Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces

illustration: cw-artworks

Happy Harvest Moon in Pisces on September 20 at  23.54 UTC. (check www.time and date.com for moon-rise and precise day in your own region)

The Harvest Moon is calculated as that closest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and  traditionally rises soon after sunset, being sufficiently bright in the early evenings for  several days to harvest the crops.

No time is the Harvest Moon more welcome than as we try to recapture joy in the smallest ways and give thanks for what we have as the foundation for a maybe different but worthwhile future.

The lovely flowing Pisces Full Moon  promises where there is sorrow there will follow joy-and yes, of course more tears, but then laughter again, as we inevitably learn to live with uncertainty, but not let it blight our future or hold us back from welcoming new ventures.

There are no guarantees of forever, says this moon, no instant cures or promises there will be no more sickness; even so there is no certainty for the butterfly enjoying every moment of the lingering light, no surety the planted seeds will grow or the harvest be rich and ripe, as we add effort, perseverance and more than a pinch or two of faith into the mix.

For we cannot hold back because of fear, though many have of necessity learned wise caution. On this moon we must drink deep of life and squeeze every moment of pleasure and treasure the precious moments and pick ourselves up again and again and again, knowing we can thrive once we have learned to survive.

Lady Moon helps us to overcome the rivalries of people or conflicting demands and loyalties pulling us in different directions. There is enough love for all, for life is a rich stew and -the more that is added the more delectable it becomes, not like a cake to be portioned and fighting over crumbs. This moon reconciles quarrels, illuminates the plight of the hungry children, families living in one room or a high- rise block of flats where they fear for their safety, for the lonely, for those older folk who need practical help to keep their independence and those who do not understand convention but live by the ethics of what feels honourable.

Opposite the Sun in Virgo is holding with difficulty the kite string of this wayward moon as Ms. Virgo demands perfection, attention to detail, to condition our hair and check the on- line balance of cosmic credits. But the Pisces moon says that is for tomorrow and soon Libra will carry the moon cheerfully through the wane, offering choices and alternatives and reminding the moon she will once more grow and be radiant.

Tonight, we can dance in the silver moonlight offering our all and asking nothing but the joy of the moment.

Welcome to the Month of September

illustration: cw-artworks

September is named after Septem, the Latin word for seven because it was the seventh month after the New Year in March on the oldest known Roman calendar where there were originally ten months. It is a month associated with wisdom, knowledge, justice and truth and in Ancient Egypt with eternal life.

September is also the month of the Roman God Vulcan, deity of fire, metalworkers and the forge and husband of Venus. According to myth he fashioned a polished bronze mirror that showed past, present and future. Therefore, it is month for making our own Destiny and in doing so attracting that bit of extra magick, at least for those of us that are free.

For it is a bitter- sweet September in view of the tragic events in Afghanistan and one where we hope and pray that governments around the world will prevail in bringing pressure to avoid further bloodshed and protect the rights of those oppressed by this volatile regime.

We ask too our governments to hear our voices and persist in preventing further erosion of what was fought for so hard with words as well as weapons and at such sacrifices over the last twenty years in Afghanistan, that surely cannot, must not have been in vain.

The angel of September is Zuriel the Teacher who brings calm and reason, encourages idealism and balance and works towards justice legal, global or personal He offers the ability to see both sides of a situation, diplomacy and peace-making skills. Above all, Zuriel guards us against unwise and impulsive words or actions that may be regretted.

Zuriel’s influence in the world is needed now more than ever as we try to rebuild our own lives as the pandemic is beginning to recede. But especially his protection is needed for those living in or seeking to escape from Afghanistan, whose struggles put our problems into perspective.

