Touched by Angels Home-study Course

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A six part home-study course about Angels and how to communicate with them. 

You can take each module as a stand-alone course or you can follow the complete course. Each module is priced separately, or if you buy the whole course you can save £15.

Part One: £20; Part Two £15; Parts 3 to 6 are £10 each; All six are £60.

MODULE ONE: Touched by Angels – Making a Start

Learn about the nature of angels and specifically your Guardian, Healing and Household angels.

Discover how to communicate with them using candles, crystals, incense and pendulums. You will learn the names, the characteristics and qualities of the most common traditional Household and Healing angels.

Identify different ways of recognising angel contact in the everyday world, how to make such encounters more likely and to use them to receive messages.

Create an angel place in your home and start your personal written Treasury of Angel Wisdom.

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MODULE TWO: Working with your Guardian Angels

Build on the work you have already started to encounter and communicate with your Guardian and Helper angels.

Work with automatic writing and with sound and clairaudience to strengthen the connection and begin to channel their messages.

Learn about the seven steps you can take to see your Guardian angel in their own realm and learn about this realm.

Find out about calling angelic protection through your Chakras or psychic energy centres.

Encounter new angels who will bring you love and abundance


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MODULE THREE: Working with the Archangels

Working with twelve key Archangels and learning how to draw upon their wisdom and help through dreams, ritual and angel letters.

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MODULE FOUR: Learning about Angels, the Angelic Hierarchy

Working with the nine choirs of Angels from the mighty Seraphim who guard the veil to the unknown to the realms where our own guardian angels live.

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MODULE FIVE: Healing with the Angels

Learning about the specific healing Angels and Archangels plus how to channel healing powers from angelic realms to heal yourself, others, animals and places.

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MODULE SIX: The Angels of the Natural World

Working with the Angels of Nature, animals and the twenty eight angels of the Moon to bring harmony into your life, to connect with nature even if you live in a town and to help the planet.

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ORDER ~ Complete Angel Course TA-ALL: £60

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