Happy Cold Moon or Full Long Nights moon in Cancer…and a very happy New Year

Happy New Year from Cassandra, Debi, Caity. May all your New Year wishes come true and may you remain safe …towards the end of this post are a few rituals/spells for the New Year.

Happy approaching Cold Moon or Full Long Nights moon in Cancer on December 30 at  03.28 UTC and so visible in some time zones on the night of 29th (for your own time zone see  www.moongiant.com).  

Heralding in the New Year, the Cancerian full moon that blesses home and family, has seen many of us spending far longer than usual in our homes because of pandemic restrictions. If we are lucky, we have shared these months of restrictions with family, secure in their love. If alone, our home has perhaps offered sanctuary against what has been a dangerous time. 

But at this time too Mother Moon highlights the plight also of those for whom home has become a prison. For some during the lockdowns have been trapped in extreme isolation, dire poverty or shut indoors with an abuser. Once the pandemic is over, this suffering must not go back into the shadows, but must be resolved by us all once we are free again. 

The dual energies pulsate as the New Year heralds in fresh power for new beginnings, new determination and new hope for 2021 even though the new strains of the virus, threaten to overwhelm.  

The Full Moon in Cancer is ruled by Muriel angel of dreams. With New Year beginnings combining with those dreams still to be fulfilled, we can pursue them even in limited ways right now. We know now life is too short, too fragile for, maybe tomorrows, next year or if only I had. 

As the Full Moon illuminates approaching New Year we can tap into that surge of power from the rising earth and the moonlit skies. 

You can carry the following ritual on December 30, full moon, as New Year approaches or on New Year’s Eve when Cancerian moon power is still coursing through the sky Better still cast the ritual on both December 30 and New Year’s Eve to reinforce that determination to win through to the better future. You can carry this out with friends, family or alone 

You will need 

A drinking glass never before used for each person, half-filled with water from a bubbling tap. 

A large red candle. 

A cypress, cedar or pine incense stick. 

Dried sage or rosemary. 

The Spell: 

  • Light the candle saying This is the time of the year for new fires to be kindled from the old, that life may blaze anew, reaching for future moments made of gold.. 
  • Either alone or with family members or close friends, sit or kneel close to the candle you/each of you sprinkling just a few grains of herbs into the flame saying, I/we let go of the old, let it fade from sight, for the new year light will blaze glorious and hope once more burn bright. 
  • Name a sorrow or regret from 2020 you are consigning to the flame.  
  • Extinguish the fire or candle and then relight it, saying From the old comes new, joy after sorrow, healing after pain, dreams to pursue. 
  • Tip any remaining herbs outdoors saying, At the year’s turning, on this full moon, I name my dreams and vow I will attain them soon. 
  • Name (each of you), your dreams for 2021. 
  • Now face the moon(she will rise later on 31 but still be bright) or if cloudy face where the moon should be. 
  • Each lift a glass of water to the moonlight repeating those dreams. Leave the water out all night (if raining in a sheltered place). 
  • In the morning, splash the water on your brow, to your throat and your inner wrist points saying, Moon power, at this hour, rising of the new year’s light, be glorious in my sight, may those good times come again, joy from sorrow, hope from pain 
  • Tip the rest of the water on plants  

    May the Cancerian full moon and the New Year blaze glorious in your life.. 

A New Year’s Eve calendar ritual to bring a good year ahead

You will need   

A large dark-colored candle. 

A white candle. 

A pot of soil or sand.  

A single sheet calendar of the current year with large squares marking the days. 

A red pen. 

A ball of red wool. 


Fifteen minutes before midnight. 

The Spell: 

  • If alone write in any square a disaster you would sooner forget. 
  • If family/friends are joining in, they can choose a square, sharing all the spell words and actions. 
  • Light the dark candle and tie up the calendar using nine knots.
  • Tear a corner off the calendar, burning it in the dark candle flame.
  • Drop the burned paper into the pot, saying nine times Old year turn, Old year burn, Bad luck, do not return. 
  • Rip up the calendar, throwing it unburned in the pot and put the pot outside the door before midnight. 
  • At two minutes to midnight light the white candle from the dark one. 
  • On the first stroke of midnight, blow out the black candle and shout,
    Come in New Year. You are welcome

A First Footing ritual to bring good new year luck and prosperity into your home

You will need 

A copper, silver and gold-coloured coin. 

Wrapped sweets, dried fruits and nuts. 

Dried basil, juniper berries, sage or thyme. 

Coal or wood. 

A large bowl of water. 

A drawstring bag. 

Small crystals or glass nuggets. 


Before midnight. 

The Spell: 

  • Five minutes before midnight send the person chosen as First Footer outside the front door with the items except the crystals in the bag.
  • At midnight all shout, Come in, New Year. New Year, you are welcome, rattlingpans etc.
  • The First Footer enters, shuts the door and goes out of the back door (if there is one) or out of the front door again, saying: Out you go, Old Year. Your time is past. 
  • The First Footer comes back in, slams the door, walks upstairs to the top of the house and down again, shouting Happy New Year.  
  • She/he deposits the bag on the hearth or in front of a burning white candle.  
  • All toast the new year and drop crystals into the bowl making new year wishes

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