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Happy Equinox, 23 Sept

Welcome to the Autumn or Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the coming of the Vernal or Spring Equinox in southern realms, equal day and night; the time of balance is at 06.50.UTC on September 23, the moment just for an eye blink when past and future fuse in the present. At this point of equilibrium anything is possible as we step outside past and future. For wherever we live in the world and whatever our digital timepieces assure us, at that moment there are no divisions as we all share the same heartbeat.......

Welcome to my Well of Wisdom

 Welcome to the Web of Wisdom in 2023, the year of Gabriel Archangel of the Moon and a time ahead when the spiritual parts of life can slowly re-emerge from the all too real practical worries. A year to get back into harmony with the ebbs and flows of the moons and seasons in spite of the disturbing extremes of climate change  and with our fellow humans from whom the pandemic has separated us.
Not easy with all the financial problems, the wars, industrial unrest and the still lingering pandemic to recall our common humanity and the goodness of the human spirit. 

2024 will be the year of transformation of the Archangel Metatron who was once the mortal prophet Enoch, the prophet and scribe. He does not promise ease but that he will guide us through to 2025, the year of victory. For myself I am working on the 1001 series, Spells, Tarot already on sale  and in the summer the publication of 1001 Crystals, with other titles in the series already in production .

On the site Debi and I at last will soon have our complete 25 modules on magick up and running to be taken at your own pace or the traditional Year and a Day complete with personal initiation to the Craft of the Wise, only if wanted,. You can choose those aspects of magick and nature that are of importance and interest whether you practice magick alone, with friends or use the material as part of your coven work or to start your own magical group.

My next task is pulling together extensive psychic development  and divination courses to mix and match with my crystal healing, auras, angels and other esoteric subjects so that you can create your own learning program from eventually more than 100 courses.

For our site, while offering readings on questions that matter to the person asking questions, spells for positive purposes, life coaching, personal Wheels of the Year, mentoring and  life paths, does not have any requirements to commit  to any principles or belief, rather a resource base growing each month where you can ask questions, share experiences with Debi, my web manager and creatrix of order and myself, learn about the changing full moons and the seasonal festivals: above all know you belong to a loosely knit web where we all share the desire to discover wisdom and to do our best in challenging times to make our own small corner of the world a better happier place.

Debi is a gifted artist, craftswoman, mother, nature lover and wise woman, I am author of 150 books who live on a rural island off the coast of England mother and grandmother and above all at 75 years old, seeking to make each day count and to reach out to those kind enough to write to me.

Cassandra and Debi February1 2023  

So happy to announce the launch of my latest book, 1001 CRYSTALS           

8th August

Published by Sterling Ethos and available in Hardback and Kindle. Available from Barnes and Noble and online stores such as Amazon across the globe.

Overview: You may be familiar with rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, or selenite—but what about agrellite, Blade of Light, star garnet, or king cobra jasper? A wealth of knowledge and amazing healing powers can be gained by studying the wide world of crystals, from the most popular varieties to the lesser known. Cassandra Eason, practicing witch and author of more than 130 books on every aspect of the magical and mystical, supplies this compendium of wisdom full of never-before-seen research, tips and tricks, and easy practices anyone can incorporate into their daily routine to increase good fortune, ward off the evil eye, heal the body and the spirit, and more.

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