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A beginner’s guide to Spell casting

Magick is the most ancient of all the spiritual arts. Yet it is one that has an important place in the modern world. It is a source of personal power and protection and above all it helps us to connect with nature and the slower more harmonious rhythms of life.

White magic is entirely positive and harms no one, but seeks only to bring good things into your lives, to those we love and into the world. In return for the blessings we ask for we promise to do some specific act of kindness to balance the energies. You can’t use magick to ask for a multi million pound lottery win, but you can ask for what you really need and a little more.

Our ancestors practiced the folk spells that are at the heart of magic to bring them love and enough to eat, to keep their families safe and healthy and to attract good luck, abundance and fertility.

This in no way clashes with religious beliefs because magic acknowledges a supreme force of goodness and light, though often in magic people talk of the Goddess, the mother who made and cares for all. Often too angels are called upon for blessings and protection. In magic what you send out you receive back three times as powerfully, so any bad magic such as sending bad luck to others reflects back on the sender.

Most importantly it is not about the dramatic and weird effects you see in movies, but about carrying out a simple private ritual to fill your energy field with the powers you need to draw love to you, get a good job and to protect yourself from unkindness or awaken your natural fertility powers, so that you can make life more as you want it.

You can also empower a symbol to carry, wear or keep around your home that you fill with the powers of the spell you cast to remind you wherever you are that you have the necessary power to win through.

The symbol should be something that reminds you of the purpose of the spell, for example a key charm or a small unused keep if you want a new home, a tiny panel for travel, a silver heart or a locket for love and small purse of copper, silver and gold coins to attract money.

Natural materials are always good for making a symbol and if you craft the image yourself from clay, dough or beeswax, then you are able to endow it with your own personal essence from the start. Beeswax melted over a candle or a softened beeswax sheet is perfect because you can fashion any image, such as a heart for love or a baby in a cradle for fertility. Children’s play clay is ideal or you could make a dough or bread symbol and eat it afterwards to absorb the power.

But in theory there is no limit to what you use as a symbol as long as there is a clear connection whether visual or mental to bind it to the spell purpose.

A basic spell

You can cast a spell for any positive purpose so long as it is entirely positive and harms no one, but seeks only to bring good things into your lives, to those we love and into the world.

You will need:

  • A table with a white cloth on which to work.

  • Choose the symbol and put it in the centre of the table where you will be working.

  • You will need to a dish of salt for the Earth element. Put this furthest away from you in the centre of the far horizontal table edge, straight ahead of you as you face the table at which you are working

  • An incense stick in a holder for the Air element, at the centre of the right hand vertical edge of the table in the centre as you face the table

  • A candle nearest to you and directly opposite the salt in the centre of the horizontal edge for the Fire element.

  • A small bowl of mineral water or water from a tap that has been left to run for the Water element in the centre of the left edge as you face the table.


  • by picturing a circle of light surrounding you and the table.

  • Ask for the protection of your guardian angels and say that you will work for the greatest good and the best intentions.

  • Pick up the symbol and hold it in your cupped hands.

  • Say aloud your name, ‘I am—‘ and if you wish adopt a special name for magic, perhaps one you have always loved or that of a flower, star or tree to express yourself as you would like to become.

  • Then say, ‘I seek if it is right to be’ and ask precisely for what you want.

  • Then say’ I offer’ and name what kindness you will do to pay the cosmos for the blessing you are asking for.

  • Light the candle and your incense stick or cone from the candle.

  • Then put your symbol back in the centre and make three small clockwise circles of salt round it, asking for the strength and security of the earth to fill your symbol with power. You can picture the earth as golden fields, forests or huge rocks or however you wish.

  • Next pass your incense smoke three times in spirals round the symbol asking that it is filled with the power of the Air. Picture the air as clouds, the wind blowing or a storm if you need to overcome obstacles filling your symbol with energies and the possibilities of change.

  • Next either pass your candle three times round the symbol or if you prefer pass the symbol round the candle three times clockwise asking that it is filled with the power of Fire. Imagine the sun, a hearth, bonfire, festival fire or lightning providing the energy to bring your wish into actuality.

  • Finally sprinkle three circles of water drops clockwise round the symbol asking that it be filled with the power of water. Picture a deep lake, the sea, a waterfall or flowing river according to the kind of water power you need to make the good things flow into your life. It does not matter if your salt and water circles overlap or are different.

Now you are going to fill your symbol with power:

  • There are lots of ways you can do this. For example you could repeat a phrase over and over again faster and faster raise the power, while clapping softly

  • Alternatively or as well as chanting, you can move your hands over the symbol, the right hand clockwise and the left anti clockwise at the same time, palms downwards and fingers slightly curved inwards, faster and faster.

  • If you wish, circle a wand clockwise in the hand you write with while moving the other hand in the opposite direction. Crystal massage wands make excellent magical wands or you could use a smooth twig from a tree, that tapers inwards to a point and at the same time imagine your aura, the rainbow energy field surrounding you and the symbol, as filling with coloured lights

  • Keep increasing the speed and intensity until you can sense the energies sparkling round you and feel very excited. At this point bring your hands or your hand and wand upwards into the air, down again fast and clap to release the power, maybe saying the phrase very loudly and fast for the last time.

  • Then pick up the symbol and stand quietly letting the released energies flow into you and the symbol.

  • Finally press down with your feet and let any excess energy drain back into the ground.

  • Picture the light of the circle you cast round you fading and thank your guardian angel   

  • Put your symbol in a bag to carry or keep and touch to reactivate the confidence and enthusiasm you feel now.

  • Leave the candle and incense to burn out (make sure it is safe to do so)

  • If you feel you no longer need the symbol, roll the clay back into a ball and bury it under a growing plant or pass the incense stick smoke round it anti clockwise to cleanse the spell energies so you can use it another time.

Now go and make that first step towards making your dream come true


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