  • Light a blue candle, Zuriel’s colour, near an un-curtained window on a Thursday, his day, so the image of the candle is reflected in the glass.
  • Say, I send this beam of light to spread peace throughout the world and especially to all suffering or living in fear in Afghanistan.
  • Blow softly into the flame saying There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of a single candle.
  • Sprinkle salt into the flame saying Turn away the face of hatred and division.
  • Sprinkle a second pinch of salt in the flame saying I dedicate this light that love and peace will spread throughout the world and to those still in Afghanistan and others who have fled their homes, that they may find peace, safety and a welcome, as we share our good fortune with those who have left everything behind.
  • Leave the candle to burn through.
  • Keep the salt for 24 hours and then tip the salt away under running water.

For those of us who are free, September is a month for resolving personal injustices, for all forms of training and retraining especially as the pandemic changes the job market for many, for finding solutions for difficult questions, for holidays or relaxing weekends as stay-cations to create happiness and a degree of freedom again, for those of us who are free. It offers favourable energies in resolving gender, ageist or sexist inequalities, unfair dismissal in the workplace or cruelty in the home. September is a time for working to solve long standing relationship difficulties and reducing outside interference, for marriage or long- term commitments and success in love and romance as the energies of compromise grow stronger.

In September, however, avoid taking sides in your personal or work life, being railroaded into giving an opinion, flirting or falling for flattery and con-merchants, making major purchases if the finances are not in place and trying to live a double life especially in love. If a matter of principle arises, do not sit on the fence or try to please everyone.

Happy September and may by next September the world be so much safer, free and justice prevail.

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius on 22 August at 12.01 UTC (see http://www.timeanddate.com for the time of the moon rising in your own region).

As the third full moon in a season of four full moons, this is considered a seasonal blue moon by the traditional definition dating back to the 1500s. In modern terminology a blue moon is defined as two full moons in the same calendar month. But like all blue moons the August moon is said to grant wishes. Make one wish for yourself and one for the world or someone in dire need. Traditionally blue moonstones were washed up on the shore on this night as solidified moonbeams promising good fortune to any who found them.

The Aquarian full moon is named Sturgeon Moon in Native North America among fishing communities, especially around the Great Lakes, after the largest lake and river fish found there.
This is a very balanced moon combining the lunar power and passion with careful fail-safe planning, to take the first steps to launch what were just plans and tentative time frames, as we wait for the world to fully.re-open.

For there is no room for mistakes in the new world we must recreate against not only the effects of the pandemic, but the turmoil of war-torn lands. We ask as the Aquarian humanitarian full moon shines, that all achieved in Afghanistan over the past twenty years often by great sacrifices, will not be lost; as girls hide their school books and people cling to the side of planes in vain to escape as the old regime comes sweeping back.

This Moon is also called the moon when all things ripen by the Dakota Sioux nation, so we must trust by the next moon or maybe the one after the one after that. life will have progressed and hope be restored with the pandemic under control at last and peace and justice entering the world.
Gaze into a bowl of water in which the full Aquarian moonlight is reflected. Splash the moonlit water on to growing flowers and ask for aid where most needed in the globe, peace to a troubled region, and health universally; as the flowers grow in the weeks ahead so may Aquarian humanitarian energies flow into the cosmos, joining with others of good will.

For thoughts can change prevailing negativity for the better, step by step, if enough people send out those thoughts on this altruistic thoughtful moon. No miracles but honest attempts by practical means empowered by those thought s and prayers can just maybe make a tangible difference.

On a personal level this lovely moon is one that moves life forward in unique ways, furthering original ventures and bringing the success of cherished inventions and money-spinning schemes, that are more likely to succeed than under almost any other full moon of the year.

The Aquarian full moon is good for developing or rekindling friendships pushed into the background by time, circumstances and lockdowns, for developing unique gifts and talents and for exploring or learning alternative therapies to supplement modern medicine that powerful though it is does not have all the answers.

Happy Aquarian moon and may we all look forward to health and peace in this still beautiful world.

Welcome to August, known as the lucky month.

Named after the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, because a number of lucky events in his life happened in August.

