Happy April 20210

illustration CW-artworks

April springs fresh in the Northern hemisphere, scattering the first blossoms, a stir-crazy month of shimmering sunbeams, sudden frost and the showers that tease the moment we take off our coats and reach out to the warmth. Birds are bustling with straws and grasses and pieces of rush matting stolen from suburban patios to make their nests and already the lambs are tottering across the meadows.

Once close to the beginning of the New Year, April scatters redundant emotions and shatters illusions, in the words of the poet T.S Eliot mixing memory and desire.

The month is named after Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, the sea and beauty and also Aprilis, a goddess of the Etruscans, the people who once inhabited central Italy.

Magically April is good for love and fertility, creativity, increase in any aspect of life, especially health and money, for beauty, healing and happiness.

Asmodel, angel of harmony whose special colour is pink or green, whose fragrance rose and whose crystal rose quartz, is the Angel of April.

Wherever you live in the world, if you lack confidence to reach out for love, friendship, success or to follow your dreams or others seem smarter, more charismatic and confident, use April to increase your self-esteem and belief you can achieve anything. Some older folk like myself especially if they are alone, can feel that the world is for the young and we hold back, concentrating on being useful to others as we doubt anyone would want us for ourselves. But people of any age can feel left out, second best and hold back from asking for the best in life. The April showers and sunshine energies will radiate across the world to fill you with confidence to reach out for happiness and recognition of your true worth if you try this ritual.

You will need

A mirror you can see your head and shoulders in.

Five pink candles along the base of the mirror so their light reflects in the mirror


Any time in April, for five days after dark.

The Spell:

  • On night 1 light the first left-hand candle.
  • Gaze into the mirror saying Asmodel Angel of Radiance, Let my confidence grow, As this candle glows, That others (or name special person) will be drawn to me, Asmodel make this be.
  • Blow out the candle.
  • On night 2, light the original candle and the next candle to its right repeating the spell.
  • On night 3 light three candles including the original ones repeating the spell.
  • On night 4 add the fourth candle to the three already lit, repeating the spell.
  • On night 5 when all five candles are alight say Asmodel, as candles glow let my radiance likewise show, That I will shine and confidence /love be mine.
  • Blow out the candles and clap your hands saying, Light enter me, that all will see me radiantly.
  • Next morning smile into the mirror and say, I am of worth, I am precious and so I take my place in the world, sunshine or showers. I welcome April within.

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