Happy Solstice on Monday December 21, 2020

Illustration by @cw_art_works

Happy Solstice on Monday December 21 at 10.02 UTC and the closest Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 397 years, also on December 21 at 18.20 UTC . At this point the cosmic giants will be only 0. 1 degrees apart (see http://www.timeanddate.com for the times in your region of both the Solstice and the Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction)

It has been suggested that this greatest of Great Conjunction of the two planets which will appear like a single shimmering star, may have been the original Star of Bethlehem which it is said the Wise Men followed.

This then is a special Solstice, Mid- Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the height of the Summer Sun in the Southern world, illuminated as evening falls by that starry promise in the sky – and we can tap into this incredibly dynamic cosmic and seasonal energy burst of light and life. It brings hope for those who can’t see the point of going on and an assurance that life is more than a random turn of fate’s dice.

If our personal stars have been dimmed in the previous months, yet they still wait to be followed as the Solstice light returns; our latter- day Star of Bethlehem as we look up in wonder, can guide us maybe on new pathways that because delayed will be more precious when the journey begins again.

Never more needed, the majestic giants of the cosmos, Saturn and Jupiter uniting, balancing wise caution with promises of future expansion at a time when much of the western world is still gripped by the spectres of the pandemic. Our inner gold, our as yet to be unfolded sun of frankincense and consoling myrrh of the waxing moon, are long awaited. For we have those gifts within to develop through our newly acquired wisdom, experience and compassion we have acquired in the preceding months.

Never more needed too the return of the Solstice light in the Northern world or the golden defiant glow of unquenchable Midsummer on the other side of the world, cascading to join power at the centre of the turning world to reassure and warm and promise better times ahead we can create and share

Following that Star of hope that by the next Solstice in June 2021 when the seasonal dancers change places in the eternal solar dance, we can believe we shall feel safe again and walk in the light of freedom.

The loss of life and livelihoods can’t be undone, the pain and sorrow still goes on. Yet our Yuletide tinsel stars shimmering on the tree on what will be for many a very different Christmas, are a reminder to keep following our own star, revealing even in dark times that path of destiny we still can make.

And we have discovered many previously undervalued human stars this year, dedicated health workers, service providers, those who have given food to the hungry and offered support for the lonely. We have seen the best of humanity as well as the worst- and so on 21st we look up at the Solstice star, knowing the light of humanity will never be dimmed.

The Baltic sun Goddess, Saule dressed and crowned with gold who drove her chariot across the skies, as she returned to restore light to the world, dances joyously with her daughters, the planets. Stepping in a second across the world the Sun Mother brushes the snow from her hair, adds a bit of lippy and scatters golden sunbeams as she passes.  Fear not the sun will cease to shine even in what have been for some their darkest days. Just as people in times past lit fires and hung torches from evergreen trees to call back the sun  so we who have been spared grievous loss or worries about future livelihoods,  celebrate with gratitude and crossed fingers the blessings of family, friends, acquaintances and strangers whose goodness has shone through the darkest of days.  For light is stronger than darkness. The Sun Mother in her many names and guises never fails to light the pathway of her children even through tears, doubt and uncertainty. She has warmed the hearts of her children at this time of year down the ages, others who sometimes also feared the bleakness of life; she rekindles our inner sun as kindness and goodness, unselfishness and sharing, as caring words, thoughtful deeds and smiles that grow in light as they pass from one to the other, even if sometimes through tears. And so the Solstice sun will shine once more and light return.

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