Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius on 22 August at 12.01 UTC (see http://www.timeanddate.com for the time of the moon rising in your own region).

As the third full moon in a season of four full moons, this is considered a seasonal blue moon by the traditional definition dating back to the 1500s. In modern terminology a blue moon is defined as two full moons in the same calendar month. But like all blue moons the August moon is said to grant wishes. Make one wish for yourself and one for the world or someone in dire need. Traditionally blue moonstones were washed up on the shore on this night as solidified moonbeams promising good fortune to any who found them.

The Aquarian full moon is named Sturgeon Moon in Native North America among fishing communities, especially around the Great Lakes, after the largest lake and river fish found there.
This is a very balanced moon combining the lunar power and passion with careful fail-safe planning, to take the first steps to launch what were just plans and tentative time frames, as we wait for the world to fully.re-open.

For there is no room for mistakes in the new world we must recreate against not only the effects of the pandemic, but the turmoil of war-torn lands. We ask as the Aquarian humanitarian full moon shines, that all achieved in Afghanistan over the past twenty years often by great sacrifices, will not be lost; as girls hide their school books and people cling to the side of planes in vain to escape as the old regime comes sweeping back.

This Moon is also called the moon when all things ripen by the Dakota Sioux nation, so we must trust by the next moon or maybe the one after the one after that. life will have progressed and hope be restored with the pandemic under control at last and peace and justice entering the world.
Gaze into a bowl of water in which the full Aquarian moonlight is reflected. Splash the moonlit water on to growing flowers and ask for aid where most needed in the globe, peace to a troubled region, and health universally; as the flowers grow in the weeks ahead so may Aquarian humanitarian energies flow into the cosmos, joining with others of good will.

For thoughts can change prevailing negativity for the better, step by step, if enough people send out those thoughts on this altruistic thoughtful moon. No miracles but honest attempts by practical means empowered by those thought s and prayers can just maybe make a tangible difference.

On a personal level this lovely moon is one that moves life forward in unique ways, furthering original ventures and bringing the success of cherished inventions and money-spinning schemes, that are more likely to succeed than under almost any other full moon of the year.

The Aquarian full moon is good for developing or rekindling friendships pushed into the background by time, circumstances and lockdowns, for developing unique gifts and talents and for exploring or learning alternative therapies to supplement modern medicine that powerful though it is does not have all the answers.

Happy Aquarian moon and may we all look forward to health and peace in this still beautiful world.

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