It became regarded as a fortunate month for Rome also  because during that month, Augustus Caesar three times entered Rome in triumph and Egypt was brought under the authority of the Roman people after Augustus Caesar defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

The popular boys’ name Augustus comes from the Latin word Augustus which means great and worthy of respect and Augusta, the distinguished woman bound for greatness.

August in the modern world is regarded as a good month for reversing bad luck or loss, for gaining opportunities previously denied and the opening of doors that have been closed; fortunate also for learning healing techniques and starting fitness regimes, for the fulfilment of earlier plans and projects that were delayed, for getting what is owed and finding or recovering what is lost

Crystals for bringing good luck in August include green aventurine, jade, peridot, and moss agate.

The August Angel is Hamaliel, the perfectionist and angel of health, surrounded by misty forest green. Hamaliel encourages going the extra mile to get things right rather than cutting corners,  paying attention to detail and persevering with routine but necessary tasks to save problems later with overdue paperwork or official forms.

 She also advocates reorganizing the home or workplace to make it more efficient, trying new health supplements and alternative treatments especially where conventional medicine is not working, starting a new budget and dealing with crises old and ongoing logically without running around like a headless chicken.

Her challenges are avoiding worrying over nothing, becoming over obsessed by details and missing the bigger picture, setting yourself impossible targets and refusing to accept anything or anyone less than perfect.

An August Spell for amazing good fortune.

You will need:

A lucky charm, medallion, favourite jewellery or green crystal. Green aventurine is especially lucky.

An incense stick in a holder, preferably in a flower fragrance.

A small dish of salt.

A green candle.

A dish of soil.

The Spell:

  • Put the charm, jewellery or crystal in front of the candle.
  • Light the green candle and say Good luck be mine.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt into the candle and say Burn bright and light the way to amazing good fortune.
  • Light the incense from the candle and, holding it in your hand like a smoke pen, write in circles in the air around the charm, Good luck be mine,  repeating the words at the same time.
  • Write and speak faster and faster even if the smoke letters are jumbling .

When you can write and speak no faster, plunge the burning end of the incense stick into the soil and say Good luck is mine.

  • Let the candle burn through.
  • Tip away the remaining salt under a running tap repeating Good luck is mine, crush the incense stick when cool into the soil and bury it still in the soil in a plant pot or the garden, saying May good luck grow.

Wear or carry the charm, jewellery or crystal. Keep it with any lottery tickets and touch it whenever you need extra good luck, saying the words Good luck is mine

Think lucky and you will be lucky. Happy August.

Happy Lughnassadh

Happy Lughnassadh, in the seasonal world, the first harvest in the Northern hemisphere, recalled between July 31st at sunset and 2nd August . It is mirrored in the southern world by Imbolc, the first stirrings of new life as the land awakes after winter.

A year ago, I naively looked forward to this time in 2021 when I believed we would reflect on the previous year as no more than a bad memory. Now at the wheel of the year’s annual return, it is still a hard Lughnassadh harvest. The early Imbolc growth pushes against the frozen ground of fear, will the virus remain in ever- more deadly variants? Travel is still restricted; masks hide smiles or uncertainties at strangers while others party heedlessly.

But babies are still born, couples declare words of love or goodbye we write books, paint pictures, fix roofs, move home, protest about injustices, struggle to balance the budget and complain about the kids, the neighbours and the price of eggs.

The first harvest is now waiting to be reaped, the new seeds fighting for place in the newly softening soil.

Tomorrow has no guarantees, no definite will or must be, for it is yet unfinished by the Sisters of Fate constantly forming and re-forming their golden weaving of destiny in this Sci Fi movie that has become real life.

The wheel of life turns regardless of our input or resistance. Lughnassadh and Imbolc dawn glorious as the sunrise wherever we live in the world. Time then to give thanks for the reminders of the first growth of the year however tentative and as night falls, to celebrate a mini- harvest of what we have achieved sometimes despite seemingly impossible odds.

