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Welcome to my Well of Wisdom

Please note: for all readings, please allow around 4 weeks for your reading to arrive by email due to my book-writing schedule. I thank you for your understanding.

After a rough few months at the end of last year, I am fully back in action, ready to answer your questions and offer support where and how best I can in these still challenging times. Already as we move well into 2022, life is not as we optimistically imagined, back to what it was before; perhaps it cannot nor ought to be that frantic 24/7 dash the pandemic ripped through with its often bitter winds .But we have learned those we can value, those to let go with blessings and in peace and the kindness of strangers. 

The world is opening slowly and of necessity cautiously and it is a different world from pre-pandemic financially, personally and in terms of career for many, some changes better, others to be mourned, all to be refashioned. Seeing face to face those loved one who have mercifully survived these challenging years is for many of us our greatest blessing and joy and I hope to return to see my friends in Australia before too long, where I spent such happy times. 

I have over the previous months completed a gigantic crystals book for publication next year and I am already ready to work on new projects. But most significantly I have learned what really matters are the people in our lives and the sheer preciousness of being alive and in my case having time albeit ticking away a little faster, still to express at least some of those myriad ideas buzzing through my mind to share with you all.

I love the myth of the prophetess of old Cumae in the ancient Graeco-Roman world who was said to write her prophecies on leaves, open the cave door and let the questioner chase them and catch those most needed. Love, families, what we want from our lives and what give to others, friend, stranger and some we maybe dismissed unfairly in the frantic years, have been thrown into the air, like those mythical leaves from the cave, tossed by the winds of circumstances for us to catch what most is of worth.

We can’t have it all, do it all; we must let go of what diverted and distracted in the past to reshape and re-form into a new hopefully more purposeful life. I have many plans for the site, new courses, not least my complete magick and psychic development modules. 

Debi, Caitlin and I are here to try to share our insights and learn from you. Be patient if we do not reply instantly as many people write to the site and in my readings and spells as well as questions, For you are all important to us and as the well of wisdom yields more knowledge and ideas,... so we too hopefully become wiser and can share those insights.

Cassandra , January 29 2022

Happy Full Beaver moon in Taurus

Happy Full Beaver moon in Taurus on November 8 at 11.02 UTC (see for moonrise times in your region), There will be a full lunar eclipse. seen in North America, most of South America, Australia, Asia and parts of northern and eastern Europe. Even those who cannot see the full eclipse, the energies are ever-present. Time to shed what is no longer wanted as the moon darkens in the sky, with the extinguishing of a purple candle; lighting a silver or white one as the moon returns, naming all we seek to draw into our lives and can offer to others......

NEW Magick Course module

Module 15 - Ritual Magick  :

What are rituals? Rituals are a formal stage of magick, although some magical practitioners quite happily and very successfully focus on spell casting. I often use the term spell and ritual interchangeably. The real difference is that a spell is like a recipe usually for a specific purpose, whereas a ritual is more structured, following different set stages at a particular time, for example full moon or a seasonal celebration without a short major build up and release of power as in a spell.   

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