Welcome to the Full Flower Moon

Welcome to the Full Flower Moon on May 26 at 11.13 UTC (see http://www.time and date.com for the moon rise in your location) The Ojibwe people of the Great Lakes call it the Flower Moon because it is the time when the flowers begin to blossom. The Algonquin name it the Corn Planting Moon and the Cree nation Leaf Budding Moon.

A very special Moon because it is the second Supermoon of the year. The previous one was April’s Pink Moon. Supermoons are when the moon appears larger and brighter than normal as it passes closest to the earth on its orbit and will be seen the night either side of the full moon night clearly as well.

This full moon in Sagittarius is also a full lunar eclipse and a Blood Moon when the eclipse makes the moon appear red. For visibility in your region of at least the partial eclipse see SVS: May 26, 2021 Total Lunar Eclipse: Visibility Map (nasa.gov)

This special powerful moon also is given more focus and fire energy because it rises within Sagittarius and so we are excited by the prospects of travel once more, of the world slowly opening. There  are still many restrictions and the Indian variant of Covid wreaks havoc even as we shut the door, we believed on Old Man Covid’s doom and gloom and breathed a sigh of relief life was back to normal.

But Adnachiel , voyager angel of this Sagittarian full moon, promises all manner of ingenious ways we can broaden our horizons as we sit with the scattered puzzle of many pieces that was our once seemingly predictable life.

For many there will inevitably be different ways of working, new skills that must be learned to replace jobs that are no more, friends and family we mourn no longer around the table.

In time we may see the Sagittarian Mother Moon was guiding us through uncertainty to expand our horizons, emotionally, mentally and one day again physically.

 For the world will open again- and  it will be an exciting new world if we follow the Sagittarian fire moon . By the time Mother Moon dashes into Sagittarius next year, we will know the old jigsaw not only can’t ,but shouldn’t be put back together, rather a new one created with a picture we will only complete by exploring new pathways. As  we move through the darkness of the eclipse we believe the moon will shine brilliant again if we keep faith in ourselves.

If you are scared as well as excited about life in the months ahead or like me have become a stick in the mud during fifteen months of lockdown, try this ritual You can if you wish, time it around the eclipse, even if you have to watch the eclipse on a web camera where it is fully visible.

You will need

Pictures of activities from the internet you would like to try but never dared, of places you would like to go, but filled your diary with predictability. Attach them to a pin board.

You will also need a happy picture of yourself loosely attached with adhesive tape in the centre of a separate piece of white paper.

A brown crayon or marker pen and a set of rainbow colours.

  • Draw mud all round your photo on the white paper with the brown crayon, taking care not to mark the picture and say, Stick-in-the-mud no more shall I be, Life starts anew. I pass through the eclipse, So much to do, so much to see, so much new life is waiting for me.
  • Carefully detach your photo from the mud picture saying Stagnation is over, I follow new ways, No more hesitation, the first steps today, stick in the mud existence I cast you away.
  • Stick the photo of yourself in the centre of the pin board, colour any spaces with rainbows and set the board where it will receive tomorrow’s first light.
  • In the morning or when the eclipse is passed dispose of the mud paper.

Go, go, Go! Follow the Sagittarian arrow wherever it leads and do not be afraid of change. Happy Sagittarian full moon.

Finally Debi, Caitlin and I send every blessing to the people in India who are suffering.

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