Happy Strawberry full Moon in Capricorn

illustration by cw_artworks

Happy Strawberry full Moon in Capricorn on 24 June 18.39 UTC (www:timeanddate.com)

The name Strawberry moon refers to the harvesting of strawberries and is used by the Algonquin people and among the Dakota, Ojibwe and Lakota nations. The Cree nation call it  Egg Laying or Hatch Moon. In Old Europe the June full moon was often referred to as the Honey or Mead because many weddings take place in June and mead a fermented honey drink, was said to induce fertility.

This is the Moon closest to the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere on June 21 and the Southern hemisphere the Midwinter Solstice- and so is a moon of great power. However, its power is moderated by stable Capricorn in which this full moon resides. Advisable then to check facts and safety nets before proceeding on new ventures, to weigh words and their effect before speaking; above all conserving resources to be invested in what is of value and really needed instead of splurging wildly and worrying about the calculations afterwards.

The angel who rules this moon is Anael or Hanael, guardian of the west wind, who says value existing loves and friendships rather than seeking new, exciting ones. For sometimes familiar can be best in the long term when initial passion or novelty has cooled. This moon gives a boost to whatever is solid and safe, whether business ventures or slow growing investments, advising perseverance and overcoming obstacles though persistent effort.

The Capricorn full moon is a moon of slow recovery and so ideal for rebuilding lives and economies on firmer foundations after so many setbacks and delays during the pandemic.

It is a good moon too for accepting that some fair weather friends should be let go. Those who remain in our lives will be good lifetime companions and were  the ones who stayed the course in the hard times.

If you are starting over again, this moon will enable you to make the first tentative steps and to know that long-term planning is the way forward rather than a sudden leap. Different kinds of jobs, different working practices to replace those now gone forever, will require adaptability and compromise- and bring new adventures and develop hidden gifts.

An excellent moon for the release of money that has been tied up or disputed being released in the coming weeks and for making money through property especially building and renovations.

Anael’s colours are indigo, brown and rich green, her crystals garnet, ruby and titanium aura and her fragrances, cypress, magnolia, myrrh and hyacinths.

Happy Moon days.

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