For wherever we live in the world, , we can take the tapestry of fate from the Old Crones’ hands and live authentically, with beauty and dignity. We cannot waste a single moment on regrets of what we cannot do right now, but within constraints and constrictions, work diligently towards the planting of a new world. In that way we will make our personal 2022 harvest golden-and that bounty will join with other golden harvest beams of individual strivings and life will radiate once more.

A Wheel of the World ritual

You will need:

A small circle made from flower petals, some faded, some fresh, mixed together or a mix of dried and fresh chopped herbs.

Three white candles in a row, the outer ones small and the middle one larger.

The Ritual:

Light the two outer candles saying, The Wheel of the World is one wheel, planting and harvest; as we move together as never before, two sides of the world shall meet and greet in hope the turning of the year.

Light the central candle by holding the two candles simultaneously in the wick saying, The Wheel turns and the World turns, And so from disaster we can at last work towards harmony. And together, old enemies unite as one humanity.

Walk round your petal or herb circle, nine times clockwise then nine times anti–clockwise repeating The Wheel turns and the World turns, I reach out in trust to those across the sea, one people sharing and caring, learning from tragedy, there really is enough space for you and for me.

Blow out the outer candles leaving the central one to burn, afterwards scattering the petals/herbs outdoors.

May your harvest and planting be joyous.

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

Happy Full Moon just entering Aquarius, narrowly escaping a second full moon in constraining Capricorn, on July 24 at 02.37 UTC ( see https://www.timeanddate.com for the precise time and date in your region)

Called the Thunder moon by a number of Native North American nations including the Western Abenaki nation’ because of the frequency of thunderstorms at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere; this moon warns still of potential danger but also the need to use disruption to fashion positive change

The Norse Thunder God Thor used his thunderbolts to defeat the threatening frost giants

Even so as we hope we can come out and play again, we know there are risks to embracing freedom without thought; thunder rumbles ominously as a reminder not to be too careless too soon.

Known also as the Buck Moon named by the Algonquin and other Native North American nations, this is the time the antlers of bucks are in full growth mode; we can see signs of growth but not yet dive deep into the pool of recklessness.

The Aquarian Mother Moon steadies us in these still uncertain times.

 We have learned through social distancing to express our pleasure at meeting people through what we say and through our eyes that cannot lie, even as smiles false and genuine alike are masked. Hugs are precious now, reserved for those for whom we truly care and many of us can hold again at last.

A step back, the Moon in Aquarius tells us, is not always a bad things; even communicating online makes us consider what we do really want to say and how we say it and so we are more thoughtful, less wrapped up in personal dramas, for we know any minute the line may fade and a misunderstanding echo through cyber space.

The silent skies of the previous months lifted pollution and wildlife returned to cities, but the floods in Germany and wildfires in Canada and the US are stark reminders that dangers of wrecking our planet have not disappeared. We can’t leave our grandchildren’s future to overfed officials at luxury conferences.

As life begins to return to a new normality this Moon tells us to note what we have learned in the hard times, not least life is precious and that we know ourselves oh so much better than when we dashed from waking to sleep in a trance of achievement goals.

So too, it has not been since the Black Death swept across Europe between 1348 and 1353 wiping out between a quarter and 60% of the population and workers in the fields suddenly became of value, that we have suddenly started to appreciate those workers on minimum wage or less worldwide, whose services are now much more at a premium,; a harsh lesson but a chance to reward not just with thanks those from care workers to delivery drivers without whom life does not function.

  • When you see this moon in the sky, light a silver candle for Mother Moon and breathe softly three times into the flame. Plea bargain that we will remember the lessons we have learned if we have that second chance to put the world right.
  • Leave the candle to burn in a safe place.
  • Place a glass of water before bed where if not the moonlight, moon energies will fill it.
  • Next morning hold the glass. Say softly the words of the 14th century mystic Dame Julian of Norwich, All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.
  • Drink the water slowly, asking that the understandable fears don’t overwhelm the good things still in life and that they will be replaced with quiet purpose, for those of us daily given a second chance.

