We wish you a joyous Yule and look forward to a happier 2021.

Debi, Cassandra and the newest member of our team Caitlin wish you a joyous Yule and look forward to a happier 2021.

For many people around the world, this Christmas is bitter-sweet, especially in those lands where new pandemic restrictions mean even more people than usual will be alone on Christmas Day or can’t be with loved ones. 

However, even in the pre-pandemic world many spend Christmas alone and seeing the world carolling can be painful when everyone withdraws behind their tinselled front doors of togetherness, doubly so now in this time of vulnerability.

If you are alone or feel alone this approaching Christmas if you are with people who are less than loving or can’t be with the person you want to share the Yule, when the house is quiet and dark, light a single white candle. Say, I light this flame that my own radiance will burn bright in the darkness with the love for myself as I am, who I am and without self- judgment, bitterness or blame as why I feel or am alone. 

Light from your flame in a circle around your candle of self, smaller white candles to recall those who can’t be with you this Christmas because of pandemic restrictions, are far from you across the world or if the situation you find yourselves means you can’t be together. 

Remember also in the candlelight deceased loved ones whose physical presence we miss at the celebrations and finally family and lovers estranged or those you must let go because they never were or can no longer be yours.  

Light and name a candle for each of these absences and afterwards say What cannot be restored or resolved now be at peace. I send you love, blessings and joy wherever you are within these flames.. 

Sit in the light for a while recalling happy memories and future plans when the world is light and free again. 

Only when you are ready, extinguish each of the circle of candles in reverse order, offering each person,  a specific blessing as the candle flame ceases to glow. 

If there are some you cannot and maybe should not forgive, send a blessing anyway, so moving from their shadow and freeing yourself from living or deceased who wronged us or we them, who still cast shadows on our brightness. 

Leave the central candle of yourself still burning  and from it light a single  green candle of hope in the centre of the candle circle and relight from the green candle of future promise each white circle candle.

Leave the candles burning as symbol that you are never alone as long as you walk in the light of your own self. For ultimately however much we are or will be loved, we are and must be our own flame in the darkness, our own inspiration and hope and so we share the light with others whether near this Yule or far away 

We will meet again around the Christmas tree. 

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