Full Moon in Scorpio

Illustration: CW-Artworks

Welcome to the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27, at 0.331 UTC (check www.timeanddate.com for any differing full moon date and time in your region) 

The biggest brightest moon of this year is called Pink moon, named after the blooming of moss pink or moss phlox, phlox subulate in Eastern and Central North America, heralding spring. 

A Supermoon appears larger and brighter than normal as it passes closest to the earth on its orbit and will be seen the night either side of the full moon as well.

Aptly as we approach coming out of lockdown in different lands the moon is also called  Breaking Ice Moon  among the Algonquin people and the Moon when the streams are navigable again by the Dakota nation.

A moon of intensity, a moon of transformation, but a moon for some of pain, the loss of loved ones; when even the Queen of England sits at her husband’s funeral head, bowed, alone, all the riches and accolades in the world won’t bring back the one person she wants in the empty seat.

Many people young and old have seen during the pandemic other losses, their jobs disappear and the market swamped where the highest qualifications cannot guarantee even the minimum wage.

But to try to  recreate redundant roles, denies that transformation. shimmering in this moon, whose ruling angel is Bariel, angel of small miracles.

And so whether it is the young who may need to retrain, learn new skills, the mid-term folk who maybe have lost a management role or whose business disappeared when the grants and loans didn’t quite apply; they now of necessity and pride in hard work, dig deep into themselves to create a different business, find an untapped gap in the market, rework some of that old wisdom based on experience that is still of value.

We older folk too suddenly have on open canvas, a beautiful pristine unwritten page still to fill once we have resharpened our worn-down pencils.

I am lucky. I have a new major book commission ahead, probably the most ambitious I have ever undertaken that for me brings the wheel full circle from when I had nothing – and like the songwriters of old, I sold my zillion copy seller on a similar topic for the price of the groceries.
And after that if my health remains, there is the new world, new people, new places and a whole future to fashion. By my next Scorpio moon, Goddess willing, I will be transformed and fly.

If this bright moon hurts too much for whatever reason, try this

  • Light a purple candle, holding a dark coloured crystal or stone to its light saying Since life cannot be what it was before, I can no longer knock on locked and barred doors.
  • Light a grey candle, holding a grey crystal or stone to its light, saying Yet shall I fulfil a different destiny, Bariel, angel of small miracles, Lend determination to me.
  • Light a white candle, holding the white crystal or stone to it, saying A talisman of future days, A charm to guide me to new more fruitful ways.,
  • Extinguish the dark candle, burying the black stone.
  • Blow out the grey candle, tossing the grey stone in the air.
  • Leave the white candle burning and carry the white crystal as a talisman.

 Happy Scorpio transformation.

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