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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Readings and spells are now available! Please still allow around 3 weeks for the delivery of your reading after you have sent your details/questions, and 10 to 15 days for your spell to be written up and sent - however the spell will be created and performed within a few days of receipt of your request.
Now we are in the second half of 2021 the world is opening slowly again and with it new problems, new challenges and fresh opportunities, some of which I hope we can help you resolve, whether through mentoring, a spell, a reading, learning a new spiritual art through our online courses or by answering a question that is troubling you. 

I personally carry out every reading and spell and write the courses, taking time to offer a detailed and thoughtful response, because each one of you is important to me and many people who booked an initial session have become old friends.

Every month there is new information on each full moon, the seasonal festivals and particular strengths and potential challenges of the month ahead. Visit the LATEST page for these updates.

But the website doesn’t appear with the wave of a wand. Debi and her daughter Caitie are the ones who make everything happen with their behind the scenes organisational wizardry that makes it all appear effortless. Debi and I have worked together on the website for almost twenty years and have great plans for new courses, video material and for making the site an evolving living creation throughout the months and years, guided always by readers’ feedback and the changing needs of the time. 

This site has just undergone a redesign...and is still a work in progress...but many pages are now functioning. Over next two days final adjustments will be made. You can now order readings and spells, and some of the home study courses.  All orders go through our Paypal payment gateway, but you do not need an account, you can pay by most cards at checkout. If you experience any problems with the site please message Debi to let her know.


Complete Magick Course Module 12 is now available.
Magick with Incense and Smudge
In this module we will work with incense sticks and cones and loose incense and learn how to make your own non-combustible incense, the kind you burn on charcoal. We will also make and burn smudge sticks in rituals and for home and personal cleansing.

Welcome to the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

Welcome to the Full Moon on January 17 at at 6:48 p.m. EST (2248 GMT) called the Wolf Moon. The Seneca nation believed a wolf gave birth to the moon by singing her into the sky and in the northern hemisphere at the darkest coldest time (for the time of the full moon rise in your own location see we seek her light now, as last year, more eagerly than ever........

New Homestudy Course Module

Module 11 of the Magick Course is now available
Magick with Oils, flowers and fragrances 
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Do you need help moving forward? Try one of my readings. I take a long time to do each reading in depth and send your reading by email so you have a permanent written copy. I offer a variety of readings from past life to wheel of the year...


Need to overcome a problem? Try one of my bespoke spells. My bespoke spells can help with many issues from love, to money, to health. I create the spell to suit your needs, and then send you a written copy of it so you can do it too if you wish....


Want to learn how to? I have a range of homestudy courses available and the list is always growing. Want to learn more about angles, auras, or crystals? Or maybe learn all about magick in a step by step way?

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