Happy Moonday.

It’s Out Today!!!!

It’s been a bit of a wait but today is the day! I’m very happy to say that my latest book is now available. To celebrate the launch of 1001 Tarot Spreads here is something to get you started: (And head over to my Instagram for a Tarot Spell each day for 5 days)

Using a pendulum to read the Tarot if you doubt your judgement at first

This is a favourite quick method of mine and works well with the Major cards or the whole pack. It is especially effective if you have a very logical mind and find it hard to trust your feelings and intuition. This way you are relying on the pendulum to guide you and connecting with your guardian angels and your inner wisdom.

If you do not have a pendulum, then you can just as easily use a ring tied to a piece of cotton thread.

  • Shuffle or mix your cards and set them in a clockwise circle on the table, face down, so that the cards do not touch.
  • Ask a question or more than one if you wish. Write it down or speak it aloud to stir the energies.
  • Check your pendulum responses by asking it to show you a definite yes/act/speak out which is often a clockwise circle. Then request to be shown the negative/wait/be silent response. Hold the pendulum loosely and totally relax
  • Ask the pendulum silently or aloud to select the cards that will best answer your question. You can be specific and ask it to choose three, six or nine cards or you can leave the number of cards open for the pendulum to guide you.
  • Hold the pendulum in your power hand, the one you write with, over each card in turn, and a few centimetres above the card; slowly pass the pendulum over each card in turn. You will feel a vibration either in your hand or the pendulum and the pendulum will pull down as if drawn by gravity over the cards that are related to the question. This may be (though not always) followed by the positive or negative response.

A strong positive reaction is a definite affirmation that the suggested course is the right one and a weak one a maybe yes . A negative swing may according to its strength will be a warning connected with the card or if weaker a maybe not.

If the pendulum does not respond to any of the cards rephrase the question and if still no response, leave the reading as the energies are not right.

Blessed be, my friends.

Welcome to July

Formerly called Quintilus, the fifth month in the early Roman calendar, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar named July after himself. It became the seventh month in the new Julian calendar Caesar created in 46BC, helped by Sosignes, the Alexandrian astronomer and philosopher. Julius Caesar therefore first made July’s association with power and high ambitions when he linked the Emperors with the Father God Jupiter.

July has continued this association with acquiring power, achieving ambitions of any kind, leadership, maintaining high principles that are worth fighting for, acquiring traditional knowledge,  seeking justice, especially where the odds are stacked against you, aiming for fame by entering talent shows, reality television series, or joining a drama group, orchestra  group or choir just for pleasure, for the success of all creative ventures, applying for promotion or a pay rise, marriage proposals local  adventures and stay-cations if travel is restricted, for increasing prosperity through developing talents and for increased potency especially where there are fertility issues.

Many of us have lost our power in the previous months not just to travel but to live our own way. But in July we can begin to reach out again to golden days ahead, more precious because of the losses and hardships.

The pursuit of power too now can become very different, linked with freedom to enjoy times with friends and family and appreciate beauty in the natural world we can still revive.

We have learned during the pandemic the best use of power  is not a 24/7 blinkered  solitary scramble for the top, but seeking a quality of life only fully valued when taken away. We can  regain abundance, while striving to make a difference to others beyond  the bubbles in which we have been confined. We can use our power also to try to tackle issues the pandemic highlighted, inequality, hungry children, families in substandard accommodation in high rise buildings, dire loneliness of older people who saw no-one from one week to another; all of these existed before the pandemic, but as life returns they cannot be consigned to the shadows of indifference,

The colour of the month is gold, its crystals, orange carnelian, clear crystal quartz and golden topaz. Its fragrances are frankincense, copal and orange.

