It’s Out Today!!!!

It’s been a bit of a wait but today is the day! I’m very happy to say that my latest book is now available. To celebrate the launch of 1001 Tarot Spreads here is something to get you started: (And head over to my Instagram for a Tarot Spell each day for 5 days)

Using a pendulum to read the Tarot if you doubt your judgement at first

This is a favourite quick method of mine and works well with the Major cards or the whole pack. It is especially effective if you have a very logical mind and find it hard to trust your feelings and intuition. This way you are relying on the pendulum to guide you and connecting with your guardian angels and your inner wisdom.

If you do not have a pendulum, then you can just as easily use a ring tied to a piece of cotton thread.

  • Shuffle or mix your cards and set them in a clockwise circle on the table, face down, so that the cards do not touch.
  • Ask a question or more than one if you wish. Write it down or speak it aloud to stir the energies.
  • Check your pendulum responses by asking it to show you a definite yes/act/speak out which is often a clockwise circle. Then request to be shown the negative/wait/be silent response. Hold the pendulum loosely and totally relax
  • Ask the pendulum silently or aloud to select the cards that will best answer your question. You can be specific and ask it to choose three, six or nine cards or you can leave the number of cards open for the pendulum to guide you.
  • Hold the pendulum in your power hand, the one you write with, over each card in turn, and a few centimetres above the card; slowly pass the pendulum over each card in turn. You will feel a vibration either in your hand or the pendulum and the pendulum will pull down as if drawn by gravity over the cards that are related to the question. This may be (though not always) followed by the positive or negative response.

A strong positive reaction is a definite affirmation that the suggested course is the right one and a weak one a maybe yes . A negative swing may according to its strength will be a warning connected with the card or if weaker a maybe not.

If the pendulum does not respond to any of the cards rephrase the question and if still no response, leave the reading as the energies are not right.

Blessed be, my friends.

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