Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Happy Full Moon just entering Aquarius, narrowly escaping a second full moon in constraining Capricorn, on July 24 at 02.37 UTC ( see https://www.timeanddate.com for the precise time and date in your region)

Called the Thunder moon by a number of Native North American nations including the Western Abenaki nation’ because of the frequency of thunderstorms at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere; this moon warns still of potential danger but also the need to use disruption to fashion positive change

The Norse Thunder God Thor used his thunderbolts to defeat the threatening frost giants

Even so as we hope we can come out and play again, we know there are risks to embracing freedom without thought; thunder rumbles ominously as a reminder not to be too careless too soon.

Known also as the Buck Moon named by the Algonquin and other Native North American nations, this is the time the antlers of bucks are in full growth mode; we can see signs of growth but not yet dive deep into the pool of recklessness.

The Aquarian Mother Moon steadies us in these still uncertain times.

 We have learned through social distancing to express our pleasure at meeting people through what we say and through our eyes that cannot lie, even as smiles false and genuine alike are masked. Hugs are precious now, reserved for those for whom we truly care and many of us can hold again at last.

A step back, the Moon in Aquarius tells us, is not always a bad things; even communicating online makes us consider what we do really want to say and how we say it and so we are more thoughtful, less wrapped up in personal dramas, for we know any minute the line may fade and a misunderstanding echo through cyber space.

The silent skies of the previous months lifted pollution and wildlife returned to cities, but the floods in Germany and wildfires in Canada and the US are stark reminders that dangers of wrecking our planet have not disappeared. We can’t leave our grandchildren’s future to overfed officials at luxury conferences.

As life begins to return to a new normality this Moon tells us to note what we have learned in the hard times, not least life is precious and that we know ourselves oh so much better than when we dashed from waking to sleep in a trance of achievement goals.

So too, it has not been since the Black Death swept across Europe between 1348 and 1353 wiping out between a quarter and 60% of the population and workers in the fields suddenly became of value, that we have suddenly started to appreciate those workers on minimum wage or less worldwide, whose services are now much more at a premium,; a harsh lesson but a chance to reward not just with thanks those from care workers to delivery drivers without whom life does not function.

  • When you see this moon in the sky, light a silver candle for Mother Moon and breathe softly three times into the flame. Plea bargain that we will remember the lessons we have learned if we have that second chance to put the world right.
  • Leave the candle to burn in a safe place.
  • Place a glass of water before bed where if not the moonlight, moon energies will fill it.
  • Next morning hold the glass. Say softly the words of the 14th century mystic Dame Julian of Norwich, All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.
  • Drink the water slowly, asking that the understandable fears don’t overwhelm the good things still in life and that they will be replaced with quiet purpose, for those of us daily given a second chance.

Happy Moonday.

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