Classic Reading

This reading allows you to ask up to three specific questions. Your questions can be on any subject, related to each other or three separate issues. The Classic Reading is ideal for asking questions about immediate matters such as current relationships, work issues, family matters etc.


Cassandra Eason

International author of over 150 books, world-renowned psychic practitioner and psychic life coach


Cassandra Eason is one of the most prolific and popular authors of our time, writing on all aspects of spirituality and magick, including her bestselling 1001 Spells soon to be joined in the series by 1001 Tarot Spreads with Sterling Ethos/Barnes and Noble. Other bestselling titles with Sterling include in the Little Bit of Series her A Little Bit of Palmistry, Little Bit of Auras, Little Bit of Crystals, Little Bit of Tarot, Little Bit of Wicca and Little Bit of Runes. Her palmistry book has been widely acclaimed for making an often unnecessarily obscure subject totally accessible to beginners and a powerful tool for people reading Her New Crystal Bible, reprinted and re-titled many times over ten years, now called Crystals and the Complete Crystal Handbook (US with Sterling) continues to feature in high selling lists throughout the world and is respected by crystal sellers, experts and newcomers alike.

On this page are a selection of her published books and any news of new releases.
Her books are available on Amazon and also direct from publishers including


It's nearly here!!!

1001 DREAMS: the complete book of dream interpretations.......Available 9th January in Kindle format and 22 Feb Hardback on Amazon or from the publishers.
Published by Sterling Ethos and available in Hardback and Kindle. Available from Barnes and Noble and online stores such as Amazon across the globe.
Overview: Dreams are a window into the subconscious, and for those who understand their meanings, they are also a crucial step in self-understanding. In this comprehensive volume, author Cassandra Eason shares her decades of study on the subject. From visions of angels to trips to the zoo, from buying a dream home to escaping from demons, Eason catalogs 1,001 scenarios, exploring different types of dreams, practical symbolic meanings, dreams’ psychological underpinnings and spiritual significance, and all the ways in which dreams can be interpreted as warnings or indicators of events to come. Along with a fascinating introduction to dreams and the history of dreaming, this is an essential reference.


Available 8th August

Published by Sterling Ethos and available in Hardback and Kindle. Available from Barnes and Noble and online stores such as Amazon across the globe.
Overview: You may be familiar with rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, or selenite—but what about agrellite, Blade of Light, star garnet, or king cobra jasper? A wealth of knowledge and amazing healing powers can be gained by studying the wide world of crystals, from the most popular varieties to the lesser known. Cassandra Eason, practicing witch and author of more than 130 books on every aspect of the magical and mystical, supplies this compendium of wisdom full of never-before-seen research, tips and tricks, and easy practices anyone can incorporate into their daily routine to increase good fortune, ward off the evil eye, heal the body and the spirit, and more.

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1001 CRYSTALS by Cassandra Eason


With 1,001 spreads for every possible need, this guide is the be-all and end-all source book on tarot card layouts!


For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array of 1,001 spells. They cover every conceivable desire, both big (health and healing) and more specific (like selling a house). Twenty different sections, ranging from fertility and travel to protection and justice,

The Young Witches Guide to Crystals

These two books are my first foray into the 12- 18 year old market. I wanted to write safe but exciting esoteric books for younger people as there are so many hazards on the Internet for young people. who are fascinated by magick. Each book explains everything necessary for younger people to work with magick and crystals, related to their everyday world, love, studies, bitchy rivals, yet not talking down or creating spooky mystique.....

The Young Witches Guide to Magick 

.... Like all my books these are down to earth accurate and informative guides and relevant to modern lives of young people with so many choices and dilemmas. There is nothing negative or vengeful, in their pages but finding solutions and healing – and with the necessary steps after the spells to make wishes and dreams happen not just through generating power but through hard work and perseverance Teens and younger children watch some quite scary series on television about nasty witchcraft and curses, dabble with Ouija boards and call demons with sensational mumbo-jumbo website material ; many times on my travels I’ve had to calm down a terrified youngster who had been calling up spirits and finding they won’t go away.. I intend these books to be a sensible antidote without losing the wonder.