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Divination is the oldest of the psychic arts. For thousands of years people have gazed into water, crystals and fire to seek answers to present and future questions, once believing they were diiscovering the will of the gods.

We now know that we all have the ability to discover the best future paths using our own inner wisdom as well as our spirt guides and guardian angels.

In my Divination Course each Module can be taken as a stand alone mini-course, or you can follow each Unit (that may be made up of several modules) as a small course based on a topic, or you can follow the entire Divination course in order to obtain a complete understanding of the art of divination. If you are already experienced the course will offer alternative routes to combining methods to get in depth answers.

There are three parts to the Divination Course:

Unit one: Fortune Telling: an Introduction (single module) £10 

Unit Two: A three module Learning the Tarot ….  £10 per module or all three for £25

Unit Three: A three module Learning the Runes …. £10 per module or all three for £20


Fortune Telling: an Introduction (DV-U1-M1). This unit/module teaches a variety of basic methods including tea leaf reading, Tarot and numerology so if you are a beginner you can use a variety of techniques easily, instantly and effectively to discover your own best future paths and to advise friends and family.

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Learning The Tarot in 3 easy stages (3 modules)

Module 1: LEARNING THE TAROT The First 22 cards: This module can be taken alone and will teach you how to do effective readings with the first 22 cards and to use a selection of layouts. It also gives advice, practical activities and tips on choosing the right pack, cleansing and empowering it and reading the Tarot for yourself, friends or family.

With this unit there is a printable set of the 22 Major Arcana cards.

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Module 2: LEARNING THE TAROT The Minor Cards:  This module teaches the 40 Minor cards, Aces to 10 and more layouts and can be taken after Part 1.

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Module 3: LEARNING THE TAROT The Court Cards: This module introduces the Court cards, Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens and more complex layouts and should be taken after Parts 1 and 2..

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Modules 1 to 3. LEARNING THE RUNES

This three part course will teach you all you need to know about reading the Viking runes, the most straightforward and best documented version of this powerful and remarkably easy form of divination. It is an excellent method either to accompany Tarot cards or on its own if you find that Tarot card images are too static and block your intuition. Runes are one of the oldest and longest lasting magical systems.


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Buy all seven parts for only £50

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