2020 HALLOWEEN Samhain

A very special bitter-sweet Halloween time approaches, spanning Samhain heralding in the old Celtic New Year and colder days in the Northern hemisphere and demanding its place also in the Beltane celebrations, the coming of the summer in the Southern world, both lasting from the evening of October 31, until sunset on November 2, All Souls’ Day.

Even more magical this year October 31 also marks a Full Blue Hunter’s Moon in Taurus at 14.49 UTC(seehttps://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/for the time in your region)
The Blue Moon is so called because it is the second full moon in the month (there are 13 full moons this year) and so it is said to grant wishes.

Although there are Halloween full moons every 19 years, this is the first since 1944 that can be seen in nearly all the world’s time zones and so Mother Moon this month shines her light on all. Significant perhaps the previous almost global full moon occurred at a time when many parts of the world were still reeling from the destructive effects of the Second World War, bringing her promise that war would end and life return through in a very different form.

Now in these times of a worldwide pandemic, Lady Moon embraces the world once again on All Hallows Eve, the night of the ancestors, when the dimensions open and we celebrate our loved ones by cooking their recipes, buy their favourite flowers to set next to their photos, getting out the old photo albums and embellishing the family legends.

Though this Halloween moon is especially poignant, when as in 1944, death is ever-present in the world, Mother Moon tells us we cannot cower in the shadows but must rejoice in every day our loved ones are granted health and safety, a blessing and a bonus. Though other Halloween full moons will wheel though the skies, hundreds of years hence our descendants will still make wishes upon the blue moon and hopefully rejoice in a freer better world at the seasons’ turning as they look upwards at the fires of the ancestors in the stars.

Jack, recalled in Halloween and Samhain, in the Jack o’ lantern, was asked three times during his life by the loveliest of the Morrigu Fate sisters to go with her across the river of death to immortality. But he was too afraid to take her hand even in his last moments on earth; so it is told he walks between worlds with his small light, now recalled in the Halloween pumpkin. But all was not lost -it never is- six months later he is reborn as the wild Beltane Jack ‘o’ Green, who seizes life, free as the burgeoning woodland greenery and crowns the maiden goddess with wildflowers. Both Jacks are one, are within us and the choice is not always easy; with the buffets of seemingly sometimes unfair fate; but even in the darker times we can make decisions based on the resources and the knowledge we have right now, using the past to weave the garland of the future and when that garland breaks, repairing it again and again.

If we can live authentically, beautifully and eternally in bad times as well as good, in our words, our kindnesses, in those we try to influence for the better, in our unique foot and blueprint we can still rejoice and build upon small pleasures that are our treasures in this most bittersweet of moons

May you be safe and your wishes fulfilled.

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