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The Crystals course will include units/modules on every aspect of crystals including:

Crystals in the Home, Crystals in the Workplace, Crystals and Protection, Crystals and Healing, Crystal ball and small Crystal divination and fortune telling, Crystal Talismans and Amulets, Crystals and Angel therapy and channelling Crystal magick, Creating a Crystal collection for every purpose including a list and pictures of 50 of the most common crystals and their uses, Crystals and pets, Crystals and Colour Healing and Crystals and Children.

Module 1: Crystals in the Home and Garden

Crystals are the most dynamic and at the same time harmonizing energy you can add to your home for they almost instantly improve the atmosphere and create a sense of abundance and well being in the home and among family members.

The effect of crystals in the home is also lasting. How can this be? Because crystals have a powerful positive energy field around them, formed over millions of years by the erosion of air, earth, water and volcanic fire. This invisible force field harmonizes and energizes the home and those who live there or visit by filling their aura or energy field with light and power.

Find out how to use crystals around your home and garden to create special energies to help you in everyday life – such as attracting prosperity, wellbeing and guarding against negative energies.

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Module 2: Crystals and Healing part one

Crystals are a concentrated form of healing power from the earth. They amplify the innate healing abilities we all possess, whether we are healing ourselves or someone we love. What is more this energy is experienced as warmth and what has been described as liquid light flowing through the whole body as the healer holds or touches the crystal, not only the part being healed.

Crysal healing part 1 teaches everything you need to get started on crystal healing and you can use just three basic crystals, citrine, clear quartz and amethyst. However it also gives the best crystals for every ailment and how to heal people, pets and places both at a distance and yourself, loved ones and pets through contact healing using pairs of small crystals or single larger ones and a variety of other simple but effective methods.

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Module 3: More advanced crystal healing

In this unit we will work with crystal elixirs, use crystals to heal through our chakras, our inner energy centres and learn how to heal with a crystal pendulum. We do not fully understand the way crystal healing works, only that the crystal healer amplifies through their energy field the energies contained within the crystal whether healing themselves or someone else. The energies of different crystals are shaped both by their mineral composition, the land in which they are formed which millions of years ago might have been a sea, formed through those aeons by the action of earth, air fire and water and sometimes pushed to the surface by volcanic or earthquake action, it seems at a particular time.

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Module 4: Crystal Magick

Spells using crystals are one of the easiest, most portable and most powerful forms of magick. Once you have empowered crystals in a spell, you can carry them with you or wear them as jewellery. Then whenever you need the power or protection you put into your crystal during the spell, you can touch it, say the spell words in your mind and the empowered energies come flooding into your life. to attract who or what you need  most or to protect you.

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Module 5: Crystal Divination

Crystal Divination is an excellent way of using crystals to receive messages and check out the potential pathways ahead. The word divination comes from the Latin divus the God or diva the Goddess because whether using crystals, water, fire or mirrors, divination was believed to reveal the will of the deities. In the modern world we understand that our fate is of course subject to random events. However, in many cases our actions and reactions affect both the opportunities and challenges we encounter. By looking just over the horizon into the future through divination we can discover the potential results of following certain courses in relation to those opportunities and challenges and what is not yet know.

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