The angel of July is the golden Verchiel, the Joy Bringer and a Wish angel, who tells us July is the best month for overcoming financial losses or setbacks and winning against negative people and bullies through personal effort and determination while maintaining your own high ethics. However, avoid being tempted to overspend or over- emphasize your qualifications and expertise, over – indulging in food or alcohol or starting an affair you may regret by next month

May your July be golden in every way and may all your wishes come true as we begin to move once more into the light.

Happy Strawberry full Moon in Capricorn

illustration by cw_artworks

Happy Strawberry full Moon in Capricorn on 24 June 18.39 UTC (www:timeanddate.com)

The name Strawberry moon refers to the harvesting of strawberries and is used by the Algonquin people and among the Dakota, Ojibwe and Lakota nations. The Cree nation call it  Egg Laying or Hatch Moon. In Old Europe the June full moon was often referred to as the Honey or Mead because many weddings take place in June and mead a fermented honey drink, was said to induce fertility.

This is the Moon closest to the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere on June 21 and the Southern hemisphere the Midwinter Solstice- and so is a moon of great power. However, its power is moderated by stable Capricorn in which this full moon resides. Advisable then to check facts and safety nets before proceeding on new ventures, to weigh words and their effect before speaking; above all conserving resources to be invested in what is of value and really needed instead of splurging wildly and worrying about the calculations afterwards.

The angel who rules this moon is Anael or Hanael, guardian of the west wind, who says value existing loves and friendships rather than seeking new, exciting ones. For sometimes familiar can be best in the long term when initial passion or novelty has cooled. This moon gives a boost to whatever is solid and safe, whether business ventures or slow growing investments, advising perseverance and overcoming obstacles though persistent effort.

The Capricorn full moon is a moon of slow recovery and so ideal for rebuilding lives and economies on firmer foundations after so many setbacks and delays during the pandemic.

It is a good moon too for accepting that some fair weather friends should be let go. Those who remain in our lives will be good lifetime companions and were  the ones who stayed the course in the hard times.

If you are starting over again, this moon will enable you to make the first tentative steps and to know that long-term planning is the way forward rather than a sudden leap. Different kinds of jobs, different working practices to replace those now gone forever, will require adaptability and compromise- and bring new adventures and develop hidden gifts.

An excellent moon for the release of money that has been tied up or disputed being released in the coming weeks and for making money through property especially building and renovations.

Anael’s colours are indigo, brown and rich green, her crystals garnet, ruby and titanium aura and her fragrances, cypress, magnolia, myrrh and hyacinths.

Happy Moon days.

Happy Summer Solstice, Alban Heruin or Litha, in the Northern hemisphere

Illustration for summer and winter solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, Alban Heruin or Litha, in the Northern hemisphere. This year the actual Solstice falls on June 21 at 03.22(see http://www.timeanddate.com for the actual time in your region).

A hard cold twelve months for many since last we saw Midsummer, but as the sun reaches it full height it heralds a season of hope.

A time to reach out for your own power or maybe reclaim it at this sunshine festival of Michael, Archangel of the Sun. Make that leap of faith. You cannot fall or fail with Michael with you.

Be not sad, says the I Ching, be as the sun at midday and look forward in anticipation of good times and do not waste precious moments worrying that happiness or love may not last. If a day is grey, we can generate inner sunshine by spreading kindness, humour and optimism to all we meet. Make each day meaningful for yourself also by one small act to make yourself happy. Use the Midsummer impetus to forge the changes you desire so by Midwinter you are more secure and fulfilled and the world may have stopped spinning wildly on its axis.

