Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra

Illustration: cw-artworks

Welcome to the Full Moon in Libra on March 28 18.48 UTC (see www.timeanddate.com for the precise moon rise time and date in your location).

It is a welcome moon to illuminate our path, even though already the balancing energies of the Equinox just over a week ago, seem to be tipping away. The floods of New South Wales take their grip in a land formerly threatened by fire and we send them our prayers, Every step forward out of the pandemic is followed by a step backwards somewhere in the globe.

But the Libra moon is a promise of ever- increasing brightness in the months ahead; the following two months bring extra-bright full supermoons when the moon is closest to the earth. Some sources claim this Libran moon is in fact itself a Supermoon- and whatever source you define it by you can rejoice in its brilliance heralding those brighter times.

This coming moon casts off the final vestiges of winter in the Northern hemisphere and offers transition from summer to the Fall in those parts of the Southern hemisphere where the four seasons are present. The Pawnee nation call it the Sap moon or Sugar Moon as the time for first tapping the sap from maple trees. The Pueblo people refer to it as the Moon when leaves burst forth. Some nations in the North and Eastern USA have traditionally called it the Worm moon when casts appear after the thaw to show life stirring within the soil. For wherever you live in the world the message is hold on in there, life is stirring anew.

A traditional name for the full moon among a number of Native North American nations is Full Crow Moon when crows cawed to signal the end of winter.

Crow is an apt symbol for this Moon and our lives right now, not promising ease but striving against odds to change for the better not just our own lives but the world.

She has traditionally represented in many different lands questioning the status quo and that is not comfortable, but necessary to rebuild anew without repeating the old mistakes. Crows were once sacred to Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom although she would not allow crows to perch on the Acropolis, the main state building in Athens since this was regarded as a bad omen. Like many black birds, the crow was in many lands regarded as inauspicious, but in more modern terms she represents the need to embrace necessary change even if painful and as we do that, we can and will find a meaningful life again.

In American Indian lore the crow is a teacher of magick, messenger to the spirit world, a guardian of sacred laws and a sign of coming change. The cawing of crows is still a popular form of divination. And Crow Moon promises balance if we listen and learn, leading to  that better tomorrow we will make.

A legend I was told about the crow and also the raven that seems very appropriate for Full Crow Moon, was that the world was once cold and dark because the sun was high in the sky. So, Crow who was then a beautiful bird with white feathers and a lovely singing voice offered to fetch the sun. She brought it down on a chain or fire and the world became warm and light. But she burned her beautiful white feathers and her singing voice was croaky because of the smoke.

The other creatures soon forgot her sacrifice and said how foolish she was. But Crow said better to suffer a little than live your life in darkness.

So, our Libran moon heralds the new world we can attain in spite of and through the suffering. A reminder that we can and will emerge stronger in the months and years ahead. And supermoon or no, this Libran moon will light our pathways in the days ahead Even if it is cloudy Mother Moon will be there-and by the next Libran moon those tentative steps will become a dance of optimism through the more balanced world we recreate.


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