Happy Full moon in Virgo

Happy Full moon in Virgo on 27 February 08.17 UTC ( see http://www.moongiant.com for the moon rise in your own region.)

Illustration: cw-artworks

Known as Snow Moon in a number of Native North American cultures, but also among the Hopi nation ,the Moon of Purification and Renewal. the Ancient Chinese called this the Budding Moon.

Lady Virgo Moon therefore acts as transition between the hard times and the new beginnings. Appropriate since in a number of lands where the pandemic has hit hard, are appearing those first signs of promised life returning in the coming months and at last for some of us seeing family members and friends absent in our lives except on social media for twelve months.

Lady Virgo is a moon of preserving health and so she warns we must still be careful, even as the world teases and tantalises come and play, for the road is still long ahead-and the pandemic still waits for the unwary, for infections and mortality are far too high in some regions.

For many people who have written to me over the past twelve months, the pandemic has been a watershed, a year of life coming to a standstill, issues of mortality once brushed aside, taking centre stage and priorities of what constitutes happiness changing.

Even as we are told we will be able to go back almost to normal life in a few months, this full moon asks is what we had before what we still want?

Jobs that have disappeared of course have a devastating financial effect, but for some question if we want a different kind of work, to live in a new place, downsize, learn new skills.

When families and friends scatter again in their myriad social directions, after initial joyous reunions, returning to communicating by text or making vague dates to meet, do we want to foster and maintain true closeness with loved ones- even be with the same people?

As planes roar back into the skies, will we want to be first in the boarding queue or have we discovered local places offer a magick of their own?

The old road map is tattered, should we take time to reconstruct it or create a new form of living?

The Virgoan full moon debates with opposing Pisces will we, should we be ready to dive back into frantic frenetic life as soon as the starting gate to life swings open -or are there changes that in this new world we need to make before or instead of returning to the 24/7 marathon we used to call fulfilment.

Perhaps pause on the doorstep as you look up at the Virgoan Full Moon to ask what path you truly want to follow by the next Virgoan moon. There aren’t any easy answers for this is a very demanding moon with no excuses accepted or short cuts offered.

But now is a once in a lifetime opportunity even in the smallest ways to listen to our heart and soul that in the past were not wanted on the voyage to the future.

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