball and the connections of that individual web with the webs of others involved in their life, it is possible, through clairvoyance, to view the results of possible choices ahead, as if these consequences were occurring in potential or eternally present time or to put it another way on the thought plane of the questioner.

The clairvoyant readings I offer you are very different from fortune telling and are in fact fortune making since as a result of the answers given in the reading I will send you, you as the questioner can see options not considered before and can make informed decisions. Fate is not fixed and by our decisions we can change our future so it is more the way we want it.

Is clairvoyance 100 % accurate?

People paying for a reading understandably want a clairvoyant to tell them what is going to happen. But of course even the greatest clairvoyant cannot operate in 100% certainties.

If you accept that the movement of a butterfly wing can affect energies throughout the universe then the results of a clairvoyant reading are going to be affected by the free will choices of those connected with you. This free will can occasionally lead someone on whom your future depends them to act in totally impulsive, stupid or destructive ways, totally out of character and that can affect both timings and change what seemed to be a near certainty.

So what you are seeing in a reading is the kaleidoscope picture of the future at the time of the reading and by studying the patterns it is possible to predict strong likelihoods and maybe a powerful near certainty. Sometimes we can experience a knock on effect from a third party whose seemingly random actions can affect the future of someone connected with you and so affect your future. Imagine a game of bowls in which one person has aimed directly ahead at the central ball or jack. But there is a second game going on in an adjoining bowling green. Suddenly a ball from that game goes wide of the mark and hits your carefully aimed ball or the central ball knocking that off course.

But in spite of this most readings are accurate and rather than predicting what will happen shows ways that what you want to happen can occur given future actions you may decide to make as a result of the reading.

How I do your reading?

I do all the readings myself, by picking for you whatever methods I feel appropriate to answer your questions. I always say allow up to fourteen days from when we receive your booking at the site, not only because I travel and have a lot of other work, but so that I can sit down uninterrupted and give you all the time you need.

I spread out all my chosen card packs, runes, crystals etc and pick what seem to be the right ones for you by a process called psychokinesis, a power by which our unconscious mind guides us to the right choice that is also behind successful dowsing. You have the option of giving me up to 12 lucky numbers and I will also work with your birth date and that of anyone else about whom you are asking to select cards etc.

While I am doing so I focus on the questions you have asked or if the matter is complex I may spend time allowing the questions to enter my unconscious mind before beginning the reading.  I ask for the help of both my and your guides and angels and often light a candle and incense to assist me to focus.

Once I have selected all the necessary cards etc and looked into the crystal ball for images, I then consider the mythology behind the chosen tools and for each allow my clairvoyant mind, using clairvoyance (or clear seeing) in the form of psychic images, clairaudience, (words that come from angels), guides and my unconscious mind and claircognizance, (impressions and feelings about what I have chosen) and the question. Sometimes a past life issue may appear, especially in the crystal ball.

Then I record and collect all the information and go through the reading again allowing any new insights and connections to emerge.

The methods I use

I offer a selection of methods as that way one divinatory form will confirm another or perhaps add some new insight. Some systems have remarkably similar names and meanings, for example the Star appears in both the Tarot and runes and the birch tree appears in the runes and the tree staves.


I work with five packs together as that way if the same card appears more than once it is obviously of great significance and I have known the same card appear three or four times. I use the mediaeval inspired Morgan Greer cards, the Celtic Druid craft and the traditional Rider Waite. I do not use a conventional spread like the Celtic cross as in a divinatory reading the card positions can be too restrictive. I prefer a nine card spread that allows the card to be combined in the way that feels right and I am then free to add more cards as necessary. If a card shows a negative or aspect that clearly refers to a past best left behind, I will substitute a second card to show the way through a blockage. Tarot is especially good for relationship and career or money matters.

Goddess cards

I work with two different packs, one of which I bought while I was in Australia and which has become a favourite. I will often choose several as a way of seeing the personís strength.

These are an excellent way of discovering your hidden strengths and potential and while they are often chosen by women as a central part of a reading they are also helpful to men. They represent goddesses from many cultures but a person may have a number of goddesses from the same culture which can indicate some past life link.

