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A Beltane fertility ritual

This can be carried at any time when you need fertility on any New moon or on Beltane Eve.

  1. Take a tiny doll and make for it a cradle of flowers and greenery.

  2. Place in the cradle symbols of increase, with golden coins, sparkling crystals, ears of corn , nuts, seeds.

  3. Loop over the cradle, nine ribbons, red, yellow, green ,blue ribbons for the four seasons, silver for the Moon, gold for the Sun and white for the Earth Mother, purple for the Sky Father and pink for new life.

  4. As you bind each ribbon clockwise say,

Grow strong in love,
Bear fruit and multiply,
Child of mine, (or substitute whatever it is you wish to increase)
From seed to fruition,
Be safe from all harm, all fear.
You whom I bind close with hope,
All the spiralling energies of earth, air, fire,
water, moon, sky and mother Earth
Who gives life to all,
Aid me.

  1. Secure each ribbon underneath in a loose knot to another so they form threes; saying:

As one becomes two, becomes three,
So three to six to nine,
Winding, binding,
Babe of mine (or wish if it is another fertility matter).

  1. Go into the open air and make love in a private place or of this is not possible go outdoors immediately afterwards and gather greenery to bring indoors. This is effective for the fertility of joint ventures as well as for conceiving an infant.

  2. If you do not have a partner, gather greenery and flowers (even from a balcony or window box) and encircle yourself with them before you go to sleep.

  3. In either case, have the cradle close to you while you sleep.

  4. In the morning, sprinkle salt nine times clockwise over the cradle, then nine drops of water or Dew (May dew is most potent of all); burn a silver candle, a colour especially associated with fertility and pass it clockwise over the cradle being careful not to let any wax fall.

  5. Finally waft the smoke of rose or frankincense incense clockwise.

  6. Leave the cradle by your need either until the Full Moon or for fourteen days after Beltane Eve, replacing any greenery or flowers that are wilting with fresh ones.

  7. After this period, bury all the greenery in the earth, and cover over the cradle.

  8. Repeat monthly if necessary.

I have a knitted cradle that folds like a bag over the baby within, or you can buy large pottery or wooden hens used for holding eggs. But any lid will do - even the lid of a silver-coloured wok. Magic is all about adapting the available tools, rather than modifying or not carrying out a ritual. Our ancestors managed remarkably well with the hedgerows and fields as source material and much of today’s most potent magic has a simple countryside origin.

  1. Throw the pieces on to a bonfire or fire in a domestic hearth and look into the embers to see pictures of a brighter tomorrow.

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