Welcome to June 2021

The month of June approaches and we are already halfway through the year. Let us make it a wonderfully memorable month looking forward in hope, whether you live the northern hemisphere and are moving towards the height of Midsummer power or in the southern world heralding Midwinter with the promise of lighter and brighter days ahead.

June is named after Juno, Roman Goddess of marriage, women, pregnancy, childbirth and mothers. Juno is the Roman Queen of the gods, wife of Jupiter and Goddess of the fruitful harvest to come and said to have been wiser than her husband Jupiter, restraining him from  casting his thunderbolts indiscriminately every time he had a dose of moral indigestion.

Protectress of all women, like Hera, Juno’s Ancient Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock., whose tail feathers are said to protect all against the Evil Eye and figs her special fruit and traditionally an aphrodisiac and symbol of conception.  

But for men and women alike the month of June is good for all matters concerning marriage and love commitment,  as in many lands are opening to post-pandemic wedding gatherings, fidelity, partnerships of all kinds, fertility, peace and prosperity and the building up finances.

Her candle colour is green, her crystal emerald or jade and her fragrance lily.

Muriel the Healer is the Angel of June, the silvery and pearl robed angel with her magic carpet of dreams. She is a granter of all wishes and realistic dreams, the fairy godmother of the angelic world. Dare to wish and then make it come true, combining the caution we have all had to learn during the previous twelve months with optimism that the dreams on hold can now start to be manifest step by step and with an extra infusion of courage and determination.

Muriel’s colour is silver, her crystals moonstone or pearl and her incense and oils, lemon balm,  jasmine and lotus.

In June, Muriel offers guidance on sensitive family issues, contacting an estranged friend or relative, imaginative projects, for home making or DIY ventures, beautiful gardens, starting a counselling or spiritual career, welcoming new family members, conceiving a baby, fertility tests or treatment and for keeping secrets.

Make a wish on June1 and cast a pearl into flowing water.

But be careful with whom you share secrets.

The Tree of June is the Elder Tree, a Celtic Oracular Tree  and the ultimate fairy tree, offering where logic and even intuition have failed,  a magical solution that may come suddenly in a dream or waking moment of insight. It presages too an unexpected upturn of fortune. If you doubt or fear, let life come to you for once, carry on with your everyday world and believe.

The ultimate flower of June is St John’s Wort. Yellow flowering St John’s Wort was traditionally picked on the evening of Midsummer or the eve of the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere by young girls in order to attract a husband, Women who wanted a baby would  pick it at midnight on Midsummer Eve (June 23).

Red Roses are also a June flower, symbol of love in almost every culture. The red rose says `I love you and will love you forever.’

Rosebuds are symbols of first or new love, the blossoming rose passion and commitment while the full- grown  blown rose a token of lasting love through hard times and tranquil. You can use rose oil, fragrance or incense to call the magick of June.

A month then of hope that we can emerge from these hard times to find the June energies rising once more within us wherever we live in the world-and every flower  a reminder of life renewing .

Those people who have been with us in the difficult months, perhaps not as many as we hoped,  can share our once more blossoming future. Those who proved fair-weather friends in the lonely days of pandemic can like the petals of the fading flower be allowed to blow away leaving memories of the happy times we shared, with blessings not recriminations, setting us free.

A very happy June to you all.  

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