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This page is a photo library of images sent in by readers. Please do not use any of these images without permission. To gain permission please contact me, and I will forward your message to the owner(s) of the images.

Click image to see a larger image.

The following images were kindly sent in by Chandra Alexandre—SHARANYA - Black Madonnas of France.



In the crypt of Chartres Cathedral, south of Paris, is a Druidic well built on a former Neolithic burial mound. Known to the Celts as Carnutes, this was the central meeting place for the Druids and Druidesses of Gaul.

At any time of the year you can follow the pilgrimage pathway through the crypt, pausing at the reproduction of the Black Madonna with her crown of oak leaves, it is said,the Druidic representation of the Virgin who would give birth to a saviour, you end your trail at the place in the East of the main cathedral where the sun strikes a nail in the paving on the Summer Solstice, another ancient spot that has been Christianised, perhaps once the site of a monolith, a single stone aligned to the Midsummer sunrise, in both cases representing the birth into light.

Above the South door at Chartres Cathedral are sculpted oak twigs and tree spirits. Oak leaves are also entwined around the Black Virgin of the Pillar a statue which conducts the woiuvre or earth force from the well beneath upwards to the sky. All this information I pieced together, assisted by a French couple, Marie Louise and Alain who found me struggling to walk the mediaeval labyrinth, the finest in the world that for much of the year is covered with chairs. They showed me the Druidic places hidden in the cathedral and grilled the guide on the crypt tour on my behalf.

Others subterranean wells have become part of church and cathedral crypts. The well in the crypt of Chartres Cathedral near Paris, was once within the Druidic’ subterranean grotto dedicated to the Druid Virgin whom it was prophesied would give birth to the saviour. The Celts called the place Carnutes and it was a major tribal political and ritual gathering place. The well pre-dates the Celts and the site of the present cathedral was a former Neolithic burial mound.

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BLACK MADONNAS: Women, Spirit and healing

BLACK MADONNAS: The Virgin Mary and her alter ego, The Black Madonna


Debbie and I are in the process of researching a new book/project on Black Madonnas of France.

Between us we hope to visit every single one that is known of, and also hope to re-discover a few lost ones (we have had some success already on this).

Of the books already published, most are lacking a full listing of all Black Madonnas (Vierges Noire) that still exist today in France and are able to be seen by the public. We aim to address this and provide an encyclopaedic resource to help anyone in search of Black Madonnas.


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