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Welcome to our website and Well of Wisdom. Now we are in the second half of 2021 the world is opening slowly again and with it new problems, new challenges and fresh opportunities, some of which I hope we can help you resolve, whether through mentoring, a spell, a reading, learning a new spiritual art through our online courses or by answering a question that is troubling you.

Every month there is new information on each full moon, the seasonal festivals and particular strengths and potential challenges of the month ahead.

I personally carry out every reading and spell and write the courses, taking time to offer a detailed and thoughtful response, because each one of you is important to me and many people who booked an initial session have become old friends.

But the website doesn’t appear with the wave of a wand.  Debi and her daughter Caitie are the ones who make everything happen with their behind the scenes organisational wizardry that makes it all appear effortless.

Debi and I have worked together on the website for almost twenty years and have great plans for new courses, videoed material and for making the site an evolving living creation throughout the months and years, guided always by readers’ feedback and the changing needs of the time.

We look forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to these pages.


Tarot & Psychic Powers Workshop with Cassandra Eason


In this workshop we will learn how to read the tarot using a pendulum, psychometry, automatic writing, mood cards and of course intuition. Suitable for the beginner and advanced readers alike!
£35 per person, booking essential, deposit required.
Drop in to the shop or call us on 0208 544 1207 to book!


Latest News and Events…

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius. Called the Thunder moon by a number of Native North American nations including the Western Abenaki nation’ because of the frequency of thunderstorms at this time of year in the Northern hemisphere; this moon warns still of potential danger but also the need to use disruption to fashion positive change….


Good news, my latest book ‘1001 Tarot Spreads’ published by Sterling Ethos (Barnes & Noble) is out today. Head on over to this blog post for a little gift, to celebrate. Also you’ll find on my Instagram, free Tarot spells, for the next 5 days…….


New Module Available

Complete Magick Course – Module 10 ~ MAGICKAL HERBS is now available

In this module we will work with the magical meanings of herbs in spells and for more general empowerment and protection. Herbs can be a magical focus as growing plants, indoors in pots or in the garden, as chopped dried herbs you can dry yourself or buy in glass jars in the supermarket……

Welcome to July

Formerly called Quintilus, the fifth month in the early Roman calendar, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar named July after himself. It became the seventh month in the new Julian calendar Caesar created in 46BC, helped by Sosignes, the Alexandrian astronomer and philosopher. Julius Caesar therefore first made July’s association with power and high ambitions when he linked the Emperors with the Father God Jupiter……

SPELLS: I can create and cast a personal spell for you, or on behalf of a loved one as long as it is for a good purpose. I then send you a written copy of the spell, so if you wish, you can also cast it yourself.

Psychic Readings

My readings are what you could expect as if you were face to face with me and wanting a traditional reading except I work from a distance and from information you send me by email. Readings range from £55 to £85 and take up to three weeks from date of ordering. They are very detailed, and I dedicate 100% of my time to concentrate on each reading which is then typed up and sent by email to you.

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