Personal ways of celebrating the Summer Solstice

Candle illustration
  • Make sun water by leaving out water in a bowl covered with film or mesh from dawn till noon on Solstice morn(or for up to eight hours on a darker day). Add clear quartz or citrine crystals to the water when you put it out.
  • Alternatively set your water on the Solstice Eve to catch the first light on Solstice morn and remove the crystals at noon for extra power.
  • Use the water as an energiser in baths and drinks and to splash on the centre of your hairline to open and clear your Crown chakra energy centre and your aura the invisible empowering and protective force field surrounding you.
  • Make a circle of Solstice water drops around the photo of a relative or friend who is sick or estranged or a beloved ancestor.
  • Light a gold candle and circle small gold items of jewellery round it, if possible, in sunlight for a few hours on Solstice morn to transfer the power of the sun into your life as you wear the jewellery
  • On the Summer Solstice, greet the dawn by lighting a lantern lamp or using a torch, just before sunrise, facing the ascending light. Spend the day in the open air and then say farewell to the Sun as it fades, lighting your lantern, lamp or torch once more to give the sun power even as it descends.
  • Cast golden flowers or herbs into the air from a hill, a handful at a time, making empowerments for courage and achievement to the winds. Where they land and take root represents in the old tradition places of buried treasure. In the modern world it symbolises new or buried talents you can develop to realise your hidden potential.
  • Make a small sun wheel garden, either indoors or out using the flowering herbs of Midsummer vervain and St John’s Wort, Sun herbs such as chamomile, rosemary and saffron and yellow or golden flowers. Arrange them in the form of a wheel and fill in the centre with tiny golden crystals or glass nuggets. You can breathe in the golden light from your living sun wheel whenever you use the Solstice impetus.
  • Light sun oils, frankincense, juniper, rosemary, orange or benzoin or burn them as incense to bring the sun power into your home or workplace.

May your Solstice be blessed and may we all follow the sun to happier times

Happy Midwinter Solstice, or Alban Arthuran in the Southern hemisphere

Happy Midwinter Solstice, or Alban Arthuran in the Southern hemisphere, the rebirth of light and new hope for the world where so much has been shattered and needs recreating and rewriting anew. This year the Solstice falls on June 21 at 03.22 (see http://www.timeanddate.com for the time in your region).

The Grandmother or in some traditions three midwives of winter, helped the Sun Mother with the birthing of her shining son or daughter to emerge on the Solstice dawn after a night of labour. Even so we are reminded that as our new sun is reborn, not easily, we can see the glimmer and shimmer of those longer days and shorter nights just over the horizon. A time to plan how we will make that newborn world a better place for ourselves and others.

This Midwinter is close to the full moon in Capricorn on June 24 Compassionate gentle Gabriel, Archangel of the Moon joins with dynamic Michael Archangel of the Sun whose festival this is, to restore light to a kinder more thoughtful world, our Solstice gift.

Personal Ways of celebrating the Midwinter Solstice.

  • As Solstice Eve draws in, light a purple candle and in it burn threads or herbs to represent all you need to leave behind; at sunset light a gold candle from it, using a taper and then extinguish the purple candle. If you are working with friends or family, they can in turn light their candles from the golden Solstice candle, making wishes for the future.
  • Leave any remaining candles to burn as you plan or talk of the future dreams you can make come true.
  • Decorate a Solstice tree or silver painted branch with baubles, gold and silver ribbons and from it hang tiny gifts to be given to friends and family or left on doorsteps as surprise presents.
  • As darkness falls on Solstice night create a small fire outdoors or in a tiny metal pot and burn dried herbs such as eucalyptus, juniper, rosemary, pine and sage, herbs of the Solstice as an act of faith that life will continue to grow better than before.
  • As you toss on each fragrant handful, name someone who cannot be with you and those causes dear to your heart that will benefit from the renewed power of the sun. If you can’t make a fire, light a huge red candle embedded in soil or sand in a deep fireproof container.
  • Fill a metal bowl with water and either alone or with friends or family in the age-old tradition take it in turns to drip wax from e red wax candles on to the surface of the water. You will gain an image as the liquid wax swirls on the surface and a second more permanent image as the wax sets. The first will indicate an area that will bear fruit over the coming days and the second ways in which you can maximise the energies of the ascending light. Wash out the bowl between readings.

May you have a wonderful Solstice and renewed joy in the year ahead.