Viking runes

Again I use three sets so that repeats can give additional information. Runes are very good for cutting through confusion and for revealing what others are hiding or what is a stage you may not feel ready for but which will be advantageous if embraced. These I select from a bag by touch but if you send me numbers I can use these to aid selection. I throw the runes into a drawn circle in a tray of sand or outdoors on to the ground or on a tree stump. By the position they land and whether the runes show the marked or blank side even more information can be extracted. I tend to use between three and six for a question and then return them to the bag between questions.

Egyptian hieroglyphs and miniature statues of various gods and goddesses

These represent different strengths and ways of moving forward as well as overcoming any obstacles to happiness and for any questions about healing or spiritual development. I select again entirely by touch (called psychometry or psychic touch) from a large embroidered bag and will use between 3 and six per question, returning them to the bag between questions. In this way the same hieroglyph may appear twice or more and so gain added significance.

I Ching

I use the pre Confucian method where I create the hexagrams, six line messages from specially marked stones in answer a question. I can then make a second hexagram to see how things will change given the changes indicated by the first hexagram and then if necessary I can add a third or even fourth hexagram if necessary for ongoing monthly progress and for a twelve month wheel of destiny will do one for each month throughout the year to continue the progression.

Crystal ball

I have a quartz crystal ball with markings and rainbows inside. In this I can see your angels and spirit guides if that is one of your questions. However it will also give images sometimes relating to a past world, but more usually a vivid picture or even scene that may change. This symbol will hold a great deal of information about future choices and factors that may be influencing you without your realising it. This process is called scrying

Small crystals

I have 200 different crystals that I keep in a huge velvet bag and pick them out in answer to a question, usually three or four per question. Each crystal has a divinatory meaning that is partly influenced by its colour and the kind of crystals and its mythology and traditional magical and healing uses. However by holding each crystal in my hands I can also pick up addition information, often impressions through psychic touch or psychometry.

Celtic tree staves

These wooden twigs are etched with symbols for 20 major Celtic plants and I use two sets mixed together. I select three or four for each question, returning them to the bag between readings so that the same stave has the chance to appear more than once. Each stave also has an associated colour, animal and crystals and they can be good in offering information especially about good luck, love and spirituality.

Animal cards

I work with three sets, a Celtic Druid set, my favourite, a worldwide animal set and an Australian based set that is good for southern hemisphere readings. Each animal, bird, insect and sea creature portrayed represents strengths, challenges and healing powers and each has a rich mythology that helps me to see what the card is saying about your life and future. They can also be used in pairs in compatibility readings.


Dear Cassandra,

Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for the telephone reading I received from you two week ago. It is very rare to find a psychic who combines great talent with wonderful psychological insight and love!! A lovely combination and something I personally strive for.

Sending you much light on your way,



"Cassandra did a fantastic email reading for me a few months ago which was written in such an uplifting and heart-warming way that I still smile when I read it.  I have not met Cassandra but she seems most certainly to be a natural healer.  Reading just a few sentences of her work can bring light to the darkest of days. I wish her every success for all of her projects."



Classic Readings

Angel Readings

Past Life Readings



Cassandra reads with two sets of Viking runes

Animal cards

These are three sets of 16 Druidic animal cards, adapted by Cassandra to embrace other ancient cultures such as the native North American and Norse animal systems as well as the Celtic.

Egyptian Oracle

This Ancient method was taught to Cassandra in Cairo and based also on historical research. It uses 2 sets of 16 oracle tablets, plus 5 miniature deity statues.

Druidic Tree Staves

Two sets of twenty ancient Celtic tree symbols that represent different strengths ad opportunities according to whether they appear sun wise (symbol uppermost) or moon wise (hidden symbol).

Crystal ball

Cassandra will obtain and interpret in detail six detailed images from her collection of crystal balls and will relate these to your question/s.


Cassandra has more than 150 different small crystals that each have different meanings according to their kind, colour and your own questions.


Of all the above methods, Cassandra will choose the most appropriate for your needs, often combining two or more to get a clear answer to a question.


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